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Live blog of Jets versus Dolphins right here (free)!

The Dolphins' formula for winning football game? Run the ball. Play good defense. Avoid mistakes.

Today's Miami inactives speaks to that idea.

Firstly, the inactives are Marlon Moore, Michael Egnew, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Pat Devlin, Rishard Matthews, Ray Feinga, Tony McDaniel.

So the Dolphins will have four running back active today, if you include Marcus Thigpen in that group. That speaks to the team's intentions of running, running, running.

And there is only onedefensive player inactive.

The part about no turnovers? That's up to them.

The Dolphins are wearing all white today. Again.

There's a live blog brewing here today. We'll start in the comments section below and every quarter, I'll post an update and we'll continue in the comments section of the update.

Join me there at kickoff.


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When was the last time we had opening drive TD's on consecutive games?

Yeah baby! Miami beating the Jests! Thomas to punch it in, fantasy points!

We like it.

D--------------Thomas scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ill change my first prediction 56 - 6

they can't do nothing.

Dolphins are dominating the line of scrimage so far. Reggie may run for 150 yards today.

Philbin has made more improvement to this team through 3 weeks than fist pumper did in 4 years!!!

Fast paced!!!!

Hit him dead in the Mouth!!!!!

1st Rushing TD for Thomas. Now all our RB's have TD's. Just need to feed Lane next time from the Goalline Nothing Fancy.

7-0. Yep, Looking nice. Love Philbin and the No-Huddle!!!!

Today will be our coming out party!!

All the Practice is finally paying off!!!!

Uh Huh.

When is the last time you seen these guys start a game like THAT!

I'm Giddy be-atches I'm laughing like a little girl!

Fcvcking A Baby!!!!!

This is how you get fans back to home games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice job all around on the INT and punching it in for a TD feeling pretty good. Lets see how "Tiny Hands Sanchez" responds..

Mando, if Johnny Greer was still a zebra (he seemed tom be at every Fins/Jets game) HE would have called it, or holding.
I still remember a game about 10 years ago, Monday night, when he called a hold on a 1 yard TD run...there's not even enough TIME to hold.

Nice Miami!!!! Keep pressing!

I think a sunami swamped Revis Island!


Out toughing them fools! Great signn no penalties on O! Great kicking game!

7pts and a turnover, who the hell are these Miami Dolphins? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are correct, IMAWriter, Greer hates the Dolphins.

Mando what was you saying about IF Revis plays?

ST's chipping in. LOL

gotta keep pressing though.

Don't let up

Dalton DUMB mistake.....

1 yard INT for a TD....

Bush flattened Revis Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Dolphins got away with a false start onthat TD run."

You're a glass half empty kind of guy aren't you???? Let us fans enjoy that Philbin has returned to playing at home as an ACTUAL advantage & not an excuse to come out flat for two years.

I have there British studio commentary (highlights. They are pretty good.)

Wildcat time.Sanches on the sideline.

That's the way to start a game!! Run the ball with Reggie all day and wear them down. I could have drove my car through that hole on the line. Hard not to get too excited when we play like this. Keep it up guys.

Don't run on our boys!!!


Youre hispanic and mispelled Sanchez(Sanches) LOL

Jones just KILLED Greene!!! Ha!!! I love it!!!

Wild Cat....LOL....

so 2008....

Let's keep it Up!!

We need 4 qtrs of this!!

We are on our way back Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

We're a play behind on this first row crap!

We actually look like a SOLID NFL team today.

Refs want the Jests to win this game, cause the Jests can't do it any other way

Stacked up to one side and run it to the other.... That's Sparano for you..

so far we have two phantom calls against our dbs

We are DEFINITELY the more physical team right now.

Only first downs allowed on penalties!!! Fins def the more physical team!!!

Misi in da house!

The defense is swarming and hitting hard...not mention Revis island lost an inch of height when he got pancaked by Bush.

Stacked up to one side and run it to the other.... That's Sparano for you..

Posted by: jtlawson5 | September 23, 2012 at 01:20 PM



Jests so far are relying on the refs to move the ball.. let's get a stop

Is it hot

YG,so I'm not allowed to have a typo because I'm Hispanic? English people don't every misspell English words?

The Jets want to run & we know that. This isn't rocket science....And Shonn Green is not Walter Payton.

Yo, That's the Same Head REF from the Carolina Game.

THE ONE WHO WAS LAUGHING EVERYTIME HE CALLED PASS INTERFERENCE ON THE FINS. Look at him. Watch our Secondary get called for a bunch of Cheap Call's.

We will still win today. But that ref is Betting on the Game.

So we got to play the refs too?

Great we can whip Dat a ss too!

Hot and muggy at stadium today?

Sanchez is a joke as an NFL starter. Defense should have been off the field already.

raining here now. Light.


LOL @ Armanmdo. I misspell english words all of the time. LOL

Good thing cuz Rex needs a shower, can smell him all the way up here in Va!

So far so great.

Sparano is such an inept coach. I love seeing this happening to the jets though and not the dolphins. What a dumb idea to hire tony..

Why did we call timeout?

Interesting in their part, but crappy.

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