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Mike Sherman has a lot of work to do

All eyes are on the Dolphins offense now. That's what happens when a unit seems to lack talent and not only doesn't score any touchdowns but makes mistakes (turnovers) that lead to 24 points for the other team.

That's not the way it should be.

And so this week offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has to address a lot of things. He started addressing those when he spoke to the media Monday.

This is all he said:

(On the number of batted passes during Sunday’s game) -“I think there were six.”

(On if there is any thought about altering Tannehill’s release, or is it a case of looking for open passing lanes or offensive linemen needing to get defenders hands down) – “I think the second thing you had is probably more appropriate (Open passing lanes).”

(On the 19 balls that Tannehill got batted down in his last year at Texas A&M) –“There were only three of them that we thought were his fault. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. It was in the game the other day, no question, but the gentleman, (Texans Defensive End J.J.) Watt, has a history of knocking balls down. He’s pretty good at it; I think he had four. And a couple of them were on twists coming down, so the quarterback wouldn’t have seen them anyways. It’s definitely something we’re looking at hard, and checking where he’s putting his eyes. He’ll be better this week with that.”

(On whether there is something that the offensive line could do to help the situation) –“Yeah, most of the time I just put that on the quarterback; he has to find the passing lane. You know guys are a little bit taller in this league, a little bit bigger, windows are a little bit smaller, and these guys have a lot of range. So it’s just something that he has to work through, and he will. He’ll be much better this week. He hasn’t had a problem with it in practice. It has not been an issue, which you would think this would be a reoccurring issue in practice. If you talk to the defensive coaches and players, they didn’t see this as a problem until the other day. But (the Texans) defensive line coach, Bill Kollar, is known very well, is a great coach, and they do a good job of the minute they read three step, hands are going up. You have to give them part of the credit. We’ll take some of the blame, but you have to give them some of the credit on a job well done.”

(On whether all of the batted balls came on three-step drops, and whether there is something to that) –“I believe so, yeah. When you drop shorter, the ball comes out a little bit (quicker), your eyes get quicker to where your target is. It’s hard to look people off at that time. Yeah they were three-step, yup."

(On whether he thinks that Houston is better than the rest of the league at batting balls down) –“I think it’s something that we have to address. It’s not just going to go away. I give Houston a lot of credit for what they did, and they are very good at it. I don’t know if everybody else is as good, but I’m not going to say that we’re not going to get any balls tipped if we’re not playing Houston. There are other teams that will see what they did and try to do the same thing."

(On how far Ryan Tannehill has progressed) –“I think the next game will be huge for him. I think from the first game to the second game, for any team, its huge, especially for a young quarterback. One thing I know about Ryan, he corrects himself and he is accountable. ‘I can do that better,’ and he fixes things. That’s the thing that always sticks with me in regard to him. He’s very conscience of what he needs to work on and then he spends time working on it and tries to get it right. So I’ll take the blame for it; I should have prepped him better for this than I did. He’ll be much better next week.”

(On his sideline demeanor) – “Yeah he’s, ‘let’s get on to the next play.’ He has the attitude that you want from a quarterback. I’ve been around some quarterbacks that have some phenomenal ability, but they don’t have that resiliency, and they struggle. I’ve also been around guys that don’t have quite the ability but have the resiliency, and they survive and survive well. So you have to have that mindset that, ‘ok we’ll fix it and move on to the next play.’ So, you know he’s mad at himself, but he’s not desperate or in despair.”

(On the thought process behind running the ball before the end of the first half instead of taking a knee against the Texans) –“You’re talking about the fumble, are you talking about the pass? Ok, well whether it’s right or wrong, whether there’s 45 seconds on the clock, we could have taken a knee, you’re right. It probably would have been safer, we probably wouldn’t have turned the ball over, but with 45 seconds left you have a chance maybe to break a run, rally, and then take a shot at the end zone. So that was our thinking going into it. If it was 10 seconds, 10-12 seconds, then I probably say take a knee. Forty-five seconds in a football game and we had timeouts left too, we just figured if we broke one, then we could take a shot, and that would be the right thing to do. If we had done what we were supposed to do there and blocked it correctly, then it wouldn’t have even happened, but we didn’t and so we turned the ball over.”

(On the Texans game planning to bat the ball down against a short passing game typically used with young quarterbacks, and if it will be a challenge moving forward) –“I don’t think so, because I don’t think that we did an inordinate amount of short passes. I know I wanted to start the game that way, and those didn’t get tipped. But I’m sure that would be a good philosophy that they could have because they are great rushing the quarterback. Those ends were the best in the league last year at pressuring the quarterback and we definitely didn’t want to get him beat up or sacked early in the game. But it really wasn’t a problem until our fourth possession, which is when it really started to unfold. The first three possessions I think we were pretty clean on stuff.”

(On whether his offensive success with past teams is motivating him to improve this offense for next week’s game) – “Winning the game is the ultimate objective obviously. However you can win the football game, that’s what you’re shooting for, but on the offensive side of the coin, we certainly let our defense down. There were a number of good things that happened in the ball game. I thought that we were able to run the ball well early, and could have continued to run the ball if the game hadn’t changed on us the way it did with the turnovers. I felt like we could move the ball, but didn’t do well, when we had some opportunities. We had some field position, we had the ball in the red zone, but didn’t put the ball in the end zone, and that’s a big concern of mine, that we’re down there on a couple of occasions and didn’t score touchdowns. Even late in the game when the game was out of hand, we had an opportunity to put it in the end zone and we didn’t take advantage of that. So as a competitor, yeah it does bother me.”

(On Tannehill’s fourth-down throws when he didn’t throw the ball into the end zone)– “Well, they were smart. Wade (Phillips’) has been doing this a long time. He made some really good calls and we had to put people into the end zone in order to take a shot. At the same time, they had everybody playing a picket fence back there and didn’t give us the end zone shot. So he elected to check it down hoping that he could run it in and that didn’t happen. Probably next time, he moves his feet a little bit, pumps and then maybe just throws it into the end zone on fourth down.”

(On how troubling it was that Davone Bess was the only receiver to catch a ball until the fourth quarter)– “If I thought it was going to be a problem this year, I don’t think it will be a problem. I think more receivers, I think the preseason has shown that the ball’s going to be spread around quite a bit. I’m not overly concerned with that because we had other guy’s catching balls. Reggie (Bush) was catching balls. (Anthony) Fasano was catching balls. (Daniel) Thomas got a screen, big, big screen. I’m not overly concerned with that, but if it ends up being a pattern, it would definitely be a concern that the receivers aren’t catching the balls.”



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The fact anyone would give up on Odrick this soon is simply looking for a reason to hate.

Fins 10
Raiders 9

It's also easy to say we screwed up on the Pierre Paul after the fact. NO ONE except the Giants thought he'd be good let alone this good. Every "expert" bashed the Giants for selecting him. He was "unpolished" and "needed time", time the Giants could afford to give. So saying we screwed up on JPP is a mute point. Demarco Murry I'll give you but let's see him play a full season before we annoint that fact. We were already saying how awesome Thomas was after back-to-back 100 yard games. I've been high on Misi but he's been a disappointment so far. The Davis trade somewhat makes up for his draft selection and 3 years of service before trading him

Just more b.s. excuses.

Jeff Ireland can't make tackles, throw, catch, or kick. It is all up to the players. Do don't blame Jeff Ireland for the problem that the Dolphins have on the field.


Ireland's Republican Army says:

Jeff Ireland can't make tackles, throw, catch, or kick. It is all up to the players. Do don't blame Jeff Ireland for the problem that the Dolphins have on the field.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | September 11, 2012 at 05:31 PM

Really, I think Ireland would be better at catching passes in the NFL than he is at evaluating NFL talent!

Must be nice to have a boss like ross who has zero percent in caring wheather or not this team looks like #hit every sunday and bieng able to actually keep a straight face to the media and believe this team is good enough.

If im ireland, I dont even have to be held accountable for displaying such a horrible product for four years straight and still not think about job security in the slightest.

People say that being a GM is tough business, maybe that is so in most cases but in miamis case...Being a general manager for steve ross is the easist job in the world to make bank off of regardless of how bad your business looks.

Well Done Ireland

Oscar likes to chanhe his name, pose a question. Then reply to it as oscar.

I'll keep saying it until I throw up in my mouth. Ireland needs to be FIRED!! He has completely destroyed this team and now he needs to be gone before he wastes these picks next year on guys like Pat White or Philip Merling or Michael Egnew or Chad Henne. I could go on and on. I am sick of it. We also need to look into our scouting department, do they share the blame here? Who is ranking these players????

We will get better every week, have patiance fellow Dolphin Fans. This team will improve, Tannehill will be a good QB. This is a young team, Miami is starting 11 rookie players.

Looking at our latest draft class that Ireland claims they "killed it" or something like that... Tannehill looks like he will be a good QB for us for years to come. Jonathan Martin looks horrible but learning a new position so I will hold judgement on him. Egnew is horrible and would have been cut if he wasn't a top pick. Vernon looks like a journeyman D-Lineman, average at best. Lamar Miller can't even get on the field, will be out of the league in 3 years. The rest of the draft class is not even worth mentioning.

Re: Oscar's earlier post.

Man, I was just STUNNED when Tannehill couldn't name the divisions or the teams in them. I mean, like, just totally taken aback. Maybe it doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot but it certainly got me wondering. I mean, REALLY? I laugh every time I think of Matt Moore shaking his head & asking Tanny "How do you not know this?"

ericatl, he finished pre-Med, just like I did.

I remember Charles Barkley saying that most Fans have no idea of the superiority in Athleticism of the most regular pro-Player over the average Joe. I remember Mark Clayton got his chance by jumping lenght wise over a ping-pong table from a stand-up position. Same with Intellect, like you or not.

Okay, I am finally going to turn the heat down a bit.

Just a bit, don't expect cold soup.

THERE NEEDS TO BE A HUGE progression from game 1 to game 2 for Ryan. I'm talking ZERO batted balls. I'm talking at least 2 TD, 280 yards and no INTS.

If there is no HUGE separation from game 1 to game 2, then we could have drafted any QB to do what he does.

With all the batted balls I was hoping for just one play like in the longest yard when Burt Reynolds nails the dude in the nuts that was stuffing his passes, he didn't raise his hands one more time in that game. I would have loved seeing Watt take a bullet to the crotch, cup or no cup, that's gonna hurt!!

Here are my bright spots.

Reggie Bush - although, I believe he is auditioning for the inevitable next year. He getting cut next year.

Dan Carpenter - I put him on the cusp of elite kickers in this league.

That's it.

In Ryan's defense about the divisions, McNabb didn't know games could end in ties.

Dashi likes that Sherman is not messing with his throwing motion. Like Kris said earlier that is something that is really hard to change. Even tweak. It's almost it is what it is.

Dashi believes Sherman was being extra careful with the playcalling and it back fired on him a little. Maybe next week he unleashes T-sizzle!

The coaches are not worried that Bess was the only Wr catching passes. The secret weapon will see more playing time next week. Hopefully that means naanee is inactive.

People it's too early in the season to start insulting this team. If you don't like it, maybe you should find yourself another team to watch.They had a decent game against Houston, other than seven minutes or so before the half.Geez this RT first NFL games.Give the guy a break already.

I didn't see the stats, but it seemed like over half the offensive plays were called to Bush. Whatever it was it was way too many.

Nanee has to go.

Ya'll kept Foster in check, hard to do.JJ won us the game, but ya'll didnt look bad. GL agsinst Oakland. Hope to see ya in the afc champ game

Hey Mike, I've got something (or someone) for you to consider. He has no funbles, no dropped passes and averages 25 yds per carry. That would be impressive if he had more than one carry, but that's your fault.

His name's Lane. Not Night Train Lane, he's Javorskie (sp) Lane. If you bother to look he's the fullback that the Dolphins have that hits like Larry Czonka.

You let him carry the mail once in preseason, results, one first down and one delivered concussion.

You let him have one touch against Houston, results, one reception, one first down and a 25 yard reception.

Getting any ideas?

Be a coach man. Work Lane into the game plan. Don't make us wait until he is playing for New England to find out he is the second coming "The Zonk."

its very discouraging when the team gets worse with every personell move by the GM. it took 5 years for ireland to get us to this point. we have zero weapons/playmakers on either side of the ball. cupboards are bare.

Hits like Csonka?
Csonka is 70.

I´ve been very critic about this team, but the fact was they were tied with less than 7 min in second qr... i like this team, i hope they just improve week and week off... the running game was ok, the passing game we know will strugle all season ´cause of lack of WR and a rookie QB, but i really like the deffense, i mean they accepted 30 points, but with 4 t.o inside your own 30 yd line, just too much to overcome.
So, i think this could be a very "productive" season, in order to get a really good player´s core.

When this team has 'average' NFL talent we can expect to go 8-8.
The postseason?
We're so far away that by the time the players we have to draft to get us to average are here the current average players like Dansby, Bush, Wake, Smith and Long will be old and will have to be replaced.

It's all over the internet about J.J. Watts getting the snap count from Hard Knockers, funny, you don't see anything about it on any of the Dolphins sites.

Anyone worry about if Sherman is the right guy for the coordinator job? He said he is not worried about his receivers not catching the ball! Are you f u c k I n g. Kidding me Sherman!!! Oh Boy we have a Dan Henning all over again.. But remember who hired these clowns. Jeff Firelend. He really is the best GM in the league. What a freaking loser! I feel bad for Tannehill they are going to break him down mentally. You all will see.

I picked up the snap count myself. Espescially the 2nd team center. When you throw so many three drop passes into the middle of the field any high school coach could take advantage of that. We need to throw more outside the numbers and deeper routes. We tried to make it easier on the rook with quick routes, lets count the number of double moves next game.

I don't feel sorry for Tanne.
You want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for Mallet.
Tanne getting top-10 draft pick money.
Mallet's getting 3rd round draft pick money.
Not even Ireland would take Tanne over Mallett if they were both available at the same time.

Sun Sentinel Dolphins: Hard Knocks star WR Chris '7-Eleven' Hogan cut from practice squad

JJ.....agree that Ireland hasnt done a great job but a little premature in your analysis of this years class, dont you think? Miller was a 4th rd pick so you're taking whoever has the most talent there, period (most pundits thought that was a good pick, not just Ireland).....and how can you write both him and Egnew off after a month of camp/preseason? They are obviously at the bottom of the depth chart at their positions but a little patience please....both were drafted at about the point where they were projected, so no issue there--same with Vernon (journeyman?...how did you decide that?)--and Martin didnt look "horrible"--what are you talking about?

camarillo is back?

Did you see how Peyton Manning was toying with the Pittsburgh D? He would come to the line in the hurry-up, look at the D alignment and change the play to the right one against that particular D alignment. Nobody can beat him except a much, much superior Team. Smart. Tannehill can do the same if given the chance.

How do you get cut from this team?

im sure jeff is busy looking for other teams garbage cuts as we blog. rookie 1st round QB with no one to throw to? how does this happen? nanee? egnew? unreal.

Lincoln, c'mon....Bess and Hartline are better than Ginn and Camarillo.....Bush is a different type of player but as good/talented as Ricky (both are good, for sure)--Porter was an overrated blowhard by the time he got here, wasnt the Porter of his prime, so I thought he was average at best here (Dansby is as good or better at this point, and several of our D lineman are better easily)--I'll give you Brown but again, Bush is as talented, just a different type of back--and Brown's production went south so quickly that its hard to consider his time here as really great.....I liked him but pretty disappointing for the 2nd pick in the draft.

btw, at the beginning of that Game and apparently on the Coach's orders, the hurry-up was not used by Peyton. Then, well into the Game apparently Manning decided to go to the no-huddle and it worked to almost perfection. Was that Denver Coach tell him not to do it?. No chance. These kind of high intellect Players you let them do what they want. They are more intelligent than most Coaches(and FO personnel).

Am I to believe Ryan had 19 batted balls last year and this wasn't addressed in the offseason?

Why is this still a problem if they KNEW before hand?

I guess he had zero batted balls in training camp? Or did he have many batted balls in training camp?

There was a time when Peyton was in Indy, he was telling the O-Coordinator what to do.

Peyton would make a fine Dolphin head coach.

Shula was no "deep thinker" but he knew fully well that Griese was so.


Watching the Redskins on NFLN.....

they run the READ-OPTION....looks like my high school team.....

This is a step BELOW the WC......

3-4 weeks of tape...and DC's will be stomping a MUD-HOLE in RG3 and the Skins....

- Man, that educated black Kid got blasted by that guy. - I know, man, but that guy is some kind of fuc-ing cracken.

I'll stick with our tried and true PRO-STYLE offense...as opposed to any base read-option high school "O"....

It may take some time (like Novacaine).....but it will work...

Oscar...why are you such a racist douche????

serious question...

Racist people are among the most uneducated, ignorant people on the planet....

Usually they are lonely...and hate THEMSELVES most of all....The feel INADEQUATE about either themselves....or their position in life.....

well EFF YOU.....its your fault your family hates you.....this blog will be so much better when father time takes you to hell in a year or two....

There are educated Black-skinned People and non-educated White-skinned People. And viceversa. Any argument to that, Kris?

I'll just wait you out Oscar....


He!! awaits you....

Some people have no place being fathers. There should be laws against it.

I believe the word Black, as used to describe People of certain ethnicity, is not apropriate and has not been so for a long time, the same as, White People. Negro and Caucasian are best, up to now. I give you that one, Kris. Will never happen again, at least with me.

Who is our backup long snapper? Hopefully, Ireland won't trade him to Oakland before Sunday. But then again, we don't have to worry about any bonehead player moves by this vaunted front office, do we Dolfans?

But, do not be mistaken by our understanding Actions. We permit NO disrespect to Us and will strike you down as easy as picking a Flower, if you do so.

Men(and gals, if any), in truth I don't give a fuc- about any of you here. You are way beneath me in many ways, as my friend Ralph has pointed out to me so many times. You want to know why I post here? Strictly for my Pleasure.

Man, The Dolphins have to beat the Raiders! Cam Wake and the rest of the defense better be licking their chops! They better get at least 5 sacks and 2 picks Sunday. Raiders may be only NFL team with less talent than us. If we can't beat a west coast team coming east for a 1pm game after playing on Monday night we won't win at all.

Very true, Jake, in Pa.

Thank the good lord Idiot Odin's must have Passed out.

We're the team that all other teams will give the greatest effort to beat.
Put another way if your team loses to the laughingstock Dolphins what does that make your team?

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