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Live blog of Jets versus Dolphins right here (free)!

The Dolphins' formula for winning football game? Run the ball. Play good defense. Avoid mistakes.

Today's Miami inactives speaks to that idea.

Firstly, the inactives are Marlon Moore, Michael Egnew, Nate Garner, Will Yeatman, Pat Devlin, Rishard Matthews, Ray Feinga, Tony McDaniel.

So the Dolphins will have four running back active today, if you include Marcus Thigpen in that group. That speaks to the team's intentions of running, running, running.

And there is only onedefensive player inactive.

The part about no turnovers? That's up to them.

The Dolphins are wearing all white today. Again.

There's a live blog brewing here today. We'll start in the comments section below and every quarter, I'll post an update and we'll continue in the comments section of the update.

Join me there at kickoff.


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I wanna see sanchez get sacked!

Same for you Reshad, play under control.

Yeah I liked that de-cleater Jones put on Greene

Sparano offense takes 3 plays to get 10 yds!!! Add dirty Sanchez to equation and I smell a turnover here...


Reshad Jones is playing GREAT not good the last two weeks.

LB. Need to cover these backup players. TE

Get off of the field dammit defense. We want a freaking shutout today!

HoHo!, Armando.

We have to get to Sanchez earlier & face plant him!!!

Second quarter blog post is up.

Second quarter blog post is up. go there now please.

LOL @Robby

Go to the second quarter post, please.

Where's the sack? I see some SLIGHT pressure but Sanchez is slipping out of it all!

Tannehill has already surpassed Sanchez as an NFL QB

There it is!!!! Odrick with a BREAKOUT game????

There's the sack! Pee-Wee Dance!

That Pee-Wee is value!


What's up with the Thigpen/Bess rotation on PR's????

love the pee wee!

I am afraid that the Jets are going to make the adjustment of putting 8 men in the box to shut down the run. Even the pass that Tannehill completed to Armstrong was behind him. Tannehill is going to have to hit on some of these easy passes to keep the Jets defense honest. If I was the Jets I would not even worry about the pass.

Odrick and Misi are looking like really valuable pieces in the defense...

Yeah i dont understand the logic behind the rotation either.. Thigpen has a PR for TD this year.. whens the last time Bess returned one for a TD? Never?

The sound effects guys were ready for odricks pee wee

Bess comes in when they go for a block... They prefer his sure hands since they r not setting up a return

Where's Bush? Sending him in on 3rd down? Time Out? High Speed Offense? WTF?

Bess is the safety hands returner when the dolphins don't want to fumble in short field situations' armstrong is the home run hitter on safer punt returns

I'd run Lane at Revis 10 times this game.....force Revis to make a physical play/tackle on him--a bunch of times

Tannehill's MUCH better on the move!

T is better on the move but the rollout does cut the field in half, makes him throw into a very crowded area

Tanny stared down at Harline.

Anyone for L.Miller in the passing game on screens or in the slot?

Poor play calling fir red zone

gotta get the TD there but I do like that Tannehill didnt force it--not much there so a good decision with what he had.

I down for what ever plays work but be smart about when to call them

Is it just me or is T Hill's accuracy off today? Armando, is that the receivers o is it him?

Bess was wide open on the left side of the end zone. He's a rook but focus is everything.

Where's the QB draw in the red zone?

Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Put Bush in the backfield!

Great footing by Carrol! NOT

Why are we being so conservative..not 1 serious shot down field

Come on Fins. Shake it off

The Jets are horrible and Cam Philbin is giving this game away.

This game is solely on Bust Scrub "I fvcking suck" Thomas if we lose. 3 yards and a pile of dust or fumble.

2 games; 2 fumbles.

Thomas should not see the field again.

We are nothing if Bush is injured.

Get Miller in the game at least.

LOFT the ball down the field from your own 5; then it's not a pick 6.

Everything I have said is coming true.

I'm so freaking pissed.

Man Sanchez is really terrible..

Marv Albert and Rich Gannon are very pro NY Jets.

How was it 2nd and six after a holding penalty?

Dan Carpenter for Mayor of NYC!!!!

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