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Jets defeat Dolphins 23-20 in overtime as strategy fails

The Dolphins fought in this ugly game but it wasn't enough. And Joe Philbin has some explaining to do.

The Jets kicked a 33 FG in overtime to win the game. The problem is the Dolphins head coach gave them that chance when he called timeout on a previous attempt -- one that Randy Starks blocked. Had Philbin not called time out, the teams might still be playing. Dan Carpenter missed a 48 yard field goal attempt that would have won the game.

Then the Jets answered with their winning drive.

Mark Sanchez completed a 38-yard pass down the sideline to Santonio Holmes. That put New York in field goal position to win the game.


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Idiot Philbin took a timeout when we blockrd the FG!!!!!!!!

We gave this game to the stinkin jets they suck!!!! They should not be happy with that win

How happy is Mike Nolan he left this cespool? LOL

Jeez all you whiners need to relax. The team didn't play so horrible. It was a hard fought game, the luck fell to the jets this time, so what? Personally I'm happier we've got that much of a higher draft pick next year







They all try to freeze the kickers ya dumbass that wasn't a mistake!!!!! Just so happened it was blocked!!!

Darryl, it's not all that hard. Like BPA said, low percentage throws when YOU KNOW your kicker ain't having a good day?

And it wasn't just on the last series. Go look at the rewind and chill man

Kris don't even answer I don't care. We all know you're upset, so are we. So why don't you stop telling us how we are allowed to read and comment on this blog. Who in the hell are you to tell me or anyone else not to read if we don't agree with comments. This blog is all about open debates did you forget that?

Ill read and comment any way I see fit, if you have a problem with that then fine, but no one is taking orders from you. ESPECIALLY NOT ME,GOT IT?


Say hello to your 1 and 6 miami dolphins. Good news is ireland should be gone and maybe they can draft a qb who can actually not overthrow everyone!


...Kris, we struggled to run the ball after Bush went down. I'm totaly on board with you there. Philbin has to sit on the ball there. I said it earlier..That play(Bush injury) ws the biggest factor as to why I think some are complaining about the playcalling. Thomas has to average more then 3 yard a carry if he is going to play. Miller didn't get many carries because IMO we had to throw it more in half 2 and the coaches do not trust him in pass pro. Should they have fed Miller? Maybe. It also doesn't help that the recievers only had 8 catches combined. 1 big drop ay Armstrong, and some inaccuracy trying to force some to Hartline..Who was really(except for the one catch in overtime..his only reception) taken out of the game.

Congrats Armando Salguero you were the only Dolphins expert that picked the Jets,some of the crew on here were sticking with their 24-3 Dolphin prediction whatever you did to come up with that one its got to be good.

how is it injested or digested interveinously inhaled or smoked

Cant expect tannyhill to do anything without wideouts that can get open or tight end who can actually make a play. Plus we need another end to take odrick place who should put on weight and become a d tackle because he is not a end. Secondary will be ok if we could get some pressure up front. The play calling on offense was to plain. The way we ran the ball we could have gotten some boot legs plays in but we only called one and that was the one to hartline. Dolphin fans STOP COMPLAINING AND CRYING ALREADY.....if you have no faith then get off the bandwagon....all the dead weight is holding us down.....#dolphin forever

Folks let's not forget the season starting predictions - you are looking at a 4-12 or 5-11 team. Rookie quarterbacks throw pick-6's all the time, our defense is not that great, and the secondary is probably the worse unit on the team equal to the wide outs.

Rookie QB did a great job, play calling was a little off at the end. So the Dolphins a rebuilding team with a rookie starting QB, no receivers, that lost there #1 running back at the start of the game and rookie CB's really out played the great top tear Super Bowel bound Jets. Come On, they are playing great with what they have and it's " FUN " again to watch. Have you guys forgotten all the crap QB'S we've had, that couldn't stand up, would fall down, and couldn't make a throw or call a play. The kid is brave, smart, is calling and changing plays, can run and has a strong arm.

Tough loss, but the Phins still showed heart

The phins did many things well but I want to point out one player that needs to find another home. Anthony Armstrong. Missed three if not four catchable passes anyone of which would have given the Phins a first down and possible change the dynamics of the game. I know he hasn't practice but you have to be able to catch a ball in your hands in order to play wideout in the NFL.


Right. That's their bigtime wr. Instead of signing deion branch, they sign another piece of garbage!


I agree cap Armstrong is terrible

Where is Craig M? We had line backers covering WR's because we have no corners. Nenee and Armstrong are useless.
Bring back Ocho, lol. He did sweat it out in camp.
Ireland should be fired. Our safeties NEVER get picks. Vonte is laughing... With his grandma, lol..

To HELL with the "timeout" in OT....

...he needs to explain why he basically gave up trying to move the ball at the end of regulation


....did the same thing in OT.


End of regulation....

why were we killing clock with ALL THREE TIMEOUTS remaining?!

Why was Tannehill's only throws in Jets territory "Hail Mary" like bombs to Hartline?

Where were some shorter passes that could have possibly allowed us to get closer and score a TD?


In OT..........

Same thing! Why, when we got onto the Jets side of the field did we settle for one BOMB and two pathetic runs? You basically say you don't need to get any closer than 49 for Carpenter.

Many fans/experts will say that Carpenter's miss in OT cost us the game. I say that Philbin playing "Sparano, Wannstedt, Parcells ball" is what forced Carpenter to make a FG that is ten times tougher than one even 10 yards closer.

THAT is what you should be asking Philbin about!

In OT, 2nd and 10 from 31 yd line should not have been a pass to the end zone. A short pass for a few yards or a run to get Carpenter away from a 48 yd kick and into a low 40s kick would have meant a win. Didnt need a TD there. Once it got to 3rd down, the Jets knew we were running and we got nothing. That one playcall was the difference between a W and a L.

Playcalling was horrible. Coaches should be ashamed. Throw Deep. Run up the Middle. Throw Deep. Run up the Middle. etc.. Every drive was to set up 50 yd FGs... Have they never heard of outs? slants? screens? I mean how about helping the QB some? And dont fool yourself he has some ability, he is not the answer at QB. And to go into this season with this receiving corps again they should be ashamed.

So conservatively we have 3-4 years of 6-10, 7-9 seasons before they usher this coaching staff out the door and we get to start all over again. What a disgrace to a once proud franchise.

Honestly bad coaching Philbin is horrible why did they throw 2 hail marys why o why Carpenters career is ruined

I actually thought the throws to the end zone in regulation were good calls. We were close enough for a makable FG so I was glad to see them take a shot to win it. As I pointed out in my above post the throw to the end zone on 2nd down in OT with an impending 48 yd FG cost us the game. You 100% HAVE to get closer in that situation and need to run, throw a screen, or a short pass. Anythong to get you closer. Waiting until 3rd down to run is meaningless as the Jets knew on 3rd down what our intention was and stuffed it.

At the end of regulation all of our past coaches would have been content with a potential game tying FG. Philbin went for the win, as would you hope for.


I don't know how many times I have to say it. Upright runners fumble & are always hurt(head/leg). End the D. Thomas expirement. He stinks.

Miller looks better & seems more explosive. Thomas buries his head & runs into the line too fast. Miller waits for a hole. Is patient like Bush.

Don't cut Carpenter but, bring guys in for workouts. He stunk today.

A. Armstrong is a BUM. It's sad that this guy even sees the field. Play Matthews & see what he's got. Can't be much worse than it is right now.

Defense played very well. Can't tell if Miami is better than I thought or if the Jets are just that bad. Sanchez is absolutely terrible but, he made big throws late.

Tanny looked ok but, Hartline didn't show up until too late. He did lead us back late in the 4th & in OT whcih was a knock on him in College.

For GOD SAKES, get Tanny some weapons. hard to gauge his progress because the talent around him is just pathetic.

Anyone blaming Philbin or THill for this loss are idiots. Yes the pick six was horrible. But this rookies QB drove the team at the end of the fourth to tie the game and got the ball on the 9 yard line in OT and drove again to put the kicked in a legit position to win it.

The Fins lost for three reasons....plain and simple. Watch the replay and it is painfully clear.

1. The entire secondary was horrible. Too many big passees. Too many bad pass interference penalties. Too many WRs wide open (if Sanchez was any good we would have lost by 20.

2. Carpenter blows....and lost this game. Perfect field conditions and he misssed two crucial field goals. What is he going to do in bad weather?

3. Sherman didn't run enough times in the fourth quarter to burn clock. That mismanagement of the clock was really damaging.

Come on Mando, your article makes it look like Philbin made the wrong call at calling TO before they kicked. That's a norm and every coach in the league will call it. It's a shame that Stark decided to come up with a big play at the wrong time.

Carpenter lost the game, but I'm not discourage. The Fins earned my respect today for not only playing strong, but for being the better team. We outplayed the Jets physically and dominated most of the game. We just a couple of mental mistakes and did not execute well on some plays. I'm excited about this team's future. And yes, I was one of those who paid to go to the game and got a sore throat for screaming loud for the Fins.

Coach Philbin has nothing to explain. Anyone who would question his time out never really strapped it on or would complain if he does not call a time out in a similar situation when a kick was good.
Seems to me this team has improved though not in talent in all areas yet but in discipline, attitude, and enthusiasm, a good start to begin to turn it around.
I am not an Ireland fan yet but . . . Although he brought in Vontae-Can I call my Grandmother?-Davis, Brandon-Dropped Charges AND Dropped Passes-Marshall, and Ocho-Sideshow Chad-Cinco, he also removed these cancers before they metastasized and blocked Coach's plan and vision of returning the franchise to our pride and glory years. I have been a fan since those years and see Coach Philbin as giving us the best chance since Coach Shula.

icing the kicker never works,but ALL coaches do it.the jets heard the whistle and they didnt block,thats why the field goal was blocked according to the jets kicker.Philbin did what they all do its a non event and no explaining is necessary.CARPENTER was given an oppurtunity to win,he blew it.he has explaining to do.the coaches not trying to get him closer have explaining to do for that and only that call.obviously they will say the had confidence in carpenter to make the kick from 48.We have to move on.the 72 team needs us tobeat the only un beaten next week.if we do the pain from this game will be gone.

Game could have gone in Fins favor. Yes, many bad calls, but we did not get blown out. It was asclose as any gamecanbe. I'm looking forward to next game.


Only reason we blocked the kick was because the whistle blew and the Jets stopped blocking. Philbin doesnt have to explain anything. What needs to be explained is why Jeff Ireland still has a job. This roster is horrible. You can't miss on this many draft picks. We draft Koa Misi, while the Pats grab Gronkowski picks later and Cowboys stud Sean Lee goes. Few after that. We trade out of our spot to grab Jared Odrick while Jason Pierre Paul and Maurkice Pouncey go a few picks later. We draft John Jerry, and later that round goes Navarro Bowman, and Jimmy Graham. We draft AJ Edds and the Pats grab Aaron Hernandez. We go Jake Long, while Matt Ryan sat there and developed into a top 5 NFL Franchise QB. We draft Ted Ginn and leave Patrick Willis and Darrelle Revis on the table. Not suggesting to make these picks perfectly, but you can't misevaluate this many franchise players and keep your job.

Obviosly some of those earlier picks from the Ginn years, etc caused that clan of bozos to lose their jobs, and Tuna disappeared after the Ryan screwup....but Ireland has been right behind them with his share of major screwups

yes, we all have "realistic" expectations for this team this one hurts b/c it could have been won, why quit the run?--take the chances on Thomas coughing it up and keep the clock running! Tanne is not ready to to manage a full on passing drive and even though i sort of respect phibin for trading non-team players like Marshall (does anyone remember BM's comment post pro bowl on how its great to play with a real QB?)) the kid needs some targets other than bush and fusano on the option..
Good vibes to Reggie and a quick healing, we need you.

Yes Ireland sucks he passes up in quality players!!!!! I think we are ok now but Ireland must go and we need a great GM to get some real good guys. I'm not sure about Sherman either. Bad calls today. Carpenter lost this game though for sure. We weren't great otherwise but we did enough to win. Carpenter lost this game single HANDEDLY

The not getting graham was my worst none pick Ireland sucks.

Carpenter is a Sporano guy!!!!! No wonder he missed both those field goals, he wanted to see his old buddy fist pump on the sidelines for him again!!!!!!!

And tannenhill holds the ball too long on that pick 6 if he would have thrown it sooner that wouldn't have happened

Hilarious vin!!! Carpenter is usually on but he was a dumbass today. Did you see sporanic go crazy was that hilarious? Every time they showed him talking to the QB's it looked like he was asking the QB's " WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW"?

Face it, as bad as the Jets played today The Dolphins are just plain awful. The Jets have gone to two AFC Championships in the last 3 years. Dolphins are a laughingstock.

Everyone need to relax. Yes it is very upsetting given we outplayed them and missed the field goal but it is still early and what I see in a young team that is very competitive. Most experts wrote us off but we have played well except for the five minutes in the Houston's game. We are going to beat Arizona next week! Wait and see.

Why in the FOCK was Lamar Miller not in the game at the end? He's the fasted RB we have, we need yards in chunks, he's the most qualified to gain those yards, and instead of calling his number the coaches leave him sitting on the sideline playing Nintendo.

What kind of numb-skulled, brain-dead, stupidity was that all about?

And what ever happened to Clay? Did he break a leg or something? He didn't even get one down from the middle of the second quarter until the end of the game.

If you're not going to play the guy why even have him dress for the game?

Angel your an idiot jet fan. Are you kidding!!! JETS SUCK

The reality is that Coach Philbin coke on this game from not using the 3 time outs in the last 3 minutes of the game Yet another college head coach thanks to GM Jeff Ireland signed.

Look at the attendance 60;000 lowest since 1997 look it up

The loss isn't what upsets me anymore. I'm over it, u have to move on.
What upsets me is we have not one legitimate nfl receiver in this league. Andy dalton is what he is and cincy makes the playoff because of two people, aj green mainly, and jermaine Gresham. If u don't have a player to toss it up to and pull double coverage and a tight end who can black catch and score tds then tannehill will never have a chance and he will be blamed for so much.
It needs to stop. Every team has at least two pro bowl caliber options to throw to basically, and whole aj green is getting more yards in this season than all our receivers combined, and more tds as as well, then something is missing. And I'm an off year for our division and the afc north, we have a chance for the playoffs!
But we need to call up any tall receivers our there. We need ocho back. Every year but one he had at least six tds and thousand yards. We need to call to. They put up 2500 yards together. Or gaffney. We need somebody!

Also this is a game of statistics...and when a kicker is iced, he makes it more than he doesn't from ANY yardage. U do not ice a 33 yard kick. Unheard of. If philbin does not own up to it, then he loses this supporter who was on the fence with this playing 'not to lose' and cutting or trading any talent we had. If anyone thinks Davis going to Indy was worth the second round pick we got, then u have never seen Ireland draft in the second round period.

Bess would play. Hartline and fasano too. But start? No. Only fasano can score.

Armando I am extremely angry and more than frustrated at this Dolphins team! You are the only one I know that has merit with this team and that I can vent to. Venting to other Dolphin fans and people I know doesn't do any justice for me, so please read and listen to my fed up passion and livid opinion. I thank you for this opportunity and I want you to know that I have high respect for you and have been following you since the late 90's and remember driving to the Dolphin games and you would be on the radio at Gate G giving insight. Not a day goes by that I don't go to Miami Herald on line and read your postings. I'm only telling you all this cause I don't want you to feel I'm just a sour puss and want to mope and complain, my feelings run deep with this team and I'm so tired of sitting through these games watching this team being out coached and UN-prepared.

So I hope you would read my entire email even though it will be extremely long, if you don't have time please come back to it when you do cause I have allot of facts that maybe can be heard and addressed. If you feel anything I say has no merit than please tell me, I would appreciate any feed back you might have. I love you Armando and I know once I'm done I will feel a little better getting all of this out. Here goes.

I have been a Dolphins Fan since I was 3 years old 1976 and during my teenage years all I did is thrive for football season. Just like now. I'm broke, I'm struggling to make it in this economy as a single father of 3 and grandfather of a critically ill 7 month old grandson. I'm such a huge Dolphin fan that the little money I have I spend it making my Dolphin game experiences better. I moved to Austin from Miami 3 years ago just to be closer to my kids. I have to pay Directv every year just to see my Dolphins and I don't have a SW direction from my apartment and so I have to pay $29 for programming and the NFL Sunday Ticket and set up a dish 200 feet away just for 3 hours every Sunday without my apartment office finding out just to see my Dolphins. I just was forced to a 24 month contract just to get HD receiver and paid the last $200 I had and I am in debt just to see the game. My point is that I am doing all this, going in debt, struggling to make it just to see what I love most and thrive for every year. I am sick, I have kidney issues, I'm obese at 450LBS because my insulin's side effect is weight gain. I don't see my self living more than 2 years. So I am fed up that I wait all year to see the Dolphins and give hope that each year will be different when I see that every time we get a new regime we back track 3 years and I want to see them win now.

So I want to be heard when I see all the following that I will explain in detail:

The Dolphins today were terrible!! I don't care that the actual score was close, because if the Jets receivers that were open down field caught half the passes, the score would have been 34 -17 at least that. I was screaming at the TV all game and my stress level just was to the roof. I always see your break downs by positions in the past and I would like to share with you what I saw.

1. DB's
Sean Smith was beaten all day by Jets receivers and if Sanchez actually threw the ball decent there would have been several long scores making his QB rating pro bowl quality. Richard Marshall was also beat several times and actual held Santonio Holmes causing a penalty and he still caught the ball in stride! Our secondary is playing poorly and when an elite QB like Brady plays, we are in a Heep of trouble. Also, so may passes thrown to Jet receivers were just dropped and not well defended, and that concerns me. When other Dolphin fans cheer when a Jet drops a pass that would have gotten them YAC yards, I'm angry and see the bigger picture, not a dropped pass but a potential back breaker if he caught it. And I feel when their dropped the coaching staff doesn't make a big issue with it cause the score was close. We are in trouble in this area unless it is addressed immediately.

2. DL DE's
What the heck is going on??? There's not much pass rush, I was counting the seconds it took for Sanchez to release the ball and when he has 4 seconds or more you know he will connect with his receivers! There was a play that Nolan Carrol had good coverage but couldn't continue to blanket him and that's understandable because QB's shouldn't have that much time to throw! For the last 2 games Cameron Wake and the DE's at times seem to get pressure and can't get the QB down? WHY? You see Wake go around the outside but stutter when he has to change his position to grasp the QB. I watched other games and those DE's sack the QB and not get close and just touch him and get shaken. Do the Dolphins DL and DE's practice against QB's that stand still? Doesn't Tannehill move in the pocket in practice? Go back and count how many times you see Wake come around the corner and then it looks like hes gonna sack Sanchez, Carson Parmer and you still see the ball released. Who is in charge of this? Be creative! Is that all Cameron has to offer? The same move every time? No Blitz disguises? Sanchez should have been sacked at least 5 times today in big moments and other teams like the Steelers, broncos, cardinals would have had him!

3. RB's
Daniel Thomas should not be playing more than Miller. Lamar Miller is a way better running back and just has that instinct! Daniel Thomas aside from his fumbles in our own territory has no knack for open space! Today the Dolphins set up a screen for him and he got about 10 yards and the first down.....BUT!.... He cut inside when there was a clear path to the left side! The Dolphins OL even set it up for him to go to the outside and even was a designed play and was working great and he chose to go inside? Lamar Miller would have had a Touchdown, there was no one in the area and 4 Dolphins set a clear path. Daniel Thomas reminds me of Sammie Smith and at times Bernie Parmalee. He fumbled in the Texans Game and today in our own territory. The Jets knew we would run the ball and Thomas is the type of runner that should get the ball when there's space and not when the defense knows we are about to run the ball. Reggie Bush knows how to still run when the defense knows. To me, I feel the coaching staff should be responsible! They are the ones that feel they have a better chance of winning with Daniel Thomas rather than Lamar Smith. Just like how it was the coaches decision to keep Chad Henne as the starting QB all those games when I even knew Tyler Thigpen, Matt Moore etc was better. They make the decision and it hampered us as a team!

He fumbled twice so far and if this was Jimmy Johnson? He would be far across the bench watching the game and not playing!

Why did it take Mike Sherman 3 games to use J. Lane in 3rd and short situations? In the past, we would use L. Polite every time on 3rd and 2, 3rd and 1 and the opposing defenses even knew what we were going to do and we still got the first down. Why wasn't J. Lane used like that the previous 2 games? He's even bigger and stronger than polite! 3rd and short should be a J. Lane play every time or at least until its stopped!

4. OL
I love my OL and honestly its the only bright spot for us this far! Yes there were some penalties and was not perfect, but they did an outstanding job.

5. QB
Wow where do I start! Tannehill should not be in the game! Why did it take Mike Sherman until the 4th quarter to throw deep? We must keep defenses honest! You can't use the excuse D. Revis was in the game cause that's telling me all teams stop throwing cause hes in the game. I don't care if the ball is over thrown, WE MUST throw it deep consistently if you don't want 8 men in the box. This makes me livid! The entire last three games Downhill throws it to the outside like last week against the Raiders to Hartline. I knew, I Repeat I knew the Jets would game plan against this and if the Dolphins OC and HC were smart, they would know the Jets would be ready for that those type of passes and mix it up. But what does Sherman do? Just like what Chan Gailey, Dan Henning, Norv turner did. "The same thing week in and week out!" Mike has Tannehill roll out and to be honest, he has been more inaccurate on the run then in the pocket! I already knew Tannehill would throw a pick making those type of throws. The Raiders should have had at least 2. It scares me every time Tannehill throws it short and to the outside!

You think the Jets were scared of Tannehill behind center? They wanted him to beat them throwing because they knew the Dolphins would try to win running the ball and throwing short passes. Why did we get Joe Philbin? I thought he was a west coast OC? I thought this year we will see allot of passing. All I see is a OC who's scared to be aggressive and plays not to lose rather than playing to win. I'm tired of it. I dealt with this with Jay Fiedler, Chad Henne, We have a QB that was the Dolphins 2011 MVP standing on the sidelines watching when we could have used his experience against this Jet team! Steve Ross says he wants excitement, what do you call this? Conservative!!!

Matt Moore is a gamer, he brings excitement! if Matt More does exactly what Ross wants and looks for, than why do we have a QB that doesn't bring any of that!

Whats up with Tannehills helmet and face mask? He looks like a QB on a High School JV B team! Not trying to be mean but he looks like a dork, a dweeb. Name one QB that is a hall of famer, pro bowler elite that wear a helmet like that? Look at Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and you see a QB that looks like he belongs, cool and prototype! Tannehill looks worse than Henne and he looked horrible. Peyton Manning is dorkish bit his helmet is far off Tannehills and lets face it Manning is one of a kind. Can't they even make Tannehill look like he belongs? Not like a fool with that ridiculous face mask and helmet? You think Marino would accept wearing that?

Tannehill showed he is a rookie today when he was celebrating that Pass to Fasano that was reviewed. (We all saw we got a lucky break cause it was not a catch, he did not maintain possession) But when Fasano caught it and it was a close call, Tannehill should of got his but to the line and get another play off before it could be challenged, instead he was cheering and celebrating and thats a rookie mistake! I feel Matt Moore would widen and lengthen the field cause he isn't afraid to throw it deep. I miss those 20 yard passes in the middle of the field to Fasano and wide outs. If the coaches are going to have Tannehill play and stick with him, they need to keep that defense honest and stop always resulting in those quick outs. News flash, defenses are aware of them and lick their chops, and those passes are the easiest way to get a quick pick six, just like today! Our OL is playing better than last year, Tannehill needs to be in the pocket.

Also, he stares down his receivers too much! Z. Taylor needs to get his act together and do his job and teach him how to not look down your receivers!

6. WR's
We are a team that has receivers that scare no one! Brian Hartline is not the best receiver on this team, Devon Bess actually is. Brian has helped us, but honestly to me hes a crash Jensen!! Can't he catch the ball in stride? Does he have to fall every deep pass thrown to him when he's covered? All he does is fall down after the catch or even if he doesn't catch he still falls down. Other receivers on other teams I saw today caught balls just like Hartline and they still stood their ground and got YAC yards and even touchdowns. Why is L. Nanee (if that's how you spell it) on this team? Why? What did the coached see in him this pre season that they had him start the first 2 games? Do we have no one to stretch the field? We traded Brandon Marshall and when you trade a pro bowler (which I'm ok with) you must have an alternative. Someone would can fill in his role. Who do we have? That's The GM's responsibility! This is what we are left with. Why isn't Rishard Mathews playing? I see no brightness to this season. The Jets game planned and knew how to handle our WR's

7. TE's
Whats the deal with M. Egnew? Another Bust? Coaches already see they made a mistake? All we have is Fasano! That's it!

8. Kicker
If the coaches aren't calling around to bring in some kickers to take a look at then its just a shame. Carpenter needs to see this is no joke and he cost us the game. Every game counts especially a division game. Coaches can't say its a team game and not one player loses a game. Wrong. He's a kicker, that's all he does, he is required to do one thing and one thing only! Kick the ball through the goal posts! He lost the game cause if he made it we would be 2-1. Ask Scott Norwood and bills fans if he didn't cost them the Superbowl! Calls should be made even if its all for show! Let him see!

9. Long Snapper
Better get this addressed. Saw a couple low snaps to the punter

10. Coaching Staff
Very disappointed! What have we seen that is different than the past coaches? I don't care that Joe Philbin picks up trash off the field and wants the players to not use profanity! I care about wins and right now I give him a D-
Game planning is conservative! Not creative! He said we don't need a #1 receiver in this offense. Wow I didn't realize when he said that, he was telling us he will run 75% and make 3 to 10 yard passes to the outside! Wake UP!!! Be aggressive, I'm tired of them playing not to lose! We need to play to win! They need to go back and see the past OC's like chann gailey and see he did this same thing! Why are they afraid ? I don't know what you all were seeing on Hard Knocks feeling Joe Philbin is a good coach, I saw he couldn't be a straight shooter, when he would bring players in his offence to cut or repremand, he would stutter, stumble and mumble his words! He couldnt even give a direct sentance! He keep getting off his point that saturday night live would make jokes at if he was famous enough! Listen to when Brian Billick talks, he is direct and confident in his words. Joe is not content or confident when he had to repremand! And Jeff Ireland and Steve Ross said he was the most impressive interview of all candidates? I can speak better than he does! Steve Ross' ego got in the way of hiring Brian Billick because He said he cost him a Million Dollars. Joe Philbin was only intrested in impressing Jeff Ireland by making it known he wanted the players to be professional. Example: On hard knocks after the talent show Jeff went in and Philbin was there and Jeff said it was pretty good, and the only thing Philbin would say was "was it clean? was it clean?" Thats just him trying to make it known to Jeff he will make the players represent the organization with professionalisim. Do I care? Yes its fine to not let Chad Johson make a fool by cussing every other word but everything must be clean? Its a football team with a bunch of egostitic guys being themselves! Worry about winning! Jimmy johnson would have made someone else pick up the trash on the practie field and he won! He was aggressive and disciplined! Thats the type of coach I want to see! Mike Sherman use to be his boss, so he still is hesitant to tell Sherman how the offence should be! Thats a conflict! Now I have to wait 3 years if Im still alive to see the next coach and if he gets things done! Soprano was a joke! I knew that the 2nd year! How can a coach tell a player what to say in an interview? I read that Philbin told Bush to not talk about himself but to say it was the OL? You can suggest it but how is he required? I want to know the players views and feelings not reheared and pre planned.

Today the game planning was terrible. Why throw deep in our own territory with a 10-3 lead having Tannehill roll out? Ridiculous.

11. GM
I feel Jeff brings in a Head Coach that he can Micro Manage. If I was the owner of the Dolphins I would be more like a Jerry Jones running my business on my opinions and knowledge. Yes I would want John Gruden coaching my team, but if I do, It's his way and I have to stay out of the operations. If I had a Joe Philbin or Sporano, I can make my decisions and be involved and my word is final. This is why Fisher and Harbaugh truned down the position, or...... maybe Jeff really didn't want Fisher as his #1 cause Fisher wants it his way. I want a coach that honestly is a Hard A** like a Jimmy Johnson, Tom Coughlin, Bill Belecheck (I know mispelled)Theymay be mean and considered a jerk, but they win, they get respect. I want a coach to feel he's running his own business. Jeff wants a coach that can be micro managed and Jeff can be the man! I like Jeff Personally, and like him as a person, but the draft picks aren't producing.

Today we lost, it should have been a much bigger but whipping if the Jets caught the ball or Sanchez was accurate. I don't want to wait another year to have hope! I want hope now!

I feel our run defense is good and I loved seeing Burnett and Dansby jump up and knock that Jets Running back on his but on the goal line! But pass defence? We will not be so lucky against Brady and other premier passing offences. Pressure is the key. When a QB is pressured his throws aren't as accurate and he can't throw the ball deep without having time. Wake needs to attempt other moves besides the outside swim move. All the QB has to do is step up and wake over plays it and stutters to get his momentum back to adjust and tackle. Other DL's same thing. They sprint with all their might, that when the QB steps up or moves the DL has to get his momentum back and misses out on a sack. Running backs can do it, they stop and go on a dime maybe the DE's and DL's should be coached by the running backs coach at times. We just can't get that QB Down on the ground! We come close but just don't get it done! I feel thats a big key.

Sean smith needs to get a but chewing for his play today. Hes getting burned! On the left sideline you see the WR free and Sean trailing behind.

The OL should get an extra day off because they did their job today, and they need to be fresh.

Lamar Miller Needs more playing time. Trade Daniel Thomas for what you can get now. Get some sort of a deep threat in here and somehow coach Hartline to stop falling down! Use Fasano and Bess more. Keep runnig the ball like they have been using Bush and Miller and Lane on short yardages. Tannehill MUST scare these defenders in playing off the line by throwing it deep occasionally. What happned to Charles Clay? Tannehill is relying on his RB's and Receivers to make plays to get the first down by throwing it one yard on 3rd and 7. Enough! Be aggressive.

If we keep playing not to lose and still lose.... then Dolphin coaches will be questioned and will continue to have fans calling for their heads and not going to games. If we play aggressive throwing the ball downfield showing urgency to not settle for a tie and attempt to win, and still lose? Well fans would be a little more patient and enjoy watching the games. Today was the worst 4 hours in years! Stressful!!

Thank You Armando for letting me vent. Im still upset, but winning is the cure.

Also look into that helmet facemask trivia. Any QB thats wears that type of gear is less succseful that one who doesn't. Tannehill might not be playing like a prototype QB, but he can at least look like one.

Ha great points SUG I agree. And the Brian Hartline part is funny but true

CANNOT blame Philbin for the time out. There isn't a coach in the NFL that wouldn't have called TO in that situation. Gotta make those field goals AND it seemed to me that after Ryan threw the interception for a TD that they were scared to let him throw the ball anymore......that made no sense to me ESPECIALLY after Revis got hurt. Bush is injured, so let Ryan throw the ball...!!

Extremely poor clock management (Philbin) and no throws to Hartline until 4th qt?Once again totally disappointed. I was hoping for 8 & 8 but that aint happening this year. Tanne will come around but our secondary sucks and Philbin needs to show some emotion and step up! Maybe next year but I've been saying this since Marino and Shula. Go Fins! Get a kicker now!

I am happy with this loss, it is one step closer to getting a new GM. Now lose the next 2 or 3 and he's outta here.

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