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Every Tannehill throw vs. New York without much pressure

Perhaps some of you have been scratching your heads this week as you think about the upcoming game between the Dolphins and the Cardinals because the team out west simply doesn't get a lot of play around the country.

Simply, how is it that Arizona is undefeated this year and 10-2 in its last dozen games?

Defense, folks. Mostly defense.

And that is angry, snarling defense is what awaits Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. I know you're not all that concerned but consider that last week that unit made Michael Vick look overmatched.

The primary reason?

They get to the passer.

Last week the Cardinals had 20 pressures or hits on Vick. Twenty! Compare that to the treatment Tannehill got from the Jets supposed pressure defense -- one sack, hit twice as he was throwing -- and it looks like a day at a flag football game.

This week Tannehill's toughness may be tested. This week the Miami offensive line may be tested. This week the Dolphins quick passing game may be tested.

Methinks the MIami offensive line is superior to Philly's. I hope the commitment to the run is better than it was in the fourth quarter last week. Both are tools to protect Tannehill.

The Jets obviously opted to cover in the back end and didn't go crazy on blitzes last week. As you will see below in the video of every Tannehill throw, the Jets came in with a reputation for exotic blitzes but didn't really live up to that reputation.

That mostly worked.

"There’s a few throws on the last drive, they’re corner routes that I overthrew deep," Tannehill said. "The second deep ball (Brian) Hartline had a yard on the guy and I left it on the white. Obviously, you want to get your deep balls in bounds so your guys have a chance. You can’t throw it off the field. So (I’ve) really focused in on that this week to keep balls in bounds and give guys a chance. We’re getting good routes by the guys. They’re stacking guys or at least even and have a chance to make plays. I just have to give them a chance and leave the ball in bounds.”

Tannehill's accuracy is something I'm watching closely going forward. There are times he simply is off. I don't know if that's a function of the one afternoon or if it will become a trend. I asked him the reason he was a wee bit off last week:

“I think not throwing a whole lot of them in practice is part of it," he said. "We throw them a lot in individual routes. We’re not seeing them a whole against a defense and it changes things a little bit when you’re going against a defense. I think this weekend moving forward that’s one of the things we want to work on is hitting those in practice that way, when they come up in games, we’re able to take advantage of it and make big plays."

The difference this week is the Cardinals get much of their pressure through their front rather than with the blitz.

It'll be interesting to see how Tannehill handles that if his offensive line doesn't hold up.

Enjoy the video, as provided this blog exclusively by Joe Alvarez, of every Tannehill throw against the Jets:


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Were focked!

Kris, you realize looking at bleacher report for an expert opinion is like asking me my advice on international economy. Your average Joe writes that stuff, it's a blog with no credentials. I could find an argument for that article but I'd be wasting my time.
Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 28, 2012 at 10:26 AM

Glad to see our OLine playing well, reiterates how things can change in one season when you get the right parts. No pressure on Tannehill must mean Martin is playing well too, where are the Martin is a bust bloggers at? :)

Miami D....

I responded on the last blog...

I can't cut and paste on this site from work....go back there and read it...

I also can't see this VIDEO from work...pi$$ed...

any way....

Consider my blog post from the previous post a segway...to this BLOG post....

Anyone think we got a shot at winning in Arizona? I dont.

Clue, this is the NFL, everyone has a shot every week to win.

With that said....

Arizona 24
Miami 10

Going cross-country is never favorable.

Tannehill has had great protection and he still stinks!!

Well thanks for the encouraging news DC but I think your prediction is reasonable

Given that I've watched every Dolphins snap and most Arizona snaps this year think it's fair to say these teams aren't that different. With the exception of a handful of playmakers and an experienced coach.

Take away Patrick Peterson on defense and special teams, Daryl Washington on defense and Larry Fitzerald on offense and effectively you have the Dolphins. I think that bodes well for the future of the Fins down the road. And hopefully Philbin will be a top tier coach in years to come. We're not THAT far away.

To win this game we need to win the turnover battle and not give up a big special teams play. Trust me Arizona makes a lot of game changing special teams plays.

Weeden > Tannehill

Dolphins 4-12 this year

Tannehill will turn out to be good, not great.

Dolphins will get better but wont reach the pinnacle.


Not betting the game. Zona is 6 1/2.

This week im interested in seeing Sean Smith vs Larry Fitzgerald. Ive been a big Sean Smith supporter as he is a solid cover corner. But his lack of int's or big plays has been disappointing. Im hoping he could finally step up and make some game changing plays for us this week. This game is the make or break game for our season. Id also like to see some short quick passes to the running backs. Reggie and Lamar Miller out of the backfield. give Tanny some confidence, cuz our recievers other than Bess and Hartline are garbage. No big play guys at all.

When Tannehill throws over the middle he's getting a lot of passes batted down. So they tried throwing to sidelines vs. Jets. He seems to have the zip for the sidelines routes but the accuracy is so-so.

@Chris, I gotta agree with you. This one, as most games with defensive teams, is going to come down to turnovers. Hopefully the Dolphins can establish the run and not put Tannehill in obvious pass rush situations. I expect this one to be close as long as the back to back turnover trend doesn't continue. Really a toss up imo, in which case you usually have to favor the home team, but hopefully Kolb chokes.

1. Bess played great. If everyone on the team played like Bess and Bush, we'd be good. Game ball to Bess.

2. The pick 6 was *horrible*.

3. We *must* get a TD when we're inside the 5.

4. I still have hope that Tanne can be great. He needs to learn--as others in the past have--that Bess is the man to go to. Use Bess as your safety blanket.

5. We really should be 2-1.

If Bush plays: Arizona 24, Miami 23

If Bush does not play: Arizona 27, Miami 10

Tannehill the next Dan Marino?!Ah ha ha ha!I counted what should have been four interceptions plus a tipped ball by the reach qb.
Did u guys check out the limp wrist throw to Hartline that were way off the mark out of the end zone.Tannehill is definitely a below average qb.

If were doing predictions I got a BOLD one for you....

Not only will Miami SHOCK the world and beat the lowly Cardinals 31-13....

They will ALSO win the AFC EAST....

Recent poor play by the PATS...combined with the WORST TAHN EXPECTED jets = MIAMI FINS...AFC EAST CHAMPS...

you heard it here first....

Philbin and Sherman need to go into "game manager mode" with Tanne...

Like the Ravens did with Flacco....

Let the "D" win games this year....bring him along slowly....no need for this RISK-ZERO REWARD game they are playing...

Rely on the "D"....play feild postion....and win the AFC EAST....

Glad to see Mando finally woke up.

Every week with this guy it's oh no, what will the poor Dolphins do .... (Jets blitz, Cards front four, blah, blah, blah)

This team may lack talent and experience in certain areas but so far can't question their effort and courage at all. And right now, that's all I ask for. This team won't win every game but the other team will know they are in a fight.

And as far as Weeden > Tannehill. Sure one is 30 the other is 24. And entering this week Cleveland only had 50 more passing yards than Miami. If this is the guy you wanted .... wow.

Kris, like the optimism. Our team has shown leadership from the offensive line and defensive front seven. I'm in line with Chris, we are really not that far off.

Kris, I actually agree with you (well playoffs, perhaps not division title--NE will recover) except this last game might literally be the difference maker. We had have (and should have had) that game. There are only 16 games in a season. That game should not have come down to FGs and then of course Carpenter should not have missed two FGs. We should have won that Jets game.

One game. Every game is crucial. This could be the difference between 8-8 and out and 9-7 and in.

Because certainly there will be games we deservet to lose. In this last game we gave away one of the easy wins.

I'm gonna be so pissed if we go 9-7 and this Jets game is the difference between 10-6 and in the playoffs.

We gave that game away real bad. We should have won about 24-10. It should not have even come down to FGs.

42 -7 Cardinals!

Dang that Jets loss hurts. We should be playing for a 3-1 start!!!!!

Armando is going to be on 560 WQAM on the Dan Selieo show

Truth Giver....

I agree...that game was a MUST win for us...and as ALWAYS...when the FINS are in a MUST win situation...they came up flat....


Now that Revis is out for the season (not glaoting...just stating a fact)...we should be able to make that game up on the jets...as they will lose 2-3 more games than normal....

Philbin HAS to see that even tho he may have wanted this to be a throw away season....the EAST is there for the taking....

Stop putting our rookie QB in bad situations...MANGE TANNE...and let TANNE MANAGE the game...

Damn you Carpenteeeeer!!!!!

Kris, what about Buffalo? They might win 12 games.

On Madden 13 use the Dolphins there unstoppable, the best combination is Tannehill to Bess. Of coarse use Reggie alot on screen and slide him out to the slot for the mismatch against LB's. Clay is utter garbage in the game. Leggadu, I dont even throw to him just like real life..

Dear Dan Carpenter:

If you are going to sport the same hair style as Christina Aguilera, you had better make your kicks.


Fins Fan

Whatever happened to ESPN football? On Xbox 2005 ESPN was vastly superior to Madden in every way.

Armando our offensive line is better than the Eagles and for the record Vick has turned the ball over 9 times already by himself, this will be Vick's last year as an eagle mark it down.This will be a tough game but the dolphins can win it especially if Bush plays, you can see the Dolphins are getting better and should have won last week.

Truth, EA Sports had exclusive rights to NFL names and trademarks, within the next couple of years the contract will be up look for ESPN to come out again. BTW The presentation was the only thing better in ESPN 2005

First of all, its difficult to gauge the how great the Cards pass pressure, though they do seem to be good, based on getting to Michael Vick. Vick's oline sucks. He seems to be one of the most pressured qb's in the entire league. That's no nfl secret.

Secondly, kudos to our oline's pass protection. They seem to be getting a little better with each passing game. Our primary problem is getting our reciever/qb consistently on the same page, eliminating the frequency of drops, and slightly increasing our qb accuracy.

Just seems all of these things wont happen until we get an upgrade to the recieving positions. Which we mostly will not see until this offseason and next year. Lets just call this our "experimental passing game season". It wont be much more than this.

Benne hill will be sacked at least 6 times!

Truth Giver...

With SPiller injured...and the starting RB injured....I don't think that Buffallo is going to be able to continue to compete @ a high level...not with FITZ guiding the ship...

We have a chance to get back into t tie for 1st place sunday....LET'S DO IT...


Scott, don't even bother with Mando stating the case that the Dolphins won't have the same problems as the Eagles.

He never lets facts stand in the way of a blog intended to incite the trolls.

Fact is our line has major investments in it (2 2nd round picks and 2 first round picks) fact is we are 3rd in the league in rushing, fact is we managed to keep the QB upright in the last two games. It's one of the best in the game. And even though I had my doubts about Martin's strength he's played well of late.

The Texans might be the best team in the AFC and that was a horrible place for us to start. They will make a lot of teams look bad and have made two other teams look bad since including the hall of famer Peyton.

The Cards are not the Texans.

Lets face it dolfans,

Its Tannehill's rookie season, with only 19 college starts, he needs experience ad not to mention an upgraded recievings corps too.

Folks this isnt Marino's rookie year where he had far more college starting qb experience, more time on the bench to evaluate and learn the nfl game, and most of all, Duper/Clayton when he did beome a starter.

So there's noway at all we can even began to compare the rookie campains of Marino vs Tannehill. I believe we will ee improvement in Tannehill from game to game. But, dont expect anything close to rookie Marino-esque uness all of sudden and miracuously Duper/Clayton walks in thru a "time bubble".

I believe we will see Tannehill make his greatest leaps forward about the same time the talent level of our recieving corps makes its greatest leap forwrd.

Until then, I hope dolfans will be content with baby steps of game to game progress. When Brian Hartline is the most dangerous reciever of your entire corps. That's a thing that isnt very conforting.

Duper/Clayton total combined height: 11'6".

I still play my 2005 ESPN football on my old Xbox.

Fins' QB is A.J. Feeley, who is married to soccer hottie Heather Mitts. Look her up.

Hell, we are not going to pass on them, we are going to Run on them.

Signed "you heard it here first". LOL, Kris is always good for a laugh.

But sorry Kris, Mark beat you out with the quote of the day:

"He never lets facts stand in the way of a blog intended to incite the trolls."

Gotta admit, that's a winner there!

Are you guys BUYING what Kevin KOLB is SELLING....SERIOUSLY????

FINS show the NFL that the CARDINALS are still the cardinals....

Is D. Thomas ready? Well, he'd better be because he's going to have one hell of a Game.

We know.

How big is he?

Kris, I don't know why you'd paste that article then. I'm not attacking anyone for having a difference in opinion (in fact it seems all this blog does is attack one another instead of talking football) but after 3 games we can't have a legitimate debate about that bleacher report topic. My point is and always will be for 2012: let's wait until after the season to judge if he's franchise material or not

If RT was not accurate in college he's not going to suddenly be accurate in the NFL. He's unfortunately not the answer. The ONLY answer is getting a personnel man who knows how to draft difference makers.

DC, when Mando starts posting stuff fairly and giving credit to the guys as much as he harps on their weaknesses, then I will stop.

There's a lot to like about this team, 12th in offense, 4th in rushing, 3rd in stopping the run. Yes, we suck in passing offense (as to be expected with a greenhorn QB who wouldn't even be on the field if Garrard could stay upright or Moore didn't soil his pants in preseason.) and our pass defense is disappointing.

But this is far from the 0-16 that Mando and the troll brigade would lead you to believe. There is reason to believe that our weaknesses will get better in the 2nd half of the year too when our Qb gets more experience.

When playing Madden, I want it to be realistic. For example, I want each team to only be able to run about 65 to 70 offensive plays USING 15 MINUTE QUARTERS. I want total yards in the game to be about 650 to 750. I don't want one receiver to be able to have 15 catches for 275 yards.

Last time I played Madden, it *still* did not get it right because it was too easy (or boring not to do it) to get your play off with 40 seconds on the play clock, leading to each team getting 140 offensive plays a game.

Totally unrealistic. Have they gotten it right? They literally need the clock to run faster. Using the clock the way it was last time I played, it was as if guys ran a 2.0 40 because a play would take like 8 seconds off the clock.

Also each team had 12 INTs a game on ESPN 2005.

I concede. Arizona will win by 14, but I'm still fighting for Miami. Always will.

Our two losses were avoidable by dumb offensive errors and penalties. If T throws a quick good game, we have a shot.

Also, the law of averages favors us. Arizona is 10-2 over the last twelve games. Well, I'm looking for them NOT to be as inspired to play lowly Miami as compared to Seattle, NE, and Phili. The odds favor us right here, right now.

Sure Arizona's defense is spectacular, but how our defense matches up will also force the game. I like our defensive front line & ends, but the corners scare me. Don't know enough about their QB to predict an outcome.

You make excellent points Armando. This game will be won or lost at the line of scrimmage. If the Dolphins can protect Tannehill and Sherman doesn't blow a gasket again, we should be fine.

The Cards are also injured throughout. I think I read 16 guys on their injury report.

Excellent video Mando! This has become a regular viewing staple for me.

On Madden 13, if you play full 15 minute quarters, how many offensive plays will each team run?

I hear you Mark, and agree. Even IF we're 4-12 (like I predicted), I'm not mad about it. I was mad last year because there were glaring deficiencies with Sparano/Ireland/Henne-Moore, and it didn't seem Mr. Ross wanted to do anything about it. When he ditched Sparano and Ireland FINALLY took a chance and drafted a 1st-rd QB, I saw that they are trying to turn this thing around. I'm realistic and can give the team a couple years to get comfortable and everyone in place. After that though, I'll need to see results.

So 2012 to me is experimental. Let's see who's gonna stay, who to replace, what holes we have. Then in 2013 we should be almost ready to make our run. And by 2014 we should definitely be competing. Only obstacle to that (IMO) is Jeff Ireland. If he can't bring any playmakers at skill positions, then the timetable starts getting longer, and that's when things fall apart.

Is that Frank Cliendo the comic? Funny dude!!

YG don't worry about the fans and Tannehill. The posts you are seeing calling him Henne are from one or two idiots who know nothing about the Dolphins or football for that matter. The rest of us knowledgeable fans can see Tannehills upside and have realized from day one that the kid was going to need some time to develop.

He has brains, athleticism, poise, leadership qualities, and a strong arm. He needs time to acclimate and get used to the speed of the game so his accuracy can improve. Getting the kid some actual receivers to throw too is imperative for next season. There is no bigger need for the Dolphins than a couple of great recevers to take the pressure off.

But most of us fully understand that Tannehill has what it takes, just missing the experience. And this year is giving him a head start on hopefully a very bright future. Go Dolphins!!!!

PS Great posts lately YG, what a change. I now look forward to reading your posts and you have also been very objective. Great work.

If I see Nolan Carroll with 1 on 1 coverage on Larry Fitzgerald and Fitzgeralds is 8yds in front of him on a 75yd td catch. I think Im going to puke.

You're not going to fool anyone disguising your coverage with Nolan Carroll having single coverage on Larry Fitzgerald. If you're a dc, its a very good way to lose your job though.

I agree with you DC, 2012 should be a year to exercise patience. I loved the last draft and decided to give Ireland 12 months grace for it. Seems like the franchise was trying to address playmakers and spending top picks at positions of importance in today's game.

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