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Jets defeat Dolphins 23-20 in overtime as strategy fails

The Dolphins fought in this ugly game but it wasn't enough. And Joe Philbin has some explaining to do.

The Jets kicked a 33 FG in overtime to win the game. The problem is the Dolphins head coach gave them that chance when he called timeout on a previous attempt -- one that Randy Starks blocked. Had Philbin not called time out, the teams might still be playing. Dan Carpenter missed a 48 yard field goal attempt that would have won the game.

Then the Jets answered with their winning drive.

Mark Sanchez completed a 38-yard pass down the sideline to Santonio Holmes. That put New York in field goal position to win the game.


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Bottom line to me is that we need a "SECONDARY" folks,them guys cant cover their eyes, damn.......

sorry fans but garbage in garbage out this team has no real nfl talent. not at any position including that great o line,and the coaching please the play calling as bad or worse than ever.but maybe jeff has a secret up his sleve, no sorry thats his head up his a**.

Wow - aren't we a bunch of grumpy FinHeads! We're all acting like this was surprising? I found myself disproportionately encouraged by last week's blasting of a team ranked lower than 32nd and I suspect ya'll were too. But come on... we KNEW what we had here. This is NOT surprising! We are going to suck as long as Ross is owning and hiring, and Ireland is drafting. Don't look now, but we are the new Detroit Lions.

Tell the Dolphins to never carry the American Flag onto the field again.They should carry the flags of all the countries that own them....The NFL is a American Game.

It is not International,or,Mexican,or,Cuban,or,Haitian,or,any of the other countries the Dolphins suck money from...it`s American.
The Dolphins are the only team that has less respect than Congress,and Congress is at an all time low.

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