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Live blog of Jets versus Dolphins right here (free)!

The Dolphins' formula for winning football game? Run the ball. Play good defense. Avoid mistakes.

Today's Miami inactives speaks to that idea.

Firstly, the inactives are Marlon Moore, Michael Egnew, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Pat Devlin, Rishard Matthews, Ray Feinga, Tony McDaniel.

So the Dolphins will have four running back active today, if you include Marcus Thigpen in that group. That speaks to the team's intentions of running, running, running.

And there is only onedefensive player inactive.

The part about no turnovers? That's up to them.

The Dolphins are wearing all white today. Again.

There's a live blog brewing here today. We'll start in the comments section below and every quarter, I'll post an update and we'll continue in the comments section of the update.

Join me there at kickoff.


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The odd couple

one's a foot sniffer the others a fist pumper


Give me a keyboard and I'll mispell my own name. LOL

Is it just me or does Sanchez looks annoyed every time meatball puts tebow out there.. this could be a good thing.

Timeout because Jets brough Tebow in the game. Out now.

starting to a see a connection between mando and aloco

Looks like Sanchez is a little antsy, Wake has to get in there a few times today

WAKE!!! Sooooooo close!!!

Odrick railed Sanchez

This D could be playoff caliber....

I miss Tony Randle and Jack Klugman

Odrick has ARRIVED today!!!! Beautiful. Just beautiful to see Sanchez get crushed.

Wake with the pressure almost sack!

Huge drive here!!! Scary field position!! 97 yd drive and Jets begin fighting amongst themselves in sideline.

We definitely need an upgrade from Carrol.

Nolan Carrol. What a piece of crap player!! Please cut him Philbin!!

OK. Less see how they line up on.

Are the refs trying to help the Jests line for Vegas. F the refs! Go phins!

Carrol's about to get his ghetto pass this game. Stop screwing up kid!

Great Defense! Odrik put a big hit on Sanchez. It looks like we are dominating the line on defense also.

I like what I see so far. Let's keep doing what we are doing. Run Run Run and protect Tannehill. Allow him to get better as the season goes on. That is what the Bengals did last year with a soft schedule and they made the playoffs.

Two penalties on Carroll in the first quarter. Next stop--Philbin's dog house.

The pressure may be too much for Sanchez today. We may get several more picks.

Bush looking special....

Bush is playing OUT of his MIND this year!!!

that same ref with some phantom call... Was that even the right penalty ruling? half the distance to the goal?

Soiled, Randall and Klugman were excellent. That was a funny show from a funnier movie.

Seems Sanchez gets closer to bust to bust every season. LOL

OK, shouldn't we just run run and run some more?

Tannehill is not very accurate.

The Anthony Armstrong specialty slant finally hooks up for Miami.

Reggie's Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

I've been saying it about Bush Kris.........I've been sayin it!

Armstrong is officially a Dolphin again.

OK, not run all the time. That's why I do music for a living. LOL

D Thomas SUCKS!

that was a cute play, when you are stuffing it down their throat pound it for a yard

Arnstrong sighting! LOL

There are Tannehill's issues, he'll learn...maybe the rain, maybe he needs some practice, wish we had that back

They gotta connect on that, but why throw?

Calm down, kid, you have a lot of good time ahead of you.

Killing the Jets with the run so why is Tannehill throwing on 3rd & 1. I don't get that!!!

ok, WHY the pass on 3rd and 1, when they are running the ball well....ANY of Miami's RBs pick up a yard there--c'mon Sherman, don't over think it!

"that was a cute play, when you are stuffing it down their throat pound it for a yard"



Woulda preferred Butterball down their throats for a meager yard, but coaches r doing great so far so I'm not complaining..

Interesting that the Jets don't have Santonio Holmes in the game every play. He's their most explosive offensive player and he's on the sideline.

I wanna see another interception here..wooo!!

Finally a penalty not against us!

I agree...........should have been a run on 3 and 1

Accuracy Tanny... accuracy

Tough pass for a running back to handle. The way we are running the football I can't understand why we don't give the rock to Thomas or Lane in that situation. No time to get cute with the calls. That's O.K we are still controlling the line of scrimmage.


That throw was on Tannehill not Thomas.


We can't let Sanchez and Tebow hang around with these refs!

We need a pick 6 like now!

british commentators saying the Jets are getting screrwed by the replacement guys...what a JOKE.

The 3rd down play was good. The execution wasnt. Would have been a nice gain.

Guys youre over dissecting this thing. Still early in the game and Sanchez is getting ready to throw us a pic 6. LOL

We are just missing Sanchez.

Reshad Jones has been playing LIGHTS OUT the last two games!!!

That's the right call.

this is getting f*cking ridiculous!!!!!!i gues after he dropped the ball the contact was made

The Dolphins actually got a break on the illegal contact play. The ball was in the air. That was pass interference.

Our db's have to stop grabbing....it's becoming a habit.

Refs must have bet on the Jests on this one. Santonio "I'm a pussee" Holmes is a joke. Let em play refs

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