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Live blog and some predictions right here

HOUSTON -- You know my prediction for the Dolphins this season. My prediction for today?

I see the Dolophins throwing caution to the wind. I believe they are aware they are a major underdog and don't have the same amount of talent as the Houston Texans. So I believe they'll attack and gamble and see what happens.

I think the first couple of Miami offensive plays this game might be a deep pass off play-action. Don't be surprised if the team tries to get Marlon Moore or Anthony Armstrong over the top to, basically, stun Houston.

I believe the defense will blitz and blitz and blitz some more. I believe you might see a special teams gadget or two. I hope all this is so. It would be Joe Philbin setting the tone for his tenure. It would be great, wouldn't it?

Now to the inactives: Michael Egnew, Will Yeatman, Lamar Miller, Pat Devlin, Ray Feinga, Sammy Brown, Rishard Matthews.

As you know, there will be a live blog here today. We'll move from post to post at the end of every quarter so refresh often, particularly at the end of every quarter.



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Do you read anything into Egnew and Miller being inactive or do you just think they haven't earned the right to play? Bit surprised to be honest aboout Miller but it is early. He'll get his chance.

Damn!... No Lamar Miller or Matthews?.. I think these two will be surprises this year..

Things needed for the game

#1 A fifth of Jack Danials
#2 2 remote controls
#3 a 12 pack of beer(whatever beer it doesnt matter)
#4 A pistol
#5 A second TV(See # 4)
#6 A thick skin
#7Extra cell phone)You can bet your buddies will be texting all game)
#8 A Bail-Bondsmen(see #s 4 and 7)
#9 A day off on Monday(See #s 1,4,and 8)
Go FINS......

Anyone want to add to the list?

Not good that the 3rd and 4th round picks are inactive.

Thnink we'll see more than our share of 8 and 9 man fronts today?

FP, pack of Marlboros and a bible

Am I the only one or are there any other old timer's that see shades of Czonka in the way Lane runs into tacklers? Lane, Thomas and Bush, Czonka, Kick and Mercury.

Where is Larry Little?

Good luck Dolphins. Give them hell.

in vegas we usually add ho's and blow >:/

Game time in a hour and some Change.

Let's run a good clean Blog. Remember

P.S. Oscar/ Lincoln Continental. Dashi knows u and Odin have ur ETERNAL PERSONAL BATTLE. AND when Odin gets mad Odin gets Mad.

But Buddy U posted all night with him and all day with Dashi Yesterday.

Question? Do U even get out of ur Chair? U've been posting under 1001 names for 24 hrs straight. Look it up, that's without counting the 10 pages that got erased friday. Be Easy Champ

Dashi is an Autistic Quadriplegic. So I can't get off my Chair. But Dashi still rolls outside at least once a Day.

Whats ur Reason?

Jake in Pa,

With you as far as the Bible, But with that and No turn overs,we win this game.

no real surprises in the in actives. thigpen is the rerun guy so miller is out. the only slight surprise is mathews. but i guess that means armstrong is ready which is a good thing.

..That is why I love Las Vegas!!!!

..Since we are giving our best bets today..How about an over under for passes completed and attempted my Tannehill today..I'll say 17, and 27.5
I would take the under on both

Hey "Enough" can we run the Disclaimer from yesterday for the Clowns we need to advise about today.

Please, No Below the Belt jokes. and by below the belt U guys know what I mean.

No Corny Gaye Jokes or Extreme Asinine Rants. Or Impersonating people Oscar. OR 1001 one-line Post.

DD, Dashi is taking the Over. With the no huddle offense. YES WE ARE GOING TO RUN THE NO-HUDDLE MOST OF THE GAME. Which will give him about 35 pass Attempts.

And if u have the Dolphins getting blowed out like everyone else. Expect at least 40-50 passes from T-hill.

osted by: FP4FGs. | September 09, 20 at 11:49 AM

That's most of it.

Maybe a Bible...A bottle of asprin...A secondary hobby, in which to indulge once you realize you're watchin the SOD

(Same Ol Dolphins)

let's fins!!! pull the upset... we need it, and its doable!

..Dashi takes the over..I could see that. Hypotheticaly we only get one choice so I'm sticking with the under attempts..Tannehill wasn't a 60 percent passer in college..So I don't expect him to be better as a rookie at this level...Also, I expect this game to be closer then most..So this means we establised the run..If Tannehill has plus 27.5 attempts we are screwed. We may be anyway.

Tannehill wasn't a 60% passer?


2010- 65%

2011- 61.6% with over 60+ drops from his Wr's which would've put him over 65% for 2 yrs straight.

Even in the Preseason this year. T-Sizzle was over 65%. Including the Drops.

Texans 24 Fins 13, Bet the points.(It is after all the first game of the year) Fins getting 12 points.

...OK. my bad, he was a 62% passer for his career at A&M..You get my point though. He wasn't suprememly accurate in college. I don't expect him to be as a rookie..That is what I should have said..

Please lets not Compare T-Hill with T-Bow.

T-Hill is a Prototypical QB that was molded in a Pro-Style Offense for 4 years.

T-Bow is a Glorified FB.

One can throw the Right Way. The Other one Can't throw.

As a long time fan i stiil love the first game of the year. Yea i know it might be a tough season but if RT can survive and maybe even thrive, we might just have a good team in the making for years to come.

FPFGs...Yup. That gives a cover, and the under. That is what I took.. I bet if you waited until 10 minutes before kickoff you could get Miami +12.5-13 I think the over is set 41.5

The reason T-Hill can throw below 60% today is DROPS!

Not Cause of his Accuracy. T-Hill has good ball placement, not just Accuracy. T-hill throws it where only his Wr's can catch it.

Bad Accuracy is T-Bow or Henne. where 1 out of 4 throws just goes haywire.

Dashi has yet to see T-Hill make one of those Crazy Henne Throws.


Hi Armnando, a new season and again the Defense has to be our pricipal weapon to keep us with opportunuty to get our 1st. win. lets see how they respond

Hello everyone. the roof is closed on the stadium so no worries about heat.

Cain't forget our first Game last Season. Aaaghhhrr

Hey Mando, I hope you are right about the "deep" ball tries... Miami hasn't gone deep in years...it would be refreshing to see. Fins Up...with a satellite tag, just in case its too deep

Dolphins not worried about the Heat?

That's a shame, Armando. Mugginess convene us.


Hey Hey fellow Phin fans


" http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/139806/1/watch-miami-dolphins-vs-houston-texans.html "

Go Philbans

Soiled :)

By the way, Lamar Miller has changed his number to 26 and Will yeatman has changed to 72. Both are inactive.

Hey Mando, I hope you are right about the "deep" ball tries... Miami hasn't gone deep in years...it would be refreshing to see. Fins Up...with a satellite tag, just in case its too deep

Posted by: cowkilla | September 09, 2012 at 12:26 PM

Killa, Thats funny, my wife says I havent gone deep yet in a year too.
Maybe that's a omen.

who is starting at WR for the Phins?


Dont be surprised iof this game's closer than you think. 2011, Texans beat us 23-13, in game 2 0f that season.

It took a late td with about 5minutes to go to clinch thier victory. It was a 29yd td on a coomunication error in our defensive backfield, that Johnson caught for a td. Until that point we were in the game all the for over 3 1/2 qtrs. The score was Texan 16 Fins 13.

Remember this today. I am optimistic win or lose the Fins still pull the upset on the huge point spread. Though it could very well happen, I dont expect the full blown blowout some of you and Vegas think will happen.

Dolphins scheduled starting WR are Naanee and Davone Bess. Obviously, the team might come out in a different set.

Washing down the butterflies with Jack!

I love it when I have a good excuse to start drinking at Noon!

Everybody, bow your heads and pray for an upset with me!

How are you, buddy?

With our team so bereft of talent
Our #3 pick is inactive
Another Ireland bust?


Link for the game if anyone needs it. Its not up yet but should start soon.

I'm at the Red Rock casino right now in Vegas and the line's moved to Mia +13 total 42! Everyone I talk to has the Texans lol. Uusally that means fade it.

OK. my bad, he was a 62% passer for his career at A&M..You get my point though. He wasn't suprememly accurate in college. I don't expect him to be as a rookie..That is what I should have said..
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | September 09, 2012 at 12:18 PM

You keep forgetting, of the 1st rd qb's drafted, Tannehill had by far the most awful wr's. Tannehill could have easily been closer to 70% completion last year with a much better wr corps. Thjier "DROPS" were well documented.

Dont let the stats fool in this.

..Alright fellas..enjoy the ganme. Dashi we will see who was right about our predictions after the game..Winner gets some bragging rights for a day..lol

Drink of the day..Makers and gingeraide(home made lemonaide infused with ginger)

shot of the day..Aqua death..Green Chartruese with splash Fernet Branca

Beer of the day...Ojo rojo..Sol with tomato juice tapatio, celery salt, and lime juice..

Enjoy the game.

I need no excuses, odin(to start drinking early). I'm over the Guilt.

Odin, I'am a Quarter through a half bottle of jack, What about you?


Also, if Tannhill can complete62-63% of passes during the rookie year, that would be outstanding! Usually if a rookie qb completes 55% his first year thats consideed very god.

Obviously, also, we can't afford any injuries.

I got my Dan Ackroid Crystal Head Vodka and crystal head shot glasses on deck "in case of emergency" for this game. LOL

Very eclectic array of beverages for the day DD.

No need to gamble so much. If there is a good Game plan in place, you execute it and wait for the results.

F it. I'm taking the points. I need to see the Fins play a full game first b4 I pile on.

Good column today Mando....yeah fast start would be nice.


The makers and gingeraid sounds awesome. Sending my old lady to the store now

Site for streaming?

Dear Mr. Salguero

How are you, buddy?"

I would never miss one of your live game days blogs :)

Buddy ?...there will be no reach a rounds from me....just kidding......If you need one just ask...Dohhhhhh

Soiled :)


" http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/139806/1/watch-miami-dolphins-vs-houston-texans.html "

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