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Live blog chat starts at 3 p.m.

The kind folks at The Miami Herald love their readers -- you. They want you happy and clicking on this blog early and often -- kind of like a Miami-Dade County election. And for that reason they have decided that every Friday one of the Herald's star sportswriters will come to this blog and answer all your questions and attend to all your comments about ...


This week's star sportswriter is me. Next week's star sportswriter is ... me.

Seriously, every Friday there will be a live chat on this site at exactly 3 p.m. I'll stick around for at least 30 minutes, longer if the response merits. You can suffer me that long, right?

Everything on the table. Like the blog promo says, nothing is taboo.

So I'll be here at 3 p.m. See you in the comments section.


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Hear that Craig, Armando (and I) don't believe Long is worth Top LT money.

Any word on Dansby Armando?


Fair to say with Revis playing Sunday, you are therefore picking the Jets to win? I am too but for different reasons. I just don't think the Dolphins will have anything up their sleeves offensively that will surprise the Jets. I don't think they'll get enough pressure on Sanchez and I think he'll settle into an effective rythmn and get the job done.

By the way, Aloco ... Meds.

DC I'm sorry but you are such a freakin' tool.

Mando, did you like my poem about J Lane?

Mando do you wear shorts or jeans to work every day? Or cotton khakis?


Are there wives who perform wifely services?


After Hernandez went down, the Pats quickly snatched up Winslow and Branch.

Why do you think Philbin and Ireland chose not to pursue them? With Nanae and Clay struggling, surely Winslow and Branch would add some roster depth, right?

How about Ross giving Philbin control of the team, after firing JI. And let Philbin hire a GM that he is familiar with and believe in the same philosophy. Thanks


Very Important Question:

As reporters, do you guys enjoy the more coherent pressers with Philbin more than the incoherent mind boggling pressers with Tony Sparano?

At least I do. LOL


I'm not sure Long's worth top LT money either but franchising him might be one way around the problem. It's fine to say we could let Martin take over at LT, but the truth is we don't know how he'd perform there and we're just opening a spot at RT. For guys that complained about shuffling of the line, I thought you'd be opposed to that.

Mando, who will be cut or traded first -- Clay or Thomas?


I am looking forward to rubbing it your face after the FINS beat down the jets Sunday.....

Get your DELETE POST button warmed up....

Picking the jets over the FINS....lol....


IF all things remain status quo more or less, about how much space are we gonna have salary cap wise for 2013?
(asking again in case you only are addressing post 3pm blog questions)

Craig, I see franchising as the only way we keep him honestly, if I am reading Jeff Ireland right (up to now).

Long is average to below average. Total bust.

Matt Ryan leads the league in QB rating and ATL is a dominant team.

Can we please avoid the topic of bust Long? It's painful.

Fake GM, you make an excellent point about the GM/head coach union.

There have been instances where the GM and coach come in at different times and are 'forced" to co-exist by the owner. Most of those fail.

I would say this: If the Dolphins have such a terrible season as to lead to Ireland's firing, by definition Philbin also had a terrible season ... so he'll be on troubled footing anyway.

Ultimately, I think it boils down to whether the next GM would have the kind of pull that can convince the owner to grant him all the power he wants.

Steve Ross's history is he doesn't do well with those kinds of searches -- note Jeff Fisher.

So I'd bet on an unknown GM that has to accept whatever coach Ross says.

Having said all that, it does not seem right now that Jeff Ireland is going to be fired.


I welcome you rubbing a Dolphins win in my face too. Hope you're right.


ARMANDO ;;;;;;;;;


Armando, how is anyone supposed to respect that piece of garbage Flipper? It's impossible to repsect the neighbourhood crack huer.

Armando, please write an article about JLane, I think he's our secret wepon. Can you say...Open a lane for the J train!!!

DC, the Dolphins have prepared this week for the Wildcat.

Extra practicing? I wouldn't say extra. They've prepared for it.

Armando, what has Moore been contributing to Tannehill's progress as the starting/franchise QB these past 2 weeks now that real games are underway and teams are going 100%?

Ireland has done a good job, basically. What magic picks would have changed things that much? We got Reggie Bush and some other steals.

I wish the internet didn't exist and it was just how it was and I watched my Fins without knowing you idiot wannabe GMs existed.

The internet has allowed us to see how stupid everyone is.

Do you know if Miami/Tannehill did any work on switching up the snap count?

Almost every play it was snapped on Tannehill's 2nd 'leg lift' in Shotgun or on "Go!Go!"

It would probably help on the Oline if Tannehill could mix it up a little and use some inflection.


Do you see the Dolphins moving on from Dansby after this season and drafting his replacement or adding in FA (I have no clue who might be available). LBer high in the draft, maybe?

Armando, any sign Javorskie Lane is getting more plays, or is the backfield already too full for that?

Coach Ross...Armando....

That's a low blow....and uncalled for....

If by miracle, we make the playoffs this year, I see neither Long nor Bush wanting to walk. It will just be a matter of coming to agreement on the $numbers.

If we go 2-14, that can be an entirely diffrent ballgame. By the time we're good enough to cntend these players careers could be done with.

Mando, any updates on Burnette? I'd hate for him not to play in Jets week!!!!!!

DC, the premise of coaches wanting Naanee to get more work is erroneous.

The coaches want the best players to get more work. The players decide who that is based on how they play and how they practice.

I don't see Naanee being a major option going forward. Hartline, Bess, Bush, Fasano, Clay are the guys to look for -- at least this week.

Also watch for possible screens to Lamar Miller to slow the Jets pass-rush.

Mando, did you notice that on the only plays on which Long did not allow a clear rush to Tanne or get shoved back into Tanne like a little girl, Long jumped early.

He had illegal motion on about 17 plays that were not called.

Did you notice that?


Jennings is set to be a free agent next year...I KNOW the focus will be signing or drafting a #1 Receiver. Also I think we need a Shut down corner. Do you think Receiver and Corner are the top two needs...and also why do you think Miami has NOT given Plaxico a chance this year....I just think he would fit.

Mando, isn't it true that you believe our beloved Fins will finish 11-5 this year?

B33RCA, the NFL is a deadline league. The leage trade deadline is October.

With nearly two dozen teams at 1-1 no one wants to trade away assets now -- especially not WRs. So we have to wait until much later to see if anyone becomes available.

Also, by mid to late October the Dolphins might not be a buyer. If they're struggling, they're not going to waste future draft picks for a guy that can help now. For what if the season is already lost?

Armando do you still think we need help in wr area being that hartline has showed up and armstrong is in waiting wouldn't tight end be more of a prioty at the moment? Thank you

I love when they tell on themselves @ 3:09....


Mando, isn't it true that if the Jets persist in not playing Tebow, we will win about 24-9, but if the Jets wise up and get Tebow in fulltime by the start of the 3rd quarter the Jets will win 27-24 in overtime on an 80 yard TD pass by Tebow, as always?

Danny, I predicted the Dolphins to finish 6-10. That's still what I'm thinking. We'll see. Hope I'm wrong.


Bush was seen by many coming out of USC as a mercenary. Do you think that's unfair and you don't think he'll choose to go to the highest bidder when and if he hits the market?

Do you think. Long has slow down because all his injuries.

Gotta go, have great things calling. Hold it down guys. You to CraigM/Mark In Torontoless aka "life partners". LOL

Finsfan CT, I've been told they switch it week to week.

So there's that ...

This should be a run first team and pass after to allow this Rookie QB time to learn and grow. Do you agree that would be the best approach to allow this rookie time to learn and grow? Also could it be that Sparano was a bigger problem than Ireland??

Mando is it freezing in your office like it is in mine? I can't flippin' type in here it's so darn cold.

Armando, you should answer Danny Wheurfel, he makes less money than me - a lot less if you factor foreign exchange.

But he thinks he's rich god bless him.

Armando, continue with your good work. Don't hold back just out of respect to the Dolphins !

Saludos !

Yeah...with all the post coming in...it must be hard to keep track of these screen names....

How do you keep ALL these persona's separate Armando?

MiamiD, Matt Moore is a good resource in film study and to be an example of professionalism. He also keeps Tannehill loose because he's pretty loose.

THanks for answering Mando. I seriously think you're too pessimistic at this point. You give us only 5 more wins all year?

I don't see how we lose more than 5 games. Might even be 12-4.

Mando, did you like my poem about J Lane?

Have you asked any of the coaches whether they believe 'moving DL/DB's with your eyes' is a skill that can be taught?

It doesn't appear like Tannehill is as bad as RoboHenne but I am afraid he will always telegraph his passes/target.

Mando, isn't it true that J Lane could have the same impact and stats that Mike Alstott had for the Bucs if we chose to use him that way?

Dude can't be stopped for less than 3 yards on any play.

Jorvorskie Lane is developing into a very solid contributor. I like that he's physical. I like that he's hungry. I like he can catch the football.

But I don't see a ton of carries for him. he'll touch the football maybe 5 times in a game.

Armando do you think we still need help in the wr area being that hartline has showed up , bess is there and we have armstrong waiting to jump in, wouldn't tight end be more of a priority now ?

How much does J Lane weigh? 280?

Like Brad Pitt said, "How big is he?"


Tony Sparano did a good job showing restraint this week in his comments. How badly do you think he wants this game? This must be his Super Bowl for the year, no?


Let's not annoint Hartline a #1 WR after just one game. I would like to see it on a more regular basis first.

That being said, if Egnew doesn't progress, TE is a HUGE need for us.

Mando, wouldn't you agree that it is always best to feature Heisman winners in your offense, such as Reggie Bush, Tim Tebow, Ricky Williams, and myself?


Anything ever come out of the Ireland/Fan run-in? Is Ross' investigation over?

Flipper, the number on cap space is misleading. You've seen numbers as high as $40 million. That's not accurate because it doesn't take into account the fact Miami has significant players unsigned.

Randy Starks.
Reggie Bush
Jake Long
Brian Hartline.
Reshard Jones is restricted.

That's off the top of my head.

The Dolphins can keep their players if they wish. But cap space to charge into free agency? Between $15-$20 million.

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