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Jets defeat Dolphins 23-20 in overtime as strategy fails

The Dolphins fought in this ugly game but it wasn't enough. And Joe Philbin has some explaining to do.

The Jets kicked a 33 FG in overtime to win the game. The problem is the Dolphins head coach gave them that chance when he called timeout on a previous attempt -- one that Randy Starks blocked. Had Philbin not called time out, the teams might still be playing. Dan Carpenter missed a 48 yard field goal attempt that would have won the game.

Then the Jets answered with their winning drive.

Mark Sanchez completed a 38-yard pass down the sideline to Santonio Holmes. That put New York in field goal position to win the game.


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What it means is the jets are in first place, again, and we are in last place, again.

The loss of their best player Bush was key.The play calling right before the half was dubious.The Dolphins could have run the clock out without punting if they would have run the ball.They threw an incomplete pass and then Carpenter had to punt with a low snap that he adroitly fielded but they roughed him.With a new set of downs thats where Bush was hurt right before halftime.If Philbin ran the ball and ran out the clock without even having to punt none of this happens.This goes to show what a difference a play makes.Now Bush is injured.

Horrible play calling- when you have a first down close to field goal range you run once and pass twice??? what bonehead came up with that idea. This team continues to underachieve

unreal same old bs. had chance to be meaningful again and choked it off. horrible horrible horrible play calling by sherman, last drive sitting on ball was pathetic

Who do we cut, Nannee or Armstrong, which is worse?

I am so pissed and irritated. Laces out Dan. Laces out

Carpenter has been incompetent from any kicks above 40 yards. Today he missed three and cost us the game. However, the coaching staff will have nothing for complements about him and will say that he just had a bad day. His only reponsibility is to kick field goals. Ireland does not have the b..... to fire him. The organization is incompetent from top to bottom.

Naanee, obviously they'd rather try to get Armstrong on the field (who's brand new) than let Naanee do nothing like he's been.

NO, the playcalling was by far much worse than icing the kicker at the end...defense played okay but lets not forget mark sanchez missed wide open recievers himself in that game to potentially seal it then...Tannehill needs more work with his touch passes..BIG fail today and he obviously has very little support in Philbin and company thus far ion trusting him with making plays down the field...but with no managable support around him..no one can truly put everything on him as an offense...

"The Jets kicked a 33 FG in overtime to win the game. The problem is the Dolphins head coach gave them that chance when he called timeout on a previous attempt -- one that Randy Starks blocked. Had Philbin not called time out, the teams might still be playing. Dan Carpenter missed a 48 yard field goal attempt that would have won the game."

Just a guess at what his "explanation" will be. ' We tried to ice the kicker just like everyone else does and believe it or not we actually called the play BEFORE the block occurred dummies'.

Armando seriously, cut down on the beer at the games, the drama over nothing is embarrassing.

Icing the kicker does nothing! I wish coaches stop pulling this crap!

Let's just face it: Teams like the Texans and Jets are just way above us.

We need to stick to the teams that we can beat, s hitty teams like us, teams like Oak and Az.

Carpenter - time to cut the mullet. Kick the damn ball through the two yellow posts. You and coaches owe team, especially defense an apolgy

I like the Dolphins chances. New offenses and defenses take time to master. Jets showed nothing other than they outlasted us. I'll take our rook QB anyway over their emotional wreck.

Makes field goal, Fin's win, no matter how ugly. Bottom line.

This one is gonna sting for a while.....f*ck

Outside of pi$$ poor play by Tannehill & loss of Bush, Sherman called a very bad game. Conservative when he should have been aggressive and vice versa.

1st possession, 1st play should have been a deep ball after jets 3 & out. Dagger in the heart you know?

After Revis went out, should have thrown & challenged the D

And then the Phibin bad call

Last possession should have run the ball the last few plays to get it closer. ESPECIALLY after Carpenter missed last attempt.

Blame to go around but Sherman & Philbin deserve the lion's share

Tanne played like a man.
That is what is important.

Forward site some good reasons why you are going to vote for Obama. And increasing food stamps (47 million up from 32 million with Bush) for the country is not a good reason. People want jobs and want to get out of poverty. We want the U.S to be what it once was and we do not want to be Greece.

Oye asere compadre, les hace falta un babalao?


gOT All MUDdy!

When we win Tanne gets all of the credit.
When we lose Tanne gets all of the blame - and he deserves it.

And it's knowing your personnel. Carpenter is shaky outside of 45 yards. Always has been. He doesn't really have a strong leg, doesn't consistently kick it out of the endzone on kickoffs. I would put his limit at 45 if I were HC.

This lose is on the coaching staff fromm the offensive cord.calling pass plays in the 4thquater stuck in bad territory with the lead calling six straight passing plays. Insult to injury Philbin calling time out to take a blocked field goal. This yeam did not deserve this lose coaching must get better.

What strategy; to be more conservative in the 4th quarter than Tony Sparano. I guess Philbin thought Marshall would stop Santonio. Marshall was beat like a drum all day by Holmes. Does anyone think that the trade which Ireland made to unload Vontae Davis does not factor into this loss. Moreover the trade to dump Brandon Marshall. Hartline had a good day against Oakland but he is a very average receiver. A coach can not go ultra conservative even with a rookie QB in this league.

The timeout was called before the snap. Every hc in the league does that to ice the kicker. The play had started when the ref blew the whistle.

What doe Philbin have to explain, not being psychic? Geesh Armand, like another poster said, "lay off the beer at games".

We? Romney is losing in all the swing states, easy with the "we". Of course more people are on food stamps, the Bush regime left us with a nightmare of an economy. Loser Romney says he's a fiscal conservative yet he wants to expand the military. Lol, the GOP are nothing but a bunch of chickenhawk warmongers. Not all of us have forgotten the mess they got us into.

Naanee, obviously they'd rather try to get Armstrong on the field (who's brand new) than let Naanee do nothing like he's been.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 23, 2012 at 05:28 PM

Does that guy even have a catch this year??!!! Thats just god awful work done by irefiend and his acorn staff at adding a no talent over the hill reciever who obviously has NO playmaking ability to catch short passes for YAC and incapable of strecthing the field...

Armstrong at least made a catch today...SAYING NOTHING when he couldve had a TD early in the early fourth if he holds on to the ball without looking upfield

Icing the kicker isn't the reason to fault this team, though why would you try and ice a kicker from 33 yards out that's a chip shot. Defense did fine except that last play to Holmes, glad i started him on my fantasy team. Also started carpenter and all n all he blew it; 2 FGs under 50 yards? No chip shot but they shouldn't be that hard....this is all just a terrible joke. Sucks to be a phin fan right now, sucks even more to be a phin fan in NJ. Time to put up with bs from pathetic jest fans for a week. Thanks carpenter

Damn, another loss. Sad.

Why not run the ball three straight times and make it a 45 minimum field goal minimum to win the game????

Tannehill SUCKS!!





Same as Bum Phillips did with Earl Campbell. Tony Sparanmo did with Carpenter. Time for a new kicker guys, Sparano has expired his warranty.

Romney for president just post in your real name. Also in a majority Republican field
House and Senate Obama hasnt had many legislations passed. That number of food stamps sored to record high when Bush was in office. Wasn't Bush a Republican?

They are who we thought they were. TRASH!

By the time Bum Phillips was done with Earl Campbell, my grandmother could tackle him. Sparano has done the same with Dan Carpenter.

Need a new kicker Jeff.

still in shock, fu sherman u dumb pos

let sparano come in to miami and win, pathetic. and the jets offense was awful

Should've fired Ireland instead of Sparano...

Matt Barkley, come on down.


The increase in food stamps under Bush, was part of his tax cut policy with the rich. Never seen so many people in grocer lines with ebt cards leave the store and jump into brand new Mercedes. LOL

We invent ways to lose. I actually laughed when Starks blocked the kick knowing that the next try would 100% be good...and it was.

Nice to see Vontae's replacement, Marshall, get toasted by Holmes in OT. Nice work Ireland. The secondary stinks.

Nice pass rush today. Not. Odrick has definitely been worth that first rounder we used on him. Olivier Vernon - feel free to make a play anytime now.

The play calling? WTF? Uh, 6 -10 min to go, backed up to your own end zone, been running the ball effectively the whole game and we pass. And pass again. And pass again. 5 out of six plays were passes. Memo to Philbin: incompletions stop the clock.

I hate the Jets

"Icing the kicker" gives the kicker a 3% better chance....look it up


you know most people are going to come here and spew venom towards the Dolphins, you guys need to remember this year is about Tannehill's development.

He had a bad game and at the same time he made some good plays, I liked the way he responded after the Int/TD, I also think that Sherman called a bad game, over all is a shame we lost but Tannehill hung in there and didn't get rattle, he kept it together.

Armando real genius writing saying Phillbin has some explaining to do about "icing the kicker" 99% of NFL coaches do this.. Rex Ryan "iced" Carpenter didn't he miss? Strange why don't we give Rex Ryan for icing Capenter? Lol

Jeez, your people are sooooo negative. Yes, the jets won, but from what I saw, the jets got the Crap beat out of them. If I am the jets I am talking about how we won, but deep down, I am wondering how lucky we are to get out alive.

Forward we are in a worst mess now. Gas prices have doubled (1.89 when he was inagurated). Stop blaming Bush it has been 4 years. Romney is a successful business man who will get the economy back on track. Redistribution (Socialism) as Obama is preaching is not the way to go.

ill keep saying it...


i dont care if we have young players, stop playing scared. Such terrible play calling all game and its sad you dont give tannehill a chance to do much and then you put him in a terrible spot and make him throw. Just sad this play calling never gets better

Get off the ledge people, it was a CLOSE game. Missed field goal away from winning it. Not coaches fault, not Tannehils fault, its just luck. At least Tannehill did enough to keep us in the game not all is lost.

We've assumed our perrenial position in the cellar. LOL

Boy, do dolfans sure have this losing thing down pat. Dont even have the reherse the lines. Just say the same damn thing over and over for 15yrs.

Pathetic!!!!!!!!!! LOL

..Some of you act suprised that Tannehill all of the sudden became this inaccurate thrower. He has a ways to go, missed some passes(hartline should have walked into the endzone)..but you cannot put this on his shoulders. I thought he was good enough to win..

He did drive the team to a tying score, and a chance to win. something all of asked to see before the season started. I thought he showed a lot of poise for the situation he was in.

Put this one on the special teams(Carpenter) Put this one on Philbin(not even the time out, but when will he learn to end the hal?) The loss of Bush Imo was the biggest factor as to why the offense looked bogged down in half 2. Take a freakin knee.

Clue, our coaches DO have some 'splainin' to do.
The Bush carry at the end of the 1st half?
Sheer madness. Kneel down. Even I know that.
That one play cost us the game/

The stupid pass plays when 6-7 yards get you the winning FG in regulation.
Then abandoning the run 2nd half.
The throws to thew corners, when Bess was killing them up the middle.

Finally, Thomas running to exactly the same spot to the right hash, where Carpenter missed earlier.

Sherman called a horrible game the 2nd half. If we had an Andre Johnson, then YES, the 2 passes before the missed kick would be easier to understand, but we have no one who can beat a CB deep.

Bad schemes as regards a pass rush. Sanchez gets sacked 4-5 times a game by EVERYONE....but us.

Tannehill < Henne

Why do you people even waste time posting. When you can just cut and paste the same exact things youve said for the last past 15yrs.

Dolfans arent very smart, are you? LOL

This game ALMOST cost me my CANES high from yesterday, but not even THIS loss can do that, as we are 8-8 anyway. Tannehill has to show me more with his legs.
Obviously, he's been told not to run.

The names change but the parrot like betching remains the same. Just cut and paste. It'll save you time. LOL

Get off the ledge people, it was a CLOSE game. Missed field goal away from winning it. Not coaches fault, not Tannehils fault, its just luck. At least Tannehill did enough to keep us in the game not all is lost.

Posted by: lc1516 | September 23, 2012 at 05:42 PM

LOL..."nobody's fault"....

I wish you were my mom growing up....life would have been so much easier as a kid.....

Why don't we call it a disease....or put an ISM behind it...then we can ABSOLVE EVERYBODY of ANY wrong doing.....

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