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Inactive and live blog here

The announcement of today's inactive tells us the Raiders receiver corps will get better ... and Miami's will get worse.

The Dolphins will be without Anthony Armstrong, who was doubtful with a hamstring injury. He is inactive. Other Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Egnew, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, Ray Feinga, Daniel Thomas and Pat Devlin.

The Raiders, meanwhile, are getting some good news in that Denarius Moore, who was inactive in their opener with a hamstring injury, is active today. Moore averaged 18.9 yards per receptions last season.

As you may know, my column today is about how this game may determine the direction of either franchise for quite some time. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Another thing: I don't see this being a high-scoring game. Neither offense impresses me.

We will be having a live blog here today. It begins in the comments section at kickoff. Meet me there.



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Any idea how hurt Gabbney is? Kind of shocked nobody has snapped this guy up yet.

D Thomas is a sham, he'll never have the courage to succeed.

Crowd not looking so great. But it's early. Four whole minutes before kickoff.

Its gonna be a butt-whoopin'. God help us.

Or fight the idiots who can't bring a winning team to Miami in decades, right?

Craig, I'd like to see Odrick step up too. He did ok last week, had some nice plays. But if he can take it up another notch, with Randy Starks, they'll really be a force in there.

That was a joke at 12:55


His name is Jabar Gaffney not Gabbney.

Can't believe people are still spending money on this franchise. Dolfans should try an embargo on this team. Guarantee you it'll do better than the embargo on Cuba.

Link please????

Here's an idea...

Let's Suck for LUCK.. Oops, they blew that chance with meaningless wins.

How about Grinning for Griffin, Oh forgot, we messed that one up also.

Well, how about barking for Barkley next draft...

We Have RB's,

Sorry mistype. I knew that.

DC, forgot about Odrick. Add him to that list.

Who cares if his name is Babar?

Let's get ready to ROLL!!!

Best players in the game are punters and kickers. I smell a 30 share Armando.

Well, how about barking for Barkley next draft...

How about no. Another overrated USC QB.


I brought this up this week. No way you can grab some of loyal out of town fans some of those throwback hats? They must have a ton of leftovers today, no?

Run a contest or something, no?

Good grief. I've seen more people at Middle School girls volleyball games.

I am staying positive today no matter what. Here we go boys. And girls? Any women post here? Beside the gay guys of course. :0

Dang, crowd looks horrible!!! Finally rebuilding after last reaching a Super Bowl in 84 and fans don't support!!!

Oakland wins the toss but defers to the second half. Dolphins get the ball first.

Send me a hat up here in NJ since I'm unable to attend.

Tannehill will be benched for Matt Moore. Its just a matter of when.

Not too hot is it?

Crowd is terrible. This game is "sold out" but no, it really isn't.

All White's. NICE!

Hey Hey Fellow Philbin fans and Mr. Salguero


" http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/141196/1/watch-oakland-raiders-vs-miami-dolphins.html "

There's more fans at a Stanford water polo match.

Bout time.

Bush is a stud!

Apparently Jeff Ireland hates elite Tight Ends...

Just sayin.

Shoulda taken Bush in Fantasy!!!

Go Dolphins!!!! Thank you Mr. Salguero for hosting this forum for the fans.

Nice pass

If Tannehill doesnt pass we have a chance

Excellent drive.

Dolphins going after Pat Lee, playing in place of Ron Bartell

That is a big league pass!!!!! Wooooo-hooo!!

A little late on that Hartline pass....but it was accurate at least

Get it in the end zone!

Tanny to Harty~!

HAHA...Still no passing TD's, but, I'll take a run



That's what i'm talkin bout.

A TD!!! I can't believe it!!!

OMG!!!!!! Opening drive TD!!!!!!!!!!! U may be wrong on score Mando

Tanny's first TD a Rush TD!! lol

Tannehill's 1st nfl td comes on a run. Who would have thought. LOL

I couldn't tell who the lineman was, but, he took someone out at the knees

That's it.

Stephen Ross Called the Pass Play

The road to 11 wins....starts with a touchdown run....

Ryan Tannehill's first NFL TD is a 2 yard run.


awesome block!

Go Tanny!!!!

Good Enough For Me!

Where you Nay Sayers at NOW ;)

Now take a knee rest of the game and win it 7-3! J.K. Great balance on O!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Kris. 10 wins after today!!!!

Thats how you begin a game. Tanny for the TD!!!

Athleticism is nice to have. He had a TD to Hartline but it was knocked off so we'll take the run. Great play. TD MIAMI!!!

Nice tackle Moore

The White RG3!

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