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Inactive and live blog here

The announcement of today's inactive tells us the Raiders receiver corps will get better ... and Miami's will get worse.

The Dolphins will be without Anthony Armstrong, who was doubtful with a hamstring injury. He is inactive. Other Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Egnew, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, Ray Feinga, Daniel Thomas and Pat Devlin.

The Raiders, meanwhile, are getting some good news in that Denarius Moore, who was inactive in their opener with a hamstring injury, is active today. Moore averaged 18.9 yards per receptions last season.

As you may know, my column today is about how this game may determine the direction of either franchise for quite some time. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Another thing: I don't see this being a high-scoring game. Neither offense impresses me.

We will be having a live blog here today. It begins in the comments section at kickoff. Meet me there.



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Miller is garbage. A 3rd down rb at best.

Armando...that was aTIPPED pass....

one and counting....

Miss would change momentum.. They r pinned deep!! Good call Philb!!

Get a TE know form anywhere-because our TE's are no where-man!

How about a nice pick 6 here - its coming.

Carpenter didn't like THAT call.

Neither did I!

C'Mon Man!

You guys are CRAZY. That was a great call. Back the Raiders up & have Wake go after Palmer.

No issue with Sean Smith,, who is on the field.

Philbin was teasing Sparano with the fake 56yd fg pooch punt. LOL

Stadium is half empty. LOL

pinned at the 5yd line. nice call

Yeah I agree the pooch punt made sense, dont give up the yards.

Hopefully, a Palmer Fumble when hit by Starks

Wow. The commish has his name on every football? Why?

Run D is amazing....

We'll drop the possible int.

Lets go McFadden. Tear these goons a new a-hole.
Posted by: Patriot Games | September 16, 2012 at 01:28 PM

Monkey Boy-ROTFLMAO!

We're going to put 40 points on you guys next week.

Jones did nothing on the safety blitz!

OK, so, they have the position back from the kick/punt

The secret weapon(Hartline) is really helping T-Hill. Now we at least have 2 Wr's.

Deflection not tipped, Kris. Just a little different

Wow...Tannehill's first drive is 80yds for a TD. Man, I'm glad some people on here decided he wasn't cut out for the NFL after one game.

D has got to step up.

The field is wet. Would be hard to get footing down for a 50yd kick.

Good move by philbin

Moore was open by a mile and Palmer missed him by a mile and a half.

Can't leave Moore that open!!!!

How so Dashi...

a DL got his Mits on it......what do you call that...

What kinda zone is this? "Leave them wide open zone"


F f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f fffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!

Still the if Wake doesnt get to the qb, nobody will virus.

OMG...That was pathetic!!!

forget it Dashi....semantics....

Let's see ...

Reshad Jones held. Koa Misi blocked. Chris Clemons wrong angle to ballcarrier. And Karlos Dansby trailing helplessly out of the play.


That was sad, of course are safeties take horrible angles

Ok, maybe should have gone for the field goal.

I thought defense was supposed to be our strength

Too easy :-( Dang!!!!! C'mon Tanny!!!

the receiver was holding jones with both hands.

D has to tighten up but the O had a chance to keep the last drive alive and did't get it done. Let's get a nice drive going here.


Who had contain?

Oh yeah, Misi!


Uh oh.

Wow...our secondary is god awful

Kris he got a finger on it and the ball kept going forward. That's not a tip. It's a deflection.

A tip stops the pass at the line.

This D!! Ahh!

" And Karlos Dansby trailing helplessly out of the play "

But he looked dam good....just ask him

The problem with this defense doesnt have much to do with Kevin Coyle, its a lack of true talent.

Nobody ouitside of Cam Wake's a pass rush force and the secondary still sucks as usual. The best dc's in the business couldnt overcome the deficiency of lack of real talent.

That's what bad teams do...

92 yd drive. Pathetic.

It was a beautifully designed play, but our lack of inside pass rush makes these plays possible.
We looked like UM on that play, though

Well let's see how the O answers.

Dansby you are not going to make 150 tackles like that. You suck. Miami is gong to get crushed!

Armando how about an article about how Dansby seems to be mailing it in this season. From his comments and play on the field looks like he has convinced himself that there is no need to play hard, just show up and get paid.

What's up with Reggie? Looks like he's afraid to go up the middle now.

Looked like both Misi and Jones got held pretty badly. Misi had his leg wrapped up and Jones' blocker had two fistfulls of jersey.

Our defense is not as good as last year's. Dansby ran right by the runner. So much for the pooch punt.

I think the punt was a good call.

Lamar looking good so far.

trade Dansby. that was crap.

Dashi...what you are describing is a batted ball.....

I got a feeling somebody is trolling your name any way....whatever.....

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