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Miller and Thomas in a mini competition for snaps

Daniel Thomas was back to work Wednesday, the first day the Dolphins started full practice preparation for the New York Jets game. After missing the previous week's victory over Oakland due to a concussion, Thomas was totally and completely cleared.

He practiced full.

But he did not step right back into all his repetitions at practice.

This week, you see, Thomas finds himself in a battle for the No. 2 running back spot on the team with rookie Lamar Miller. Miller replaced Thomas last Sunday and not only did the job, but actually seemed to do the job better.

Thomas had gained 11 yards on three attempts against Houston in the season-opener. He added a reception for 32 yards. That's 33 total yards from scrimmage from the second running back. Not bad.

But Miller had 65 yards on 10 rushes against Oakland (a whopping 6.5 yards per carry). Miller contributed a 19-yard touchdown run that showed his explosion now and promise for the future. He didn't factor in the passing game, but neither did he seem lost on passing downs, which is the major worry about rookie RBs when they are assigned to block blitzers on passing downs. 

So what to do with the No. 2 RB spot now?

You can't just reward Miller for a fine outing by shelving him. You can't really hand Thomas his job back without him proving he's 100 percent and better than the next option, which is Miller.

So you have a mini competition and whoever does the best work over the week probably gets the snaps on Sunday. And that is what's happening now.


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One thing for sure: Don't put Miller on the inactive list again!

Lots of difference between the 2nd rd pick of two yrs ago and the third rd pk this yr,,,actually the difference is between day and night. Miller runs like a football player, Thomas seems to run scared.

Please terminate Thomas's contract ala Matt Roth.

"This week, you see, Thomas finds himself in a battle for the No. 2 running back spot on the team with rookie Lamar Miller. Miller replaced Thomas last Sunday and not only did the job, but actually seemed to do the job better."

This is a GOOD thing. You definitely want as much competition as possible which is why Miller was drafted in the first place.

The Jets have a very good run defense so this is great test for our RB's & our O-line.

Give the ball to Miller!!!!

Anybody with eyes can see he's going to be better than Thomas if he's not there already, which I think he is.

Thomas is a bust.

thomas = bust.
give it 2 miller...

Why can't we use both of them? Reggie should shoulder most of the burden. Then spell him with Thomas (and use him more out of the backfield). But for a change of pace bring in Miller to see if he can electrify the crowd.

I see this as a good problem to have.

By the way, to the troll from the last blog, saw your pathetic attempt to draw me into an argument, and I'll just leave it at this:

You don't have a clue what you're talking about, you don't have the balls to post as yourself, and you're not even close to being in my league, so you should stay at the kiddie's table while the adults talk shop.

miller = 4th rd.

They should be shopping Daniel Thomas as we speak. With Bush, Miller, Clay, and the other FB there really isn't much use for Thomas

thomas = punt.

Miller is the #2 back. Put Thomas on special teams.

miller = d rests = # sanchez = no fist pumps 4 spazano = phinz winz.

DC, even here you're wrong, you tool.

The goal of a football team is not "to electrify the crowd."


I think Thomas should start miller should be a back up and trade Bush now!!

Armando...I count 43 yards from the Line of Scrimmage for Thomas....by your stats....

We should try to convert Thomas to TE. If that doesn't work, cut him or trade him for a 6th.

Thomas is definitely not an NFL running back.

Thank you, now that's a worthwhile story!

DC your correct though it is a good problem to have!!

Wait a sec, wait a sec, like DC said, this is a good problem to have. Good Coaches find uses for good Players(Csonka, Kiick, Morris).

dt was affraid 2 hit the hole before the bell ringing,
now.????. huh, he'll slide like the qb's do.

Smart move DC...

Even if this guy had any merit to his argument....he has discredited himself with the unwarranted attacks...and embarrasing display of immaturity....

DC, in all seriousness, I joke around on here because I'm not an overly earnest tool like you living in DC, but you don't come close to my education or career achievements. I can't prove it and obviously I won't tell you my real name here, but you don't compare to me, actually. You're not close to being in my league. I was number 1 in my class in law school at the age of 21 and graduated from law school less than 1 month after my 24th birthday, having done undergrad in 3 years. I've been a practicing lawyer for 15 years and I'm not yet 40, and I make $150,000 right now essentially working part time. I spend most of my time playing with my kids and doing other fun things like exercising and playing music.

what do i do.????.
i smoke hashish and drink beer. yeah.!!!!.

Wow, no comment except I'm out. Lol.

2 watt, is that u.?.

Kris, I'm a mellowed man. Get a chuckle out of some of these trolls.

2 watt, can't remember, but I think you said PreSeason Jets were horrible too (and someone we could beat). Now that we're both 1-1, what do you think? Close game, blowout, us, them? Two posters I like to hear their POV are you and Craig, because it gives me a good gauge on how the perception of the team is faring.

Yous too young, Danny Whuerfel.

2 watt has been annoying football fans alike around this whole world and soon to come 2 a different galaxy near u.

now some jerk has taken my name.

get a life

(I thought that name was spelled differently) well...

"Why can't we use both of them? Reggie should shoulder most of the burden. Then spell him with Thomas (and use him more out of the backfield). But for a change of pace bring in Miller to see if he can electrify the crowd."

I see this as a good problem to have.


I couldn't agree more. I love that Sherman is running the ball as much as he has. Who says you can't use three RB's??? I would love to see Miller get some plays where he can get to the edge in the passing game. The Jets DE's & LB's do not have the speed to contain him or Bush if they get to the outside in space. See Bart Scott. Sherman knows this.

In a perfect world I would love to see this team modeled after the way the Niners play football--great defense, can establish the run & have a QB that doesn't make mistakes. In fantasy football people think it's all about the franchise QB's but I don't enjoy that game as much as smash mouth football. If only Marino had a running game....Would have won multiple SB's.


BUSH: 12


So you are comparing Thomas's performance against one of the best teams in the NFL to Millers performance against one of the weaker teams in the NFL. Perspective people! Lets compare Tannehill's performance against the Texans and Raiders! Geez makes sense now doesn't it!

dc, it's still h.o.t. down at the joe. it will be close 4 3q's, then the phins # the green pukes in the 4th. look 4 them 2 be puking on the sidelens like jerry did during ps.
lol. still bothersome tho is the big zero in lb paxx cov.

dw, apery = flattery.

Danny Whuerfel= the delusional YG/ DB or home or some other psycho schizophrenic

I think the heat was a bigger factor versus the Raiders than it would be against the Jets.

It's not as if the Northeast is cool in the summer. It gets just as muggy up here as down there for most of it.

That said, Go Dolphins!

Thomas is a stud rb , miami is stacked at rb , if Miami can trade Thomas for a 2 nd rd pick they should consider it

Miller deserves more carries and this week they can hold Thomas back with the excuse they don't want to rush him.

But like I said, Thomas is a Good #2 not a Feature Back. Like Ronnie Brown. L.Miller can be more of a lead back and has Homerun Speed(4.38). And If we can't ReSign Bush we need to make sure what we have. Philbin already has questions about Thomas's Will or Love for the Game.

Miller Fits this Scheme better. He's like Clinton Portis. Bigger. Portis might've had more ability but it's the Same type of Player. Like Reggie. Miller is already bigger than Reggie. And is only 21 yrs Old!!!

Yes, Bush is a Great Player, But If we can Develop Miller behind him for 1 season nice and Slow? Why Not? Let him learn the Ways.

Then unleash Thunder & Lightning. Bush can only be signed for 2 more years. So why not Franchise him and Trade him for Picks with San Diego(Bush's HomeTown) next Year or Keep him for 1 last year.

If we Sign Bush to a 4 year deal. When will L.Miller become the Starter in his 5th year in the NFL? Doesn't make sense.

Bush has maybe 1 more year with the Dolphins(He will be 29 to start the Season). Then On to the New Blood. Miller will only be 22 years old next Year! Younger than when we Drafted Ronnie! Or D.Thomas!

L.Miller had to come out this year. DUKE JOHNSON IS AT THE U. Probably the Best UM Running Back Ever. And That is a lot to Say. But the Kid is for Real.

It appears that it's becoming increasingly difficult for anybody to want to troll around here.


I don't get it....There are so many fans on here who either overrate our players like Sean Smith or trash players before they even get a chance like Thomas.

i make 150k people lol lol

D Thomas will lose this battle and eventually be cut.

I mean, can there be a Place that has produced more top-notch RB's than the U? Count them.

Thomas has had 3 carries this year & 1 reception...Yeah he must be a bust.

Someone asked earlier which record Bush set and Im not sure it was answered so here goes.

Bush is the first Dolphins running back to gain over a hundred yards from scrimmage in 6 consecutive games.

Stop trolling my name. You are stupid and don't read much if you think I'm YG.

To those who can read and understand nuance, it's obvious I am Tim Couch/Ryan Leaf/YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

Jeezus krist it's like I'm playin' cards with my brother's kids or somethin'.


The U produces more than just RB's, they're an NFL factory. If we just drafted locally (especially @ WR, TE, & LB) for the last decade this team would be a a freaking powerhouse. Better late than never I guess with Miller.

I do make $150,000, before bonus. I work about 30 hours a week.

Playin cards with my brothers kids that old chestnut, but i make 150k... wow I am a rich one. Stop trolling my name.

150k is a lot? I Must be a junior associate or a bad lawyer.

Bush + Miller = Williams & Brown 2.0

"Someone asked earlier which record Bush set and Im not sure it was answered so here goes.

Bush is the first Dolphins running back to gain over a hundred yards from scrimmage in 6 consecutive games."


Ricky never did that??? That's hard to believe considering he was the best RB in the NFL for two years.

I practice the fine art of Personal Injury. I am rich!!!

We were very young back then, but we used to sneak in the OB and climb under the stands to see George Mira and the Hurricanes.

"Bush + Miller = Williams & Brown 2.0"

R&R with the Wildcat was a beautiful thing to watch in 2008. Tebow will never run the WC like Ronnie did. He was the master.

Also Miami High vs Coral Gables High.

Appears somone is talking to themselves? 3rb a great problem as we all know someone is going to get nicked up. I would consider getting rid of Bush before the trading deadline concludes for a couple of picks, 2 and a 3 or something of that ilk.

Hell, I used to make more than $150,000 and I never had a penny left. Fuc- that sh-t.

We are lucky that Ryan is not permitted by the powers that be to use Tebow because of the Jets' stupid investment in girly Sanchez. If they used Tebow, quite obviously they would win, just like the 8-1 Tebow broncos last year, who beat the mighty steelrs in a playoff game in which tebow threw for 316 yards.

Lucky for us, they'll continue to play 52% 3 INT Sanchez and we will win the game 24-10.

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