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Every Tannehill throw vs. New York without much pressure

Perhaps some of you have been scratching your heads this week as you think about the upcoming game between the Dolphins and the Cardinals because the team out west simply doesn't get a lot of play around the country.

Simply, how is it that Arizona is undefeated this year and 10-2 in its last dozen games?

Defense, folks. Mostly defense.

And that is angry, snarling defense is what awaits Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. I know you're not all that concerned but consider that last week that unit made Michael Vick look overmatched.

The primary reason?

They get to the passer.

Last week the Cardinals had 20 pressures or hits on Vick. Twenty! Compare that to the treatment Tannehill got from the Jets supposed pressure defense -- one sack, hit twice as he was throwing -- and it looks like a day at a flag football game.

This week Tannehill's toughness may be tested. This week the Miami offensive line may be tested. This week the Dolphins quick passing game may be tested.

Methinks the MIami offensive line is superior to Philly's. I hope the commitment to the run is better than it was in the fourth quarter last week. Both are tools to protect Tannehill.

The Jets obviously opted to cover in the back end and didn't go crazy on blitzes last week. As you will see below in the video of every Tannehill throw, the Jets came in with a reputation for exotic blitzes but didn't really live up to that reputation.

That mostly worked.

"There’s a few throws on the last drive, they’re corner routes that I overthrew deep," Tannehill said. "The second deep ball (Brian) Hartline had a yard on the guy and I left it on the white. Obviously, you want to get your deep balls in bounds so your guys have a chance. You can’t throw it off the field. So (I’ve) really focused in on that this week to keep balls in bounds and give guys a chance. We’re getting good routes by the guys. They’re stacking guys or at least even and have a chance to make plays. I just have to give them a chance and leave the ball in bounds.”

Tannehill's accuracy is something I'm watching closely going forward. There are times he simply is off. I don't know if that's a function of the one afternoon or if it will become a trend. I asked him the reason he was a wee bit off last week:

“I think not throwing a whole lot of them in practice is part of it," he said. "We throw them a lot in individual routes. We’re not seeing them a whole against a defense and it changes things a little bit when you’re going against a defense. I think this weekend moving forward that’s one of the things we want to work on is hitting those in practice that way, when they come up in games, we’re able to take advantage of it and make big plays."

The difference this week is the Cardinals get much of their pressure through their front rather than with the blitz.

It'll be interesting to see how Tannehill handles that if his offensive line doesn't hold up.

Enjoy the video, as provided this blog exclusively by Joe Alvarez, of every Tannehill throw against the Jets:


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lol fin 77

Right fin 77? Haven't even been to a superbowl in over 25 years lol. You guys laugh at the Cardinals, but...Umm, they have been recently

marc u could be right, i sure hope not. but one thing that scares me about thill is ive watched every other rookie qb this year now that starts and all of them look so much better than thill so far

Fin 77 , and I hope you can stick around for a long time, lol

we are paying the piper this year, all those high prized free agents we signed plus all the mistakes in the draft of 2008,2009 and 2010..







Fzb and anyone else. Doesn't matter who did what. Team stinks acc they didn't even try to fix it. Or, they failed miserably. Blow this entire team up. Move them and give us an expansion team. That would be faster than waiting for these clowns

Let's not forget the lack of depth at every position. One key injury in any group and we might as well not show. If Bess or Hart get hurt? anyone on the O line. If Marshall doesn't play? If Dansby or Burnett get nicked up.


How can you fix the team in two years and with no money available to sign free agents??????

and I disagree with you, they drafted a QB, they fixed the offensive line, we have very good special teams, our defense is solid...

you can't fix everything in one or two years...

yeah marc, ireland is the big problem, hopefully hes long gone come january







I think the Neck signed with Denver?

The Dolphins are building the team through the draft and it will take time usually between three to five years
Question One: where do you folks get this 3-5 years stuff? Teams go from worst to first all the time in ONE FREAKING SEASON.

Question Two: Its year four right now. Shaping up to be bottom of the cellar again. You telling this board we are superbowl bound next year? Year Five?



you are an ass-wipe.

Hahahs, ALoco is the greatest blogger ever.

The Dolphins are building the team through the draft and it will take time usually between three to five years

I finally figured out what is wrong with you morons. The people who say "THAT ABOVE", are the old 3 yards and a cloud of dust people.

They are stuck in 1972. Ireland wasn't even born yet and he's trying to run a 1972 team.

Damn a 3-5 years! That's old school nonsense. Only an idiot waits 5 years to see that a team sucks and is getting no better. Think Ross would wait 3 - 5 years to turn a profit? Hell no he won't!

Why is he waiting for this team to turn a profit, football wise, then?

Jeff must give good "brain" on Ross. I can't see why he keeps this idiot around.



Kindly look at my previuos post about you..

thank you







If this crap franchise ever goes 8-8 they'll throw a parade. LOL

They arent rebuilding. Ireland is still destroying.

First five faves

1st Justin Hunter WR Tenn
2nd T.J. McDonald FS USC
2nd John Simon DE Ohio State University
3rd Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M
3rd Dion Sims TE Michigan State

..Dashi. From earlier. You can pay for all the teams on rewind.. think it is 69 bucks for the super package. I only subscribed to the Phins..I really suggest it to all of you guys. It is a totaly different way to see the game..Tells you a different story.

watch out for also
Margus Hunt DE SMU
Arthur Brown OLB Kansas State
Joe Fauria TE UCLA

Nat Moore is right! Ireland isn't done with his wrecking ball! The FO is inept!

So how's Tannehill working out for you guys?

Jack Swallows says were in year 5?

Yeah, well.....actually we just axed the entire Coaching staff. Cut the high priced head cases. Cut a bunch of the supposed depth guys that were doing nothing but wasting roster spots.

We bring in all new Coaches and systems.

Start up a major youth movement. We are starting and playing almost all rookies/2nd and 3rd year players.

If NOTHING else, we JUST started a MAJOR re-build from virtually Grond Zero.

So **ANYONE** coming on the board to claim we are in our 5th year? They obviously haven't a Clue and should be politely ignored.

There you go Jack. No name calling, no uneccessary crap.........Just The Facts.......Man.

-Odin- ;)

Les see. From Ireland's 2011 Draft. Mike Pouncey, good. D. Thomas, hmm... Charles Clay, has dissapeared. Gates, gone. Jimmy Wilson, backup. Hmm...

redsky, work in progress with tons of potential...

Sorry, Jack actually said this is year 4.

Same difference though, knowledgable Fans and observers all know and agree, this is Year 1 of a Major Re-Build.

New everything and a complete youth movement too.

Just the facts ;)

Ireland is awful and even worse than Matt Millen. Look at his drafts and free agent signings. Marshall is a half decent nickleback at best and he was the prize this year. Bush was a good trade but any team in the league could have had him for that price. New Orleans was tired of the drama at the time because fans wanted to play him more and the coaches didn't. Solia and Fields extensions and Pouncey pick were good but that is all on the positive side. Sherman hand picked the best 2 guys from this off season. He has missed horribly in the draft and free agency. I hope they find a good offensive mind to draft next year to do something with all those picks. We as fans deserve it. Just look at the last 6 drafts and please point out a playmaker.

In Irescums 5th year we're the equivalent of an expansion team....without the draft choices.

Les see. From Ireland's 2012 Draft. RT, good. J. Martin, appears to be good. Eggnew, long time. L. Miller, excellent. The Others, HMM... Not drafted, M. Thigpen, very good.

It was Cameron that drafted Solai.

...if Ireland was responsible for the mistakes made in 2008.2009 and 2010 (both in free agency and the draft) then Ross never would have kept him around let alone as the GM responsible of all the decisions...

Wow talk about creating 'facts', all evidence is that Ross defers to his decision maker, qualified or not. I would say not.

I do enjoy Joe Alverez's videos. Nice work.

I've saved them all and study them like no other Homer ever-lol.

The one thing I've noticed about Tannehill, probably the Main thing, he does know this offense well. But just bhy watching him, you can tell he's still thinking too much as opposed to just playing the game.

It's expected and understandable. After all, he is a Rookie with just three NFL starts.

On the Plus side, you can some plays that he's obviously more comfortable with. On those you can see him "Playing More" and "Thinking Less". A nice peek into the future, if you will.

I can't make any sweeping pronouncements at this point. I can't say with ant certainty that he'll be this or he'll be that. But I can say, he's done nothing to make me believe he can't be a Great QB in this league. Fact is, he's done some things that make me believe he can get it done.

It's very early on for the Kid with only 19 collegiate starts. All things considered, I think he's coming along pretty good.

Conversely, I haven't seen him unload and light anybody up yet. Still waiting for this to happen. Hopefully it's this week.

Ireland has never in his life drafted a good playmaker.

Tannehill has the talent and Sherman and Philbin know it. He is gonna be very good. They just have to surround him with weapons.

It's very early on for the Kid with only 19 collegiate starts. All things considered, I think he's coming along pretty good.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 28, 2012 at 06:57 PM

Last in the league is "pretty good"? My, you have low standards.

I don't know what I'm talking about.

Mixed results, ain't them?

Wow talk about creating 'facts', all evidence is that Ross defers to his decision maker, qualified or not. I would say not.
Posted by: seriously | September 28, 2012 at 06:55 PM

How is that any different from trying to give Sherman and Philbin credit for the good signings this year and Ireland only credit for the bad?

Brother PLEASE.............Just The Facts........Man!

Last in the league is our receiving corp and secondary. This is where the Dolphin drafts have failed us miserably. It's not Tanne's fault his numbers are bad.....Just not his fault. I think 11 dropped passes in 3 games.

Excuses for Tannehill? TOO FUNNY!

Last in the league is "pretty good"? My, you have low standards.

Posted by: seriously | September 28, 2012 at 07:01 PM

Last in the league at what?

Tell me quickly how many categories he's last in - lol?

We all know QBR so give yourself a head start and skip that one.

I'll be waiting..............

So you want to exclude QBR?? LMFAO!!

It's seriously too early to be dogging our only hope for the future.


(1) WINSLOW - 2010 7th (66) and 2011 7th (75)
(2) Aaron Hernandez - 2010 16th (45) and 2011 6th (79)
(3) Ron Gronkowski - 2010 19th (42) and 2011 2nd (90)
(2) Fasano - 2010 25th (39) and 29th 2011(32)

He produces. Prima donna? No, just the old Hurricane swagger like Ray Lewis and Sapp. (I believe he's only 29).


He didn't mesh with the new Bucs coach.

Seahawks let him go because he wouldn't sign for a less money.

Patriots brought him in because they weren't sure when Hernandez would be back. Winslow asked to be released because Hernandez will be back soon and he didn't want his trade value to drop due to getting less reps.

If Fins can get him to sign a decent contract with incentives, they should get him.

Receptions for all Fin WRs in 2010 and 2011

(1)Marshall 2010 (86) 2011 (81)
(2)Bess 2010 (79) 2011 (51)
(3)Hartline 2010 (43) 2011 (35)
(4)Gates 2010 (n/a)2011 (2)
(5)Moore 2010 (6) 2011 (0)
(6)Wallace 2010 (6) 2011 (0)

Fins should al least bring him in.

Passing yards?

Thats a biggie, he's not last there man.

He's only slighty behind Bradford, Cutler and Smith. Matter of fact, the rookie with only 19 collegiate starts and 3 NFL starts is ahead guys like Fitz, Freeman, Gabbert and OF COURSE Russel Wilson(who was helped out by the atrocity in Seattle.)

Those aren't excuses my good man, THOSE are "Just The Facts".

Yeah, it's easy to parrot some bullshyt you heard here or there. But it's a totally different thing to know you're facts.

My staement stands, The Rookie is doing pretty good in my book, all things considered. And I don't even have to talk about the recievers he's working with. The knowledgable Fan has accounted for this.

Jake, I just heard the same excuses for Henne.....from the same posters. There are no excuses IMO. Tannehill hasnt looked good.

So you want to exclude QBR?? LMFAO!!
Posted by: seriously | September 28, 2012 at 07:12 PM

I never said this. Gee pal, you're not trying to distract anybody or run from the conversation are you?

I given a couple of points already that refutes your sweeping statement. I have some more ready.

And you want to start making things up and talking crazy?

Nothing like running away from bold sweeping statement you yourself made eh?

How about INT's seriously?

Those are big. You want to talk about those? Yeah, I thought not.

The rookie with just 19 collegiate starts and 3 NFL starts is tied with such dignitaries as Stafford, Luck and Cassel. Not last though. Matter of fact, Newton, Brees, Vick, Cutler and Weeden have all thrown more.

So he's not in last place in those two pretty big and important categories.

Would you like to continue, or would you rather just make up some more baloney to try and distract people away from how wrong you're statement was?

Just curious?

Here is the problem with Tannehill. An average rookie is a game manager. A great rookie is a game changer. Tannehill looses games! period. Every game we have lost is directly because of Tannehill. Worst QB rating in the league. For goodness sake he is not ready and will not be ready. Truthfully if you review the last few games Moore would have had this team at a suprising 3 - 0. Bad coaching and GM decisions. Period. Moore should be starting and Chad Johnson as well as Brandon Marshall should still be on this team.

Looks like all the Negative Nellies are out. Must mean it's the weekend! Team comes within inches of beating the Jets and being 2-1 and all anyone wants to talk about is 'Ireland destroying this team', 'Tannehill is a backup', 'all the failed draft picks'.

I don't know if we have the worst cornerbacks or worst wide receivers but we DEFINITELY have the worst FANS....bar none! Most of you guys don't deserve any success. You've never even smelled success in your life and you wouldn't know it if it was handed to you.

Henne had a big arm but no running ability and always made crap decisions. I never liked him or defended him. Tannehill has so much more poise and athletic ability. It's only been 3 games but i like what I see. I refuse to give up on this guy until we see more. He deserves a chance IMO. He would be 2 and 1 if Carp didn't miss that FG.


What are you, Winslow's agent? Why have THREE teams gotten rid of him again? You're reasons seems pretty flimsy. Couldn't be because of a lousy attitude and injuries? Nah, couldn't possibly be.

NE loves to use the two TE game. How come he wasn't featured last week then and how come they got him of him rid away? could it be because he doesn't have it any more or could it be because he doesn't want to put the time in. Regardless, I don't see anybody knocking his door down to sign him. Hmmm.....

Tannehill looses games! period. Every game we have lost is directly because of Tannehill.

Posted by: dolphan4Life | September 28, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Yeah, except just last week he led us on a game tying drive.

Then followed it up with a drive that SHOULD have won the game, were it not for Carpenters miss.

The week before that he led to Victory!

ROTFLMAO - Changing your name doesn't change the fact that you just discredited yourself with your own statement.

A guy gets cut by 3 teams in the last 6 months!

Yet, he is the best thing since slice bread. No he is not a diva but he won't take a pay cut! Do u hear urself. Winslow has never been a top TE! He has always been just a Wr. And with no knees. No thankyou .

The guy has always been a problem! Even before the draft! Get off his sack! He's done!

Has anybody signed Chris Cooley!

No! Ur just an ignorant jets fan. Why don't they sign winslow? Cause even they know he sucks!

P.S.- Hernandez still won't be back for another 3 weeks. U must be one of those gullible people that believe any corny lie belichek says!

He cut winslow because winslow doesn't have it anymore! Plain and simple!

If Winslow was good he would still be in Cleveland, Tampa or Seattle. 3 teams with equal or worse passing games than the Fins

The Fins should bring him in to see what he has left.

Could his skills have dropped so much after being ranked 7th in receptions among all NFL TEs in 2010 and 2011?

He played one game and caught the only pass sent his way for 12 yards.

Lousy attitude?
I don't believe he's a wife beater or have a personality disorder like Marshall.

Injuries? Doesn't have it anymore? Doesn't want to put in the time?

That's why you bring him in to see what he has left (and check for injuries, attitude, etc.)

What do the Fins have to lose? Oh yeah, more games if they do nothing. If by some miracle they can improve their passing game to equal the current running game, maybe this season won't have to be written off.

Fins should do their due diligence and bring Winslow in.

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