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Live blog of Jets versus Dolphins right here (free)!

The Dolphins' formula for winning football game? Run the ball. Play good defense. Avoid mistakes.

Today's Miami inactives speaks to that idea.

Firstly, the inactives are Marlon Moore, Michael Egnew, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Pat Devlin, Rishard Matthews, Ray Feinga, Tony McDaniel.

So the Dolphins will have four running back active today, if you include Marcus Thigpen in that group. That speaks to the team's intentions of running, running, running.

And there is only onedefensive player inactive.

The part about no turnovers? That's up to them.

The Dolphins are wearing all white today. Again.

There's a live blog brewing here today. We'll start in the comments section below and every quarter, I'll post an update and we'll continue in the comments section of the update.

Join me there at kickoff.


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People don't believe me. They rahter believe the Hype. But I can name 5 QB's better in College Football better than Barkley right NOw. With GENO SMITH being 1st and Even Stephen Morris is Better than. Specially as a Pro. And we all know 4 Qb's won't be taken in the 1st round next year.

Barkley Peaked at 18. He hasn't grown an Inch Or gotten Stronger or Faster in 4 years.

"We probably dodged a huge bullet with Barkley and Landry not declaring for the draft last year."


Ya think??? LOL! Maybe some of the TanneHenne's on this blog will pump the brakes on Barkley being the answer...

Hey Hey Mr. Salguero and fellow DolPhilbin fans


" http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/142718/1/watch-new-york-jets-vs-miami-dolphins.html "

Soiled :)

There don't seem to be a ton of Jets fans here. Interesting.

Hate first row, almost 1 minute lag in live acion.

Used better one too many time. Hopefully no Grammer police today!

My bad, Somebody call my momma

We need to get the pass rush going today. Cam....Cam...Cam...I want to see 4 sacks today. They must apply pressure to Sancheese and he'll provide the INTS.

Bengals TD on 1st play against skins.....80 yard bomb...

I wonder why the PHINS deferred !

Let's go FINS!!!!!! Put some hits on dirty Sanchez!!!!! Make Holmes whine like a HO again!!! Make Ryan go on a bulimia binge!!!


YG, Jest fans love Landry as their safety, radio hosts and callers can't get enough of Landry, though they dont like all the penalties he gets

Mando, jet fans don't have much to be excited about either

Omg that cheerleader! Had to pause and watch in slow motion.

they got to pick that flag up....

Too much time for Sanchez. That's the problem right there!!!

Nolan Carroll on Santonio Holmes not a good matchup for Miami.

Carrol. Another one of those JI bust!


Marshall RAN the pattern for him.....

Well pick for Sanchez.

Gates Really?

HA, Sporano!!!!!

A turnover by a CB??? I don't believe it. Thanks Sparano!!!

Alright Miami!!

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Wooooo-hoooooo!!!

C'ya Vontae!!!!!

Man, are these Dolphins in great shape!

Gates.;....thanks, Tony.

TS suck suck suck

Santonio, youre doing what against our secondary today? LOL

Stadium empty against the stinking Jets!!! Wtf!!!

What did I tell you about Marshall?

What did I say?

I think he already better than Vontae?

What? Vontae Who?


Man we look GOOD!!!

3rd and 2. The Polite Special with The J-Train!!!


Tannehill. Awesome. So far!!

Tanny looking like Manning on the handoff finishing the roll out. Great coaching!

Dash these fools!


Reggie Bush gave Revis a little shoulder and helmet there at the end of that run. Being physical.

Here we GO!!!!!!


Lookin' like my CANES now,.


Reggie Reggie Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!

WQhat we missed for 3 years...Sparano...not.

What Did The Dashi Say!!!!!!!!

The Jets have NO RUN D!!!

BUSH FOR 150Yds !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Reggie Chants have Started.

How About that NO-Huddle Balanced Offense.

Lmao wow i justBsaw reggie bush plow revis

good job bush...NOW give it to Lane...

Who are these guys???? You think Philbin MIGHT be an upgrade to Sparano???

Get those points!

Revis who????????????

I don't believe it...Amazing.

We HAVE to get 6 here. Have to!

Helluva a start BABY!!!!! LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!

Dolphins got away with a false start onthat TD run.

Or Thomas...whatever.....

There's the first punch in the mouth

Reggie took Revis to Reggie Island! LOL

O-Line...and a real game plan!


Whose Miami Dolphins are these guys?

They're MY Miami Dolphins!

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