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Every Tannehill throw vs. New York without much pressure

Perhaps some of you have been scratching your heads this week as you think about the upcoming game between the Dolphins and the Cardinals because the team out west simply doesn't get a lot of play around the country.

Simply, how is it that Arizona is undefeated this year and 10-2 in its last dozen games?

Defense, folks. Mostly defense.

And that is angry, snarling defense is what awaits Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. I know you're not all that concerned but consider that last week that unit made Michael Vick look overmatched.

The primary reason?

They get to the passer.

Last week the Cardinals had 20 pressures or hits on Vick. Twenty! Compare that to the treatment Tannehill got from the Jets supposed pressure defense -- one sack, hit twice as he was throwing -- and it looks like a day at a flag football game.

This week Tannehill's toughness may be tested. This week the Miami offensive line may be tested. This week the Dolphins quick passing game may be tested.

Methinks the MIami offensive line is superior to Philly's. I hope the commitment to the run is better than it was in the fourth quarter last week. Both are tools to protect Tannehill.

The Jets obviously opted to cover in the back end and didn't go crazy on blitzes last week. As you will see below in the video of every Tannehill throw, the Jets came in with a reputation for exotic blitzes but didn't really live up to that reputation.

That mostly worked.

"There’s a few throws on the last drive, they’re corner routes that I overthrew deep," Tannehill said. "The second deep ball (Brian) Hartline had a yard on the guy and I left it on the white. Obviously, you want to get your deep balls in bounds so your guys have a chance. You can’t throw it off the field. So (I’ve) really focused in on that this week to keep balls in bounds and give guys a chance. We’re getting good routes by the guys. They’re stacking guys or at least even and have a chance to make plays. I just have to give them a chance and leave the ball in bounds.”

Tannehill's accuracy is something I'm watching closely going forward. There are times he simply is off. I don't know if that's a function of the one afternoon or if it will become a trend. I asked him the reason he was a wee bit off last week:

“I think not throwing a whole lot of them in practice is part of it," he said. "We throw them a lot in individual routes. We’re not seeing them a whole against a defense and it changes things a little bit when you’re going against a defense. I think this weekend moving forward that’s one of the things we want to work on is hitting those in practice that way, when they come up in games, we’re able to take advantage of it and make big plays."

The difference this week is the Cardinals get much of their pressure through their front rather than with the blitz.

It'll be interesting to see how Tannehill handles that if his offensive line doesn't hold up.

Enjoy the video, as provided this blog exclusively by Joe Alvarez, of every Tannehill throw against the Jets:


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The greats including Marino as a rookie, a young Favre and even Rodgers first year starting, Mannings to an extent all --- THROW guys open.

T-Hill waits (and waits) until they are open (and then it's often too late and/or throw is inaccurate). He's playing like Ryan and Flacco did as rookies...at best.

Truth, I dont have time to play at 60 min game on Madden. I usally play 6 to 7 minute quarter. The new Madden isnt all that bad. The running is about as relastic as you can get it. And you have to play to the team strengths or you'll get blown out. I.E. The Dolphins have to be played ground and round with itermediate routes thrown to Fasano, Bess and Hartline. You cant play Tannehjill in 5 WR shotgun all game and expect to win.

Mark, your comment about Mando saying this is an 0-16 is simply false. He picked the Dolphins to go 6-10. He gave good reasons for it and that is the arc they are currently on.

You, meanwhile, make the case that Miami's weaknesses will improve the second half of the season. Really? I a suddenly healthy Darrelle Revis showing up on the Dolphins roster? Fact is the secondary might get worse becuse Richard Marshall is a nightmare when healthy and now he's injured.

The Dolphins also are not about to sign an alpha WR. The guys they have are the guys they have. Brian Hartline is what he is. Davone Bess is what he is. Naanee, unfortunatley, is what he is. Anthony Fasano is what he is.

Players that get much better are usually younger guys and that means you're counting on Rishard Mathews to suddenly become a star. So quit talking like somebody that doesn't know football or we'll start believe that is what you are.

By the time I got to the 3rd quarter I was really thinking about driving over to Florida and kicking Ireland's monkey arse.

Top 2013 Needs:

1. #1WR
2. #1 CB
3. Great pass rush DE

Not neccesarily in this order. I think we should take bpa of these 3 with our 1st pick. So far we have two 2nd rd picks to address the others.

And that's the main reason I want Ireland fired. I don't care what his other draft picks do anymore.

His free agency picks are beyond explanation or defense. And the guy CAN NOT evaluate college OR free agent WRs. He has proven that time and time again. And we need wrs badly, that will be the #1 need of the team in the offseason imo. Ahead of LBs and DBs.

I remember last year we were talking about how close the team could be with a good offseason. Ireland failed to deliver, and now I feel the same sort of conversations are going to start again. I really hope Ireland isn't the one doing the picking because I don't want to have the same conversation every year.

I thought it might get worse, I was scared to downgrade the gm position if no one was available. Now I see that it probably won't get better until we take the chance. Philbin should be picking a guy who he can trust.

This video really HIGHLIGHTS just how bad Tanne is. Isolating his plays should help you homers understand that Ryan was 3rd or 4th round material.

I can only wonder what Sherman is telling him in the QB room as they watch the film.

If you guys remember, Sherman basically threw Tanne under the bus last week. That floater to Hartline in OT, Sherman basically said, "that wasn't the play I dialed up."


With all due respect, "throw guys open"? All of the qb's you mentioned already had great recievers in place as soon as they became starters. Marvin Harrison arrived in Indy at least a year before Peyton.

Tannehill's most dangerous reciever right now is Brian Hartline. Hartline struggles to consistently get open against top corners. Revis completely shut him out.

YG agreed, and I agree 100% with the order. And Clemons had a decent game last week. He needs to stay consistent or I'm looking SS with the #4 need.


Get this dude to break down Karlos. People ain't giving Karlos his respect. He is definitely a better MLB and OLB.

This team's fans are just the worse. As a fan, I go into every game believing we'll come out with a W.
Pathetic. Didn't the Vikes pull an upset of mighty SF? Or how about the Raiders? It didn't matter if they lost bad to a 'horrible' (as some want to think) Miami team, they went out and beat one of the top teams in the AFC. Even every team that beat NO, should've been considered underdogs and they still went out and beat them. Why is it hard to imagine us beating the Cards? Like some have pointed out, their D is good but not great and we have a solid ground game. Other than Fitzgerald, are we saying they have more superstars on O? For crying out loud, their QB couldn't even beat a guy with last name Skelton

YG, Theres a reason they call it Revis Island, the guy shuts down evey WR. HArtline is still a number 3 at best.

OK, now the jets have no pressure! Hmm, wonder who was stating this fact before that game Mando?

Now this week is a great match up for our oline. Arizona has big strong linemen. Huge DE's. Great test all around. We will see how far martin has come, if Jake has shaken off the rust. Is the running for real.

Also, Kris they are babying(managing) T-Hill right. We've ran the ball over 40+ times each of the last 2 games.

Kris remember we run a "FAST PACED NO-HUDDLE ZONE BLOCKING RUN ORIENTED WCO" almost as long as the name of a play in Sherman's book.

Sherman has had top 5 offenses in the NFL. And statistically we are already ranked top 15. With no passing game. The man is doing his thing with what we got.

When have the fins put a TE wide at the goal line and throw it up for him. Remember spo's offense hit the red zone don't throw the ball. At least we aren't as predictable now. Notice all the formations again when he passes. T-Hill rarely throws from the same formation twice back to back.

Soprano only used 5 formations tops. We have over 30 passing formations! Look at the tape we run new formations every week. Our problem is execution. Guys need to catch the ball!

Ladarius Webb, Earl Thomas, Hayden, Eric Berry, Patrick Peterson...The list of playmakers in the secondary is not miniscule. We need to be able to spot that playmaking talent at multiple positions this upcoming Draft.

Phins 78....

You type you want Ireland fired...and its cool...

Fan tells Ireland to fire himslef....and you get all up in arms about it...

do you see the hypocrisy in your defense of Ireland at that time....

and don't take the hypocrisy thing as an insult....it's not meant to be that....

I am using the word in it's most literal sense....

If we lose to AZ, they either need to give up on the season or make a change at the QB position. Tanne is not ready. I dont' think he will ever be ready.

Watching live makes Tanne look better than he is. Watching this video exposes just how bad he is.

If we lose to AZ, the season isn't over just yet. One foot in the grave. However, might as well bring Moore in to see if he can salvage the season.


I believe Clemmons has hit his ceiling. Hate to say it, but this what I believe. I believe Clemmons is the type of player that will always show glimpses but never true consistency.

However, If we can find a true shutdown calibre cb to put alongside Smith, and a great pass rusher to play the other side of Wake. Then Clemmons would be sufficient, because then his inconsistencies could be hidden to a large degree.

Right now his inconsistencies will stick out like a swollen sore thumb. This way we could sort of place a thimble on it.

Clearly, Tannehill was a reach at #8 in the 1st rd LOL

Here is another thing after watching this tape. We run well because we don't throw well.

Yeah, there are some big plays. Big plays when it doesn't matter that is.

We need big throwing plays when it matters.

Who else remembers Ireland passing on Earl Thomas I think for Odrick. Here a list of names off the top of my head Ireland passed on for though of you who like him, in no particualr order

Hakeem Nicks
Earl Thomas
Torrey Smith
Matt Ryan
Etc Etc

The D has 3 very good players, Solai, Dansby , and Wake

The O has 2 very good players, Long, and Bush.

Dez Bryant


EXCELLENT POST @ 12:31....

and I do understand that we are running the ball more....but IT'S NOT ENOUGH imo....

If we ran more against the jets...then we are probably sitting @ 2-1 now....but we didn't...

The more we put games on the rookie's shoulder's...the more likely he is to crack....and turn it over...

If running the ball 40 times was good...then I think running the ball 50 times is BETTER...

Until Tanne gets more comfortable with what he has to do after the snap...

If Tanne doesn't know how to "throw a person open" then he should have never been drafted so high.

I thought he knew 80-85 percent of the playbook before he was even drafted?

Isolating his throws has really opened my eyes. I saw, maybe, two or three throws that were pretty decent. Everything else was behind the receiver or over the receivers head, or too far in front of the receiver.

Sherman has had top 5 offenses in the NFL. And statistically we are already ranked top 15. With no passing game. The man is doing his thing with what we got.

Why was he fired...twice?

With lack of consistent pass pressure and a plain average db corps. Its almost guaranteed the Cards will come with a huge aeriel assault Sunday.

If we cant get pressure on the qb, look for Kolb to throw for 375-450yds Sunday. We gotta find a way to get pressure. Our defensive backfield is far to weak.

Accuracy is not one of Tannehill's strengths.

Sherman has had top 5 offenses in the NFL. And statistically we are already ranked top 15. With no passing game. The man is doing his thing with what we got.


Sham Shameron had pretty good offenses also. Well, except that 1 year we went 1-15.

YG, Kolb couldnt trown for 375 yards if there was no defense to play against

There are only 2 or 3 posters here besides me. We can tell.

We know.

Chris, I'm not sure if you are aware but Manning set a record for interceptions as a rookie. Main reason, waiting too long to release. And Rodgers was afforded 4 years on the bench learning from one of the greatest qbs of all time Brett Favre. Favre was even worse as a rookie allthough he didn't throw as many ints. That's because Glanville didn't trust him to start.

"Atlanta coach Jerry Glanville did not approve of the drafting of Favre, saying it would take a plane crash for him to put Favre into the game.Favre's first pass in an NFL regular season game resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown.He only attempted four passes in his career at Atlanta, was intercepted twice, and completed none of them. Brett took one other snap, which resulted in a sack for an eleven yard loss."

Then he was traded to Green Bay and this happened;

"In the second game of the 1992 season, the Packers played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers were leading 17–0 at halftime when head coach Mike Holmgren benched starting quarterback Don Majkowski and Favre played the second half. On his first regular season play as a Packer, Favre threw a pass that was deflected and caught by himself.Favre was tackled and the completion went for −7 yards. The Packers lost the game 31–3, chalking up only 106 yards passing.
In the third game of the 1992 season, Majkowski injured a ligament in his ankle against the Cincinnati Bengals, an injury severe enough that he would be out for four weeks. Favre replaced Majkowski for the remainder of the contest. Favre fumbled four times during the course of the game, a performance poor enough that the crowd chanted for Favre to be removed in favor of another Packers backup quarterback at the time, Ty Detmer"

After that Favre got better every game, every year and is now a HOF shoe in. This is the exact reason why fans aren't a good judge of a qbs future and should NEVER be listened to. We need to trust the coaches expertise.

Jack Sparrow,

1st of all, to throw your recievers open, you have to be able to trust them.

2nd of all, they have to be able to have burst to the ball.

3rd and finally, it depends how the defense is set. You better know where the lb's and free safeties are in coverage or you'll set yourself up for picks.

Throwing recievers open also greatly depends on how well the reciever runs his routes and with the proper depths int the right holes of the defensive coverages.

We can say "throw the reciever open" but a lot goes into the proper execution of it than just roling the term of our tongues and thru our lips.

Cause he can't coach defense

Sherman has never been fired as a oc

DC it would be nice to be able to draft a top notch secondary talent. The year before we drafted Davis is the year the Jests drafted Revis in a similar spot so we were hoping to get similar talent in a similar draft spot. But truth of the matter is we you need that kind of talent in the top of the draft which would mean our first round pick is between a top WR or top elite secondary talent

Fins should sign WINSLOW. Right now!

It would be a homecoming that could turn around both his career and the Fins season.

Commonly, qb's that throw thier recievers open very well, are qb with above average recievers theyve already succefully worked together with for at least a year or more.

Usually the qb has more than 3 games nfl experience too.

Much safer now with the Reg Refs. Believe me.

Winslow would be miserable with with this team. Besides he's no part of a rebuild.


While we're at it, lets just sign Winslow to a "1 game contract". That probably about how long it takes for him to end up on IR.

When the wind blows and a tree bends, Winslow gets hurt.

No Kris because I am stating my opinion on a blog to other posters. I would never tell him that in the setting that it happened. I would have the respect enough to ask him for an explanation. I would want an explanation for his free agent signings and trouble finding wrs this year.

Then if I was satisfied I could change my mind. Right now I have no inside information so I don't have that choice.

But if I wasn't satisfied I would tell him I disagreed. It would be obvious from my disagreement with him that I didn't think he was the right man for the job.

What I wouldn't do is call him over with a smile on my face, after he had been shaking happy fans hands, knowing very well that he thought he was coming over for another friendly shake, and then tell him "go fire yourself".

What you are not understanding is I didn't have any problem with the notion, but had a huge problem with the way the fan went about it. It was classless in my opinion.

I hope that clears things up for you and you can better understand my position on that matter.

T-Hill's patented back shoulder throw at the sideline is throwing a Wr open. Or 1 across the middle to Bess.

That is throwing a Wr open. And yes, thill puts it in front of the Wr most the time. Ur claims about his accuracy are bogus.

T-Hill just needs experience. Everything else he has.

That's why it's even crazier to think! Bench him!

Thrill needs to face as many defenses as possible! Good one's to. We need to see if he has another melt down! Or if he can bring us back to tie it and win it!

U don't learn that with him on the bench. If Philbin benches u it is because the guy behind u is better. And Dashi don't see pat devlin coming off the bench til next year. Chad Pennington 2.0

Arizona to win 27-17 on Sunday.

Watched Weeden last night and while he looks OK we did well not to go down that road. The pick 6 was a typical 'rookie' mistake. I like his savy. Biggest knock on him is what we talked about in April, his age. By the time this team gets good he'd be in his 30's. Cleveland will be looking for his replacement in 2-3 years, if not this year.

WINSLOW is no acorn.

Keep in mind that Tannehill didn't have a training camp to work with Hartline and get their timing down so we're growing with that aspect as well

Good point YG @12:33

Phins 78 @ 1 PM.....

Excellent post...and CRYSTAL CLEAR....

and it makes perfect sense...



weird feeling, I think the Phins win by at least 10.

Phins must not commit ANY turn-overs, if they do thy can beat the Cards. IMHO.

Phins 78, you can expect a fan or a player to lack class on occasion but you have to hold a GM to a higher level. A GM cursing at a paying customer is inexcusable and an embarassment to the franchise. The Dolphins have more then theit share of pissed off fans without this chyt.

WINSLOW will be a steal.

If Fins don't think so, it's their loss.

He'll just be another player that can be added to the list of players the Fins have passed on that have had success elsewhere.

Craig, I don't really see a difference between Weeden and Tannehill. They seem to me to be at the same level. While I thought Weeden's age (and having already been a Pro, in baseball) would escalate his NFL-learning process, I don't really see it.

I'm glad we stuck with Tannehill. He should be fine in time (if he gets playmakers around him). Just needs to work on his accuracy this year.

Oh for the love of all that is holy why do we always have to go through this. EVERY SINGLE great QB who started slow in his first season was hated by fans. Favre, Eli, and on and on. The list is endless. Rookie QBs struggle , it's the rule. The exceptions are the qbs who fly out of the gates. Usually those QBs have great receivers and TEs around them or their season was an anomally due to an easy schedule (cough, cough, Cam Newton!)

Now do a comparison. How many great qbs started great in their first couple of seasons and how many struggled but eventually figured it out. I already know and am not wasting my time educating. Do the homework because you will be very surprised and will HAVE to change your position.

Yeah, I can see where the other 31 teams in the NFL are just falling over themselves in their eagerness to sign Winslow.

Buy or rent a clue, dimwit. Winslow was cut a month ago. He's done.

Monte agreed, Ireland never should have said it and I have never agreed with it. I understood why he did it while also understanding as a representative of a professional sports team yyou have to conduct yourself better.

But I also thought the fan was wrong. In this instance, both people were wrong.

Jack "idiot kid" little girl Sparrow, what tape were you watching?

Tanne looked pretty decent. What real football fans saw was Armstrong with 3 critically bad drops on balls in his hands.

No problem Kris, we just had a misunderstanding is all.


I don't see a lot of difference between the two either. Biggest thing for me is the age and Tannehill's athleticism. I don't know what Weeden's like intellectually but I do know that Tannehill's smart and a quick learner. I think the fanbase woould have burned Ireland's office to the ground if we'd drafted a 28 year old rookie at 8.

Jack Sparrow is a little sissy girl who is skipping school again. She is by far the stupidest person on this blog.

In the upcoming game, Jack Sparrow will understand roughly 10% of what she sees.

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