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Nolan Carroll doesn't intend to be a target this year

Nolan Carroll was watching when the NFL season opened in New York Wednesday night and the Dallas Cowboys found a reserve cornerback who was in the game playing for, well, another reserve who had started and was now injured.

Time after time the Cowboys worked the backup cornerback successfully.

It was as if he was wearing a target on his back.

"That's how it is in the NFL," Carroll said this week. "It's about mismatches.They knew [Michael] Coe was playing and they tried to go after Coe a little bit. Then Coe went down and the guy behind him probably didn't get a lot of work at practice. So they tried to go after him with different looks and different routes. You try to get a mismatch."

The situation caught Carroll's attention because last year that was him.

Early last season the Dolphins started Vontae Davis and Sean Smith. And when Davis left the opener in against New England, Carroll entered the game as the team's fourth cornerback behind Benny Sapp. The Patriots saw him and found him. Time after time after time.

"You got to keep fighting. it happened to me last year, early in the season -- against New England and pretty much the first three games just being thrown in there," Carroll said. "You don't take that many reps with the ones, you're just watching. And watching is a lot different than doing. You just got to keep fighting. Keep plugging. It's a learning experience, really. This is what not to do the next time.

"I would tell [the Giants player] keep your head up and keep fighting. It's a learning experience. This is your first go-round and so all you can do is continue to stay positive and work."

This season Carroll is no longer an inexperienced No. 4 cornerback for Miami. He's now the No. 3 cornerback and as such will get a lot of work Sunday and every Sunday for the Dolphins in nickel and dime situations.

But unlike last season when Carroll was clearly unprepared for the playing time, this year he feels better about his chances. Much better.

"I think I'm a lot better as far as my technique, my experience, everything," he said. "I felt last year I was more just kind of out there playing. I didn't know what was going on, knowing the situation or what the offense wants to do. This year I know what's going on. I know what's going to happen on certain down and distance. I know formations and situations -- what they like to run, what they like to do. I'm much more confident this year than I was last year."

Let's hope.



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The NE game?
That was the game Chad Henne threw for 450 yards and set the NFL Passing record with Brady for most yards in a game. On Monday Night Football. Brandon Marshall dropped 2 TDs. Fasano lateralled the football to a NE player. The secondary rolled around on the ground with menstral cramps while the NE receivers jogged past them on the way to the endzone.
I remember the NE game.

Texans are First, we do things in a big way. Simply put.

Dashi, Aloco, Kris, oscar canosa, Darryl Dunphy,Tracy 474, bobbyd12, Cuban Menace, fin4life, odin and Armando Salguero are all the same person.

I am a different person.

Nolan better play better. He's the X factor in our Secondary. Him or the Safety's. If Carroll or Clemons gets it. We will be alright back there. If not we are in for a long day.

Good Post Mando!!

I hope we show up tomorrow. I have a feeling it isn't going to be all bad this season.

Who Cares!

Whatever happened to Chad Henne anyway?
Oh yeah: Jags gave him a $3mil signing bonus + $3.5mil/season to push Gabbert to a higher level.
And all reports out of J'ville are that Gabbert is better now.
Penne taught Henne well.

*Who cares? LC!!

Carrol seems like a solid person,solid citizen and excellent practice player. He is also the key to our defense this year. If he becomes a solid football player the Dolphins may be in better shape than most people think.

Henne has already made $2mil more with Jags then he made in whole 4 years here.
And you idiots spent 4 years saying how broke and stupid he was.
Turns out that you are the ones that are still broke and stupid.

According to Pro Football Focus Wake led the league in QB pressures(52) and holding calls(13).

Those are some pretty impressive stats you don't often hear about.

Without Taylor, Wake will get even more attention. So we shall see what happens.

This just proves you can't go by stats alone. Despite Wakes sack totals, he had a helluva year. Hopefully, now that he's going back to DE, hopefully he has his best year as a Phin!

Go Wake!

PS: Make sure you teach Vernon and Shelby EVERYTHING you can!

Denard Robison 80 yard TD run!

Yeah Baby!

They say, Dansby,and Burnett will be back. SO WHAT,they are both over rated,and really not that good.We are toast on Sunday,trust me on this one. This sucks so bad.

The point Dashi is that everyone that left after last season is better off than those still here:
Henne (J'ville)
Marshall (Chitown)
Davis (Indy)
Bell (Jets)
The D-lineman (StL)
Soprano (Jets)
Nolan (ATL)
Daboll (KC)
The DB coach who was interim HC (Philly)

That tuna fish wrap was goood!
Now for a little nap.
I need to cut the grass and wash the driveway but I will save that until 1pm tomorrow.

You losers keep thinking up more ways that we are better off now than we were a year ago.

I'll check back with you later.

Joe Robbie in his present condition would be a better owner than that schmendrik we have now. Jeffy Ireland is a schmegeggi.

Nolan Carroll simply put: Sucks!

He's BARELY a capable backup at the NFL level. I don't care how good of a camp he had. I don't care how much he ALLEDGEDLY improved. He simply doesn't have the talent, nor the potential to develop enough to be good NFL corner.

Carroll should NOT be the 3rd corner. Wilson would definitely be the better of the two manning the nickle.

Mark my words! Playing Carroll at Nickle is going to be Coyles FIRST BIG MISTAKE! That's strike one for him in my book.

Hopefully Coyle figures it out and moves Wilson up before much damage is done.

At least(hopefullt)he's not as bad as Nolan last year. I figured Nolan must have lost his mind. He had Carroll locked man on man with Andre Johnson!

Huh? What? Yeah, I liked Nolan at first, but a few things started bugging me about him. Putting Carroll one on one with Johnson was my "Jump Off" point!

Hopefully Coyle is aware of all this. But it doesn't look good. Putting Carrol above ilson will come back to bite him in his a ss.

That's Strike One Mr. Coyle!!!!

Odin, can I get you to blow up my hottie tonight?
Posted by: old wino | September 08, 2012 at 04:10 PM

I dunno? Can we get you to stop ruining the blog with your gay innuendo and tales of child rape?

I'm calling for a Boycott everybody. It's time to boycott the Gay Monkey Boy!

From this point forward, Rainbow Room Master, you Sir, will be IGNORED!



Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

That's not everybody!!

Also the only 2 that are better off from ur list are Daboll(Which Dashi Liked) and Marsha.

All the Others are done. or just Garbage.

Sporano? Really!!

Bell? he's Done, 34 yr old Safety who was never fast. Plus, we play 2 FS in this system. No SS in the Box.

Nolan? Really

Davis? we got Value for him and Carroll is ready for the 3rd corner job. Davis was replaced by R.Marshall not Carroll so comparing the 2 is Asinine.

The D-Line? Langford got a 40 mil contract to be a Backup DT aka McDaniels Job. Don't know how that works out. Langford didn't fit. He would've been our 5th DT. Member we are switching to a 4-3. And we all know ur not talking about Merling?

Henne? Ha, Really.

Again, that makes only 1 player who will be missed, Marsha. all the others are dead Weight.

Question can Bell Cover TE's? Don't think So. He Definitely can't cover Rb's and Wr's.

The only player that will be missed is JASON TAYLOR. NOT EVEN THE DIVA

Which Dashi said a Few weeks back we should resign him (before joining ESPN) for Pass rush Help! JT can still play on 3rd down and he would be a great mentor for the Young Linemen. U know OV grew up watching JT. Maybe they want to see whats up with Odrick for a Full Season?

Check it out Dashi, the Monkey Boy is so predictable.

He knew we exposed him and everybody was on to him.

So, he calls for us to focus on talking football(in other words, move along nothing to see here but the troll having his a ss handed to him).

Then, as soon as he admits defest, it's right back too: The Dolphins suck., Ireland sucks, Ross is the worst owner, etc, etc, blah, blah.......

All of his same old, same old, dumb a ss routines.

He's too stupid to realize you don't have to start fights to generate those precious hits. If the idiot would just talk football, the blog hit numbers would take care of themselves-Duh!

Thats why I think he's "You know whose" Good Thang on the side. He lets him have free reign, but apparently he doesn't know the first thing about football.

The BEST he can do is, The Cheerleaders suck, I hate women, Roos Blows, Ireland stinks, Philbin sucks, blah, blah, etc, etc...........PUUUUUUUKE!

What a Freaking Putz!

Agreed with the Boycott Odin!!!!!!!

Dashi is Still Sending a LEtter to everyone responsible for this mess.

P.S.- Enough, don't tell nobody who u are, Or U Odin. Keep the Fool Guessing.

Dashi's 1st strike against Coyle is him Playing Misi. Dashi Hopes Trusnik or someone else beats him out thru out the Season.

That and no Outside Contain in the Running Game. 2 things that worry Dashi about Coyle.


I also agree with you on Denard Robinson.

Hoke will want to get a more prototypical NFL style QB for Michigan soon enough.

He inherited Denard Robinson and the damn kid is just too good to replace at the moment.

Hoke and Mattison are still dealing with all the inherited players. Much like Philbin has had to do here.

By next season you will start to see Hoke and Mattison's stamp on the Michigan team.

They have some very similar paralels to what we have at the moment!

Go Mich.......I meqan MIAMI! ;)

When will your team (stinky fish dolphins)take that silly dolphin off your helmet? There is nothing strong about that symbol. It even smiles at you,take page out of the Tampa Bay Bucs book. WOW, you people can't do nothing right.Please stay down there,because we don't you here at all.

Odib,Dashi, Congrates, now it's only you two on here.
Its kinda like Ohio's blog now
LOLROTF over these two dufuses.

Again always nitpicking!!

U drove everyone Away Clown. and it would make 3, or U forgot to add urself.

D.Robinson is just to good. That's how u can see Hoke is a Real Coach. He's adjusting his system to his team right now. But they are moving in the right Direction.

Don't get Dashi wrong if I have to Pick between Michigan and The OSU. Dashi is picking Michigan Everytime.

With that said my Team is the Real UM. Even though we didn't look like it today.

Posted by: Neil's GhosT | September 08, 2012 at 04:27 PM

Terrific "old school post!
You're a mensch.

Watching the Purdue vs ND game. Scouting the ND TE's and the LB's.

Robert MArve is the QB for Purdue!! What!! The same one that was a QB with Jacorry his freshmen year.

Same guy.

All legitimate concerns until we see how this guy operates.

Dashi, I also have the same serious concerns over Misi(as you already know). But I'm giving Coyle a strike over this. I did think Guyton should get this spot, but overall, Coyle didn't have much to work with in terms of OLB's.

In Carroll's case, I think there is a clear and obvious choice that is better in Wilson. I hope Carroll is all they say he is, I just personally think Wilson is better.

Either way Buddy, that's Strike One for Coyle!

Air Conditioned RABBIT MEAT!
Oh, Lord of Alabama! Bring me the head of Ethel Merman!

Posted by: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain | September 08, 2012 at 04:56 PM

So your saying you'd prefer this?

You just made your own point on who the dufus is.

Oops......forgot.......I have BANISHED you squirrely one! BE GONE!

U can't forget a name like Marve. It's just to close to Favre.

Wilson is better than Carroll, but they had him playing Safety this PreSeason cause that was a Bigger Weakness.

Either way. Dashi is with Odin. The Only Coach I Really have a Question about is Coyle. He's the Coach with the Most to answer tomorrow.

My boy sherman upgraded his side of the Ball after Preseason(Not alot but Still got something better than what we have). Coyle hasn't shown anything yet.

So were the big underdog here. No surprise in that.

The Texans have made the playoffs........and were rebuilding from Head Coach on down to corner back. All point inbetween.

Great, who cares. That just means we can roll up our sleeves and get to work without having to live up to any kind of expectations.

The Good Thang! The Main Thang! We have a CHANCE! We have a CHANCE to upset a team that everyone else expects will scrub the floor with us.

I'm a Viking Warrior so I'll GLADLY take those odds. We got what we got, it is what it is! It's time to go to WAR! Once the whistle blows and the clock starts to tick, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

Not only do I THINK we can upset the Texans, I EXPECT us to do JUST THAT!

It is TIME!


Posted by: Texan Fan | September 08, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Only two things come from Texas: Steers and queers.

ValHalla, please wake up from that dream. You have no chance.

ValHalla Loser!

Getto Person, Thanks for proving my point, NO CLASS at all. Enjoy your Getto!LMAO.

odinturd & dashe, when are you going to learn to count beyond 1?

if you have only 1 troll, im santa claus.

there is a reason people troll you. THNINK ABOUT IT!

Thank goodness we have Mitt Romney.Because i like being RICH.

Dashi, see what I mean?

Denard has a 80 yarder TD run and then a 60.

We need a prototypical QB...........next year-lol.

I can't blame Hoke, the Kid was just too good to dump.

Odin how drunk are you?

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver | September 08, 2012 at 05:31 PM

I'm not........yet. I'm still playing Dad with the Kids and college football.

Don't worry, they have plans with friends tonight.........and so do I!

Matter of Fact, I'm just about to mix up my first of the day.

The Upset talk is just how Viking Warriors "Get There". Before you do ANYTHING........you first HAVT to BELIEVE you can DO IT!

I think we can!!!!


We should all say some prayers for D. Walker of Tulane. He broke his neck in his game against Tulsa!

He collided with his own player.

Don't know about the rest of you, But I'm saying a prayer for the Kid!

Miami is going 11 - 5 starting with a win at Houston tommorow.

odinturd & dashe, when are you going to learn to count beyond 1?
if you have only 1 troll, im santa claus.
there is a reason people troll you. THNINK ABOUT IT!

Posted by: The 1 & only Monkey Boy | September 08, 2012 at 05:55 PM

Gee, I wonder why your trying to convince of how many trolls their really are-Duh! You just busted yourself again.

Of course there's more than one, but were talking about the worst one.......YOU!

Just for the record, I've ALWAYS known that there are two MAIN REALLY PATHETIC Trolls here anyway.

You and your Boyfriend Mario!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Prayers for D.Walker of Tulane, Texas prayers for you.

Let's hope after 4 or 5 games, Nolan isn't saying this.

"We just have to go look at the tape."

I've been to a couple of HOF induction ceremonies.

Not one player has ever thanked the tape.

"That's how it is in the NFL," Carroll said this week. "It's about mismatches."

In other words, It's about mismatches in TALENT.

On wednesdays, I dress in women's clothing and go out turning tricks. I love a big johnson in my mouth.

Texans finally made the playoffs last year. I've been hearing for years "this is the year of the Texans". They got a lot of hype this year. Peyton is no longer in the division. No Excuses. Superbowl or Bust!

That's Wrap!

Michigan gets spamked by Alabama and barely survives Air Force?

Ooooooooo(not good).....................

At least I got my Dolphins to get me through!

We are going to absolutely TROMP the Texans. They think they're ready, but they're NOT! They won't even know what Hit Them!

I don't like Texans anyways. They ruined the economy, killed the Kennedy's and are robbing people on gas and oil!

Bunch of Hick that have to hide behind a gun. Tough? My a ss!

The Low Lifes are GOING DOWN! Face Down!

Everyone on the list is on a better team than the Phins.
And as far as Henne he made less than $1mil last year and he makes $6.5mil this season and he doesn't have to do anything so how is he not better off?
Because he won't win the SB?
No one even cares about that anymore.

Im so sick of hearing they are building for the future. How can you do that when you draft such sh%t players, and you have a complete retard for a gm and a big eared big nosed circus monkey for a owner. Just face it. No one in the nfl respects this franchise no one is afraid of them and they are a complete laughing stock of the nfl. They are the lions and the saints of the 21st century. And that's the bottom line.

Too many mistakes in College Football. I am an Adult. I like Professional Football.

I really like men.

I am pretty concerned with some mis-direction plays directed at our R side of our D line.

If you play sound, fundamental Football and still lose, then it's Time to get new Players.

Odin Agreed. Denard is a Good College Qb.

But if Hoke is going to put Michigan back on the Map he's going to need to do it with a Prototype.

See them USC wr's they made the 2nd rd pick look like a Allstar Today.

Damn My Canes!! Golden is starting to look like Copper to Dashi. The D is just Horrendous.


Again because u are on a better team Doesn't mean Ur in a Better Situation.

Only Daboll and Marsha is in a Better Situation. Nolan might be on a better team but he's running a 4-3 for the 1st time in his Life.

Ur telling me it's better being a BackUp than a NFL Starter? Please, Explain.

Even if it's for the Browns or the Jag's!! Being a Starter means more to a Player than being on the Bench. Specially at the Most important Position in the Game.

Aren't U the one always Saying MAtt Moore threw it in once he knew he was the Back Up not the STARTER. Teams can only Start 1 QB.

Ask Kevin Kolb. Yea, those $50 mil feel nice in the Bank. But wouldn't he give those $50 mill back for the Talent to START in the NFL. Dashi bets he would.

Every QB in the NFL wants to Start. Even Pat Devlin.

Of my posts at 7:02PM, 7:13PM and 7:17PM, one of them is fallacious. Which one is it?

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