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Nolan Carroll doesn't intend to be a target this year

Nolan Carroll was watching when the NFL season opened in New York Wednesday night and the Dallas Cowboys found a reserve cornerback who was in the game playing for, well, another reserve who had started and was now injured.

Time after time the Cowboys worked the backup cornerback successfully.

It was as if he was wearing a target on his back.

"That's how it is in the NFL," Carroll said this week. "It's about mismatches.They knew [Michael] Coe was playing and they tried to go after Coe a little bit. Then Coe went down and the guy behind him probably didn't get a lot of work at practice. So they tried to go after him with different looks and different routes. You try to get a mismatch."

The situation caught Carroll's attention because last year that was him.

Early last season the Dolphins started Vontae Davis and Sean Smith. And when Davis left the opener in against New England, Carroll entered the game as the team's fourth cornerback behind Benny Sapp. The Patriots saw him and found him. Time after time after time.

"You got to keep fighting. it happened to me last year, early in the season -- against New England and pretty much the first three games just being thrown in there," Carroll said. "You don't take that many reps with the ones, you're just watching. And watching is a lot different than doing. You just got to keep fighting. Keep plugging. It's a learning experience, really. This is what not to do the next time.

"I would tell [the Giants player] keep your head up and keep fighting. It's a learning experience. This is your first go-round and so all you can do is continue to stay positive and work."

This season Carroll is no longer an inexperienced No. 4 cornerback for Miami. He's now the No. 3 cornerback and as such will get a lot of work Sunday and every Sunday for the Dolphins in nickel and dime situations.

But unlike last season when Carroll was clearly unprepared for the playing time, this year he feels better about his chances. Much better.

"I think I'm a lot better as far as my technique, my experience, everything," he said. "I felt last year I was more just kind of out there playing. I didn't know what was going on, knowing the situation or what the offense wants to do. This year I know what's going on. I know what's going to happen on certain down and distance. I know formations and situations -- what they like to run, what they like to do. I'm much more confident this year than I was last year."

Let's hope.



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The one written at 7:07PM was done by a que-r.

Probably because most People in this Country are white, or want to be white.

He had the talent to put up 450 yards in the opener last season throwing to this same group of scrubs.
And he did it on MNF.
Against the AFC champ Pats.
I will remind you frequently during the game tomorrow of this fact.

Same with the Media content. I think one Reporter said it the other day, Why do we publish such trash? Because it is what most People want to read and see. All tied up to Education, of course.

Don't kill Dashi for this.

Chad Henne is/Was better than Matt Moore. The Team and the Fanbase were just SOOOOOOO tired of Sporano, and Henne was the personification of Sporano on the field.

Didn't Dashi say he Likes Daboll!!

The Reason R.Bush ran for over a 1000 yds. No wildcat, No gimmicks.

Daboll was actually doing ok with chad before he took the Dive. Dashi believes that was the flukiest injury ever. Worst than when Penny threw his shoulder out on the back of a linemen.

P.S. Can u remind me for how many yards Henne will throw this year as a BACKUP. Dashi knows what he did last year. Tell me what he will do this year.

Was I right or not that this last crop of QBs was the greatest since 1983? Obey your elders.

When I saw that que-r with his as- high in the air and his balls hanging down, my dic-y went, puff.

Be nice to your Elders, specially on Internet.

Coalition closet LOSER, What they say about YOU people must be true,a city filled with low lifes and losers. A city that is classless. love My Texans. Love Texas We do things BIG, unlike yall.

Texas, where men are men and sheep are scared. Screw that dust bowl.

Houston 17- Miami 14. Ya' hear Vegas Mike? GN

This just shows why trading Vontae was a bad move. You need at least 3 starting quality CBs in this league. The Dolphins might have one.

The road to 0-16 begins tommorrow, dont miss a minute of Miami Dolphins football this saeson as they look to chase history in infamy.

Make room detroit, theres a new sheriff in town and the address is in south florida..Cant Wait!

2 things:
1. NFL.com predicts that Tanne will be benched after game 2 so once again we can look forward to Matt Moore starting most games.

2. What I saw of Blaine Gabbert in preseason leads me to believe that he will be benched by game 4 and Henne will be the starter. And he'll have Blackman and Robinson to throw to, 2 guys that never drop TDs.

Let's continue this discussion later in the season and we'll see how everyone is doing.

If there is a lamer blogger here than Colaition, please name him.

YoYo, Great post, I have been saying that all night.And my Texans will help you start the road to 0-16 starting this sunday. Bunch of FUN Thank You.

Let's. Go dolphins!!! It will be a high scoring game! For the Texan.. Matt Shuab will pass for 350 or more. Don't get mad at me get mad at JI stupid a s s players he picked and brought in via F/A. Only one corner is ok not great. Smith. If he can catch the ball the rest garbage... But I still want my PHINS to win I love my dolphins. Just hate with a passion JI

Uh....Blackmon is a rookie and he is still very much raw in terms of playing with NFL experience so he still needs to prove he belongs and as far as robinson goes, word out of Jax says he's been nothing short of dissapointing thus far so dont go calling henne the jags champ just yet...besides mr roboto needs to learn how to not be MR staredown to his receivers

Who cares about NFL.com and their predictions. Tanne is the future. He stays in there unless he gets hurt. He is better than Moore. He proved it in practice and the preseason. They won't remove him. It would kill his confidence,which he already has. Move on from the Henne nightmare

The Dolphins are ready for 0-16


Dont waste another minute, log on to fintix.com and make sure to ask for the blowout special this year.

*Detials Not Included*

I think 10-6 is doable and a wild card win. I say we win tomorrow.

Whoever said Henne doesn't have to do anything for his money is Dead Wrong.

Sorry, but I have to disagree big time.

From all reports, whether it be OTA's, Training Camp or even the Pre Season games, Gabbert is still looking like..........Gabbert.

The problem is the Jags General Manager. The Jags version of Jeff Ireland. He went out and drafted a QB 1st round, when a lot of people didn't think they needed too. Despite Gabbert being terrible and his lack of progress, the General Manager is basically force feeding the issue. Otherwise, he has to admit completely burning a high first round pick.

The only good reports you're getting on Gabbert are being generated from the Jags General Managers office. All the fans and all the blogs tell a totally different story on Gabbert and his progress. Not to mention most of the talking heads.

Henne will end up having to do alot. After an 0-3 or 1-4 start, the inevitable will be obvious. Henne will come off the bench and play like a .500 QB. .500 don't sound like much, but compared to Gabbert, Henne will look like Brett Farve.

Ok......so he'll never even remotely resemble Farve, but you get the picture.........;)

Hello cute little bunny! Funny bunny!

Now I am going to beat you to a bloody pulp with a golf club and throw your carcass at children in the playground so they scream in horror and are scarred for life.

Funny little bunny.

Good Night, from the lonestar state. I Have great tickets for this game, me and a Bunch of friends are going to have a BUNCH of Fun Sunday. As we look very forward to 1-0,its really a warm up game for us. And the stinky fish will play there hearts out.

Tired of watching teams that win all the time?

Always feeling a bit let down when your team wins the super Bowl?

Well cheer up fans, in fact I have a better solution to your troubles. Why not relocate to South Florida where the weather is great and the team is miserable. You wont find a team in the NFL more willing to achieve a more worthy goal in being defeated. Dont want championships, No problem, No more Winning , Again, not an issue.

Here at sun life stadium, we promise to make your stay with us a god awful one. So please come and join us this season as we put such a horrible product on the field for your agony.

*Operators are standing by*

Why do the camermamen always focus on the white cheerleaders and not the latina ones?

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 08, 2012 at 07:22 PM

I don't know, but this is the absolute worst form of discrimnation that the worlds been subjected too. We should NOT have to endure this atrocity!

It is JUST WRONG and I'm not going to stand for it.

I'm going to start a petition in favor of equal air time for the Senorita's and the Sisters alike!

Matter of fact, I'm going to propose that during every replay stoppage, All the Cheerleaders get an equal opportunity to shine!

I'm serious about this one, whose going to complain about the replay officials taking forever, when we get to watch a virtual lap dance by all those beautiful "Women Of Color"(we have to be fair-White is a color).

Whose with Me?

Count me in., Maybe we can get Dashi to write a 4 page manifesto, better yet we'll get ENOUGH to e-mail all the network bigwigs.

I begrudgingly give out a:

**Post Of The Day**

Same with the Media content. I think one Reporter said it the other day, Why do we publish such trash? Because it is what most People want to read and see. All tied up to Education, of course.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 08, 2012 at 07:31 PM

Well said, this COULDN'T be more truer!




Coalition closet loser , PEW, thats a terrible idea. Sorry i could not help that one. You are such a LOSER. Time for our women and not you loser's. Night Yall!

"more truer"? begrudgingly? You have no choice, cabro-. It is the Truth.

Coalition closet LOSER, What they say about YOU people must be true,a city filled with low lifes and losers. A city that is classless. love My Texans. Love Texas We do things BIG, unlike yall.

Posted by: Texan Fan | September 08, 2012 at 07:54 PM

Ah, I'm not from Miami nor do I live there.

I fell in love with Don Shula and that No Name defense. Warfield, Csonka and Morris helped alot too.

Then with a reason to vacation in Southern Florida?

Forget about it. The Lone star state ain't got nothing on Florida.

When it comes to doing things big? If you talking about Big Steers and Big Queers, you just might be on to something.

When it comes to doing things big? If you talking about Big Steers and Big Queers, you just might be on to something.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 08, 2012 at 09:02 PM

Does ever even just one single day go by without odin making gay or meth comments?

Here is cheerleader Mariela how many lips can you see?


Just praying for a Dolphin win and Steeler loss.

Coalition closet loser , PEW, thats a terrible idea. Sorry i could not help that one. You are such a LOSER. Time for our women and not you loser's. Night Yall!

Posted by: Texan Fan | September 08, 2012 at 08:59 PM

Why am I not surprised that Texan doesn't like watching women?

Let me guess............ah.........Sheep maybe?

Huh? YEAH! You Texans like them sheep don't cha?

Bhaaa-Bhaaa Baby!




Does ever even just one single day go by without odin making gay or meth comments?

Posted by: Nope | September 08, 2012 at 09:04 PM

Truth hurt when it hits a little too close to home, eh? I know sweetie......I KNOW!

Now I have 4 beautiful Young Ladies to entertain!

Buh Bye Queenie!



Why tell your kids of the glory days the dolphins were relevant when you can make them feel depressed and sober over the era of Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, Dave Wannstedt and the likes of rick spielman and Jeff ireland. And dont forget our wonderful owners in Steve Ross and Wayne Huizenga just to name a few who contributed to the decades of mediocrity.

We're creating a new team atmosphere here in south beach that even your grandchildren will want no part of but watch all the same. Spend some quality sabotage family time with us, the Miami Dolphins Family of depressants.

*See you in the stadium*

It's the start of a new era YoYo.We get rid of Ireland and the domination begins. Ross will fire his ass and replace him with Polian by halloween.

Texas does have something that the city of Miami does not: white people

Damn,ALoco, lay off the Pabst man.Preferred quantity beer here in Pa equal to Busch. Rolling Rock and Straub are the local favorites

What time is the game tomorrow? Televised locally?



Odin should practice being a GOOD father and pay his child support, fking deadbeat

Lincoln, If T-Sizzle is benched by game 2, Philbin should be fired by 1. That's a Personal Agenda. "Undercover Jets Fan". They know Sanchez and his 48 mil contract will be out by 2. Sporano should've brought Henne in. But NY might as well fired him on the Spot. But Henne would've beat No Arm and the WaterBoy.

Gabbert might actually look Decent he has 2 Wr's to throw to. So the jury is still out on him. But if he doesn't get it, tells u something about the College he went to. Bad sign for us, we have a rookie from there.

Dashi believe's the Draft Room Meeting went like this

Miami Dolphins on the Clock:

Ireland: What do u guys think about egnew?

Philbin: Don't know, but I'll listen.

Ireland: He has prototypical size, Good Speed, Can play outside.

Philbin: Is he Smart? Can He Catch? Can he block?

Ireland: well not really? Don't know! Parcells only taught me about Big, Fast and Strong. How do u measure his Iq? His Catching Ability? Blocking? Sporano taught me that one!

Sherman: Sit ur Candy As-ss Down BallBoy. Philbin if U draft him, The Sherman will cut him in Training Camp.

Philbin: Be Easy M-Shizzle, We already drafted T-Sizzle for U and Martin for me. Let Jeff take a Shot.

Sherman: I'm telling u Joe! This Clown doesn't know what a Football player looks like. Tell Monkey Boy put down the Madden. This is Real Football!! They need to know what they are doing on the Field.

Ireland: But ...

Shermanator: Did I tell u to speak? Listen Joe this clown just traded our best playmaker for nothing. I'm not against getting rid of marsha but at least for 2-2nds or a Future 1. Not 2-3's. We are going to regret this Joe.

Don't Worry I'll get us a FB and let me Draft our TE next Year. Member the TE's I Drafted in GB. Bubba, Martin.

We are about to run out of time make the Pick Clown! U may speak Now.

Western Pa....football,oil,steel,coal,beer and more football. We like Santa in western Pa. we boo Obama here

Whoever thinks Ross will fire Ireland is delusional.
We couldn't find a HC to come here that would've been able to choose the new QB. How are we going to find a GM that has to accept Philbin & Tanne?
Tanne is married to Philbin
Philbin is married to Ireland
Ireland is married to Ross

Time to donate all of the UM stuff I own to Goodwill. Supporting one loser football franchise in Miami(Fins) is more than enough. LOL

Almost bought a Vonte jersey 2yrs ago, boy am I glad I didnt do that.

Ross will fire Ireland. He will get the picture. Polian will be here soon.

Never met a more boring City than Pittsburgh, Pa. Even Indianapolis is somewhat better than them. Nice People, though.

While in Pittsburgh, I dreamt only of the black smoke.

There is a silver lining, reason for hope:
What do the so called elite QB's all have in common (Brady, Rogers, Brees, etc.)?
A: 6 seconds to throw
Philbin and Sherman know this.
Next draft we have should have a very high 1st, 2nd 3rd PLUS the Indy's 2nd (for Davis) which will be high and Chicago's 3rd for Marshall

As it stands now we 4 picks in the top 70 and 5 in the top 96. If we trade down from our top 5 spot twice we could grow that number to 7 picks in the top 96.


From what Dashi read from the best writer on the herald.

Ross is expecting 7-9 or better. Or Else Buh-Bye Ireland. Remember Ross's boy is Carl Peterson not Polian. But either or.

Now we're talkin Lincoln..our next GM is in business. Oscar, a couple miles north of Pitts is beautiful country,especially along the Allegheny River. High School Football is unreal

Here's a story for you, regarding Beers. When the Marielitos came here, we who like drink, only drank Heineken(Corona wasn't around just yet). The Mariel boys, probably as it was cheaper at that time, starting buying Becks(La LLave) beer. And you know what, they were right. I now prefer Becks. Those Marielitos sure knew about Beer.

I agree Dashi. Ross is a business man and honored a contact with Parcells and Jeffy, eventhough the quitter Parcells didn't.Jeffy panicked and hired guys who now the present and future of the passing game but it's too late.

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