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Mike Sherman addresses various topics here

As Monday is the day the Dolphins make their coordinators available to the media, it stands to reason that you should know what Mike Sherman told the media today about his play-calling, his thoughts on getting two running backs hurt in the final seconds before halftime in the Houston and New York games, and about players such as Lamar Miller, Charles Clay, Anthony Armstrong, Legedu Naanee and others.

So here it is ... All that Mike Sherman said today:

(On where running back Lamar Miller is in his development) –“I’m fairly impressed with Lamar. He’s a very smart football player, takes the coaching real well. I think he’s right on target, where we expect him to be at this time."

(On if it’s normal rookie play to occasionally miss an assignment like the play Miller had yesterday where he and quarterback Ryan Tannehill were not on the same page) – “Well, we just had a meeting. We talked about that and no it’s not what we can expect out him. We expect him to know what to do all the time. There was a call there that made us repeat the play and we wanted to run it again and he just missed it. Although those things do happen, I remind him he’s now being paid to play football and it’s inexcusable to make those type of mistakes. I don’t think he’ll make it again.”

(On how Miller has been taking the coaching and negative criticism) – “Excellent. It’s not negative, it’s just constructive criticism. He takes coaching very well. He wants to be great and he wants you tell him how he can get there, but he’s been very receptive."

(On when running back Reggie Bush went out with an injury that affected his play calling) – “Not a whole lot. It didn’t affect the play calling necessarily. We expect those other guys to step in and to do certain things. Obviously, Reggie, the young guys aren’t quite at Reggie’s level yet. So certain things happen when Reggie’s in there that may not happen otherwise, but, as far as play calling, it didn’t affect it whatsoever."

(On if he wishes he had some play calls back from the game yesterday) – “I don’t think there’s a game that I’ve ever called ever that I don’t wish…You’re not going to, if you get 75 plays, you’re not going to have 75 great calls in a ball game. That’s status quo from week-to-week.”

(On if he feels like the offense was too aggressive on the final two possessions of the game yesterday) –“Not necessarily. You look at the last possession, we ran the ball twice and threw it once. The pass that I called was a stick route in the flat, which we had completed earlier. We ended up, Ryan ended up giving a signal to the outside receiver to go vertical because of man coverage. He though he had a clearer shot there, which is understandable. But no, I don’t think it was, I thought it was what was called for."

(On how Tannehill is doing with his deep passes)– “It’s obvious, we weren’t real good then. When the ball ends up out of bounds, it’s certainly not what we want to be. We want it to be somewhere between the sideline, halfway between the sideline and the numbers, in that general vicinity – an area that we work on, the red line. We missed on a couple of those. There’s no question about that. It’s something he’ll work on this week."

(On this being the second time this season a running back has been injured in the second quarter of a game this season) – “Yeah, I’m sure Joe (Philbin) and I will talk about that like we do every week. How do we want to finish the half if we’re in those positions? Certainly have never had that happen before. It’s kind of an anomaly, but definitely worthy of discussion, no question."

(On if he expected to get more out of Charles Clay and what needs to change with him to be more of a factor in the passing game)– “Yeah, I have high expectations of Charles. I think part of that is him, part of that is us putting him in the position to make certain plays. I can’t remember just a whole lot of times where he has a… he hasn’t dropped a bunch of balls. We’ve targeted him and he didn’t perform necessarily, but yeah, I would like to get him more involved. He’s a talented young man. This week, he was on the field more than he was last week, the first game more than the week before. I kind of go by how they practice on which direction you’re going to go, fullback or two tight ends."

(On his impressions of the Arizona Cardinals defense)– “They’re very aggressive, their defense. They’re playing extremely well. They play very hard, very physical. Some games they come at you with everything they’ve got, other games they mix it up on you. It will be quite a challenge for us. We’re looking forward to it."

(On wide receiver Legedu Naanee not having any catches this week and if he feels like the team has enough playmakers from a receiving and tight end stand point)– “I thought we spread the ball around pretty good the other day. We were playing against a pretty good defense that also has very good players. I would like (Legedu) Naanee to be an, us to get him in position to catch some balls. I don’t think he was targeted necessarily the other day. But by no fault of him or us, it just sometimes that’s the way it ended up. But yeah, I’d like to see him get some more balls. (He) works extremely hard. He’s done a great job on special teams. I think that puts pressure on me to make sure that happens."

(On if the offensive line is playing as well as it seems, particularly right guard John Jerry and right tackle Jonathan Martin)– “Yeah, usually with offensive linemen if you don’t notice things, they’re doing okay, but yeah they’re doing a nice a job, in particular against that defense, which has a tendency, because of its structure, to create some sacks and hits on the quarterback. I think we only had two hits on the quarterback the entire game and were able to rush for a good amount of yards. We still left some… We’ve got a lot of work to do. We left some yards on the field that we could have gotten that we didn’t get. As I told the guys today in our meeting, we shouldn’t have left it to a field goal kicker to win the game for us. Shouldn’t have left it to Dan (Carpenter’s) responsibility. We have our own responsibilities and it was on us to make sure that we didn’t put him in that position."

(On trying to take too much advantage of the Jets secondary when cornerback Darrelle Revis went out)– “I think we ran the ball. How many runs did we have in the game? … There wasn’t an intentional shift if there was. I can’t honestly tell you that I purposely had an intentional shift at that point. There was an awareness that he was out of the ball game, which may have affected some calls, but not the frequency of calls necessarily in my mind."

(On if there is a big gap between receivers Naanee and Anthony Armstrong and the younger receivers)– “I think the gap right now is… I think (Davone) Bess and (Brian) Hartline have separated themselves obviously and I thought Bess had a great game, really performed well this week and last week. I think we’re still looking for that guy to step, the next two guys to step forward. I would agree with what you’re leading onto."

(On if he expected his running game to be ranked fourth in the NFL based on being last in preseason)– “I think part of  these things happen, but the other part of it is, in the preseason, I knew we could run the ball pretty effectively in practice cause we’re going to against one of the better rush defenses in football every single day and I think that helped make us a little bit better. In the preseason, we threw the ball an awful lot, an inordinate amount of times compared to where we are right now and what we’re doing offensively in trying to have an assessment on the receivers and the quarterbacks and what not. I don’t think the preseason can be an indication of our run game at all in relation to (now). Plus the fact, in the preseason, you’re mixing and matching guys. There’s different groups going in there. Until that offensive line is one cohesive unit, you really don’t start having the protection you need to have from that position."


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We need a S like Earl Thomas hopefully next year.

The rest of the questions were very good and spot on and that's just my opinion so whatever.

But I loved this question and answer

(On if there is a big gap between receivers Naanee and Anthony Armstrong and the younger receivers)– “I think the gap right now is… I think (Davone) Bess and (Brian) Hartline have separated themselves obviously and I thought Bess had a great game, really performed well this week and last week. I think we’re still looking for that guy to step, the next two guys to step forward. (((I would agree with what you’re leading onto.")))

Sherman knows what they're getting at and he agreed, they need better talent at the wr position. I thought it was a classy way to ask the question by the media member and I also thought Shermans answer was honest but also done in a respectful manner in regards to the players currently on the team.

Truly, Aaron Rodgers is the best WCO QB I've ever seen.

And lastly, I loved this question because it reminded me of something.

"On if he expected his running game to be ranked fourth in the NFL based on being last in preseason".

I remember in the preseason when they were trying to figure out who was who in the wr corp and the te's unit. They weren't running the ball at all and it was obvious to like a handful of us in here that they knew what they had in the running game and wanted to figure out what they had in the passing game. We talked about it a lot and were met with comments like 'you idiots, if they don't practice the run the running backs won't be ready', AND ' HOW IS THE LINE GOING TO GET BETTER AT RUN BLOCKING IF THEY'RE ALWAYS PASSING THE BALL!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR FIRE PHILBIN!!! And I remember the media jumping on the TMZ train as well, complaining about the same thing.

Apparently practicing against the #3 run defense in the league has it's benefits. The coaches knew what they were doing yet some experts in here and the media didn't think so.

Won't get an admission of being wrong from one of those jokers, not one.

Believe it or not I'm done guys!

(And everyone rejoiced,,,,,yippppeeeee!)


My expectations were very tempered given our rookie RT was getting handled effectively our RG needed a Weight watchers diet and conditioning. Our featured WR was L.Naanee our T.E. is a glorified Tackle and the RB's seemed pedestrian outside of the often injured Bush with last Yrs. exception and our QB was a rookie starter with all of 19 College starts, so how high were your expectations realistically??

Posted by: fin4life | September 24, 2012 at 07:17 PM

Perfect answer for your debate. Sorry Kris, you're a good guy but I couldn't have said it any better. I'm not sure why your expectations were so high to begin with man.

Russell has the same problem as Tannehill does, no outstanding receivers.

The glaring fact is we could have had an Aging Terrel Owens, we had Brandon Marshall and we had Chad Johnson. All experienced recievers and what do we have instead.
Anthony Armstrong that cant catch a slant route over the middle right through his hands. Nannaee or what ever his name is has only been seen on Special teams.
Hartline and Davone Bess are good possesion recievers but come on bring back Chad Johnson TO any DIVA reciever to help this kid. ONE RECIEVER beat us yesterday and should have been double or triple teamed in over time so NO Defense was horrible when the ONLY weapon they had beat us.

I don't know what Tannehill will become, I'm not into uneducated predictions.

But I find some solace in a lot of people in the know doing a 180 on the kid. And I'm really surprised at the talk today on sports radio. You read some posts in here and think Tannehill is doomed and then you go and listen to former coaches and players and it's the exact opposite. Polian was on sirius today and said Tannehill was going to shine in this league. I'm not going over his reasons because he had a lot but I was happy to hear it.

And Colin Cowherd ( I know he's not an expert) but he had Tannehill on his list of busts at the beginning of the season and totally changed his view point saying he now thinks Tannehill will be a star. He actually said superstar but he was being dramatic.

So yeah everyone has opinions and they are all valid. I just always put more into peoples opinions who are in their business. I don't ask a plumber how to rewire my house is what I'm saying.

Man, that Seattle secondary are 6'3", 6'4". Broder!

Ofcourse we patched it up Craig. IT was a silly argument and we were both grumpy. :)

"And why exactly didn't he go after Revis' replacement, a guy cold from the bench? And why throw a pass in the flat when they could have run, let's say for 3 yds but 3yds closer for the FG and hopefully in the middle of the field?"

Why he did not? Because there is NO WR on that side Cromartie was on Hartline. Nannee is USELESS and cant get open vs a #3 o# 4 CB so why is he on the team. Special teams is the only reason. SO SOLUTION Place Rishard Matthews and next time run the Full back three times up the left side of the line and we get 9 yards with out question.
He showed that on the goal line. The 8 yards were needed. Even Griese said so on the radio and as much as I dislike Bob as a commentator he was RIGHT. RUn RUN RUN to the thirty then Kick.
Passing from the end zone was neccessary but throw to the left. Hit the fullback in the flat hit CLAY or Bess on a flanker screen to the left. They expected the throw to the right.
What happened to the West Coast offense that should have tired the Jets?

Yes. That last drive by Tannehill went under my radar a bit because we lost. But he showed the stuff there I knew he had but wanted to see.

YG at 9pm you were right bud. I remember you saying the paste and cut thing. Right on. I'm not trying to be a know it all. I'm actually saying I don't know jack squat (I don't know Jack Sparrow either but that's neither here nor there:) about what is going on some of the time. Sometimes we have to defer to the professionals. Because when we don't and we make definitive statements we look like idiots. Example; "The Phins coaches are dumb for not practicing the run more in preseason!"

The way I see it is this:

Tannehill is getting the ultimate baptism under fire. He was thrown to the wolves and all the other cliches you want to include.

The Coaches had hopes of Johnson helping Tannehill, but it wasn't to be. They even got rid of Marshall with the plan(all along I think)to go with the Rookie QB, if at all possible.

19 collegiate starts. One of the most inexperienced college QB's to have ever been taken top 10. No legit no. 1 receiver, no big pass catching TE as a security blanket.

Make no mistake, Tannehill was thrown in the fire.

Despite the fact that I had all the doubts and was totally against the pick, Tannehill has won me over. I also like the fact that the Coaches have brought him along like they have. This kid is taking his lumps and giving a little of what he's getting. He hasn't appeared to be out of his league. He keeps improving and most importantly, he's learning from his mistakes.

Tannehill made his 20th, 21st and 22nd start against NFL defenses at NFL game speed. I LOVE that fact. Most up and coming QB's make these starts against college defenses.

Not our Tannehill. He's learning on the fly against some of the best! So far, so good. I love the direction his development has taken.

Late in the game, against the arch rival New York Smelts and this Kid is audibling to deep passes and going for the jugular! I LOVE it. And judging from the way this Kid learns on the fly, I fully expect that the next time he's in a similar situation, he will have learned and be even better!

In watching this Monday night game I gotta say that the Def. play in the NFC West is making me stand up and take notice. I new they had a great D-Backfield in Seattle but was unaware of just how physical an all-around D they have. The front 7 has sacked A.Rodgers 4 times an it's just the beginning of the 2nd Qrt. with one corner blitz making it 5 but the other 4 were in a base D. The 49ers are the best in the business today and Arz. is lighting it up on D with Fisher (D minded Coach) now in St Louis this Div. is getting better and looking more like a new school black-n-blue division in the pass happy era.

Odintrash, do you talk to your kids this way too?

You are simply put, TRASH.

Fat, arrogant & stupid is no way to live. Hire a life coach!

I'm watching a rookie QB play on MNF and he is playing like a man.
The announcers are not making excuses for him.
He is throwing frozen ropes and hitting double-covered receivers with them between the numbers.
His manliness is making me ashamed of our QB.
Bob Griese retired 30+ years ago and we are at the same place we were when he retired: looking for someone that can actually do something more than jerk us off for 16 years and counting!

And who was on Bess, Clovus? Now, now, don't get me riled.

Cards are pretenders? Wow. Than the PHINS really the worst team in the NFL if the Cards are pretenders! I love my team and will support them for ever, but I don't see them beating ARZ with our offense minus Bush, plus we don't have a third WR to help out Tannehill!

Az beat NE & Philly in back to back weeks.
We are Az's week off b efore they get back to the real NFL.

Russel Wilson > Tannehill

Chad Henne > Tannehill

Coalition I have to go but I wanted to comment on your post. Did we not all know that he had no offensive weapons?

When they named him the starter I lost it in here and went on one of my half page rants. My point at the time? You throw an inexperienced qb in a game with little to no talent at the skill positions and he is going to struggle. There is now two ways about it.

People came back at me saying "a great qb will make his wr's look good". I say pfffffttttt to that.

Yeah, a great EXPERIENCED qb can do that but seriously how many rookies have come into the league as a starting qb with a wr corp like Tannehills and made them look better has?

Look at who they got for Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, etc. They all have big time outlet guys and tes who can stretch the field and make plays. Tannehill doesn't have that benefit.

So I don't have a clue if he will be a great one or even serviceable. But I do know it's going to be damned hard to tell with Nannee, Armstrong, and even Hartline. Hartline was great against Oakland, but no tds. And where was he yesterday, made the one great catch. People are blaming Tannehill for some of the out of bounds throws. I could be wrong but I though at least one maybe two were as a result of him not wanting to throw a pick to the safety whop was closing in on Hartline. He's not seeing the sideline and trying to put it right there in that situation because what HE IS seeing, in my opinion, is that safety coming over.

So he put the ball where he had to to avoid another int. My issue now is he probably never should have changed that one call. He might have to much leeway as a rookie qb.

Kris was right to, they put him in some bad situations letting him throw out of the end zone. THAT, was the worst for me with the play calling.

But yes, I don't believe it's fair to judge a 3 game rookie as a bust, especially knowing he has very little help.

Just my opinion guys, don't get twisted! :)

WOW 7 sacks for Seattle

GB OL sucks.

8 sacks!!!!!!!!

Also on a couple of the missed passes to Hartline, lets be honest guys, go over the tape again if you want to. The guy barely had a step on the db. The ball would have had to been perfectly thrown and Thill isn't there yet. Especially considering he has been working with Hartline for a little over 2 weeks, the first week he was still limited and barely played in the first game. You can call them excuses, I call them facts.

Hartline is a great guy and a nice receiver but he doesn't get a lot of separation. He makes GREAT catches but it's not like he's burning people out there. We need upgrades at all of our wr positions except for slot. Bess is DA man!

Now I'm out, promise. Peace

(and once again, they all rejoiced, "yaaaayyyyyyyy"!)

Also, Rodgers should know better, throw the darned ball away!

The excuses for Hennehill are starting. LMAO!

GB OL sucks.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 09:50 PM

How about Seattles D-Line is Great?

Is it a crime for **YOU PEOPLE** to speak in positives?

I mean this O-Line has won Super Bowls and are consistantly making the playoffs.

Maybe theirs MORE to LIFE than just Sucking It?

Ya Think?

I speak in positives to positive People. I speak in negatives to negative People, odin. Depends.

I've watched Russel Wilson being in Michigan and watching all the Big 10 games all the time.

I already knew he was great at Wisconsin. But I have to admit, I'm a little surprised at how quickly he's adjusting to to life in the NFL.

I was never concerned much with the height, especially in his case. I questioned his reconition skills and how he would adapt to the speed of the game at this level.

I'm glad we took Tannehill instead of signing Flynn. I bet Seattle wishes they would've been as smart.

How much money are they paying their back up?

I speak in positives to positive People. I speak in negatives to negative People, odin. Depends.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Just joking with you Oscar.

Are you enjoying this game as much as I am?

Something about seeing Rodgers having his a ss handed to him just does it for me-lol.

It ain't over till it's over, but at least these guys are laying one on Rodgers!

Remember, odin, that an integral part of my work is to talk to People in a way that they understand and sometimes might not understand but only to help them. You are angry.

oscar, is odindouche am insecure psychopath retard?

Sure, run the ball. They can't rush you.

Tannehill. 58.3. Weeden 60.7 Wilson 81.1
Luck 75.4. RG3 103.5. Facts are facts.
But Tannehill and Weeden Dont have good receivers!

oscar, is odindouche am insecure psychopath retard?

Posted by: Mel | September 24, 2012 at 10:17 PM


Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Facts are :

Tannehill STINKS!

Coalition, will you be making hundreds more allusions to gay sex in your posts tonight as you grow progressively more drunk and imbecilic or can we expect some hastily concocted tales about your "hottie" blow-up doll?

I know you probably get upset when people mock your inane fables but they really ARE quite humorous in a "car wreck" kind of way!

Pete Carroll sucks a a Major League Coach.


Tannehill also has the fewest numbers of starts, and of "ALL" of the starting rookie qb's, Tannehill's had the worst recievers both college and pro.

Who cares about Rodgers? I enjoy seeing all these new kids QBs. They will change the Game.

Excuses for Tannehill? TOO FUNNY!!

Lookout, odin, I'm getting impostered and against you.

I don'T like Sherman. Yeah, he is also paid to call a good game al the time. And he did not. The second half was atrocious play calling. This guy is supposed to be a professional and there is not excuse. I understand that we'll always have people with different opinions on everything, the same people that one time argues that taking a knee before de the half is conservative playing the second time around would say that it is unsafe for the RB, now, can anyone make an argument on Sherman?

The same people that made excuses for Henne for 4 years ....are now making excuses for Tannehill.

I don't understand why Ryan Tannehill isn't throwing for 400 yards a game and 5 touchdowns just because he is a rookie with THREE NFL games unnder his belt and the worst starting receivers in the game on a rebuilding team!!

He is definitely a bust!! I am an expert on these things because I watch football on TELEVISION every week!!!

We need a TE like Finley jeez!

It just occurred to me that I could care less who wins the Packers/Seahawks game.

For that matter, what difference does it really make who wins ANY game? It's completely pointless and ultimately means nothing.

I'm going to take up a more interesting hobby.


That was a big rookie mistake for Wilsom!

Welcome to the speed of the NFL!

Then Wilson follows up with a delay?

Hows that manliness working out for you now Lincoln Sparrow?

Lookout, odin, I'm getting impostered and against you.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 24, 2012 at 10:30 PM

No worries Oscar.

He's upset cause I put "IT" out there. The "IT" being how he ascertains his Meth Money.

He even lies and claims he'll use the money for new Teeth. But weekend after weekend, he shows up all Gums!

PS: Oscar, can you remind him to brush his **TOOTH**. Being he's only got one left, he often forgets ;)

Ha pretty funny Odin. Tannehill is playing with str8 garbage skill position players. We have 2 practice squad WRs in Armstrong and Nannee rotating a spot a white boy WR who's currently a 1 (he's a 3 at best maybe a 2) and our best WR who's just a slot guy. Fasano should be a two. (slow as molasses). Until Ireland start drafting some skilled WR and DBs things aren't going to change and Tannehill will end up like Henne. LOL

The refs just saved Wilson from an ugly Tannehill like int.

Tell me that terrible cal can't affect the outcome of the game.

These refs are pathetic!

Wow! These pathetic refs are stealing this game.

Thats at least 2 and probably 3 games that these wanna be refs have decided.

I'm not paying good money to watch wanna bes decide games.

The NFL, by definition is PUKE right now!

After that last pass interence call against the Packers by the replacement refs, I just had to turn the channel. The officiating has made the game hard to watch.

Only way I would still be watching is if GB ro Seattle were my favorite team. The NFL is now about to lose its national audience. Only team fans will watch thier teams play. With these replacement refs, even that's going to be excrutiatingly painful.

Because of the replacement refs, the nfl may have to add an asterik next to every statiscal number this season. Lots of unearned yardage will be gained or loss by the horrible officiating.

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