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Joe hopes for pilgrammage to success and not a turkey

I confess that I don't know Joe Philbin well enough to vouch for exactly where he's coming from. I don't always know when he's kidding or serious. I don't know if he's a fiery motivator or professorial schemer. I can guess, but I cannot say I know 100 percent.

So today I asked coach if he's got a pregame or night-before speech ready to go for Saturday night or Sunday.

"I've got some ideas," Philbin said. "Sometimes I go on instinct but there's some thoughts I have, a couple of things I'm toying around with. They'll be different than some of my famous ones in Green Bay that I used to do the day before. I have to change up because I can't be quite the way I was when I was an assistant."

Um, ok, I'll bite: What was your most famous speech, coach?

"Probably the one where I dressed up like a pilgrim the day before a Thanksgiving Day game," Philbin said. "That's probably the most famous one."


"I'm totally serious," said the former Green Bay offensive coordinator. "I sent my wife out to the costume store. I had the buckles and the big hat and the whole bit. The point was we were playing the Lions and so it was Thanksgiving and they knew that over the years I'd done some spoofs on the Boston Marathon and the midnight ride of Paul Revere. I'd rubbed Massachusetts in their face. So the real point was we have to stick together like a family and play like a team. That was kind of the message."



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Here in England i'm known between February and September as the Miami Dolphin propaganda machine but for the 1st time in 27 years as a Dolphin fan since the nfl hit our screens this side of the pond i find myself with little enthuasim for this team. Also for the 1st time in 23 years i wont be making my annual trip to joe robbie/pro player/dolphins/dolphin/land shark/sun life stadium

Like the newest article,...."Cant dig yourself a grave" early in the season..*lol* You need to be able to get up from the grave first, dont you???

Howdy All, My Texans 48-10 your team. You guys are playing a REAL team. Your owner SUCKS,your GM SUCKS.I can't wait for Sunday. Your really like the old Detroit Lions. Everyones floor mat.LMFAO.

Okay texans fan...you've had your pointless momment on another teams blog stating what you think(as if most cared) is going to happen...now go troll somewhere else like maybe the Boston Globe or something...and hype your team up all day long that way come playoff time your choke job will be even more entertaining....have a nice day!!!!

This guy has Cam Cameron part deux written all over him. Not entirely his fault...Ireland has set him up to fail.

He men....


Say that as many times as you need to....

Its just Oscar under another of his MANY names...trying to rile you guys up.....

think about it....

He= Hey......

Sounds like i hurt Your feelings, it must be terrible living down there and being a stinky fish fan. Question? Do the Stinky fish (pew) know how bad we want them? Sucks to be YOU.

"Probably the one where I dressed up like a pilgrim the day before a Thanksgiving Day game," Philbin said. "That's probably the most famous one."



Next week you will see...Raider's fan"...than "jets fan"...then Arizona fan...and on and on...and on.....

That would make sense kris...since why in the hell would a texan fan even need to be in another teams blog to talk crap about the phins demise rather than their success..*lol*...besides theres plenty of dolfans in here that are more than capable of bashing their own team without the help of trolls....just sayin!!!

Philbin has made some very questionable comments since coming on board.

Dude still doesn't get it. KISS the media. Keep It Simple Stupid, with the media. Not show your arse to the world.

Yeah superPHIN....

this blog is a strange place....what's even more strange is that I spend enough time in here to even know that....

Lol Kris, I was going to break the news but I wanted to see how many people bought into it.

What was his less memorable? Showing up as a Fool the day before April Fools Day?

You know what, can't remember who said it, but he was right.

Sherman is baby sitting Philbin. I can't believe he shows up in a Pilgrims uniform but kicks VD off the team for being IMMATURE.

LOL!!! I bet he actually has a pilgrims uniform in his closet for special occasions.

Thanks MiamiD...

I thought about it...but you know Oscar gets off on replies.....and the more you talk to him the more hyped up he gets.....

I'm hoping to skip a repeat of the crap I had to sift thru from last nights fiasco.....

I can totally see Philbin and his family all dressing up as colonists on Thanksgiving.

Let's hope he shows up wearing his head coach's uniform on Sunday.

Kubiak is damn sure not going to be dressing up as a damn Pilgrim.

Does this mean Ireland will show up in a helmet with tea bags hanging off it?


Did he use the Pilgrim voice also?

"Good morrow ye old Packers. Pray pardon me but ye must excuse my attire. Tiss motivation."

LOL!!!! A freaking Pilgrim? Hell, why not an Indian or something. Been kind of cool he rides in on a horse dressed like a native American.

Trolls do like striking a nerve and he certainly did that to some. You know. These people get so down on their team but when an "outsider" comes in and trashes us they get all defensive. Love it. I got a good laugh out of all of those posts lol

Anyone see my husband?

keys to victory:
1. solid defense bend don't break
2.run the ball well
3. turnovers
we are due with these guys and this game can be won.

WOW!! Playing dress up and as a pilgrim no less. I guess the O.C. in G.B. stood for OFFENSIVE CLOWN given he NEVER called a play when there! Inspiring on so many levels or could it have been some deep rooted need to convey he wanted a group of puritan followers. As informative a piece as I've read on Miami let me turn off my ESPN and NFL Network now that Mando has given me the nitty gritty on what to expect from Philbin on his day before preparations.

In truly informative Total Access reporting that the Texans today went through practice without Arian Foster and SLB Brooks Reed. The team is down playing it saying both were held out for precautionary reasons but DAMN if we wont take what we can get at this point. On the other hand everybody else including Ben Tate were at full speed preparing for Sunday's home opener Vs. Miami. We on the other hand can relax in the knowledge our team will at the very least be entertained the night before at their hotel.

What a dipsh!t. So we have this loser, that idiot Ireland and a QB too stupid to know the divisions in the NFL. Boy, we're in great shape!

MiamiD20, Thank YOU. I will check back in after the GAME on Sunday. I had a BUNCH of FUN tonight. Thank you all.

Till Sunday! Texans to the SUPER BOWL!

Here's a prediction. We finish 1-15. Sadly Ross is too stupid to fire Ireland so we continue to finish 1-15 for the next 10 years.

If we stop Houston's running game...... I can't be delisional anymore, Houston 17-Miami 14.

Let see, no real WR or TE threats...

Philbin better learn how to fist pump for 3 pointers.


any word on wr's gabney or stallworth?

Philbin is a combination of Coker and Cameron... He will be gone in 2 yrs and we will be rebuilding something that was never built to begin with.

How depressing and boring this Blog is. I'm going to tell some stories including Andy and the River Rats. Armando?

btw, my friend Andy died in 2010 at the age of 63 from Hepatitis C complicated by Alcohol abuse. As he should have.


0-16. Sounds like Obama!

I have never met Women that like to fuc- so much than those from the esoteric Religions(of course they are mostly bipolars). I remember this one I had that had never let me penetrate her from behind. Without any intention on my part, I started talking about Love is not envious, Love forgives all, from St. Paul and then she took me to her bed and got on all fours.

I think that last story of mine was pretty good. I know many like that. Telling them depends on the occassion, mostly.


Posted by: Texan Fan. | September 06, 2012 at 07:24 PM

Well only steers and queers come from Texas.
Hey Texas Fan...you got horns on your head?

0-16. Sounds like Obama!

Posted by: ray | September 06, 2012 at 09:06 PM


Nothing new to me, but it continues to be amazing how much insight you gain by recounting past stories of your personal life to Others.

11-5 I agree. And for the ass rabbits that doubt it and just say 5 to 6 wins just look back to 2008. Coming off a 1-15 season I bet you were saying 3 to 4 wins. Oh but wait we had pennington, yea we did have Pennington and 75% of you ass clowns disagreed with his signing. How bout the jets rookie head coach rex Ryan and rookie qb sanchez, make it too the AFC championship game. Anything is possibly that's why they say any given Sunday, this is the pros. Oh ok you gonna say the jets had a great defense well wake up bro our defense is solid. Our defense gets no credit they kept our ass in a lot of games last year. Oh btw the jets played Houston the first game of that season and they were suppose to get killed guess wat the jets embarrassed them that day.

Philbin should dress up as Charlie Brown and Jeff Ireland can dress as Lucy. So, when Joe goes to kick the football, Jeff can pull it away...again!

Seriously though, "Go out there, have fun, and try not to embarrass yourselves!" isn't really much of a Pre-game speech. Just saying...

This is an old story. The Green Bay players all talk about this. The team was nervous and practicing tight, Philbin recognized it and came up with the costume gag. He walks in and the players all cracked up. They say it was so funny they were still laughing the next day about it. They won that game 34-12. He knew what was going on with the team and he made him self look silly to take some pressure off of his guys. It's nothing like the lobster trap story. Wanny wasn't even there when the players saw the traps, they had no clue what it meant. It was stupid. This isn't that.

Kris thank you for pointing out the insanely obvious, I thought I was going to have to do it myself. Texas fan hanging out in a Dolphins blog,,,suuuurrreeeeeee, happens all of the time.

And howdy? Dude are you serious with that crap? You thought that would fool everyone? You totally gave yourself away. Pathetic try.

Every NFL team in every NFL game has at least two chances...slim and none. I hope the Fins cling to the slim one. At least a snowballs chance right? "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?...Hell NO!"

In order to win, Reggie and Thomas need to run like their hair was on fire AND their life depended on it! (Smashed two sayings together for that gem!) At least 40-45 carries between Reggie, Thomas and yes Tannehill needs to run when the pocket breaks down as it will.

Seriously though, Tannehill can't freeze up under the big stage and resort to throwing picks like in college. He MUST get help from the WR corp somehow by them catching the make-able grabs. They need to throw only enough to keep the Texans honest and keep T.O.P. on the Fins side.

Since the Texans don't have much film to go on the Fins should try at least 4-5 gadget type plays. It will probably have a bigger surprise effect as this Texans team has to be feeling full of itself and with good reason.

Even with all this going on I would say the chances Miami escapes with a win are of the "slim" variety. That said, there is a reason it is hard betting on the NFL with all it's parity.

Philbin...Go coach your ass off and get our troops to deliver you a victory your son that has passed would be proud of!!! I will be watching through my "I just saw a car crash wince face". Still hoping for the best.


I will be watching through my "I just saw a car crash wince face". Still hoping for the best.


Rob in OC | September 06, 2012 at 09:54 PM

Great line! I think when the pocket breaks down Tannehill can use his running ability to slow down the up field rush forcing the DL to respect his mobility and maybe freeze the LB's a little if on some of those he can hit a dump off or two. Baptism by fire we will see what the kid is made of for sure.

New coach + rookie QB + mediocre talent = 3 wins...if they're LUCKY

..Rob in OC...WHAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

I definitley agree that getting the running backs going will be the best shot we have at pulling an upset. Can we really expect Tannehill to win a shootout on the road in his first game?

This can be accomplished 2 ways..Obviously, get the ground game going. 2, and this is something we didn't see much of in the preseason..Routes out of the backfield. Our running backs are probably our best offensive weapon. How do we get the ball into Reggie Bushs hands where we have a mismatch advantage. Will we be able to do so with the issue on the offensive line? If the line can do it's job. The backs should be able to be good outlets for Tannehill, and a piece in a short ball control strategy. This combined with passes designed to get the ball out fast is the diet I expect to see.

The Texans do not have to blitz to bring pressure. Certainly a luxury for any defense. This doesn't mean they won't blitz. I think they will concentrate on disguising their coverages to confuse Tannheill into making a mistake..Give him enough rope and he will eventually hang himself. This is why it is critical to get the ground game rolling..Take some of the pressure off Tannehill. I'm sure the Texans would be extatic if the Phins are forced into a one dimensional pass first game this week.

I think the game is closer then the public does. My guess is that the game is played fairly tight. The team that makes the plays in quarter 4 wins. Sadly, our inexperience plays a part. and in a good contest. The Teaxans win 23-16..We cover the spread, and the under!

As a Dolphins fan I am starting to feel like its groundhog day and this franchise is once again the laughing stock of the league again. What is probably the worst is that all their behind the scenes stuff that no one really had any proof of has now been put on display for all the world to see via Hard Knocks.

This Sunday could be cringe worthy. I hope Philbin has something up his sleeve because it honestly feels like we brought Cam Cameron back for another round.

No doubt fin4life. Thanks for the shout.

I must say I was one of the loudest after draft day about not drafting Tannehill with the 8th overall. At this point I still say it would have been better to go WR Michael Floyd or trade up for S Mark Barron as he will be a stud as well. It looks like Cousins, Foles and Wilson would have been decent QBs to build on and had much later in the draft...time will tell.

We gotta roll with what groceries J.I. bought like it or not.

I only hope that Tannehill's insane passion to be a QB and his overall skill set turn into continuing growth. By his very nature of only 19 starts his best football BETTER be ahead of him.

Just don't try to do too much as that's when the INTs come out. The Fins won't win games on the wrong side of the ledger for sure.

Cheers bro!

As I know there are bloggers it bugs...

*corrections to crappy sentences to make them slightly less crappy:

By "THE" very nature of "HIS" only 19 starts...

won't win games on the wrong side of the "TURNOVER" ledger for sure.


Joe Philbin has Cam Cameron written all over him. Dressing up like a Pilgrim reminds me of Cam's "Fail forward fast". Ughh.....What's next Wannstedt's lobster traps (or chicken coops to the players)?

NFL coaches have to be able to motivate players and have their respect. Cameron and Philbin can't motivate and they don't garner respect.

I like Man Goo dribblin' down my chin.

I still cannot believe Renfro's catch was ruled an incompletion.

I laughed when that dude fell to his death in Reliant Stadium.

I am..................

Remember when the Texans were the Oilers? Lose a team (Oilers), then get a new team with a name (Texans) ripped off from the original Dallas Texans, who turned into the Kansas City Chiefs in the late 1960's. Confused?

Darryl D!!!! What up bro!!!

How was your rafting trip was it?

Hope all is well out the Grizzly State way.

Having Bush and Thomas take those "extended handoff passes" in space and designing them cleverly enough that the DBs don't simply read and T off will be key.

I am hoping that Philbin helps in his GB play design days for this feat.

I was amazed while watching Dallas kinda dismantle the World Champs last night at how well they did with the patchwork line. All kinds of new faces for Dallas and they held up well mostly against a very adept pass rush.

Maybe there is some latent hope for Miami?

I just hope that the game plans were so vanilla and so un-thought out that we simply lost preseason games due to one on one talent deficiencies. Maybe game planning, theory crafting and more than a pinch of luck will make up for the lack of talent.

My only prayer is that after watching this game the fan base feels like there is no way we can win any other games this year. If the Texans put a stamp on the Fins...the wolves will howl loud and long. Ross will see so many orange seats at Fins home games he would think he's at a Tropicana convention!!!


..A lot of folks here believe 3-4 wins will be the likely outcome for this season. Feel free to think this as it is certainly understandable after the preseason games, and the state of our roster.

I'm not being a blind homer. But I think this is a low total. I'm not going out on a huge limb here. My prediction only gives us 6 wins..Not outstanding by any means. But as it goes now, a small moral victory for the future. Some probably think the best way to the promised land will be to suck. Be the worst possible team so we can reap the benifits of high draft picks...I disagree. I think it will speak volumes as to what the direction of this team is to be should this group be able to win some games. If our roster is indeed this bad, and we can stay competitive. It would IMO be a great precursor to a program on the rise. A plan that is actually working. If we could achieve this. Imagine what the team will look like when Philbin has all the pieces put into place? 6 wins...That is what I think.

For what it is worth...

I think Philbin is getting a terribly bad rap with these Cam Cameron comparisons. His demeanor is very similar but they are two different men with different backgrounds.

Hell Belichek is about as unassuming and boring a speaker as you will ever see and his troops respond. I'm more the Jimmy Johnson fiery coach guy but Tom Landry supposedly never even swore??? So different strokes.

At least give the guy a season to try and damn corny stunt, heart felt story, fire and brimstone (his version) or pearls of wisdom speech to get this team jump started.

Considering what he inherits (minus the sometimes playmaking problem children in Marshall and Vontae) ...if this team doesn't win should he be liable for much at all in his 1st year?

Like Cam Cameron I am sure he will be hard pressed to survive a 1 or no win season. That just comes with the win now NFL territory.

I hope the guy becomes part of the solution, I really do. He seems to have a lot of character in the way he carries himself in the face of difficult circumstances, speaking of his personal more than firing Chad.


Darryl/ Rob,

Given the state of his receiving corp. I expect Tannehill like maybe a young McNair who didn't have anything to work with outside of Eddie G. either at the tail end of the Houston Oilers to rely on his athletic ability more than we've ever seen out of a Dolphin QB. Look he's a big fast kid not awkward like Flacco for instance and believe this running passer style will best suit him while he learns the QB position at this level just like McNair did.

I don't know why but believe him in this mold early and you never know remember Steve Young had to be taught how to throw a Football but was a fearless open field runner. I'm not comparing but there are parallels athletically to what he is today and those of that ilk were at their respective beginnings. I just hope they let him play and don't force him into an Offense he isn't prepared to run nor has the horses to run yet.

..Rob in OC..The float trip was glorious. Not a ton of fish today..The wind was brutal. I did land a pretty big Brown, a few cuthtroats, and a bunch of small rainbows..The best part of the trip was Eldrick(my bulldog) got to float today. The water is finally low enough to be safe for him.

You mentioned scheme..For our team. I think we have to be really percise as far as execution. We probably do not have the wiggle room for error as an experienced team. Even the Giants last night..Cruz dropping passes, fumbles..cost them. We have to play almost error free, mentaly, and physically. Better then our opponents as our own margin for error is slimer then most.

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