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Jets defeat Dolphins 23-20 in overtime as strategy fails

The Dolphins fought in this ugly game but it wasn't enough. And Joe Philbin has some explaining to do.

The Jets kicked a 33 FG in overtime to win the game. The problem is the Dolphins head coach gave them that chance when he called timeout on a previous attempt -- one that Randy Starks blocked. Had Philbin not called time out, the teams might still be playing. Dan Carpenter missed a 48 yard field goal attempt that would have won the game.

Then the Jets answered with their winning drive.

Mark Sanchez completed a 38-yard pass down the sideline to Santonio Holmes. That put New York in field goal position to win the game.


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Whatever. Carpenter can go f**k himself, Miami deserves the win but can't get it cause their kicker is just as good as the rest of the team. Going to be a long week.

Go f**k yourself carpenter, any NFL kicker can make it from 47 and 48 yards except you apparently. Get lost. Use to be a stud kicker, lately this and late last season you've been garbage.


Tanne did no such thing.....

he was 16 of 36....

sorry....but its true....

Play calling was horrible...and so was the QB play...

Let me guess. 2013 will be another rebuilding year, right? Some things just write themselves.

What a s**tty feeling. the only thing that helps is looking at things long term. Does a mediocre record really help?


Coyle is the MVP of this game...along with DANSBY BURNETT...and the rest of the D-LINE......

Offense and play calling were disappointing to say the least....

Embarrassing. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. This team has no heart. Why waste another penny on them?

Release carpenter and philbin tomorrow

Yep, just like Jets-Fins games of old.

Yes Kris, a rookie QB playing the Jests defense played horribly? He didn't play well but he did what he had to do to win. Stepped up when necessary: there is one scapegoat in this game. Should have never went to overtime to begin with. 2/4 on FG attempts is unacceptable, he missed in the Houston game too, not like it mattered but it'd be nice to be able to rely on your kicker

embargo and Ziggy r u glad your jets won. Obvious your dont root for the home team.

The curse of "Futbol Americano" continues. The Steve Ross led wooing of illegal immigrants has killed the Dolphins. The never play well on illegal immigrant night.

Ross fixed the 1pm start time. Now he just needs to stop catering to people who don't speak English and get rid of the orange jerseys.

Special teams coach should be gone. Nolan Carroll and Jimmy Wilson got burned all game, so glad we traded Vontae.

Fact is with Davis and Marshall, Miami actually had a team to compete for the playoffs with their weak schedule and the AFC being down. Jeff Ireland's stink is all over their impending 6-10 season.

The worst thing about this team is the false sense of victory that they give you. I had more respect for Scam Camoron's 07 nightmare because at least they never gave us that feeling. We knew who they were. A bunch of stankin' losahs.

I believe, that was on the Coaches.

Very happy with the way they played, mad at special teams way to many block in back penalties and poor fg performance. Team is much better to watch that the past few years.

Yeah, the NFL and Ross didn't get the message about leaving spanish out of the league. They got boo'd when they tried to have a referee make a call in Spanish, so they decided to put it somewhere where they couldn't hear the boos. Just like Obama pretending like people like Obamacare.

defense was NOT phenomenal. Although decent for sure, the only true mission of this game was to stop Holmes. And to think the d*#che bag MF goes off including the long pass to win the game. He should have been doubled every single play. You give up 147 yard to him and its only one thing: FAILURE!!!!!!!!!

No Bush = No win. You can't win in the NFL with only one game breaker on offense. And why do we continue to leave Lamar Miller on the Bench? Thomas is slow and puts the ball on the carpet. It's easy to see why Washington released Armstrong. Team still appears to be devoid of NFL caliber talent. Maybe all the critics were right about the Dolphins. Very disappointing loss. Unbelievable.....

Joke..Really...can some one explain to me why the dominance of the O line disappeared in the 2ND Q....SHOULD HAVE RUN THE CRAP OUT OF THEM ALL GAME Argh....SO F-ING ANNOYED!!!!!

Obama 2012. Suck it, wingnuts.

I hope Carpenter feels as s****y as we do this week. I can go 2-14 and beat the Jests twice during the year and still be happy. Can't wait till next Sunday so we don't have to deal with this bs anymore

What's up losers?

cant believe this... dan carpenter used to be one of the most accurate kickers in the nfl... 11 of 12 form 40-49 last year...

In two quarters he missed more 40 yarders than in the whole 2011-2012 season!!

Cut Carpenter

You guys are freaking dummies. Didn't Rex Ryan call a TO to ice Carpenter every single NFL coaches do this. Stop blaming Philbin he just did what 99 percent of NFL HCs do. Armando I'm shocked your saying Philbin has explaining to do..

Rookie QB...BLAH..BLAH...BLAH....

This jets D is garbage.....

nothing like the teams of the past....

the key to this game was RUNNING THE BALL...even after Bush was injured....

BUT they can't trust that GARBAGE THOMAS won't put the ball on the GROUND....

sooooo.....we have to PASS out of our endzone...and have 30 second drives....

Yes oblowme in 2012 will suck it. Good call.

Good game! Tough loss but the good news? THE JETS HAVE SANCHEZ AS THEIR STARTING QB!! LMFAO!!!

Damn. Bush injured, Carpenter stinkin' up the joint, Tanne's pick-six, and Regis with that stupid TO that never works(except for the other team). Good grief. This team needs to go see a babalao, ASAP!

Old Warrior: youre 100% right. Where the FK was Miller? Good old 3 yards per carry and fumble Thomas get getting fing bent!

Tanne played a good game? After the ugly pick six, the coaching staff could not trust him anymore. He cannot read a defense right now. He was actually inaccurate for most of the tame and I think that he was lucky to have 196 yards passing with some of the inaccuarate passes he made. Remember the circus catch by Hartline; if he had thrown that in stride the game would have been over. The jury is still out on him.

And Carpenter SUCKS!

Good game? Good crack is must be what your on, Rick. We lost. That's all that matters.

Philbin = Moron and Goat

Its over now.. Fuking Sparano running around like a fat Wh0re..
God long week for me..

In my market they showed Skins followed by KC's OT followed by Mia OT. They switched to the game in time for me to see Carpenter's missed kick followed by Sanchez' game winning drive.
Timely TO call by Philbin on the first jets kick huh.

Tanne is fine rookies get 18 games, henne sucked a lot more. Manning had what 3 wins tops?

Tannehill sucked. 16-36 and a pick-six. Only good play was the set-up for Carpenter, and even that turned out meaningless.

Where is the pass rush?
Where is L. Miller both running and in the passing game? Screens?
What happened to the no huddle?

Daniel Thomas, just another bust 2nd round pick by Ireland. What would it take for him to be fired? Egnew can't get on the field, Gates lasted one season, Armstrong was a joke signing. Ridiculous.

Our conners suck, safety sucks..
How can you give holmes so many yards...
Sick of this sh*t

Its now official. Carpenter is not worth keeping after this year. He was DIRECTLY responsible for losing the game today. Its a shame to see Tannehill drive them down the field in OT only to have an overratted long haired kicker blow it for them. The defense didnt help after the miss but they shouldnt have been out there in the first place. I dont expect this team to do much at all this year but it would have been nice to beat a divisional opponent and go 2-1 before getting trashed by Arizona next week.

I still blame Ireland.

Carpenter used to be money. But he's turned into another Olindo Mare. The honeymoon is over, brotha.

Armstrong is that the best we can get.. How in the world can the fins sign suck sorry ass player..

In Henne's 2nd start he played the Jets on MNF. We all remember the 60 yard bomb as time ran out to Tedd Ginn for the win.
Henne set the bar very high.
We cannot hold Tanne to that standard.

Cruddup did not iced by the Saints today, so not EVERYBODY does it

Just dropped Carpenter from both of my fantasy teams.

Forward, Obama's performance in 4 years was as good as the Dolphins (mediocre). Most of us that have a brain are not going to vote for him. So stop trying! Florida's unemployment rate is at 9 percent, home values destroyed, the middle east in flames. A lot of hope but the only change has been for the worst.

Stop it this is a football blog.

So pissed! The only good this might do us is get closer to and Ireland firing...

I agree Mando: Philbin doesn't call TO and they make that FG, we're all bitching. Its' a no-brainer around the league. If it's sudden death and you have a TO, use it. Coin toss. Better to at least tossit.

I hate it when coaches call time out to Fuking Ice the kicker..
You are not Icing anybody motherfuker..

Screw that magic underwear wearing weirdo. Romney's going to get crushed, the polls all show it. Deal with it.

I see this as a team trying to figure things as they go (as we KNEW they would). Who they are. What they are. The talent level at this particular moment. If anyone thought this team would blow out many teams (like Oakland) then you didn't carefully assess the capability of this team. They are young, on both sides of the ball. The question is if they can improve with experience or not. 1-2, that's all this means.

Arizona up 17-0 on the Eagles....

that stuff only happens to us. The dolphins like to lose bad for some reason. This one hurts.

I was thinking to myself how pretending to call a timeout might be better to ice the kicker, since hes expecting it.

anthony armstrong*lmao* can jeff irefiend explain that one to the media.....cut twice by the same team, if that wont say your bad...what will???

In all fairness, i'm pretty sure Fat Rex's timeout didn't ice Carpenter. Carpenter managed do that all by himself.

Cardinals are going to wipe the floor with us next week. Just like the good ol' days, lol.

Verdict - FAIL
Why? Cause we lost to the Jets, who played poor enough to hand us a win and we handed it right back to them.

Tannehill - C but B on rookie curve. Not bad; not great but in the context of rookies - did what he could to win the game twice, and picked himself up after the pick 6.

COACHING - FAIL - It seems we were running when we should be passing and passing when we should be running.
Why run so many times just to gain a few yards when you're passing well and drawing penalties?

If we get a strong secndary and one more good received then we're set. Going after Armstrong did not impress me. He had drop ball-itis before and it appears, he cant shake it - its terminal.

This game hurt most again because we did not close the game as we should and it reminded us of times when fred flinstone on the other side of the field now was running this team.

Philpin/Sherman apologize to the team for the poor schemes.

Have fun losing your s%$t tonight ya bunch of Marys. Hahahaha. Try to calm down a bit, it's just a game.

Lots of things to work on. First is getting some receivers, second is cb/db. Need a nickle cb and upgrade over Clemons. Losing Bush was the first game killer second was the Carpenter misses.

I liked that they didn't baby Tannehill too much after the interception. He still didn't get rattled but the rain and wet ball effected both qbs on accuracy today.

But there was nothing surprising today really. We all knew we lacked playmakers at TE, WR, and DB and that's hard to overcome when you're grooming a rookie QB. Sorry people but we knew what we were, stop acting shocked.

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