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Live blog chat starts at 3 p.m.

The kind folks at The Miami Herald love their readers -- you. They want you happy and clicking on this blog early and often -- kind of like a Miami-Dade County election. And for that reason they have decided that every Friday one of the Herald's star sportswriters will come to this blog and answer all your questions and attend to all your comments about ...


This week's star sportswriter is me. Next week's star sportswriter is ... me.

Seriously, every Friday there will be a live chat on this site at exactly 3 p.m. I'll stick around for at least 30 minutes, longer if the response merits. You can suffer me that long, right?

Everything on the table. Like the blog promo says, nothing is taboo.

So I'll be here at 3 p.m. See you in the comments section.


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Armando, who is the biggest bull in the press room when asking the coach's questions? Who puts them on the spot most?


In your assessments of WR's I see no mention of Anthony Armstrong. Is he that much of a non-factor right now?

Armando My 2 defenses for fantasy are the Dolphins and the Jets. Who would you start? :)

Ray, with all due respect to coach Philbin, I don't think he's earned the status of being able to pick his own GM yet.


Any news on Jabbar Gaffney? any chance we'll see him in a Dolphin uniform this year?

I want to know why Miami has not given Plaxico Burress a chance to play on this team yet? Seems like a no brainer to me. The guy can still play...

Direland, great question!

Branch let it be known he only wanted to go back to New England or play for a Super Bowl contender. The Dolphins are neither. Sorry.

As for Winslow, I think the Dolphins don't see him as their kind of player. They see him as a progress stopper, because they think Clay and Egnew will develop. And there are questions about whether he can stay healthy.

DC, I'm sorry, and I try not to, but why are you such a tool? Weren't you the one complaining about Mando even writing about the Ireland incident?

The 3 most earnest posters here, Craig M, Mark in Toronto, and DC Dullfan, are the most *boring*.

Seriously. I'm trying not to pick on you and I'm not YG.

You could relax and have fun and still come up with more pertinent questions.

You guys are 100% "I'm a serious fan" dead serious all the time and then you don't come up with football questions, really.


In my humble opinion Jeff Ireland is getting a bad rap for the majority of the draft/free agent signings/mistakes made under Parcells watch, while I do agree that Ireland has to share some of the blame because he was part of the team I also think that he is doing a good job of building the team since he has gone solo.

it appears he has hit a homerun in this past draft and the team will have a ton of cap space and drafts picks next year to continue to rebuilt the team, what say you?

I like the staff Philbin has put together... They keep improving this yr, regardless of final record, and I believe he'll be a keeper!

You guys can either placate Armando with the SOFTBALL questions....


you can ask questions to make this place better.....


Screen name will do just fine.....

By the way, I think Winslow would have helped the Dolphins. Just like I wrote that Braylone Edwards would have been a wise signing for one year. But I don't have a say.

Mando, how dare you say we are not a super bowl contender?

Kris @ 3:22, easy one, Danny Wuerful

Armando A surprise for me today is read the progress that has been made by our 3rd. pick in this year draft the TE Egnew, hope this translate to Sundays


If he DID say we ARE a Super Bowl contender then he would lose all credability!

LOL @ DC......

Sean Smith is FA next year too

Mando, what's your favorite city to visit during away games?

Mando, wouldn't you agree that if you are correct that Lane gets only 5 touches, then it must follow that Sherman or whoever is calling the plays will have committed a grave error (#fail), because it is a scientific fact that if Lane were given 25 carries like the Bucs used to do Mike Alstott, he'd break some and go 25 for 130 and in the meantime wear out the D while saving Bush so Bush can do his think all season and deep into the playoffs?

Henne had his best games against the Jets, hope T-hill continues that trend!!!! Man I hope we beat the Jets!! HATE THEM!!!!

FZB, I believe Jeff has gotten some things terribly wrong and some significant things very right.

The truth is he is going to be judged mostly on the QB spot. If Tannehill continues to show improvement the remainder of this year, Ireland is going to keep his job, folks.

He will be able to say that he waited while under pressure to sign Flynn, or trade for Orton, or draft Mallet, and that he did the right thing and picked a guy that is legit.

If you can say that, that's a good case for keeping your job. Now, if Tannehill falls off the table and the Dolphins stink, that will be another story.


I'll echo Kris' comments at 3:22pm? What with all the trolls in here and all the insults etc. It's unlike any other blog I've ever been on. The easy answer is to say 'If you don't like it, then go somwhere else', but why should we. There's a good core of people hear who can be level-headed and talk rationally and respectfully. Why do you and the Herald permit some of the garbage that take place here? Please tell me it's not about blogs hits...



Mallett is the backup in New England. He would have cost us a 3rd rd pick. I am not so sure he should be lumped in with Orton and Flynn.

Scott, Jeff Ireland is not a Plaxico Burress fan. Didn't like him last year. Doesn't like him now.

Something would have to change SIGNIFICANTLY for Burress to be signed by Miami while Ireland has power.

By the way, I agree with him on that one.

Armando, if you owned the team wouldnt you have fired Ireland?

Mando, do you agree with what Jason Cole told me in 2005: that football coaches are football coaches, and even when they make it to the top (i.e., head ball coach), like Dave Wannstache, they are not rocket scientists by any means, and it is therefore entirely possible that I, as a casual fan, not my day job, can be right and the coaches wrong about several things.

For example, calling a pass from the one inch line, causing an interception, which led to Ronnie Brown ruining his knee and his career trying to make a tackle on said interception return?

Or for another example, not using Lane and Bush in a one two punch as I have advocated, with Lane playing a Mike Alstott role?

So do you agree with Jason Cole?

Don't we already have egnew for TE? He can really use the reps/experience. Why the heck bring in someone when we just used a 3rd pick for a guy and have Fasano?

Is optimism taboo? I don't see a reason the phins can't win their next four games... If they did hypothetically they'd be buyers. Is that uncertainty part of the reason they weren't interested in Winslow?

Craig, Jabar Gaffney is a HUGE mystery to me. I told you guys he wanted to go back to NE. He worked out elsewhere. He seems to pass his physicals but seemingly isn't right yet. Something's not clicking.

I wouldn't rule him out in Miami. But not now.

The Blog, BLOW ME! And no, I was complaining about Mando writing about what the team thought about Hard Knocks. I was defending Ireland on the Ireland incident. And it's probably important for a fan of my esteemed credibility to know if the GM will be reprimanded or punished in any way for his behavior, up to and including termination.

So if you don't like those questions, why don't you see your way to the Jets blog site, since I've NEVER seen you here, and therefore NEVER seen you discuss anything even halfway relating to this team.

First off, Yes. Great way to start it off. Thanks for doing this Mando.

Now from the Last Post. I have conceded that QB is the Most important position on the Field. Now in Dashi's Opinion that is followed 2nd Only by MLB.

Yes, we are running a Tampa Cover 2 Most the Time. Our Problem is our LB's are to Big and Slow to only have 3 on the field. And 2nd is we don't have Dynamic Safety's that can take a Whole 1/2 of the Field Away!!!

Jones tries, but he is better suited as a #2 or SS in this System. Where Coyle has said repeatedly the positions are interchangeable. Meaning we Run a Cover 2. It doesn't Matter both Safety's are the Same. It's more u cover one side of the field and I cover the other side of the field. Just don't let them Bomb Us.

So with that in mind U create a pocket in between the Safety and LB's because Our Lb's can't drop back fast enough and our Safety's are so inexperienced and Lacking of Range. Coyle only has them playing the Back of the D and not letting them get anything pass them. Instead of letting them Decide if they need to sneak Up.

Since our Corners and Safety's were so bad with the Deep ball last year. Coyle is making sure we don't get bombed.

...Armando. I had the same record 6-10 as my guess. My reasoning. We do not play a bunch of teams with quality quarterbacks. If we can execute a gameplan like last week..Run, take the pressure off Tannehill to have to make a ton of plays...Defend. we should be in a lot of games with opportunities to win. This said. What do you see as the most important matchup this weekend? I know you wrote the article about Revis and his value to this game. My thought was the jets would concentrate on him anyway. Since they do not have to roll coverages (unless Hartline ca beat Revis)
I would imagine their strategy would be to give their linebackers help with the intermediete stuff. Trying to take away the tight ends, and Bess..If this is indeed the strategy. which Phin is likely to step up and make a difference this week?

Armstrong is critical to this receiver group. If Hartline continues to improve, and Bess continues his solid play, then u need Armstrong to pull the top off defenses.. Nanee is already a bust in my mind!!




MiamiD20, Barry Jackson asks the best and most probing questions.


the Dolphins LB's are giving up a ton of yards so far in the early going ( mostly to the TE's ), do you think is just as simple as being out of position or our LB's don't translate well to the 4-3 defense (from the 3-4)..

also, is Karlos Dansby a free agent after this year?

One more guy, Armando. Any chance we see WR Matthews playing for this team any time soon? Is it about Philbin making him EARN his spot in the lineup? I just don't see the value in running Naannee out there week after week.

SW, Anthony Armstrong has been here three weeks and he's been hurt two of those. What can I say?

Mando, how many times did you count Jake Long jumping early last game even though it was not called? I counted 13 times.


I thought you were gone? You're back again? I'm the MAIN cuplrit? Want to ask some of the regulars if that's the case?

Piggybacking off Craig Mando, Marlon Moore? What's he not showing the staff right now, I think he was inactive at least one of those prior games?

Thanks for answering my question, Armando.

One more: based on your observation, whom do you think is a rising star on the team we should be watching? I'm liking Jorvorskie and Miller so far.

Fantasy Football: If you have Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, and Dez Bryant, in a Points Per Reception Fantasy Football League, who do you drop, if anybody for Danny Amendola?

I haven't posted on here in a while, but MAN was I right about Tannehill, and how important drafting him was to making this offensive scheme work. That's all I got. Out.

BIB are you crazy? I am the only one here who asks timely questions while also adding humor.

Mando, isn't it true that you would agree that Lane could do exactly what Alstott did. I mean let him run from the HB position with a lead blocker.

He'd go 25 for 125 and every game teams would have to game plan for Bush and Lane. Thunder and lightning.

Mando, you have to get Barry on Twitter!



There are enough people on here asking legitimate questions (and not random jabbering) to continue for a while longer.

Don't you think?

Armando buenas tarde, do you believe Jimmy Wilson should get more playing time at CB this game?

Finsfan CT, Ireland told me he went to see all of Mallet's games. He talked to him every chance he got.

When he came out, the Dolphins new he would be available to them in the second or third round. And they gave him very, very, very close consideration before Ireland decided it was not the thing he wanted to do. So that's why he's included.

Seriously Mark?!!

THAT is your great contribution to this blog?


Mando, have you noticed that self considered earnest serious blogger Mark in Toronto is actually the only person who has been lewd here since 2:50 PM?

You would agree, Mando, that Mark in Toronto is a tool, correct?


Ask the regulars? Who? All of the Oscars? Or your private circle jerk committee? You and your circle jerk committe all hold each others hand when the other starts crap and chant: "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"! LOL..


Are you Twitter? Wouldn't mind following you. One of the few guys on here that can be level-headed and discuss football rationally (yeah toll, to you that means 'boring').

Posted by: forfortoo | September 21, 2012 at 03:33 PM

How many people in your league? You have a great group of WRs, keep em all and drop a TE or RB for Danny if you have extra. To answer your ? though I'd drop Harvin

We must apply pressure this week to Sancheeze and do you believe Wake gets it going this week? If it weren't for Starks we'd have no sacks. How do they turn up the pressure?

Danny, only one perfect person has walked the Earth. And he wasn't a football coach. So, yes, they can be wrong and you can be right about a particular thing.

PLEASE answer as I really want to know.

Have you asked any of the coaches whether they believe 'moving DL/DB's with your eyes' is a skill that can be taught?

It doesn't appear like Tannehill is as bad as RoboHenne but I am afraid he will always telegraph his passes/target.

Craig, define troll.

Armando, the Dictator said wants to keep the integrity of the game –Talking about the Bounty with the 4 Saints players- What can he said now about the integrity of the game with the actual referees? Your opinion please

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