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Joe hopes for pilgrammage to success and not a turkey

I confess that I don't know Joe Philbin well enough to vouch for exactly where he's coming from. I don't always know when he's kidding or serious. I don't know if he's a fiery motivator or professorial schemer. I can guess, but I cannot say I know 100 percent.

So today I asked coach if he's got a pregame or night-before speech ready to go for Saturday night or Sunday.

"I've got some ideas," Philbin said. "Sometimes I go on instinct but there's some thoughts I have, a couple of things I'm toying around with. They'll be different than some of my famous ones in Green Bay that I used to do the day before. I have to change up because I can't be quite the way I was when I was an assistant."

Um, ok, I'll bite: What was your most famous speech, coach?

"Probably the one where I dressed up like a pilgrim the day before a Thanksgiving Day game," Philbin said. "That's probably the most famous one."


"I'm totally serious," said the former Green Bay offensive coordinator. "I sent my wife out to the costume store. I had the buckles and the big hat and the whole bit. The point was we were playing the Lions and so it was Thanksgiving and they knew that over the years I'd done some spoofs on the Boston Marathon and the midnight ride of Paul Revere. I'd rubbed Massachusetts in their face. So the real point was we have to stick together like a family and play like a team. That was kind of the message."



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Dear Mr. Salguero

1st....take that YEAH!

Soiled :)

Maybe he'll dress up as the 53rd roster player.

Dear Mr. Salguero

He should get a hair piece and dress as Jeff Ireland and say the Boogies man will cut you if you play bad this Sunday.

More hair for coach Philban

Soiled :)

As Kris knows, I'll have my annual pregame speech myself for the team. However (I know, it's criminal), I might have to give it Saturday, as Sunday I'm going to miss watching the game, because some idiot member of my family decided to have a birthday party at Yankees Stadium on NFL OPENING WEEKEND!!

Effing family, can't live with 'em, can't tie 'em to your trunk and haul 'em down the road.

Represent MA! Nice! Go get 'em coach! I have faith!

Western MA

Instead of practicing his pre-game speeches, Philbin should be practicing his post-game excuses.

Not a lot of game balls to be handed out in the Dolphins locker room this year...

I understand the concept of motivating players but some of the stuff coaches do boggles the mind. Dressing up like Paul Revere or a turkey?

Come on Joe, you're the HC now, get somebody else to play dress up.

and then he said. "lets go get a dam n snack"

I don't give myself a speech. I get a case of Bud (for friends too of course) and a pizza.

They will probably dress Jake Long as a Turkey.

To Those Concerned About The Invisible 53rd Man:

"If you cant win with 53 players, what does it matter to have one less?"

If we had 153 players the Texans would probably still hand us our fishy mammally assses Sunday. We couldnt get out of our own way with only 52 players Sunday.

The man has lost his god damn mind before a game has even been played.

lobster traps?

What I really care about is the post game speech after a loss.

All 4 preseason speeches were identical.

The team didn't get the hint. So, you'd think he'd try to change it up.

sexxx pistols.?

cowher 2013.

go joe !

Now I have a very clear idea of what the strategy is on Sunday. Incredible interview MANDO. :)

I can't wait to watch Tanny throw completions to our stud WR's.

Lobster Trap, anyone?

Your friends might like you more if you quit buying them Buttwiper...BLUCK!

I think I smell a team of dying fish and some mean Texans getting ready have a fish fry. Ol Joey needs to dress up as a loose hooker and run towards the goal line when the fish are floundering without direction. That'll get their collective compass pointing towards the goal, scratch, hooker.

Phins win
17 - 13
your welcome.

It can't be Knut Rockne before every game in the room. It has to lighten up sometimes.
Post game pressers, seriously, you actually believe he will provide any insight on a game people already watched. Most of you trolls already know every player in college and the NFL.
The defense didn't bring their A game. Yep, seen that too.
What a bunch of dopes you guys are.


According to everyone who has ever worked beside him, Philbin is an exceptionally bright man with a dry sense of humor (perhaps tempered a bit recently by his family tragedy).

I like him plenty, and as someone who believes that teams eventually take on the personality of the person at the top I think Miami will evolve into a much smarter operation over time.

But this year? It's simply asking too much. I agree FULLY with the decision to go with Tannehill and believe he probably has a bright future but I can't see any way he and the team don't struggle badly this season. Even if Manning had come, this would still be a squad with too many fundamental issues to compete at a high level.

Not looking for more than 5 or 6 wins this year, fellas. I think that's just being honest. But moving forward, I think they picked a good one in Philbin. He gets a pass from me in Year One in the W/L column. Not much he can do about it.

Not exactly the update I was hoping for Armando, but thanks just the same.

My Keys to Victory Sunday:

1. We need to get very Lucky.

2. We need a Ton of Luck.

3. We need to get EXTREMELY Lucky.

It's pretty much the same Keys I need to have a successful Saturday Night ;)


-Odin- ;)

Of course, we need a few 3 and outs.

Will Philbin be Pilgrim or Turkey?

Pray to Voodoo Princess TITUBA! Only Tituba can lead you to victory! All other attempts will be FUTILE!

Also, it would help if Houston were to be very rusty and we not.(It didn't appear so in their Game vs NO this pre-Season).

Alright. But still, hmm...

Why doesn't he dress up like a WR...or a CB...or a TE...or a RG. Something we really need.

Philbin is a Teacher. He has said so about himself x times including today. I believe him.

Which former Dolphins coach would look the funniest dressed like a turkey?? I'm between Sparano and Wannstedt.

Philbin can dress up like the pilgrim, and the team will show up the turkey when they take the field and then philbin will have his thankful for this opportunity speech all ready to go when they LOSE.

Also, it is obvious, at least to me, that Philbin is very bright.

The only thing that makes this game winnable, and I use the term loosely, is the fact that we know exactly what to expect from Houston and they haven't got much of a clue as to what to expect from Miami. I think Joe is playing us all with his self deprecating ways. He doesn't seem like the type to go into the game with an attitude that a loss is okay. I think he's playing his cards close to his vest and we may all be a little surprised that Miami isn't as inept on offense as most people believe. Hopefully, Houston will be the most surprised. We shall see soon enough.

Phins Up!

Soiled, Yeah has not been here for 1.5 years.

Folks, we go 11-5 this year. Bank on it.

Which former Dolphins coach would look the funniest dressed like a turkey?? I'm between Sparano and Wannstedt.

Posted by: Frustrated Fins Fan | September 06, 2012 at 05:33 PM

Sparano is a natural Turkey.
Waandshyt is a Shyt Bird.

Folks, we go 11-5 this year. Bank on it.

Posted by: Timothy Couch | September 06, 2012 at 05:37 PM

Got your hands on some good crack did ya?

11-5 this year??? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

I think he meant we went 11-5 in 2008

he couldnt be serious, no-one can when predicting this team to win more than 5-6 games this year, HAD TO BE A TYPO!

Good idea, Mando.

I declare that henceforth we shall refer to Coach Philbin as "Joe."

I hope Joe has the boys ready to play Sunday!

The NFL schedule will line 'em up, and we will knock 'em down.


I have seen subtle signs of Players that were here before these new Coaches arrived having improved. Of course, no chance that any smart Man would let on anything with a constant camera at his back.

MD20 Your friends might like you more if you quit buying them Buttwiper...BLUCK!
Posted by: thavafin | September 06, 2012 at 04:35 PM

Everyone has their preference, just as long as your preference isn't light beer. I'd go yungling but some of my boys don't like dark beer....it's unfortunate

How about this? If the fins beat Houston then all of you clowns with your sarcastic BS jokes go root for NY and leave us real fans to our team?

Coach Philbin is the real deal.
Go Fins!!!

Still, NOTHING is proven yet, good or bad, on Philbin as a HC and any attempt to do so now would be fallacious.

How about this? If the fins beat Houston then all of you clowns with your sarcastic BS jokes go root for NY and leave us real fans to our team?

Coach Philbin is the real deal.
Go Fins!!!

Posted by: Kappowski | September 06, 2012 at 05:57 PM

And when houston beats the holy crap out of the phins this sunday, will you and your ignorant friends please leave this blog for good and quit denying how awful ross and ireland have transformed this franchise into utter s#it since they came here?

Were Romo and DeMarcus Ware really Ireland's finds?

Are you ready to lose on Sunday? The Dolphins have STUNK for a very long time. Love this easy WIN on Sunday. The joke of the NFL, Miami Dolphins.

Hey i know what miami has that the texans dont... a championship, untill u get one, STOP TALKING!!

I'd tell the team, the texans are much better then we are, it's not a disgrace to get your ass kicked by a very good football team. Now,, go out there and lose.

Best speech for philbin to his team before the game is * Watch how a real team plays to win* and make sure to take notes.....I-PADS included

It doesn't matter if you have 52 or 50 or 49 0n the roster, you can only dress 46 with the rest inactive.

Miles Finch, damn it you beat me to it.,

I know this is probably irrelevant, but both the 49'ers and Patsies were 0-4 in the preseason last year.
If we get to 8-8 this year, it's great...and not so.
Great to see real progress, but smack dab at #20 or so in the draft.

I would hope we would ALL consider it a success if Tannehill was in the top5-6 for rookie of the year. Even if it got Ireland an undeserved stay of execution.

Fins now and always.
How about a miracle Sunday!!

How about them TEXANS!

DC Dolfan:

Feel bad for you, dude. All of my family members and friends know where I am if the Dolphins are playing. If they forget, tough luck because I make no exceptions. Fu.k em"!

Texan Fan:

Just curious? What the fu.k are you doing on a Dolphins' blog? Go back to your daily affirmation circle-jerk contest with your gay-ass Texas but- buddies....d.ckbrain!

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