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Joe hopes for pilgrammage to success and not a turkey

I confess that I don't know Joe Philbin well enough to vouch for exactly where he's coming from. I don't always know when he's kidding or serious. I don't know if he's a fiery motivator or professorial schemer. I can guess, but I cannot say I know 100 percent.

So today I asked coach if he's got a pregame or night-before speech ready to go for Saturday night or Sunday.

"I've got some ideas," Philbin said. "Sometimes I go on instinct but there's some thoughts I have, a couple of things I'm toying around with. They'll be different than some of my famous ones in Green Bay that I used to do the day before. I have to change up because I can't be quite the way I was when I was an assistant."

Um, ok, I'll bite: What was your most famous speech, coach?

"Probably the one where I dressed up like a pilgrim the day before a Thanksgiving Day game," Philbin said. "That's probably the most famous one."


"I'm totally serious," said the former Green Bay offensive coordinator. "I sent my wife out to the costume store. I had the buckles and the big hat and the whole bit. The point was we were playing the Lions and so it was Thanksgiving and they knew that over the years I'd done some spoofs on the Boston Marathon and the midnight ride of Paul Revere. I'd rubbed Massachusetts in their face. So the real point was we have to stick together like a family and play like a team. That was kind of the message."



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Even with my Aqua and Orange "rose colored" 1942 flying goggles on... I am only seeing 4 wins. Sadly I feel like I could plug in a lower number and be right as well. It pains me as I strike the keys as I like to be totally optimistic but, the realist in me is typing now.

It is said that Belicheck and host of other coaches become better coaches when they find their Tom Brady and talent resides on the roster.

Tannehill may or may not be the answer but after watching the preseason I am not sure even the minimal baseline talent is on the squad now to produce wins.

They better have a serious "Us vs the World" complex to rise to 6 wins or more.

The good news is, the hardcore realist side of me knows that stranger things have happened, upsets happen every weekend in the NFL and right now there is zero Genie escaped from Philbin's bottle.

I raise my glass in toasting your prediction trumping mine old friend...to the Fins get 6 or more!!!



I'm a J.J. type fiery rah rah guy as well but will give Philbin this he's a straight shooter and will call it the way he sees fit, the Ireland plea for Gates on HARDKNOCKS I felt spoke alot about a "his program or no program" mentality.

..fin4life..One of the beauties of a young atheletic quarterback is their tendency to run when things get chaotic. Now this the proper way to play the position(IMO) but it may be a natural survival instinct. I also do not think that at this point the team can drill in Tannehills head.."Stay in the pocket". he will have to figure this out, and it will come with experience. I'm sure it is a difficult balancing act for the team. They expect him to make plays, to be atheletic. But probably don't want him running around a bunch if there are plays to be made down the field.

..@11:13 not the proper way to play the position.


Let's just hope it's Tannehill running with a scheme and not just for his life.

I would hope that Tannehill was watching as Romo bought extra time with his legs, kept his eyes down field and created based on the DEF not being able to cover for that long.

Romo's TD floated to Ogletree (The juggernaut you can't stop you can only hope to contain LOL) was the epitome of this.


Darryl D,

German Brown Trout...some fun fish to catch and eat there. Used to nab them from my Uncle's stream up in the pan handle of Idaho as a youth.

They would be hiding under cover and you float a worm by them via the current and it was like they couldn't help it. In a flash the fight was on with light tackle.

Good times.


...I don't know what to think when perhaps a ceiling of 6 wins is debateable. I know that my opinions do not change a thing as far as this program goes. But to me(again just my opinion)..setting a low expectation gives this team an excuse to fail. 6 wins is really a pathetic total, and should not be a tally that is acceptable. But I realize the situation we are in, and that the team has turned itself upside down hopefully for the greater good down the line.

I keep going back to the teams we play this year. For the most part we do not face a ton of prolific offensive teams..Games in the NFL tend to be played pretty close most weeks..There was a stat that I heard today that the Jags played 9 games last year where the outcome was decided less then a TD..That is remarkable. We may lose 12-13 games. it wouldn't be far fetched. I just think as bad as we seem. These are NFL players. Maybe I'm dilusional, but I don't think the talent void is as much as folks make it out to be. Yes we are lacking stars, and big time playmakers. Maye the team concept works, and we outperform our low expectations.




Listen guys I'm talking QB's that were not ready and tossed in week one who learned the position while relying more on the ability to move and run early in their careers. A great example would be the young McNabb with A.Reid who did alot of running early while Andy taught him to play in the same type of system we want to eventually employ. Reid understood and brought him along slowly as did Fisher with the young McNair ect...

He won't have the discipline at this point to be what we saw out of Romo last night, heck Romo didn't really have it either his 1st Yr. when he got the start Monday night in Carolina, remember. I want to see an up tempo polished QB but for starters he's a rookie and not a typical one with his very unique history and second we don't have the type of players that can make the plays Romo's WR's were making for him last night continuously either.


I haven't seen the last two episodes of Hard Knocks. I will.

It is refreshing to see that if a guy doesn't have it, he is being shipped out. I hope the days are gone of holding a guy like Henne for 4 years and trying to flog him into being a great QB. I noticed Henne did not win the job from Gabbert and Gabbert has waaaaaaay less starts.

Ya either got it or ya don't. The draft is a flesh lotto of sorts and you never really know until the college player actually plays in the BIGs if the light goes on or not. I simply don't believe in coddling. I am glad we are seeing Tannehill from the jump.

I think the its become a sink or swim league...Cam Newton found out, Andy Dalton found out, Gabbert has looked better after being a wreck most of last year. Contrary to some people's thinking it doesn't stifle, kill or rob ability to play when you play early. The amount of lumps you take may be more but that still doesn't steal the ability of good players to ascend (Aikman and Peyton Manning were on terrible teams early).

After venting right after the draft at what I consider a mistake I will cheer Tannehill like he was my son. I got no shame in admitting of J.I. proved me wrong about Tannehill if he turns into something.

I will be monitoring S Mark Barron and WR Michael Floyd as well as QBs Foles, Cousins and Wilson (my mocks had Wilson later rounds) to see how a different draft path from J.I. may have had different results.

Right now it's all about our Fins!!! At least until they lose enough to become YOUR Fins...LOL


..Aloco..Farm raised fish suck..You know that.

Rob..We were using 5x leaders, and small crippled mayflies..The Brown trout though I caught with a streamer..Nothing like streemer fishing in the fall for Browns...all the way to my backing on my reel.


You mentioned you wished Tannehill saw Romo last night and so do I but even more I hope our WR's watched Miles Austin. The guy had I believe 4 catches in the game but DAMN if they weren't all memorable. He caught everything thrown his way while playing on a bad hamstring. The toast of the town was Ogeltree and rightfully so (were you watching Marlon Moore) but Austin made some difference making and tough catches on critical plays himself that were all thrown a good 3 Ft over his head or at his shoe strings.





Bottom line for me is if the ROOK THill puts a catchable ball out there...whatever freakin Fin is on the receiving end better hold on to it!

I don't need to see the second coming of Fran Tarkenton out there but at the end of the day the better be some pitch and catch out there. They tell WR in H.S. that if it hits your hands you better catch it. The guys that play in the NFL have shown thru HS and college that they should be able to do it...so get r done.

I hear DD's argument about nobody ever rising past low expectations but in the Not For Long league to borrow a Glanville-ism you don't catcha d ball you no gotta d job!!!

Again not placing stock in preseason but using it as what we can visibly see...both Tannehill AND Moore were victimized over and over by TE's, WR's and sometimes the RB's not catching balls even of the routine or generic sort. IT CAN'T CONTINUE IN THE REGULAR SEASON!...at least to have an semblance of success.


..fin4life..Watching the last episode of Hard Knocks. What struck me was how Philbin was pretty much disgusted with Clyde Gates..Not only his lack of route running ability, but his attitude in general..I know Ireland(all gm's) draft guys because they believe they can develop them. I just wonder how much of Philbins inluence will rub off on Ireland when it comes to the skill positions in the future. Maybe he is able to evaluate offensive talent on a different level..I don't know. Gates was an Ireland guy, and Philbin pretty much called him out as worthless.(gates)

..Best post ever Aloco @ 11:45

fin4life @ 11:36 Great post and echo your same sentiments!

Austin with a bad wheel, New Guards, A Center they just barely got from Miami, Romo and his near pick 6, the Giants monster pass rush, opening night at the Met hostile environs! ...lot of admirable things about the Dallas win.

Wow I can't believe, You, Darryl D, Aloco and myself had this much great blog time about mostly football. That is awesome!!

We will be able to dissect the Fins game like crazy after we see the real McCoy...whatever that may be.


Aloco, DD, farm fed/bred fish is bad. But not as bad as "Soylent Green"! Check out the movie by the same name.


Is the lab located down in Orah's Ape City jail? :)


..Redsky..Long time.. How are you doing? Good to see you here. I'll check it out.


I hope that's never on the menu but ya never know eh? lol

Good to see you on giving it hell redsky.





Gotta run gents! I am really flabbergasted that a bunch of my blog favs can all be on at once letting 'er rip about all things Fin with a pinch of the "other" category mixed in.

As some say it may be I'm talking to only one or two people but I could care less as long as the perp keeps the writing flavor in character for each.

Cheers all,


I found it interesting on that last episode how Ireland went to Philbin and said, "I'm just not ready to give up on this guy yet" Philbin gave him that uhh huhh and the next thing you knew Gates was gone. I truly believe the players are on a short leash with this guy when it comes to performance, I have to give him that. You know after watching Egnew is on the shortest of leashes because he was a 3rd rounder and our lack of talent at the position but that leash is short either he starts catching passes or Philbin will give him the ax when he has the proper replacement whether Ireland likes it or not!

Maybe he should dress up like Dez's mom. Ireland is about ready to (bleep) him real hard.

A pilgrim? Even I think that is crazy.


Please tell me you got that on tape. I want to review the tape to make me a faster Joe basher.

good night all!!

Has anyone here that THINKS we are going to win on Sunday, considered that the Texans had the #2 Rated Defense Last Yr.. & WE DONT have anyone to THROW the Ball too??? Its gonna be a Loooooooong Day for Tanny as he's lying on his back every other play.

WOW, you should get a Pulitzer Prize, uh no, a nobel peace prize for this article!!!

The coach dresses up like a pilgrim for the players-really! He probably dressed up like a cheerleader for Ross--- that's how he got the job!

This is sick and demented!

Here's yput motivation. You are all getting paid. Act like it!

your-- type-o

I look forward to rereading these responses after the game sunday, as something tells me they will be even funnier.

Adam Schefter is reporting that Philbin will dress up like Flipper during his pre-game motivational speech!

Philbin is over his head. No head coaching experience at any level and you hire him to be a HC at the highest level?? This guy is not a leader, watch him mumble on tv. He is very unconfortable with confrentation. Do you see leadership out this meek guy? His dosen't know what his going to say, and the stuttering tells you his in unsure of himself.Promote Sherman to HC now!

I am become Chemnicarl Monster in-bred farm raised guppies.

It will take divine intervention to win more than 4 games this year! We don't have the manpowerpersonnel to do it. A rookie unproven QB, a bunch of cast offs from other teams and unproven coaching staff! A recipe for disaster! And a real chance to screw Tannehill's chances to succeed! It ugly boys, was easier for Moses to part the Red Sea than this team have a winning season. As I said before, this team is Frankenstein's Monster, spare pieces slapped haphazardly

Continued: haphazardly together in the hopes that it will live! Chances are it will not.

what's up losers?

Insiders Report: Sherman's first move when he becomes HC will be to get rid of Tanne.
Tanne got him fired at Texas A&M last year.
Tanne will get Philbin fired.

Rob my comparison of him and Cam has nothing to do with personality. Cam is a career coordinator in way over his head. I think Philbin is in the same boat. He has never been a head coach until now. I just don't think he can get guys at this level to play for him as a head coach. I respect the discipline aspect of what he had to do with some of the players, but once in a while you gotta let the dogs loose. These aint choir boys.

I'm hoping to skip a repeat of the crap I had to sift thru from last nights fiasco.....

Posted by: Kris | September 06, 2012 at 07:36 PM

I saw your comment earlier about Oscar and the gay innuendo and how I feed into it.

I don't know if you noticed, but I have stopped for the most part. I posted my OPINION of the mess last night one time and gave up on it-Too Ridiculous for even ME lately. I made enough points and witnessed/helped expose the Dummy over and over.

I think I got enough practice reps in. I got busy during the pre season games, I schooled the idiot all off season and steadily Improved.

I had a bad off season and OTA's were shaky. But I kept practicing(on the troll turd)and battling. By the start training camp I started taking giant leaps forward. I kept working it man.

I got in a TON of QUALITY reps(live blogging the games)and I honestly believe I'm in **Mid Season** Form.

I Roasted that Troll so bad throughout training camp and the Pre Season too. I'm surprised the Troll didn't get "Waived - Injured(Brain Injury)". This is one guy that definitely should have been cut(banned by Armando).

Anywhoo........I'm DONE practicing up on that fool. I'm in Mid Season Form and I'm READY to go to WAR!



(Actually I'm still working on a few things. I'm always trying to improve. Tonight for instance, I was working on getting new drinks and various snacks during commercial breaks. I got a BIG Bottle of a Fav and at EVERY COMMERCIAL, I'm Working, Battling and Perfecting technique! Freshen up my drink/Hit it with Ice/Mix a new one and get back in time for the show!


I'm ready Kris, you watch, I'm primed for a Break Out Season)

Bottom's Up!!!!

Odin is so soft. Scared of Houston. U think like Ivan Drago "He's not a man, he's a machine".lol. I know Houston is tough, but I dont give up until the game is over. Wimps... Scared to play the schedule. U the same bumbs that was so happy about the Marshall trade. Now u look just as dumb as Dashi, Craig M, oscar weiner and Darnell the dummy!

Odin, I can't believe you're posting at this hour, but then, so am I! My friend, I hope for the best for the Dolphins, but expect the worst. There is NO balance here....team, coaches, organization.....it's the Titanic sinking again!

I'll talk again Sunday! Will review comments til them.

I'm scared of Houston?

OK "Matty"!

Odin is afraid of NOTHING "Matty".

Odin knows what time it is. Odin knows Houston's starters and most of their Depth Chart. Odin is anxiously awaiting the latest injury reports(For Houston) "Matty".

Odin believes in **Any Given Sunday** - "Matty".

The way you Type and.....shall we say......."manipulate" Sign In names "Matty", Odin suspects you are guilty of exactly what you accuse others of. Soft, Afraid, Scared of the schedule..........and most likely **DUMMER** than Darnell The Dummy!

(Matty is a new name here, yet he knows how all these bloggers felt months ago........Hmmmmmmmmmmm. This schtick is **DUMMER** than "The Texan Fan" above. Unfortunately for you, thats pretty Dumb and transparent!

Lets be honest here and face the facts. You played out all your routines and schticks so Bad and annoyingly, that virtually EVERYONE can now see right through you. Just as I had hoped and set out to accomplish, most everyone here can see you coming a mile away, REGARDLESS of how many and/or which names you use ;)

Just as Odin has wished and worked to accomplish ;) And exactly why I am now completely through with you. **Mission Accomplished** - Thank You, you made it EASY!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Have you noticed how straight up ignored you are now? Odin notices "Matty". Odin knows and sees all! Odin sees your Myth Has Been Busted - AGAIN ;)

Enjoy being ignored and consider this your last opportunity! Odin has finished you-lol ;)

PS: Just thought I would say my Good Byes now, in the middle of the night so as not to interfere with the REAL and GOOD Posters here. Especially when the subject is YOU, the Blog Pariah!

Odins says: Buh Bye!

-Odin- ;)

Well Armando if you stayed in town a little more and worked some you might know Joe Philbin a little better .. Omar has him down to a tee ... Why? because he stayed around and worked!!!!

I think the dolphins can win this game, they do have some good players on the offense such as Bess, Hartline, Bush, and maybe Fasno every once in a while has a good game I think the offense will do pretty well this game my question is the Defense , particularly the safety position and cornerback. Houston does have playmakers and I am not sold on Reshad Jones he was awful last year.
Also Tannehill looks pretty good and he will be playing the whole game this week along with the rest of the first string , I am not so sure about the hurry up offense though at least not all the time.

DavidR, not even close, don't let the fact of the situation, or the fact that GB won big after that. You don't have a clue.

LincolnContinental, are you an idiot. The defense got Sherman fired, not Tannehill. Tannehill kept them in the game while the defense was scorched for 53, 41, 38, 40, 42, 30 points. Tannehill had a QB rating of 133, completed 327 passes, on 61%, for 3750 yards, and 29 TB's. Get your facts right. Sherman was banging the table to get him. Do you think they would have draft him without Sherman being in favor of it. Give me a break.

No doubt about what a poster said above, we can't afford mistakes and have to execute well if we are to have any chance of winning, not only in the Houston Game but probably in all the Games we play this year.

It has been remarkable to me how error free the Team was in pre-Season. I believe there were no fumbles and maybe 2 int. Also, STs for the most part were solid. That is a good sign that we might be able to play good Football this Season, win or lose.

Oh dear, again. Who's the editor or spell checker? Pilgrimmage, for Pete's sake!!!

Kapposki, I'm with you. However with a little twist. It don't matter if we win or lose: Go be a Jets fan. I like to see the enemy when he's talkin mess... Let's go Dolphins. Real Finatics got alot to be happy for. WE LOOK BETTER THEN WE HAVE IN YEARS!!!! WE HAVE A FRANCHISE Q.B.! IF YOU KNOW FOOTBALL YOU KNOW THIS! His arm hasn't been through what most q.b.'s have. He's a terrific athlete/reciever/Q.B.! We have one of the greatest R.B.s catching and running outta the backfield. The best slot reciever in the game screwed up because of crazy as$
Brandon Marshall. Las Vegas is gonna win tons on people like yall. My lock is the Dolphins defense against Matt Schaub! Uptempo game, were blitzing all downs. I like our chances better then theirs. We gotta keep Johnson on sideline. Run the ball up there ass@s

How can we get these media writers to stop writing pep rally, hype-me-up articles about these losers? As long as Mr clueless, delusional moron Ross is in seat with his expert talent seeker Ireland, this team will continue to be the "JOKE". Boycott both of them now!

Who cares about speeches? Coach played you like a fiddle.

Tired, you have a right to your opinion. And, if you've read me here, especially lately, you'd know I'm just as critical as anyone else.

But PLEASE!!! Boycott the team? FOR WHAT? Has an Owner EVER been forced into selling a team? The Owner puts up the money and the stadium, THAT'S IT. Unless his name is Jerry Jones, he really has nothing to do with the football side of things.

This is a team in, yes, another re-build mode. But this time, they've tried something different. We don't have some HC that was successful in the 80's. We don't have some defensive-mindset HC. The team, for the first time in decades, drafted a 1st-rd QB, who, defied all the odds and is starting his rookie Season (deservedly so).

So, the team MAY be a joke, but they are working to change that. And we as TRUE FANS need to give them time to do that. Not forever. But AT LEAST a few drafts and a couple Seasons. Let's try to stay SOMEWHAT realistic.

And by the way, I've been a fan of the Dolphins for decades. This is MY team. Yes, I'm sick of them sucking, but I'll NEVER turn my back on this team. There IS no other team worth discussing to me. So I don't mind hype-me-up articles every now and then. You can only be critical so long (and no one's confused Mando as not being critical of the team, deservedly so).

So be critical. Want more. Demand more. But have some spirit. It's the start of a Season. Everyone is 0-0 (except 2 teams). ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! It probably won't go our way this year, but we have 15 weeks to complain. For one week, the FIRST week, can't we all just hope? And give a tiny amount of respect to the team we're all supposed to love? I don't think that's asking too much.

We get crushed, we look horrible in Houston, I'll be criticizing with you next week. This week though, I'm TEAL AND ORANGE!! LET'S GO DOLPHINS!

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