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Inactive and live blog here

The announcement of today's inactive tells us the Raiders receiver corps will get better ... and Miami's will get worse.

The Dolphins will be without Anthony Armstrong, who was doubtful with a hamstring injury. He is inactive. Other Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Egnew, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, Ray Feinga, Daniel Thomas and Pat Devlin.

The Raiders, meanwhile, are getting some good news in that Denarius Moore, who was inactive in their opener with a hamstring injury, is active today. Moore averaged 18.9 yards per receptions last season.

As you may know, my column today is about how this game may determine the direction of either franchise for quite some time. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Another thing: I don't see this being a high-scoring game. Neither offense impresses me.

We will be having a live blog here today. It begins in the comments section at kickoff. Meet me there.



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Thank You God!

Now Don't forget the part where I asked for pressure on Palmer!

Tanne need to stop skinning and grinning...and START looking at some filim shots...ALA Peyton....

Great first drive!! Hartline shows up nicely

It'll take 3 years to get 11 wins.

Stop Run DMC, don't turn the ball over & the Dolphins win

Kris why arent you a NFL qb coach?

Finally, the ouches listened to the FANS...roll Tanny out...run threat, and he throws great on the run.
Hartline....love the cockiness today. Lee is toast all day. Hartline is setting him up to beat him deep. If brian can just not trip on himself, as he oddly does once in a while.

BTW, was THAT the FINS?
Awlllll-right Miami!

sick of reading all these negative comments!!!!!!!
How about having a little faith BEFORE the game starts??
If they win you'll still moan saying 2 garbage teams so win was no big deal.
should they lose you'll just continue to try and say you're right and the team are crap.


Wow, a Pats fan posting on a Dolphins blog while their own game is going on. How sad and pathetic is that?


Is it hot and muggy in Miami today?

Where are the Hartline haters, he's too slow, a bust, can't catch. Right.

Oh yeah....and God, you know I was just joking about the Raiders plane crashing.......RIGHT?

Where's the D?

Meanwhile, Dolphins secondary picks up where it left off last week.

"Coalition"...happy as you, but this is the Raiders, not the Texans.
2 more like this, and I'll be jumping' up and down even more.

Always bringing us back to Earth, thanks Mando, appreciate it.

Wrap up Wake!

Too much time on that Mando! That's not on the secondary..

nice try by wake....

DC, Mando ain't playing db today.

Big moment for the Raiders here but Jon Condo, their regular long snapper is active today.

No, I wish I could send you a box of chocolates or something. I feel sorry for you dude.

Palmer is as slow as cement, and we can't get him?

secondary did just fine on that drive. one first down.

It's Cute when teams try and run on us

Brady has a pass tipped for an INT... New trend on D...

T^higpen had 70yd pr td last week. Why is Bess the returner today? Maybe Thigpen taking D Thomas' place in the offense today?

This is the best the Dolphins have looked at home in years...

Palmer's lucky he didn't get his a## handed to him.

OK - lets go up 14-0 - who's with me?!?!?!

Sean Smith is on the trainer's table being looked at for an unknown issue.


I was thinking the same thing. Still makes no sense. Thigpen is a better PR.

Maybe Miller this possession?

Smith was blocked ion back on the Palmer scramble. Injury have occured there.

Phins are looking good so far. This is a game that we can win. Hartline, Bush, and Tanne looking good so far. Philbin is using Tanne's strengths so far in this game.

I think it's a tear in his ego, he'll be fine.

We got off the field on 3rd down?

Scored on our opening drive? A TD no less?

Who knows what can happen.

Ima, get it a rest, we can only play whose on the scedule.

Raiders maybe stacking run box now.

I didn't realize Tannehill was such a good WR...

Gr8 job by O-line!!!

Shula Fan45 Quite showing your lack of knowledge,


Nice pass...;ow and away...

Again...We started the game looking good.

SEAN SMITH might be better for us NOT on the field...Hartline, go whiteboy

Hartline our best wr today.

Does Hartline have a Pornstache?

Hartline and Tanne connection looking good so far. I think Tanne has done a good job of using Tanne's strengths.

Nice catch...

Tanny's passes right on today.

It is Miller time now. Lamar Miller time.

miller...4 yards on 1st carry...

Go ahead Bess! Fasano sux!

Anthony Fasano's perpetually inconsist hands have made their appearance.

If we can keep Tannehill healthy he's going to be a good one.

A fake FG/punt? Scratching my head here

Love that play. Sparano's special teams NEVER did anything like that!

I like the pooch punt call there. Pin em deep.

nice!! Good call Philby!

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