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Live blog chat starts at 3 p.m.

The kind folks at The Miami Herald love their readers -- you. They want you happy and clicking on this blog early and often -- kind of like a Miami-Dade County election. And for that reason they have decided that every Friday one of the Herald's star sportswriters will come to this blog and answer all your questions and attend to all your comments about ...


This week's star sportswriter is me. Next week's star sportswriter is ... me.

Seriously, every Friday there will be a live chat on this site at exactly 3 p.m. I'll stick around for at least 30 minutes, longer if the response merits. You can suffer me that long, right?

Everything on the table. Like the blog promo says, nothing is taboo.

So I'll be here at 3 p.m. See you in the comments section.


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Also guys (Kris/Craig/Mark), allow me to say, I don't have the same feeling towards YG as you guys do. For whatever reason, he's been nothing but cordial to me since I can remember. Not saying he doesn't have his days, not saying he's not overly-excitable or disrespectful at times, and I would humbly ask him to lessen his personal attacks.

However, at least to me, he doesn't act like a troll. He may have different handles, but he writes the same, so you can usually tell it's him, or he states up front who he is (again, that's just been my experience). And most importantly, for the most part, he keeps the discussion to football and brings good knowledge to the table.

Look, I'm sorry to defend someone you guys all hate, but that's just been my personal feeling towards him.

I'd tell him the same about all of you, that though we've probably all had words in the past, I respect all you guys. I don't really see any of you as being the problem. The problem is the ones (not Odin either) who just come on, never speak about the Dolphins, and want to attack. Don't know if that's oscar or home or whomever, and frankly I don't care. Who knows, all I know for sure is who I am, and that I've never posted here as anything other than DC Dolfan. And that was my point to the blue. Only way we can tell who's who.


Where've you been bro? Armando already confirmed that I dont have many names. LOL

My opinion regarding Jeff Ireland is that we shouldn't make any snap decisions based on the fan insult incident. Let's wait until the end of the year, judge how the rookies and developing players have progressed, and make a decision at that time. If there is any doubt that he's the right person for the job, then let him go at the beginning of the off-season, rather than midway through. Ross should probably be aware of the available candidates, and be somewhat familiar with their respective resumés before then. I think the Dolphins are on the right path right now, and with Philbin's influence, it is possible Jeff Ireland might be able to keep us on that path. One thing I hear about Jeff Ireland that I like is that he leaves no stone unturned. Another thing I like, which seems to bother some people, is that he decisions as GM which are based strictly on the business of the game, rather than based on personal relationships. Letting go of Yeremiah Bell was not a popular move, neither with the fans nor the players. However, it was a necessary move. Same thing with Vontae Davis, albeit to a lesser degree, due to his age and talent. At the end of the year, or maybe sooner, Ireland may need to make a potentially unpopular decision regarding Jake Long and/or Karlos Dansby and/or Kevin Burnett. Let's see if we're all comfortable knowing that he's the right one to make that decision.


Its because you dont overreact, or misinterpret my posts. Even if you do we talk about it like gentlemen. CraigM and Mark In Torontoless go on the offense and right away start making baseless accusations and even hurl intentional insults.

Then they claim I start with them. Many times Im not even posting to them and they hurl intentional insults my way. Then they say Im the villain. Youre right, Im not perfect, none of are. Except maybe CraigM and Mark In Toronto. They'll never admit thier not perfect. God forbids thier wrong about anything.

Where in the World is Oscar SanDiego? Poof!

But Really the troll thing has gotten better.

Dashi's only real Question. What does Philbin thinks makes a Good Defense?

I like his answer on a WR(Need to catch the Ball and Get Open Consistently). If we had 4 guys like he says we would be a Very Potent Offense. But right Now we only have 2. Bess and Hartline.

On the Cap thing Ur Correct Mando. We will only have $15-20 Mill to Play with of Real Cap Space next year. After Resigning everybody.

Why not waste some of that Money on 1 Top Flight Wr(No other high $$$ FA's). So we can use our picks to hit the other Questions on the Team. The LB's and the Secondary.


Armando already confirmed to guys I dont use many handles. Just YG, until recently Oscar(1001) because he hijacked my handle to insult others, including CraigM.


That's where I am too. Actually, I think Ireland was right to call that fan an a-hole.

My analysis of Ireland is basically how well he's stocked the team with talent. Right now, I'd say he's been underwhelming. However, I also agree he wasn't help by the p*ss poor Coaching since he's been here. I'm willing to give him another chance with Philbin as HC.

And I agree 100% with Mando, that the ultimate determination if he stays/goes is how well Tannehill plays. If he looks to be the guy we hoped for, Ireland stays. If he melts down and gets benched and we go 4-12 or something, then he's gone.

If loving Jeff Ireland is wrong, I don't want to be right.


After seeing and hearing from Philbin thus far. Im beginning to think the difference between ha and Tony Sparano is separating like day and night.

So if this Tannehill thing works out and this team actually begins to turn around. I'll be one of the first to congratulate Ireland. Ive been one of his biggest bashers. All of my venom has just come from being a frustrated fan and tired of seeing my team lose.

I dont bash Ireland just for the sake of bashing. Thje team truns around and just as quickly my feelings towards Ireland will turn around too.

To me the coaches wanting or I should say hoping to get Nanee involved is a form of justification for improperly trying to solve the WR talent fix thru free agency instead of the draft.

forfortoo: excellent post.

Although I've been mad at Ireland, I'm willing to give him a grace period till later this season before evaluating him.

However, I'm not sure if it's all up to Tanny to save Ireland's job. If the team goes about 6-10 (as many predict), is that enough to save him - even if Tanny is promising?

Ross and Dee are under a lot of pressure to win fans back. S.S. reports that the Jets game just sold enough tickets to be televised locally. Radio station 790 brought it up and a procession of callers stated that they won't attend because of their displeasure with Ireland. Wow.

Surely a winning season can solve all of that. But what about a 6-10 season? The pressure will build if Ross continues to lose money.

well at least some of you guys are at now open to the possibility that Ireland was not responsible for ALL the bad decisions that were made under Parcells.

I keep maintaning that he should only be judged since he's been in charge of everything which is only two years, that is only fair and I don't think anyone here can deny that this last years draft was very good, contrary to what people like Ray say.

he has always made the best decisions for the Team and the future of the Team.

First off, I think Armando does a great job. There are alot of haters on this blog, meaning, they hate everything and just love to complain.
I'm not an Ireland fan. Even if Tannehill produces, Ireland has too many bad picks and has lost value with trades and free agent busts. He will be forever famous for what he asked Dez Bryant at the combine and calling a loyal season ticket holder a bad name, not for being a stellar GM, which he is not. Maybe he leaves no stone unturned, but he hasn't found anything either.
Lastly, if Anthony Armstrong has a big day or at least has the coverage rotate to him, we should be fine this weekend.
Go Dolphins!


not to start another whole thread on Ireland but kindly tell me what bad moves he has made in the last two years and two years only that you don't like?

nothing before that since he was not the guy making the final decision for the 2008 ,2009 and 2010 season.

Armando, how many ears ou have to continue saying "we will play it by ear"?

There is no way Ireland should have say so on who make's the rooster or who they bring In...at the very least he should hold a 50% say so with Coach Philbin the other 50%. If they can't agree on someone fire them both.

Armandito, ¿cuántas orejitas tienes?

Mando comes in for a live blog and it becomes a live B***hing session ha ha ha

Armando doesnt like the fins, he doesnt police the trolls in this blog and hes not a very good writer. Now he is basically begging for anyone and everyone to give his blog as many hits as possible every friday at 3. I believe its time to get my Fin info from a different source. This place belongs to the clowns. Good riddance Trolls.

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