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Most likely WR upgrades? Gaffney or Stallworth

Plaxico Burress because he's a free agent? No. Definitely not. Dolphins didn't want him last year and still do not.

Terrell Owens? I've already reported to you that GM Jeff Ireland said no.

James Jones in trade? I doubt it because he would cost (a high draft pick) and he's not worth that and the Dolphins think they now have a deep threat.

Donte Stallworth? Maybe. The club worked him out and sent him for a follow-up medical test so he's on the call list.

Jabar Gaffney? Maybe. He's worked out and is dangling out there.

[Update: Gaffney actually is working out today.]

That's the state of possible upgrades for the Dolphins at wide receiver. What does it all mean?

The Dolphins are shopping for bargains and discards right now.

If you expected the Dolphins to do something outrageous, perhaps even audacious, the past few days to improve the struggling wide receiver corps you probably weren't all that moved by the waiver wire pickup of Anthony Armstrong. He's a nice receiver, a solid second-tier talent. But a star? Not yet.

Moreover, if you believe that Miami really isn't done improving and the addition of Gaffney nor Stallworth impress you, again, you're going to be disappointed. That's because a big name simply is not likely to come this way, folks.

Mike Wallace is not coming.

Dwayne Bowe? Hard to imagine the Chiefs will part with him and that the Dolphins would pay him what he wants.

Who else is out there?

In the draft, I mean -- because that's where the Dolphins are most likely to improve that position most when they finally stop shopping in the bargain aisle.



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Nice, way to kick off a new blog.

I mean why think about what our options are or what our best move would be?

We can just post stuff like: Everything and Everybody Sucks!

Yeah! Look at me everybody!

(Big Sigh.......)

Actually the Herald has it posted in "Dolphins Trim 22 Players" article:

"David Garrard has been throwing and made progress this week in his recovery from knee surgery and hopes to be available for the first or second game. Pat Devlin also was retained, at least for now.

The contracts of Garrard ($2.25 million this season) and Moore ($2.75 million) won’t be guaranteed until Sept. 9, giving the Dolphins time to make a decision".
Right under your nose. LOL

I don't particular like Stallworth or Gaffney.

Would either be an upgrade?

It feels like the lesser of two evils to me.

Garrard doesnt have an injury history. Even the back wasnt a problem this preseason. Probably had stuff floating in the knee that didnt rear its ugly head until the rigors of camp made it surface.
Getting a knee scoped has never been a big deal. Why are you guys looking at it as one right now? Dwayne Wade his knee scoped during the championship run. Just was no need to rush Garrard to play.
Heck, they got a chance to see if Moore could hold off Tannehill and he couldnt.

YG, regardless of the article, I already knew that contracts don't go into effect until opening day. Thats what I told Darryl.

But when I heard him say that he thought it was tonight as of the 53 man cutdown, I wondered if maybe the new CBA might have changed things up.

But thanks for clarifying it for the both of us. It's appreciated ;)

I realize we can't fix everything in one draft so I will delay passing judgement on my beloved Phins until about mid-season.

As long as T-Hill shows steady improvement and the rest of the team and coaching staff comes together as a cohesive unit, it will be a successful season.

The schedule is not that tough, 8-8 or 9-7 is very doable.

Upgrading the recieving corps doesnt neccessarilyu mean it has to be wr's. IMO, the greatest available upgrade, and it wont cost us any picks, is Chris Cooley.

Cooley would give Tannehill a very reliable reciever, mplus a seam threat that can make the game a little easier for the wr's we already have on the team. The single greatest recieving upgrade would hands down be Chris Cooley.

Also, Our wr corps gets instantly upgraded over what we saw during the preseason with Hartline returning to the lineup alone. Stallworth nor Gaffney are upgrades to Hartline at this point in thier carrers. So Hartline returning should be our single greatest wr upgrade.

Any word on if Chris Cooley's talking to any teams yet?

I know its not saying much. But I would take Brian Hartline as being an upgrade over Stallworth and Gaffney at this point in thier careers.

..I haven't heard of anything reguarding Chris Cooley.

Could the Phins actually be serious about Stallworth? Am I making a big to do about nothing? I would think that after what happened here in this city with Stallworth. The Phins wouldn't consider him at all. I think just from a PR standpoint the move is a bad idea. Is he that valuable of a player that his play would make people forget what happened? Or has time healed the wounds and it isn't even a big deal? It seems like a strange move should the team pull the trigger. Again..I live about as far away from Miami as anyone that blogs here..Is this making a big deal about nothing?


PR move aside, I dont think Stallworth nor Gaffney would be that great of help anyway. At this point in thier careers Hartline's a better wr. Even that isnt saying very much.

That's why I think the greatest impact that can be made to the recieving corps period would be to aggressively pursuit and sign Chris Cooley.


What about Deon Branch?

He is the best WR out there right now. The only problem I can forsee is he might want to go to a team he views as a Super Bowl contender.


I hate to be THAT guy but I have to mention him since he's been cut by Seattle. He's much better than at getting open than the 'cement blocks for feet' TE's that we have now!

Just saying...

The difference between the great teams and the mediocre-losers is the great ones swing for the fences and bring in the great players, be it trade, draft or free agency..

Be bold!

Please no patriot Wr's!!

Please no Wr's over 30!!

Continue with the Texas A&M connection and get WR Ryan Swope in next year's draft. This guy will turn out to be even better than Wes Welker!

We have Ryan Tannehill.
Enough said.
Tanne is a franchise, elite QB, he will elevate the WRs on the roster.
We don't need to sign any of the available bums!

No matter how it all shakes out, I believe Bess and Hartline will be our starters at wr anyway. Dependant Hartline can stay healthy.

If Armstrong can get and stay healthy, he probably becomes our primary deep threat. Maybe Gaffney or Stallworth can compete for the 4th spot in 4 wr sets. Thats why I see signing either is that big a deal.

Im out, said all I need to say. GN guys.

...YG..What do you think is going on with Cooley? I'm suprised there hasn't been much interest in him(actually I don't know this..just not much buzz)..The guy was a pro bowl caliber player. I think he would be a much better addition as well to say any of the available recievers or tight ends..I don't get why it is so hard for this team to figure out the tight end spot. Fasano??? Is that the best we can do?

The only reason I can think of that the team isn't interested in Cooley(of reasons that I know..could be some injury or something not being talked about). Could the team believe he is to similar to Clay? That in the teams eyes the 2 players are similar in how they would be used? That's all I got.

Maybe Yesterday'sGone can explain why his name is no longer Yesterday's Gone?

Has he been name changing? Or maybe a keyboard/mouse error like Kris had?

Thank you for confirming what I've been saying for years in here:
Any acorn we sign is immediately elevated to the top of the depth chart.

If Ireland was smart, he would give T.O. a workout. He is much better than anyone we presently have on the roster. Once again, we have to have someone who makes the defense back off the line. Since they are not going to swallow their pride and resign Chad Johnson, the least they could do is sign T.O. for a one year deal, so we can have a respectable receiver core. I wanted to keep Clyde Gates. He had too much speed to let go. He will likely make us pay this season. They should have dropped Naanee instead of Gates.

Is gaffney and stallworth worth taking playtime away from m.Moore and Matthews?

Doubt it

Now should the fins trade matt Moore for j.Jones? Hell yea. That's a no brainer. Plus if we get jones we can release naanee

But those other 2 scrubs, HELL NO!!!

YG, I thought I read that Garrard injured his knee in his swimming pool while playing with his kids. At least I thought I did. It was not reported as such till after the surgery.

DD, what Stallworth did was horrible to be sure, but it was not done on purpose.
Though not an offense against a human being, Mike Vick's actions went beyoon inhumane, and they were done consciously. Yet, he's been forgiven, embraced by the press and fans, and rewarded with a HUGE contract.

Thus, if Stallworth has reformed (no drinking, etc) why shouldn't he be allowed the same chance?
There are ex-athletes on TV with criminal records, such as Mike Irvin and others.
Mike Tyson is on freakin' Broadway, for gosh sakes.

bond you are drugged out.

TO is old and slow. He couldn't cut it in lowly Seattle and you think he can here? He is washed up. You may like him, but 32 GM's won't lay a dime on him. Who knows better?

Posted by: Finsfan in CT | September 03, 2012 at 12:22 AM

I love branch as well, as long as the price would be right. All that experience, and he can still be productive. He's money in the red zone.

Not to mention he has been a prima donna head
case on every single team he was on. dude, get real. to= cancer.

I guess Rome wasn't built in a day, but these are the moves that I don't understand from this FO, be it BP or Ireland. We let AA go, who I don't think is even a 2nd tier receiver and does not fit the WCO, only to resign him now. Yes, they need a deep threat, why not kept Gates? Oh, we got him for free.

YG has supposedly gone to bed.
Thankfully Ogden, IMAWriter, Dashi, David Bond,Alert and StricklyRoots have miraculously appeared here in the last 5 minutes to take up the slack.

..IMAWriter..I get everything you said.. The only difference to me is that the accident happened here in Miami..I'm all for second chances. I also realize Stallworth has paid his debt, and from what I think I know settled with the victims family..So he should be allowed to play football. I don't have issue with this at all..It just strikes me as a bit wierd, or maybe ironic that Stallworth may end up here. I was also trying to get the pulse of what people who live down in the area feel..If anything.

Branch is a system Wr. He sucks in the wco, we forgot about his time in Seattle.

Branch is 5'9" on a good day. Is slow and is no longer quick. Branch is over 33yrs old

Dashi would take Bess, Armstrong, and M.Moore over branch right now

Ogden, T.O. is not slow. They worked the sh**t out of him in seattle. I guarantee you, that if the dolphins gave T.O a shot, he would out perform every receiver on our pathetic roster.

Oh Yeah Darryl Dunphy showed up in the nick of time also.

bond, TO was so impressive they cut him.

Ireland knows TO perosnally 100 times better than you. 32 GM's don't want TO, you do. I suggest buying an NFL team and bringing him on.

None of the guys mentioned should be added. The Phins are going to be a bad team this year. They might get to 6-10, MAYBE. This team has been clinging to a handful of players for years adding a guy here or there in free agency and draft to delay this inevitable year we are about to endure. Miami is finally truely rebuilding. Philbin will need three years at least to bring in the guys needed to run his offense. Coyle also will need time to bring in guys he needs. Next off season they should trade away as many players they can get a pick for that doesn't fit. The good players we have will be old by the time they right this ship. better to have two or three really bad years and then be great than go through ten years of clinging to hope with subpar players trying to desparitly fill holes with fa. Thats what they have done since wanny, not again!!!!!

How Jeff Ireland fortified his position as the dumbest man in football


Lincoln don't get Dashi confused with anyone else.


We all know that. Often imitated never duplicated.

TO is 38. Do you think he is the difference in a SB run? Ha! He is cancer everywhere. Give the young ones a shot to see who is worth keeping or not. TO = 100% waste of time.

100% of GM's agree.

..Dashi. Good points. Branch had Brady. Those 2 obviously had some chemistry. Good for them. Branch was a non factor in Seattle..Dissapeared. I don't see how he would do anything more except the same here. Not an upgrade by any means.

We do play an easy schedule so I'll go with 3-13.

At least this year I'm not delusional. We are going into it with a makeshift paper thin Team and it will not be pleasant. But at least to establish some form of lasting foundation that can be built on.

Ogden, maybe I will do just that. At least when I am in charge, I will be able to identify true talent; even in it's raw stage; and I won't keep trading my best players, setting the organization back for misfits that are cut the following year; while the stars I sent away are still producing elsewhere.

Agreed DD.

Dashi didn't even want to factor in the Brady effect.

It's been said branch is really 5'7"

He was never fast, he was quick, but he's no longer as quick or fast as before.

Plus, u guys want a guy that commands a double team, not that gets catches because the Te's and Welker are covered. Branch isn't even a good 4th option right now.

Cooley? Really?!

Don't get the Dashi started on that scrub. Yes, the fins have problems at TE, but it doesn't mean sign the 1st has been we see on the market!!

Why sign either of them? Between the two, they been on 8 or 9 different teams.

YB was old and slow!!?!?!?!?! These two are old, slow and more garbage.

One has been accused of DUI/MANSLAUGHTER.

Ireland playing you fools for fools. The dumbest GM in football lucked up and got the dumbest fans in football.

Hate to say it but Ireland will be here until philbin gets fired. Ross may be dumb but hiring a new GM means he will want to hire his own coach. That means Ireland stays as long as Philbin.

I love licking my darling's back door.
Sometimes it's spicy.
Sometimes it's tangy.

Ireland and Philbin will both be gone by seasons's end.

Looks like Donte told Jeffrey to kiss his arse. He tweeted this the day after he met Ireland.

Donte' Stallworth

Yo @WillisMcGahee, tell Peyton I need a job

Yo Caddy hold up!
WTF yo?
Tangy? Spicy?

Donte did a lot worse than Chad.

K-mart of the NFL

To which Chad are you referring?
Not NoodleArm I hope?

Why couldn't it be the other way around?

Maybe, Ireland told him we are full and are only pursuing J.Jones at Wr in a trade for M.Moore.

The fins have 6 Wr's already on the roster if they get 1 more they will probably be cutting someone(Naanee).

So is Gaffney or donte worth cutting someone on the roster now? Doubt it

How about J.Jones? Yes, he will be an upgrade over naanee.

Dashi would rather see

J.Jones(instead of naanee)

Than those 2 scrubs, again no players over 30

More castoffs. Just what they need. LOL

CAST OFFS?! The Patriots take 'cast-offs' every year and make the freakin' Super Bowl! At one point they had about six players from the Dolphins kicking our butts!!!

Man... LOOK, let's get FIFTY-THREE FOOTBALL PLAYERS!!! I don't care if they're 25, 35, or 96!!!


The Herald didn't find you in the bargain aisle, Armando. They found you in the sissy for hire aisle. The aisle where favors go a long way in securing your writing "career". You're the worst, ever.

How good is Jones really? Not really great numbers. He is a good 3rd or 4th reciever when Jennings, Nelson, Driver, and Finley are on the field and Rogers throwing te ball. Unless there are no other takers Moore for Jones would be acceptable but otherwise any picks are a waste. Miami needs as many as possible for the future. This season is about esablishing the new coahes new philosophy and systems. Going to be another long year.

There are only three people on this list that should be on the dolphins.
Chris cooley, it would help out RT and cut Mastrud he sucks.
James Jones, only if the price isnt to high
jabar gaffney, he is vetern Wr that i think could really help these guys.
if we signed those two recievers we should cut Naanee and M. Moore even though he is good on special teams.

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