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Live blog of Jets versus Dolphins right here (free)!

The Dolphins' formula for winning football game? Run the ball. Play good defense. Avoid mistakes.

Today's Miami inactives speaks to that idea.

Firstly, the inactives are Marlon Moore, Michael Egnew, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Pat Devlin, Rishard Matthews, Ray Feinga, Tony McDaniel.

So the Dolphins will have four running back active today, if you include Marcus Thigpen in that group. That speaks to the team's intentions of running, running, running.

And there is only onedefensive player inactive.

The part about no turnovers? That's up to them.

The Dolphins are wearing all white today. Again.

There's a live blog brewing here today. We'll start in the comments section below and every quarter, I'll post an update and we'll continue in the comments section of the update.

Join me there at kickoff.


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C'mon Phins!!! Let's beat up on these overrated Jets.
If Tanny does well against the blitz like he did last week we'll be in good shape again.

Go Dolphins

Great game today!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know who the jet fans are!!!!!!!!!!!

Specially when our running game and the JEts Rush D are rated as Equal!!!!!!!!!!

Step off the Smack Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!

24-3 Fins. Sticking to Dashi's Prediction from the Start of the Week.

As long as we STOP THE JETS ON 3RD DOWN!!!!!!!!!! We will be oK.

Reggie will get his 150+Yds rushing. The man is on a Mission to 2000+ yds.

Also, very interesting Philbin didn't call the Plays in GB. But he ran the practices and set up the GamePlan. Plus, he managed the Game for McCarthy (Timeouts, Down and Distance, Etc. ETc.). Had to be a Reason the Packers would've rather let go of their DC than their OC.

McCarthy Looks like the Sneaky type. Back Stab anybody to get where he's at.

23 to 13 Fins. 4 sacks and a couple picks today. Also predict a Holmes meltdown, and Lane knocks someone out.

Rishard Matthews and Marlon Moore inactive, must say that this game will focus on run, though I love that Miller AND Thomas are active. Bring it Tony!

New York radio is talking up the Dolphins...but reporter is talking up Philbin and his regime and that players like what they see in Philbin

Hmm... I don't know. Who are our 4 receivers active?


I posted this on the last blog...
--------------------------------------------------FINS ON TRASH TALKING....

“That’s just not the kind of team we are,” said Hartline, looking to build on his nine-catch outing from a week ago. “We represent our leadership, and coach Philbin’s not that kind of guy and we’re not that kind of team. We go about our business in a different way.”

Added running back Reggie Bush: “I think the character of our team is a lot different from, say, the Jets. [We let] our play do the talking and not worry about anything that’s said in the media.”

Take that Tony Sporano....

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/09/23/3015938/miami-dolphins-joe-philbin-gets.html#storylink=cpy

Posted by: Kris | September 23, 2012 at 12:04 PM

Only way Sanchez win if our secondary gives up big plays and TD, because we going to stop the run or the Jets are not going to attempt to run maybe they want to test that secondary! No one really has tried to so far, for major yards! Jets running game is rank #18. They will pass a lot guys! Pressure on Sanchez sacks hit right after he passes the ball to make him know we coming! Tannehill need the OL to step it up today and he really needs a solid running attack to keep that D honest!


this one as well....I think it speaks WELL of our culture change....

Fighting words:

The Dolphins' DBs were amused to hear Santonio Holmes talking tough the other day, saying, "With our skills and our speed, we should really take advantage of those guys." This is coming from a receiver who quit on his team last time it played in Miami, a receiver who has managed only seven receptions in four games against the Dolphins. Said CB Sean Smith, per the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "'Take advantage,' that's a big word right there. I appreciate comments like that and welcome challenges with (open) arms. Anybody who wants to come down to the beach ... we're not worried about that at all.”

Found this from a LINK that LincolnContinental posted on the LAST blog (page 4).....

The link takes you right to a jets blog (should I be surprised).....


I thought S.Smith's comments show maturity...something he has been lacking.....

maybe this WHOLE team is growing up......

Posted by: Kris | September 23, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/09/dolphins-have-advantages-over-jets-but-passing-game-may-not-be-one-of-those/comments/page/1/#comments#storylink=cpy

Armando, what were you expecting us to wear at 1 p.m. in September at home, all aqua? Or orange?

Who knows?

And there are no defensive players inactive.


Really??? Tony McDaniel is NOT inactive??? Even I know that & I don't even get paid to write about this team.

You'us all come back from worshiping? Now, hit them, kill them, fuc- them up!

Maybe there is an alternate 4th jersey color that is being kept in a secret location for just the right moment in time. Please tell us when that moment is, so we can become mentally prepared for it to be unvailed. GO PHINS, HAMMER THE WETS!!

I'm here, folks. Late arriving crowd today.

Wisconsin, the fact Miami is wearing white does not surprise me.

Bottom line--Must keep Tannehill clean & must get pressure on Sanchez. If we do these two things we win today. If you don't here Wake's name called by the announcers then we lose.

No pressure on Sanchez will once again highlight our CB's inability to break up plays or force turnovers will. With Keller not playing that helps our Safeties & LB's in coverage BUT no matter what--Dansby needs to step it up already.

Mando give me your key for Miami victory today!


McDaniel is INACTIVE btw.


I read that Philbin is has said he will fine player's for talking trash in the in the media....

good or bad...

your thoughts???

I must turn my TV now and watch not so smart TV announcers call the Game.

Ray, the Dolphins cannot give up points or let the Jets have short-field situations. So basically, what I'm saying is, if Miami can avoid turnovers they have a great chance to win.

Kris, Philbin actually tells players what to say to the media.

He's not the first. Bill Belichick does it. Nick Saban did it. Sparano did it. Cam Cameron did it.

I think it works ... IF you have great talent. And if you don't, it doesn't work.

In other words, I believe the game is won and lost on the field. Not on the quote sheet.

Well, it has been established that the Black Colors absorb heat best.

Thank you, We have RBs.

I have a very Smart TV. Samsung.

I'd like to see Armstrong get open today if Hartline gets shut down by revis.

According to NFL.com:

"Ladanian Thomlinson says, Once a quitter, always a quitter".

The former New York Jets running back was on the field when Santonio Holmes essentially gave up during a 19-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins in the final game of last season.

Tomlinson, now an NFL Network analyst, said Holmes is the same guy.

"He hasn't changed," Tomlinson said Sunday on "First on the Field." "The only thing about it -- a new year brings new hope. We all know that as players. But as a player, the one thing you know, when you're playing with a guy that has quit on you, you know that when the times get tough, he will quit on you again.

"That's one thing I do know. And that's kind of what I expect when the season goes along."

I don't like our odds with the turnover thing but thats why we play the games.

Reggie holds on to the ball pretty well. Just gotta hope Tannehill doesn't try to force things.

Our special teams have been pretty solid so far.

Sometimes, when I talk to my TV, it responds, wooff, wooff.

web broadcast of fins?

Good thing the blog is free cause I wouldnt spend a dime on this trash franchise.

I hope Santonio Holmes has it in him to quit again today. LOL


How do you explain that there are 5 (Luck, RG3, Tanne, Weeden, & Wilson rookies who are playing pretty well so far??? Are college QB's just more prepared for the NFL in the last two years (Newton & Dalton last year) or is the talent just better than usual???

Controversy seems to follow New York’s AFC team wherever it goes, and it’s fashionable to call the Jets a circus. But that might be unfair — to the circus.

-Adam Beasely-

I'm starting to like Beasly's style!

As long as Tannehill doesn't get crushed I'll be happy, then if Tannehill improves ill be happier, then if we win I'll be ecstatic!

J E T S suck suck suck!!!

The phins gotta be fired up for this one, I think they're going to sock the jets right in the mouth on this one. Let's see it miami!

The Jets have been giving up 130 yds per game rushing. No reason not to run the ball all day and keep the pressure off Tanny.

We can't count on Thigpen either as Mike Westhoff is a great STs Coach. Then what?

firstrow sports not working. Anybody know web broadcast of Miami

Coalition Beasly is the Troll.

IOf we run, stop the run, no turnovers, and not make soory Sanchez look like an all pro. It should be an easy victory today.

We have, I would say the rookies are playing OK -- with the exception of RG3 who is playing great so far.

I just think we have coordinators more willing to adjust to what the players can do moreso than in the past.

And I think we have a class of gifted guys.

It is interesting to me, meanwhile, that Matt Barkley, who was supposed to be the second-best player inthis class, is playing terrible -- in college.

first row is working, it just doesnt start broadcast until 1:00 PM sharp.


Landry's playing terrible too. OK lost to K St. Glad they didnt come out last year or we would have selected one of them ahead of Tannehill, possibly. LOL

Great filmmaker.

The Safety's are not that bad. Jones is ranked 3rd and Clemons 29th. Y.bell is 50th.

Again our problem is our Linebacker's are big and Slow. Can't cover TE's or RB's. Or Stop people on 3rd down. They allow to many Completions.

But it's gameday!

So let's Go FINS!!!

We probably dodged a huge bullet with Barkley and Landry not declaring for the draft last year.

Let's go!

RG3 is being more hyped than Cam Newton was last year....I really don't get why unproven pros get this type of marketing & media attention. Ironic that African-American QB's complain that they are unfairly criticized b/c they're not pure pocket passers & don't win SB's but yet they are far more hyped & given MUCH more in terms of endorsement deals than guys like Luck & Andy Dalton.

BTW--I find it odd that Dalton actually had a winning season & made the playoffs & yet Newton gets more accolades.

Where can the game be seen only show the Jags here in lake City, Fl

Y-Bell had so many tackle because he only had about 3 pass breakips a year. If youre going to let the guy catch the ball, you may as well at least be able to make the tackle.

Bell completely sucked in pass coverage.

Lets GO Fins! J E T S Suck Suck Suck! Love Jet week.

Thanks Mando for the live blog

No Mistakes!

No Big Mistakes!


That s ALL it'll take to hand these punks their collective a sses!


Gent's , this is not that complicated, If the Dolphins can establish their running game they will have an excellent chance to win.


Nahh, Ireland was locked in on RT since last October.


Dolphins win the toss and defer to the second half.

Strange Game.

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