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Mike Sherman addresses various topics here

As Monday is the day the Dolphins make their coordinators available to the media, it stands to reason that you should know what Mike Sherman told the media today about his play-calling, his thoughts on getting two running backs hurt in the final seconds before halftime in the Houston and New York games, and about players such as Lamar Miller, Charles Clay, Anthony Armstrong, Legedu Naanee and others.

So here it is ... All that Mike Sherman said today:

(On where running back Lamar Miller is in his development) –“I’m fairly impressed with Lamar. He’s a very smart football player, takes the coaching real well. I think he’s right on target, where we expect him to be at this time."

(On if it’s normal rookie play to occasionally miss an assignment like the play Miller had yesterday where he and quarterback Ryan Tannehill were not on the same page) – “Well, we just had a meeting. We talked about that and no it’s not what we can expect out him. We expect him to know what to do all the time. There was a call there that made us repeat the play and we wanted to run it again and he just missed it. Although those things do happen, I remind him he’s now being paid to play football and it’s inexcusable to make those type of mistakes. I don’t think he’ll make it again.”

(On how Miller has been taking the coaching and negative criticism) – “Excellent. It’s not negative, it’s just constructive criticism. He takes coaching very well. He wants to be great and he wants you tell him how he can get there, but he’s been very receptive."

(On when running back Reggie Bush went out with an injury that affected his play calling) – “Not a whole lot. It didn’t affect the play calling necessarily. We expect those other guys to step in and to do certain things. Obviously, Reggie, the young guys aren’t quite at Reggie’s level yet. So certain things happen when Reggie’s in there that may not happen otherwise, but, as far as play calling, it didn’t affect it whatsoever."

(On if he wishes he had some play calls back from the game yesterday) – “I don’t think there’s a game that I’ve ever called ever that I don’t wish…You’re not going to, if you get 75 plays, you’re not going to have 75 great calls in a ball game. That’s status quo from week-to-week.”

(On if he feels like the offense was too aggressive on the final two possessions of the game yesterday) –“Not necessarily. You look at the last possession, we ran the ball twice and threw it once. The pass that I called was a stick route in the flat, which we had completed earlier. We ended up, Ryan ended up giving a signal to the outside receiver to go vertical because of man coverage. He though he had a clearer shot there, which is understandable. But no, I don’t think it was, I thought it was what was called for."

(On how Tannehill is doing with his deep passes)– “It’s obvious, we weren’t real good then. When the ball ends up out of bounds, it’s certainly not what we want to be. We want it to be somewhere between the sideline, halfway between the sideline and the numbers, in that general vicinity – an area that we work on, the red line. We missed on a couple of those. There’s no question about that. It’s something he’ll work on this week."

(On this being the second time this season a running back has been injured in the second quarter of a game this season) – “Yeah, I’m sure Joe (Philbin) and I will talk about that like we do every week. How do we want to finish the half if we’re in those positions? Certainly have never had that happen before. It’s kind of an anomaly, but definitely worthy of discussion, no question."

(On if he expected to get more out of Charles Clay and what needs to change with him to be more of a factor in the passing game)– “Yeah, I have high expectations of Charles. I think part of that is him, part of that is us putting him in the position to make certain plays. I can’t remember just a whole lot of times where he has a… he hasn’t dropped a bunch of balls. We’ve targeted him and he didn’t perform necessarily, but yeah, I would like to get him more involved. He’s a talented young man. This week, he was on the field more than he was last week, the first game more than the week before. I kind of go by how they practice on which direction you’re going to go, fullback or two tight ends."

(On his impressions of the Arizona Cardinals defense)– “They’re very aggressive, their defense. They’re playing extremely well. They play very hard, very physical. Some games they come at you with everything they’ve got, other games they mix it up on you. It will be quite a challenge for us. We’re looking forward to it."

(On wide receiver Legedu Naanee not having any catches this week and if he feels like the team has enough playmakers from a receiving and tight end stand point)– “I thought we spread the ball around pretty good the other day. We were playing against a pretty good defense that also has very good players. I would like (Legedu) Naanee to be an, us to get him in position to catch some balls. I don’t think he was targeted necessarily the other day. But by no fault of him or us, it just sometimes that’s the way it ended up. But yeah, I’d like to see him get some more balls. (He) works extremely hard. He’s done a great job on special teams. I think that puts pressure on me to make sure that happens."

(On if the offensive line is playing as well as it seems, particularly right guard John Jerry and right tackle Jonathan Martin)– “Yeah, usually with offensive linemen if you don’t notice things, they’re doing okay, but yeah they’re doing a nice a job, in particular against that defense, which has a tendency, because of its structure, to create some sacks and hits on the quarterback. I think we only had two hits on the quarterback the entire game and were able to rush for a good amount of yards. We still left some… We’ve got a lot of work to do. We left some yards on the field that we could have gotten that we didn’t get. As I told the guys today in our meeting, we shouldn’t have left it to a field goal kicker to win the game for us. Shouldn’t have left it to Dan (Carpenter’s) responsibility. We have our own responsibilities and it was on us to make sure that we didn’t put him in that position."

(On trying to take too much advantage of the Jets secondary when cornerback Darrelle Revis went out)– “I think we ran the ball. How many runs did we have in the game? … There wasn’t an intentional shift if there was. I can’t honestly tell you that I purposely had an intentional shift at that point. There was an awareness that he was out of the ball game, which may have affected some calls, but not the frequency of calls necessarily in my mind."

(On if there is a big gap between receivers Naanee and Anthony Armstrong and the younger receivers)– “I think the gap right now is… I think (Davone) Bess and (Brian) Hartline have separated themselves obviously and I thought Bess had a great game, really performed well this week and last week. I think we’re still looking for that guy to step, the next two guys to step forward. I would agree with what you’re leading onto."

(On if he expected his running game to be ranked fourth in the NFL based on being last in preseason)– “I think part of  these things happen, but the other part of it is, in the preseason, I knew we could run the ball pretty effectively in practice cause we’re going to against one of the better rush defenses in football every single day and I think that helped make us a little bit better. In the preseason, we threw the ball an awful lot, an inordinate amount of times compared to where we are right now and what we’re doing offensively in trying to have an assessment on the receivers and the quarterbacks and what not. I don’t think the preseason can be an indication of our run game at all in relation to (now). Plus the fact, in the preseason, you’re mixing and matching guys. There’s different groups going in there. Until that offensive line is one cohesive unit, you really don’t start having the protection you need to have from that position."


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No one tuning out the NFL and Goodell knows it. Ratings are as high as high as its ever been

After tonight's game, Im sure ratings will begin to slip. No one's sitting up late anymore to watch this officiating garbage. NFL sponsor will be demanding a percentage of thier money back becvause of what will be a shrinking audience.

The nfl may also begin to feel the hit at the entrance gates for team home games too. Even some team fans may not want to come in anticipation of this officiating garbage. They may fear those horrible calls will go against thier teams also.


I just turned from the game and will not be watching anymore tonight. The outcome has already been tainted.

With Revis going down and NE slipping early honestly I like our chances to at least finish second in the division. CJ Spiller just went down also for Buffalo and Jets, as we saw, are NOTHING especially without Revis they are just hopeless. If Tannehill can continue to mature into the season I can see us doing alright

We're now learning for the integrity of the game its far better to have replacement players than replacement refs.

I think the replacement refs will just learn as they go also. As any other person, they will get better with experience.

Ha Ha!

What did I tell you about these wanna be refs?

This shouldn't even be close. The made the last two drives for Seattle!

Now on Monday Night Football(ROTFLMFAO) these dousche Bag refs COMPLETELY BLOW IT!

Conspiracy? I think not! It's called pitiful replacement Refs-Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Like I said, BY DERFINITION, the NFL is PUKE!

Now go get Yo Shine Box Goodell!!!!

Let these punk wanna be Refs kick the X-Tra point.

Chucky is upset!

How is that NOT a interception?

Replacement refs are a bunch of dick s and rogger rabbit commissioner needs to go with those sorry as refs!!! Rogger gadell needs to be fire he sucks a s s

Rodger the Rabbit Gadell. Has to be fired he brought this a pond him self!! Replace the refs but replace Rodger Rabbit!!

If the other owners are as cheap as Ross they'll never agree with the real refs. LOL

The manliness worked out just fine I'd say.
Russell Wilson, Rookie QB and Man, just beat the greatest QB ever to play the game on the biggest stage: MNF

Who was the bozo here who said the other day they "didn't notice any difference" with the replacement refs?

Care to rethink that position now?

Stupid billionaire owners. OPEN YOUR DAMN WALLETS. The entire integrity of your game is being compromised and the NFL is now officially a LAUGHINGSTOCK!


You people are so stupid.
The NFL IS the 32 owners.
The 32 owners ARE the league.
Goodell works for the owners.
Get It?
The owners don't work for Goodell.
In last years labor lock-out etc Goodell represented the owners at the bargaining table.

Look Rodger the rabbit Gadell is at fault to
He always wants to change something with the great game of football!! And now he is letting those sorry as pop warner refs to play a real ref games!!! Gadell. Your FIRED.

This is the worst ending to a game I've ever seen in person, I expect we will see the real ref's back next week. It has been warned and said since the beginning to this Season that at some point these replacement hack referee's were going to decide a game with a BAD CALL and this is the game folks, live on Monday Night after the FIASCO in Atlanta Vs. Denver it's been boiling and for me the Packers were just jobbed!!

Forget the tuck rule play, the immaculate reception, the Holy Roller ect... This is the worst most disgusting thing I've ever seen and I was going for Seattle. 1st the blatant P.I. on Shields by Tate then the obvious pick being by Jennings being called a T.D. on simultaneous reception were the DB clearly has it on replay and you get the feeling the ref's at this point were thinking if they reversed the call they might not make it out of the stadium alive.

The Pack leaving the field and refusing to kick the extra point which if I were McCarthy I would have left it at that forcing even more pressure on the NFL COMISSIONER to deal with this matter instead of punishing the victims (the players and us the fans) to watch anymore of this, how he talks 11 of his guys to go out later for that shameful extra point play I don't know but again the most shameful rip off of a game for a team fighting in a tough Div. and you hope this FIASCO doesn't cost the Packers at the end of the Season for a Playoff spot. DISGUSTING!! THE REAL REFEREE'S NEED TO BE BROUGHT BACK NOW!!!


Tonight's MNF game reminded me of 2 other MNF games that are always at the top of my mind - they both involve the Dolphins:
- 2009 first Jets game, Henne's 2nd pro start, Henne drops a 60 yard bomb into Ginn's breadbasket as time expires to win the game and everyone in America witnessed it
- 2011 first game of season, first game of Daboll offense which Henne had to learn on his own, and teach it to the other players during lockout. Henne throws for 450 yards and 2 TDs + 3 dropped TDs (Marshall 2 Fasano 1); and sets NFL record for most passing yards in game along with Tom Brady. BTW Henne also led team in rushing with 59 yards. Henne by himself produced more than 500 yards offense throwing to scrubs like Hartline, Bess, Fasano & Clay.

I haven't seen a single game this Season without at least 3 to 4 of these BAD CALLS! Nor have I in over 30 yrs seen a more hard headed Comissioner, getting sick of Goddell and his act!!!

Jim Florio Gov NJ,
Yes GB can protest the game, just like in baseball.
They will get satisfaction eventually just like they do in baseball.

The post game interviews with the Pack gonna go watch!

It's just you and me.

I78 @ Delaware River

A little meth for you.
A little weed for me.
A docking station so we can sit side by side and post here all night long.
A bottle of Firewater (105 proof cinnamon schnaps)
Why not?

Jim Florio Gov NJ,
Yes GB can protest the game, just like in baseball.
They will get satisfaction eventually just like they do in baseball.

LincolnContinental | September 25, 2012 at 12:15 AM

There has NEVER been a reversal of an outcome in the NFL and this won't be the 1st, mark it but should give the real ref's alot of leverage in the coming meetings.

This was weird. Lots of bad calls.

What. An. Ending.

Well Miami fans, we can't feel worse than the Packers fans will this week.

Like I said: the same outcome as in baseball which means Nothing Will Be Done

Glad I didnt have a bet on GB

The real refs have got to be laughing

It's just us.

I heard that there is a bathtub game called 'Submarine Periscopes'

Steve Young has just humiliated himself and his family by crying like a little biatch on national TV, and I'm sick and fvucking tired of the complaining about the replacement refs, because:


I know I need not remind my friends here about the TExans game a few years ago or the Pittsburgh "fumble" game that stole the game from us by the "regular" refs that cost us the playoffs.

I'm tired of it. The replacement refs are not much different than the regular refs.

That was a tough call.

lincolncontintental is correct re henne

At the Risk of having Mr.Goodell call me an A sshole under his breath:

Mr. Goodell.......you should FIRE YOURSELF!

Pete Rozell and the other A ss Clown would've NEVER let things get this bad and that's a fact.

Goodell passing out fines left and right, suspending all knds of people in the name of upholding the integrity of the NFL! Yet he lets this happen under his watch?

Goodell's A ss sucks buttermilk on a Sunny Sunday!

I know, you're like: What?

My Grandfather always use to say it. It basically mean you're FOS! And thats what Goodell is, and thats what these replacement Wanna be's are!

Thanks for embarrasing the League, The Coaches and the Players. And thanks for ripping off all of us Fans!

PS: Can you imagine being a Green Bay Fan and having spent all the money on Travel, lodgings, Tickets, etc, etc?

This can't be swept under the rug. Some heads need to roll in my opinion. We can't touch the Owners, so it might as well be Goodell!

Mr. Goodell! PLEASE Fire Yourself!

Well what do you say?

Just a lesson. Life isnt always fair.

If your worried about periscope depth don't. We'll adjust the water level so that everyone has a big periscope.

: Danny Whuerffel | September 25, 2012 at 12:36 AM

With the real refs those are few and far between! Maybe one to two actual blown calls that end in controversy a Season. You say that was a tough call and I say a ref. who blew not only the call but the blatant penalty by Golden Tate. That was ugly and there isn't one game without at least a half dozen of these calls this yr. You actually had one ref blowing the play dead with another right next to him signaling T.D. I have been a fan for many yrs and that was hands down the ugliest thing I've seen.

When I saw the word 'blowing' my heart sped up for just a moment.
Thank you.

You have to admit: the 'Tom Brady' arm moving forward call was pretty ugly also; and it changed Super Bowl and NFL history.

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 25, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Well said old friend you forgot in your reference about Goddell being FOS to also refer to him as sycophant AS S LICKER. I thought that Rozelle was the worst of the owners owned comissioner but this butt licker is worse!

Wilson has 2 ints that won't show on the stat sheet.

Seattle couldn't get a first down in the 2nd half until the phantom roughing the passer. The play where Wilson threw his first pick.

Then later same drive, another PHNTOM pass interference against GB, keeping their drive alive. In reality it was interference......OFFENSIVE pass interference-lol(Sidney Rice).

Then on the final drive, they miss a blatant PI on Woodson right in the middle of everything. These Replacements are just LOST PUPPIES(Don't call them refs, officials of line judges, none of that. From now on, their simply: The Replacements)!

Then of course the last ridiculous play of the game-WOW! That was just the last ATROCIOUS 5 minutes of the GAME!

It's a SAD DAY for NFL fans the WORLD Over!

PS: ROTFLMFAO - Bhwaaaa Haaaa Haaaaaa - and an LOL Too ;)

My favorite thing is watching MNF with my 4 best friends Dashi, Kris, Aloco and oscar canosa. At halftime we all strip naked and smoke a little weed and have a shot or two.
Then we cuddle close to each other for the 2nd half and what happens happens.
C'est la vie!

You have to admit: the 'Tom Brady' arm moving forward call was pretty ugly also; and it changed Super Bowl and NFL history.

LincolnContinental | September 25, 2012 at 01:02 AM

Yes it was ugly but there was a rule on the books which gave it some weight and it has been called plenty since. There is nothing to support what we just saw outside the immaculate reception were Franco picks it up when hitting the ground and then Pitt. T.E. Bennie Cauningham clipping Raiders LB Phil Villapiano in obvious fashion in what to me was the worse robbery I saw till this, IMO! You actually have one ref. calling the game next to the one who signaled score, again reminded me of the immaculate rec. were the ref's fearing for their lives ran off the field knowing the pandemonium they had caused.

I'm 6.5 hours drive from the rendezvous, you?

It's a SAD DAY for NFL fans the WORLD Over!

PS: ROTFLMFAO - Bhwaaaa Haaaa Haaaaaa - and an LOL Too ;)

Publicado por: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 25, 2012 at 01:03 AM

Again agreed 100% like I posted earlier I haven't seen one game this yr. without at least 3 to 6 of these horrendous calls and it is going to cost somebody the post Season, watch!

"...the worse robbery I saw...".
See Jack Tatum robbing Darryl Stingley of his ability to pump his women whenever he pleased.

Sorry Lincoln ContinFakeName,

This was some serious stuff and I had to skip over your droll.

Anywhoo......Wilson beat somebvody or something tonight?

Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa! See how utterly ignorant you are my Brain Damaged troll? ROTFLMAO!

You must be come drunk again. Huh? Don't lie.

Wilson? Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa-Thats real manly there Queenie ;)

Wow I just had a horrible thought:
Imagine you're confined to a wheelchair and NO ONE in the world cares about you and the only attention you get is from someone that wants you to suck his c ock and you're willing to do it because negative attention is better than no attention.
And you can't off yourself because your arms are restrained.

Not real drunk just a little. I'm about to open my 12th Miller High Life and then I'll be done.

"...the worse robbery I saw...".
See Jack Tatum robbing Darryl Stingley of his ability to pump his women whenever he pleased.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 25, 2012 at 01:20 AM

You retarded Fvck! You have a way with words you come dumpster you!

But yeah, I'll never forget that Stingley tradgedy!

and then Pitt. T.E. Bennie Cauningham clipping Raiders LB Phil Villapiano in obvious fashion in what to me was the worse robbery I saw till this

Posted By fin4 aka Coalition...

So I'm the retarded fvck?

Hey LincolnTroll,

Q: Who was the First NFL wanna be Quarterback to EVER throw the Game Winning Interception?

A: Russel Wilson.

Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Prior to that tragic play Darryl Stingley did own his women. And he pumped them whenever he wanted usually when he woke up and about 9pm at night. And they liked being owned and protected and pumped.
Just like women today do.

Good One :D

So I'm the retarded fvck?

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 25, 2012 at 01:41 AM

Now you're catching on!

Don't try to do too much right now. Self realization is a GREAT first step ;)

Women love sleeping!
200+ deep pumps will put any women to sleep with no drugs/alcohol involved.
I always give at least 300 pumps (I count silently) followed by a deposit of sleeping sauce.
She starts snoring within 10 seconds.
Every time yo.

OK, seriously Lincoln, isn't this the most sickest shyt you ever witnessed on Monday Night Football?

I can't wait to see all the Talking Heads Jumping on this Bandwagon.

I'm going to watch Mike and Mike in the mornijng for sure.

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