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Miller and Thomas in a mini competition for snaps

Daniel Thomas was back to work Wednesday, the first day the Dolphins started full practice preparation for the New York Jets game. After missing the previous week's victory over Oakland due to a concussion, Thomas was totally and completely cleared.

He practiced full.

But he did not step right back into all his repetitions at practice.

This week, you see, Thomas finds himself in a battle for the No. 2 running back spot on the team with rookie Lamar Miller. Miller replaced Thomas last Sunday and not only did the job, but actually seemed to do the job better.

Thomas had gained 11 yards on three attempts against Houston in the season-opener. He added a reception for 32 yards. That's 33 total yards from scrimmage from the second running back. Not bad.

But Miller had 65 yards on 10 rushes against Oakland (a whopping 6.5 yards per carry). Miller contributed a 19-yard touchdown run that showed his explosion now and promise for the future. He didn't factor in the passing game, but neither did he seem lost on passing downs, which is the major worry about rookie RBs when they are assigned to block blitzers on passing downs. 

So what to do with the No. 2 RB spot now?

You can't just reward Miller for a fine outing by shelving him. You can't really hand Thomas his job back without him proving he's 100 percent and better than the next option, which is Miller.

So you have a mini competition and whoever does the best work over the week probably gets the snaps on Sunday. And that is what's happening now.


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Are you sure it's Whuerfel, man?

The other problem is only letting Tebow run the wildcat. Just let him play QB the same way RGIII, Vick, and Tebow's former backup Cam Newton (before UF kicked him out of school for committing a felony) are allowed to do.

This is what they call a nice problem. I frankly think there's enough plays for all three of them especially when playing a team that won't pass all over you like the Jets. Our 3rd back is better than their starter.

Mark, plays are precious. We can't afford the 3 punts caused by Thomas's 3 for 8.

Give the touches to Miller and Lane, when it's not Bush.

Miller and Bush are a threat to score any time they touch the ball, from anywhere on the field. This is the type of player who should get the ball. It's basic logic.

Yeah I worked in IT and my managers and their people were pulling in that.

What is this Game Homecoming to?

Mando make sure philbin puts this in the locker room.

“Holmes said on Wednesday that he thinks the Jets’ receivers have a significant match up advantage over the Dolphins’ defensive backs, and he’s planning to exploit that advantage in Miami on Sunday.”"

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Tim Tewbow... I agree they should just let him play under center and throw like Cam Newton and RG he would be far superior.I hope they do that this week. Jets would lose by 40.

Mr. All World Cam Newton was Tim Tebow's BACKUP, before UF kicked him out of school for being a criminal.

Tim Tewbow is so great he is Sanchez's backup, woooo. Tewbow or Matt Moore, tough choice I will take Henne.

Hell, I'm obese and drink a lot and my kid has ALWAYS dominated in School.

Dude your a closet Jets fan, or you have a lot of man love for a second rate qb, who cannot be a starter on a NFL team.

Wow, this Danny guy is a loser. He posts like oscar, 5 times in a row he talks to himself like a loser LOL things are getting bad around here time for me to bolt

Thomas is a bust after 560 yards rushing last year, just like Tanny was a bust after the 1st game, and Bush was a bust after the 3rd game last year and Hartline should be cut, and Odrick is a bust, and Sean Smith should be cut. Thank God you people aren't GM;s.

Right oscar, I got out of the rat race bought a liquor store make more than enough, my kid is nine and moved up to the 5th grade. Guess I too am a winner!!

Agree Mike. Thomas is the backup and will start next year.

Man you guys are stupid. You are the same fat, lazy, reality TV watching idiots who eat at McDonald's and drive horribly, run red lights, tailgate me in your leased BMW (you are $500,000 in debt), and sometimes rear end me. You are not worth my presence and I have erred in being here. I'm out, seriously. You will no longer get to learn from me. I will come here only to read Mando's professionally written posts. I'm going back to simply enjoying the Fins games. Not participating in live blog during games either.

Have fun being wrong.


I'm out.

Danny, trust me, at some point, they will need a tough runner like Thomas.

You sure it's Whuerfel?

Miller dances at the hole, the WCO is a one cut and go offence, not made for Miller.

Yes, YG. I must go prepare my dinner now.

Daniel Thomas makes some of the worst decisions I've seen a RB make. His decision making and lack of vision will continue to get him injured. Miller should get the nod.

I like mcdonalds, could lose a few pounds closer to a million in net worth (not including business) all this done before 45. Have a 10 year old truck and even older z28. Love the phins and dont have man crush on a BACKUP nfl qb.
Bye Bye dont let the door hit ya.

"Appears somone is talking to themselves? 3rb a great problem as we all know someone is going to get nicked up. I would consider getting rid of Bush before the trading deadline concludes for a couple of picks, 2 and a 3 or something of that ilk."


If the plan isn't to re-sign him them I agree. A possibility is that Ireland (assuming he's not fired) chooses to franchise him & get another year out of him. Not fair to Bush who will turn 28 but probably very smart for us.

BTW--If Ireland trades Bush he might be signing his own death warrant with ownership b/c he is by far our best offensive player.

Most of you are very stupid.

ummmm Isn't the Texans D far better than the Raiders D? Especially against the run? What am I missing here.

I like both guys so could care less sho starts but this is not a big body of results to make a decision off of.

Haha, YG claiming someone else posts too much. I thought this guys was you!


Go eat dik bitc h

I agree we need to see how they are doing if they are 3-6, I think ownership and Philbin will be ok with that. Ireland wont trade him unless Philbin is on board.

I live in New England and I see what is going on with Welker, Pats are diminishing his role and are going to let him go this year. I dont think he will be traded but Bellicheck may trade him. (Not toPhins mind you) But I would like to see him come back next year on a 3 year deal.

I did not say most of you only one I could think would be Danny. But he makes too much money to troll. :)

so lets see. miller got carries after we put oakland's defense in the dirt, which wasn't that great to begin with and we are already making him the heir apparent?? i'd like to see a bit more before we do that. he has the potential though.

thomas ran for 11 on 3 carries and caught a pass for 32 against the number 4? defense from last year but he's a bust??

can we get some more even keeled people or have the people who are here work towards being more even keeled?? i think trading any would be a HUGE mistake! who is our 4th back? honestly i could not tell you. clay or lane i guess but i would hate to rely on them if we traded bush or thomas to be the backup if one of the 2 remaining backs got hurt!! we have 3 tailbacks on the roster and all will be needed. thomas is the bruiser on the team. he pushes the pile and has great hands in the passing game. bush and miller are pretty much the same back so it's nice to have that contrast on the roster. keep all 3 active and put naanee on the inactive list on sundays. better yet cut him!! i'd rather see mathews on the active roster.

insanity, Welker as anice veteran safety blanket is a nice idea. I'm interested in finding out how much money that one would cost.

Hello. My name is DC Toolfan. I am neat.

Don't mess with a good thing. Bench D.Thomas, play miller. maybe it'll light a fire under his ass finally.

he signed a 9.5 million franchise, they then low balled him offered about 9 a year for 3 years, he walked away from that signed the tender. Gonna cost 10-15 up front I would say. Worth it though.

hopefully they can keep all 3 next year too. i'd like to see them resign reggie for a couple more years. it will be a tough contract because i'm better bush will want more years than the dolphins will want to sign him for. 3 years would be the max. even if he did lead the league in rushing this year.

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I long to gaze into those eyes as we hold hands atop the CN Tower, drunk on good wine and the joy of being with each other.

I am not DC sorry Danny. Find your boy Tebow the best COLLEGE QB eva!

Brad, click on name and fantasize all you want.

I agree hence trading for picks is a possibility, if the other two prove servicable. Then get welker in here. Him in the slot opposite Bess nice tandem.

Mark getting some bro love.

Thank you, my darling Maria. I hope that we will revisit that romantic little Greek spot near the Spadina station soon. What an enchanted night that was!

insanity, they make all kinds - what can you do??? Lots of freaks on the net

Brad, everybody knows the best Greek food is on the Danforth!

It's MILLER time

armando.....whats 32+11???? hahaha. def not 33. woah.....such care and effort you put into these articles. You get paid for this?

ESPN's latest power rankings:

Jets: 18
Fins: 25
Raidaahs: 30

Purely subjective, but offers some perspective.

have Miller and Bush line up in backfield at same time. then split one out as a receiver. this may catch the defense off guard.

Thomas is the most physical rb on the team he don't always hit the hole but they always have 2 gang tackle him. O by the way bush didn't do as much against the texans prob cus there d is better than Oakland

Bush has to be re-signed next year. You don't let a star player in his prime walk over money.

Miller and DT are both on "cheap" rookie contracts.

Fins need all three of these guys cause one of them is gonna get nicked up from time to time, like DT was last week.

If all three all healthy they can all get plenty of snaps, just not all at RB. Bush and Miller will be used a lot in the slot.

Every team needs a bruiser at RB and DT is that guy at 230 lbs.

I think DT's gonna be a darn good back for the Fins, probably never the #1 guy but a great change of pace from Bush and Miller.

And BTW - in case anyone forgot, DT has great hands, caught a ton of balls at K State. That offers versatility as evidenced by that screen pass he took for 32 yards against Houston.

2 watt is an idiot and Dashi still can't write a comprehensive blog.

Go on your own website and compare who is a tool and who isn't who cares your both idiots get rid of Thomas another bust by our gm Ireland must go send him and Thomas to the jets to complete that loser organization

If Miller consistently plays better than Thomas, and learns to block. You have your answer.

Also give it to Lane.

daniel thomas = sammie smith

Armando you are comparing apples and oranges .. game one was against a really gr8 defense , game two was against the raiders! of course your running backs is going to have more yards against the raiders.. here's a example bush only had 60 some yards against the Texans , but ran for 170 against the Raiders.. APPLES AND ORANGES Armando!!! Daniel Thomas will do fine against the Jets we need him there playing against the pass rush .. Miller can't do it.. Remember it's a team game. and i expect the dolphins to play like a team Sunday at 1 pm and start to pull away and woop the jets in the 3rd and 4th quarter.. LETS just hope the SUNS out!

Miller had a good game so I think both should be active and sit another receiver that they dont need anywhere besides the offense.After preseason the team as well as myself knew that they had strength at the RB position,thats why they released Slaton.Dont forget Thigpen is also a RB.Take a talley Dolphin RBs have scored 4 touchdowns in two games including the punt return against Houston.

Thomas has 43 yards on 4 touches. That's not exactly qualifying him for a trade. Remember this. It's a LONG season and having three capable backs is going to be necessary. Thomas also is a BIG guy that defenses won't want to tackle in the 4th quarter. If we truly are a run first team -- which we should be, then we need as many backs as we can have to last us a whole season. Thomas got hit from the side on the chin -- not much he could have done to avoid getting knocked out of that game. Helmet to chin? Helmet wins every time.

Whats up with all of the hatred with Thomas? I would imagine Dolphin fans would be excited that we have this much promise.

32 11=33? Is this guy really a professional writer? Is it a mini competition or is it a competition? Dreadful.

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