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Live blog chat starts at 3 p.m.

The kind folks at The Miami Herald love their readers -- you. They want you happy and clicking on this blog early and often -- kind of like a Miami-Dade County election. And for that reason they have decided that every Friday one of the Herald's star sportswriters will come to this blog and answer all your questions and attend to all your comments about ...


This week's star sportswriter is me. Next week's star sportswriter is ... me.

Seriously, every Friday there will be a live chat on this site at exactly 3 p.m. I'll stick around for at least 30 minutes, longer if the response merits. You can suffer me that long, right?

Everything on the table. Like the blog promo says, nothing is taboo.

So I'll be here at 3 p.m. See you in the comments section.


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I agree with YG and I swear I am not he.

Look at the contributions of Craig and Mark in Toronto since we have the privilege of having Mando here! Nothing of substance. You guys are 100 IQ guys. You try, but best stick to your 6 packs of Miller Lite.

Mando, to my Lane question?

You know I know everyone knows that Tannehill was not JI pick, it wS Sherman and Philbin so the reason this team is set back for the next couple of years is because lack of talent, and JI has a major part on that, he did make some good moves and picks but the bad out weight the good!

I see the Naanee experiment coming to an end imo. He couldn't get looks against the Raiders.

Armando, Do you like Greg Salas or Preston Parker? Both were let go recently

Tony, I believe the current crop are officials are not the best available. But I also believe the NFL, as a private business, can choose to employ whomever they want as long as they don't disciminate.

So if the unionized officials won't work for a certain compensation, then they are free to work elsewhere and the NFL is free to hire other people.

And if that bothers anyone because it causes them to believe that the game has been compromised, then stop watching.

It. Is. A. Free. Country.

Armando, do you actually keep up with what bloggers post on the blog, side note I heard you on the Sedano Show on WQAM.

LET IT BE NOTED that both Jason Cole and Armando Salguero have confirmed that I was correct much of the time and Coach Wannstache was wrong, along with Coach Cameron, etc. Cameron ruined Ronnie Brown's career by calling a pass from the one inch line on 1st and goal at a time when Brown had 800 yards from scrimmage through 6 games and was dominating the league, on an 0-6 team, causing Ronnie Brown to injure his knee trying to make a tackle on the INT return. Never forget it.

Craig M, DC Dolfan, Mark in Toronto, have you ever had one, much less two, professional sports writers tell you that you were right and a Head Ball Coach was wrong?


In the current situation, I am saying that we should give Lane the ball like Mike Alstott was given the ball, from the TB position with a lead blocker and this will save Bush and we will find success that way.

The coaches *should* listen to me, but they won't.

By the way, I'm starting a new team, I'd take Mando and Jason Cole as co-GMs.


Since you've been around a ton of Dolphin team's... how would you rate this teams demeanor? How do YOU think Philbin is doing with changing the culture and keeping the team's eyes on the prize? I there hope for 2013 since you feel this is a 6-10 team?

I would say screen passes will be jets weakness testing revis firtitude, while breaking down there defense stamina?

8 in the league. Harvin is my most productive guy right now. Honestly, it's between Dez Bryant and Wes Welker, but obviously it hurts dropping either. I have Brent Celek and Jason Witten at TE. You don't even want to know who my RB's are. Arian Foster, C.J. Spiller, DeMarco Murray, and Ryan Mathews.

Which brings me to Reggie Bush, who I'm trying to trade for. What are the chances he keeps up this level of performance all season. I don't see any reason why not, but wouldn't mind a second opinion. Brian Hartline, same question.

Mando, how about keeping your BS religion off a football blog?


a troll is someone who is here for no other reason than to cause trouble for others. They're not here to talk football but rather to start fights and throw insults around. Sometimes they'll use other sign in names to try and build their case. Are you saying you're not familiar with the term? Are you claiming there's not a lot of that going on here?

you've got some really good posters who are here to talk football, but you've got people who I don't believe are even fans of this team for one purpose only. To rile people up and throw insults around, very often using othr peoples names. Bit weird, no?

Hey Mark in Toronto, you know I appreciate your contribution to the blog. But you've got issues today, bro.

C'mon man, you're better than that.

Danny, there is a guy on this blog who hurls racial insults at me, insults, my city, and my nation of birth. I'm not going to let that go. If the blog doesn;t stop it, then I am going to mess this shite up, got it?

As far as you go, I just think you're a typical lawyer dikk.


CraigM and Mark In Torontoless have used this live blog to make complete tools of themselves. They do it all o0f the time, so why should a "live blog" with Armando here be any different? LOL

Craig, define troll.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 21, 2012 at 03:38 PM


Thats your response.....

Define air....

Define mirror...

You dodge and DUCK....

but we see whats up.....

Gentlemen, Aloco, I appreciate you all coming here today and everyday.

I have to go write my Sunday column. It's on Tannehill's task Sunday.

All the best to you.

Also, a warning: There will be a Jets fan video on this blog tomorrow. Gotta get you guys fired up.

You have been running this blog for HOW MANY YEARS Armando?????

and the best you got is DEFINE TROLL????

Laughable...and VERY telling.....

That's WHY your comments @ 2:54 are HIGHLY SUSPECT....

Any update on our LB's foot injury?


See Kris,

You guys have heard it before from Mando. He's doesn't see a problem with the trolls. That's why I don't ask him about removing them, because it's not affecting him one way or another. It's just a nuisance to us, not him. So if I were you guys, I'd move on. It's our problem, that we have to deal with our way. Which is to ignore them, or blow up from time to time on them, or back each other up if they pounce on one of us. That's the only solution to this problem.

Mando, were you pulling for Ricky to make the super bowl last year? I sure was.

I'd drop Ryan Matthews for Amendola. I have Welker on my team and he's killing me right now but he's a PPR machine. Dez is up and down but a better prospect than Danny. Problem is Amendola has Bradford throwing to him and may not produce consistently this whole year. Drop one of your RBs IF you really feel you want him, otherwise I'd stick with what you have your 4 WRs are good

You're KIDDING me, Armando. You say we'll talk about EVERYTHING. You've addressed NOTHING. VERY disappointing!

DC, I picture you in my head as looking like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, and talking in the same voice.


How about a warning that you and The Herald are going to spend a little money and hire a 'Tech Guy' to allow you to block the IP addresses of people who don't belong here?

my biggest issue with the replacement refs is the idea that they are more susceptible to bribes and fixing games. Remember that saints fan ref and the ref that urged McCoy on to put up numbers for his fantasy football team.
That's just embarrassing. The last thing I want to be thinking about when the Phins play the jets this weekend is that these refs are new yorkers.

Ah, I get the troll thing now.

Look guys, this blog doesn't tolerate certain language. And although some leaks in, the folks at the Herald try to limit and stop it to the best of their ability. We need to do better and we will.

Having said that, if you are complaining about people coming here and challenging your opinions without calling you names, then that is in bounds.

If someone comes here and says the Dolphins are sucking and you don't agree, say so and state your case. Or ignore the person. Your choice.

If they use foul or abusive langauge they're out. If they challenge and disagree with respect, they can stay.


keep dreaming in your own little world, Tannehill was picked by Ireland, its a hell of a pick and the kid is our answer at QB for the next 10 years.

it has nothing to do with Sherman and or Philbin now I'm sure they were consulted but it was Ireland's decision, the funny thing is your hatred for Ireland is so strong that it won't allow you to see his good moves, so if the guy makes a mistake he is a bum but if he makes a good pick is because of some one else, nice.

Best I can suggest guys is that we do our best not to react to these clowns. We've said it before. It's obvious that nobody else is going to clean it up. It's a good reason why a lot of the regulars left and very rarely show their face here.

Mark In Torontoless,

Dude, youve been attacking me for going on 4yrs now. Almost always you throw the first insult, then blame me for lack of control of yourself. Helps only a phone call away.

I personally know many Canadians. None of them carry themselves anything like you. They would be the first to give you a good tongue lashing about your blog behavior. The problem here is some guys here want to be king of blog and hate getting called out when they post garbage.

If I post garbage I care less if you call me out. That's what a "public forum" is all about. You guys began the insults when getting called out on your garbage posts. Then in retaliation another poster readdresses your "real insult" with a "real insult" you wanna be the first to cry foul.

Geesh you guys are such girls. LOL

LOL. Mando comes here and does this for us and who complains at him? Craig M and DC.

LOL. You guys don't see what tools you are because, well, you're tools. YOu're the guys nobody likes. Mando doesn't even like you. Why? You're off putting.

Mando comes here and takes his time to do this and you complain at him about not babysitting your trolls for you or even, in the case of Craig, flat out YELLING at Mando telling him he addressed nothing?

Are you kidding me, Craig? From now on you and DC will be referred to as Azzhat 1 and Azzhat 2.
(Mark in Toronto will be Azzhat 3, hey?)

Yes I Know is a free Country but the people in this Country pay for see a Professional Game with rules established to protect the players. The Entrance at the Games are not FREE, and are very expensive, so the League has to respect their Fans which until the present moment never happen.


While I agree with you to a certain extent.....

I'd say he more likely than NOT is in bed with the trolls....if not one...or all of them....that's why he doesn't care.....

SUPPOSEDLY....Armando will tell us who isn't a troll...but win't tell us who is....


Craig, Armando has found a nice comfortable niche in life. Doesn't care about nothing and just cruises. So whatever, like DC said, it's up to us to deal with it the way we deal with it.

Cowkilla, Burnett practiced today at least on a limited basis. I expect he'll be a gametime decision and will probably play.

So your going to tell me that YG/Oscar (Troll's) comments this morning from other blogs are acceptable, Armando? Like what would the guy have to do to get kicked off because he has NO fear of it every happening. Baseball players can be suspended for gay slurs but there's no consequences on a public blog like this?

You say the Herald is doing their best to keep it clean but where is the proof of that? One example, please.

Do you knowing the equivalent of calling someone a 'frog'? Take whatever racial equivalent you want and that's what it is. That's OK?

Mark, I put up posts here two, three, sometimes four times a day. That is not cruising. You have no clue.

Mark, you are stupid, and here's why. Yes, we see what you did. You never post comments about "swallowing a load" or whatever UNTIL THE ONE TIME that Mando is here to answer football questions?

You made yourself look like an azsz and Mando even called you out on it! Duh.

If you were smart, you would have soaked up the opportunity to ask as many football questions as you could type in that short time, as I did.

No, you, being stupid, chose to stoop below your level and put something related to blow jobs to "show off" just when Mando was here.

If you were smart, you'd realize also that Mando is busy and does NOT read all the comments all the time and doesn't really know about your beefs (stop the conspiracy theories), and so you just made yourself look bad to Mando.

Nice work.

Craig, I have twitter but use it for sports info (Mets, Dolphins) and my favorite bands and barely ever post unless a topic really catches my attention; my opinions are hard to contain in 140 characters lol I'll DM you when I get the chance this weekend

Armando knows what goes on here. Most of the same ones talkinmg troll are the culprits that keep trolling behavior thriving here.

If you guys dont like the way things are here, leave, just like Armando says: "Its a free Country".

You sopund like a bunch "control freak" who are pissed they cant get thier way. No one forces you to come here at gunpoint. LOL

Craig, right now there are 587,505 comments on this blog.

I do not read all of them. So I cannot account for whatever happened this morning. I am not a nursery school here, watching every comment that comes in.

If someone offended you, email me the comment and I'll have it attended to. That goes for everyone.

You've addressed NOTHING, Armando. Ever wonder why there's so few of the old gang here on a Friday afternoon before a big divisional game? It's because they are sick of the crap that's taken place on this blog and have moved on. That doesn't bother you?

Mark, you cannot pick on me. You are not even *close* to my level.

First off, Canada, I live in downtown Miami. I grew up in Orlando. A big part of why I live in Miami and moved here 13 years ago *is* my Miami Dolphins. My team since I was a kid.

I choose to live in Miami. I would not live 2,000 miles away from Miami for any amount of money.

I'm off to go ride my bike over the Rickenbacher causeway right now and get a good workout (nice 20 mile ride) looking at hot girls also getting a workout over beautiful Biscayne Bay.


Thanks Armando. Will do. Thanks.

Shame it has to be this way.

Mark and Craig are here insulting and angering Mando! WTF? Gotta love it.

Nice job boys.

Mando is here in Miami working. Have fun in Canada being a Dolphins fan.

Interesting thing I found on Twitter: this was from finsjesse (Dolphins.com dude)

"@finsjesse: Just spoke w/Rich Gannon who said this afternoon, Dolphins had meeting with QBs, WRs, TEs, RBs and no coaches. Who led mtg? Tannehill."


If CraigM emails you. Make sure the person who he reports, go back and read what tipped off the disagreement between CraigM and he. Im confident 99% time you'll find CraigM or Mark In Torontoless provoked it.

Ive never seen anyone here attack CraigM or Mark In Torontoless without first being provoked. Except for the "many oscars", he attacks everyone un provoked. LOL

Today's injury report:

Marlon Moore (hamstring) is doubtful. He ain't playing, folks.

Everyone else is probable:

Kevin Burnett (foot)
Anthony Armstrong (hamstring).
Richard Marshall (back)
Koa Misi (foot)
Daniel Thomas (concussion)
Jimmy Wilson (back)
Lamar Miller (ankle)
Jared Odrick (thumb)


Other names to maybe resign are clemons, sean smith, matt moore and fassano. Think we will be near 50m with my calcs and maybe a bit more with less dead money

I would surely like to see how Armstrong could contribute Sunday.

Mando, the troll Danny is mistaken, as I haven't said anything to you about about cleaning up the blog. I responded to respected posters (Kris, Craig, Mark) on why I don't think you're willing (or able) to do much about the fleas we have to put up with here.

However, now I WILL offer a suggestion, why not just force people into 1 handle per computer? My problem isn't that there are trolls who come here, it's that they use multiple handles (so you don't know who they are). One troll can have like 20 different handles, and have a conversation with themselves all night. That's where a lot of the confusion arises, since you don't know who you're talking to at any moment.

To my fellow respected posters:

Here's another thought. What if we ALL signed in to typepad (so you're name is in blue) and then ONLY respond to names in blue, so you can ensure who it is you are speaking to? That might at least lessen the confusion for us, and we can allow the trolls like Danny and others to talk all day and night, and we can just ignore them.

Miami D.....

If that's true...that is very interesting.....


I used to be in blue.....but my account was hijacked about a year ago...Dec...I think....

So I stopped signing in......

The Herald isnt going to spend more moneuy just because you guys wanna be a bunch of whiney little girls. Believe that. Can you blame them?

Supposedly grown asss men acting like 14yr olds. Myself included when I allow some of you to pull me down to your level.

If you think its so bad, just dont come. Simple solution. Doesnt get any plainer than that. I believe most of you come to have something to complain about anyway. We read your posts. Very little positive.

Bottom line DC....it wasn't very secure.....

Typepad can be imitated too

Complainers, how about sending the Herald money to help finance the cleanup of this blog. Im sure if it came top that this blog would be a ghost town.

How about YOU......and your many names....just act your age......


mando can tell you how much I've contributed to this blog over the years. In fact, he's even had blog entries that were taken directly from ideas I've put in posts.

My shots at YG are well documented. He's launched several very personal attacks. I am far from the only person he's had problems with. he's a common denominator.

As far as being on your level bro, I couldn't afford the pay cut.

Chronic complainers, thats mostly what this blog is filled with. If you want real change, just like the Michael Jackson song: "Begin with the man in the mirror."

The pot almost always calls the kettle black. You see the stick in your brother's eye, but never see the log jam in your own.

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