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Every Tannehill throw vs. New York without much pressure

Perhaps some of you have been scratching your heads this week as you think about the upcoming game between the Dolphins and the Cardinals because the team out west simply doesn't get a lot of play around the country.

Simply, how is it that Arizona is undefeated this year and 10-2 in its last dozen games?

Defense, folks. Mostly defense.

And that is angry, snarling defense is what awaits Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. I know you're not all that concerned but consider that last week that unit made Michael Vick look overmatched.

The primary reason?

They get to the passer.

Last week the Cardinals had 20 pressures or hits on Vick. Twenty! Compare that to the treatment Tannehill got from the Jets supposed pressure defense -- one sack, hit twice as he was throwing -- and it looks like a day at a flag football game.

This week Tannehill's toughness may be tested. This week the Miami offensive line may be tested. This week the Dolphins quick passing game may be tested.

Methinks the MIami offensive line is superior to Philly's. I hope the commitment to the run is better than it was in the fourth quarter last week. Both are tools to protect Tannehill.

The Jets obviously opted to cover in the back end and didn't go crazy on blitzes last week. As you will see below in the video of every Tannehill throw, the Jets came in with a reputation for exotic blitzes but didn't really live up to that reputation.

That mostly worked.

"There’s a few throws on the last drive, they’re corner routes that I overthrew deep," Tannehill said. "The second deep ball (Brian) Hartline had a yard on the guy and I left it on the white. Obviously, you want to get your deep balls in bounds so your guys have a chance. You can’t throw it off the field. So (I’ve) really focused in on that this week to keep balls in bounds and give guys a chance. We’re getting good routes by the guys. They’re stacking guys or at least even and have a chance to make plays. I just have to give them a chance and leave the ball in bounds.”

Tannehill's accuracy is something I'm watching closely going forward. There are times he simply is off. I don't know if that's a function of the one afternoon or if it will become a trend. I asked him the reason he was a wee bit off last week:

“I think not throwing a whole lot of them in practice is part of it," he said. "We throw them a lot in individual routes. We’re not seeing them a whole against a defense and it changes things a little bit when you’re going against a defense. I think this weekend moving forward that’s one of the things we want to work on is hitting those in practice that way, when they come up in games, we’re able to take advantage of it and make big plays."

The difference this week is the Cardinals get much of their pressure through their front rather than with the blitz.

It'll be interesting to see how Tannehill handles that if his offensive line doesn't hold up.

Enjoy the video, as provided this blog exclusively by Joe Alvarez, of every Tannehill throw against the Jets:


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Tannehill looses games! period. Every game we have lost is directly because of Tannehill.

Posted by: dolphan4Life | September 28, 2012 at 07:25 PM

Yeah, except just last week he led us on a game tying drive.

Then followed it up with a drive that SHOULD have won the game, were it not for Carpenters miss.

The week before that he led to Victory!

ROTFLMAO - Changing your name doesn't change the fact that you just discredited yourself with your own statement.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 28, 2012 at 07:38 PM

Dumbass his interceptions is what lost the game. Frig the drive. wouldn't need it if that idiot didn't swing the score and the momentum.

agree on winslow, no thanks. on miami fans being the worst, they might be stadium has been empty for years. but also i can understand to a point also cause of just how bad the franchise has been

Dumbass his interceptions is what lost the game. Frig the drive. wouldn't need it if that idiot didn't swing the score and the momentum.

Posted by: dolphan4Life | September 28, 2012 at 08:05 PM

Oh yeah, thats right. All games end at the begining of the 2nd half. Duh.......What was I thinking?

Yep.......ah.........You know it......ah.......

ROTFLMAO - Ok seriously, if you're going to talk like that, (Ahem), lets just ignore each other.

I'm in no mood for short sighted retards tonight. So, do we have a deal?

Yeah, except just last week he led us on a game tying drive.


So a 50 yard FG attempt is a game tying drive now?

What lost the game was Tannehill improvising instead of running the play that was called. POOR DECISION MAKING SKILLS WAS A HUGE KNOCK ON TANNE BEFORE THE DRAFT.

That deep pass to Hartline was ill advised for him to do.

Oh yeah, one more thing I noticed from the video:

The Offensive Line play was nearly OUTSTANDING!

Thats a big piece of the overall puzzle. Coming along fantastically.


You've already discredited yourself with your absurd statements earlier.

No one cares what you have to say and no one listens to you either.

(I guess that explains why you: "Talking To Self" all the time).

See Ya!!!!

Buh Bye Now ;)

“I think not throwing a whole lot of them in practice is part of it," he said


Keep it classy Tanne. Don't blame practice like Allen Iverson does.

I guess showing a little leadership and holding our WR's AFTER practice to practice some more, is off limits.

Fins need a receiver to really step it up besides Hartline.

They could sit back and "do nothing" (which in business is always an option) and see if some other WR steps up or they sign someone.

It doesn't have to be Winslow. Though I think they should at least check him out.

I just don't believe Bess ir any other WR on this roster will have a breakout season.

Tanne needs to start taking responsibility and stop making excuses.

Armando is correct when he puts the blame squarely on Tanne's narrow shoulders because that is exactly where it belongs.

Will Thomas become the #3 RB if he fumbles in Arizona?

Thomas will be the 3rd RB option whether he fumbles or not. Its just a matter of time.

Even Henne wasnt this bad.

JI is more hated in Miami than Fidal Castro!
At least Matt Millen drafted WR in the first round! LMAO. MAY be JI and Matt in one makes a good GM!!! ROTHLMAO!!

2 straight hours of u posting under different alias!

Keep it up buddy!

Nobody wants to talk to a clown that makes no logical sense and repeats his arguments every hour. U can add up all the corny anti dolphin stuff u say and u only really repeat 2 things.


OK. Go back to repeating stuff!

Still only 2 posters here(besides me).

Well then, Mark, the answer for you seems quite simple:

If you believe you are not getting the kind of expert analysis you think you deserve, then go somewhere else.

I'm sure Mando will miss all the fake canadian money you pour into his coffers -- that being none.

I like Tannehill but I watched this video of every pass and I am starting to get worried that Tannehill locks onto his receivers. I think I saw 1 play where he did his read progressions. Now, a lot is based on the quick pass play and is designed for a specific receiver. So we will see.

I'm sticking with my original projection. 3-13 and Matt Barkley in the draft.

Tannehill looks good to me, not sure what your watching, Mando, besides the last couple drives. He reminds me of a young B farve back there. Its his friggin 3 NFL start for f#@k sake!!! look what he has to work with!!

OK, so Beanie Wells(29 for 76 yards-avg. 2.6 per)is out. His back up Ryan Williams(31 for 105 yards-avg. 3.4 per)is in.

Wells would have trouble against our run D and Williams will! So we can easily force Ari into being one demensional.

That brings up Kolb and Fitz. Fitz only has one more catch than Hartline and Bess. Only 1 TD so far too. So he's not off to great start, but he's a beast and will kill us if we don't account for him at all times.

This ones simple to me. Knowing that Ari. can't run the ball on us, it should be EASY to Double Fitz from begining to end. Just bracket him with over/under coverage on every single snap of the game. I don't care if it's 3rd down and a half yard to go.......DOUBLE FITZ on every single snap!

And then there's Kolb. He's cruising along right now, but he's do for a Kolb-like implosion. His **OVERALL** numbers aren't that great. But he has 4 TD's with no Int's. Those two stats put his QBR way up there.

So while everybody seems afraid of the Cards, I'm not. I think we can shut down their offense/run game and limit Fitzgerald. Provided we double him from the time he wakes up Sunday Morning.

Who else do they have? Doucet? Andre Roberts? An aging Heap? Michael Floyd?

I'm not impressed. Shut down the run, bracket Fitzgerald and pressure the hell out of Kolb.

From everything I've read, heard, and seen, Tannehill could be a bust.

From everything I've read, heard and seen, The Mayans could be right.

LMAO @ Mongoose.

The Cardinals are 30th in yards per rush, averaging just 2.6 yards a carry.

We don't have to shut down their run game. They already did.

Karlos Dansby is Not a MLB. WAS NEVER A MLB and Shouldn't be a MLB.

Dashi was wrong I thought Dansby has been a MLB his whole Career. My Bad

Dansby has been a MLB ever since he was signed by the Dolphins in 2010. Dansby was a Playmaker as a OLB! The Reason Miami Made him the 2nd Highest Paid LB at the Time.

Sporano and Nolan took him and put him in the middle and he was stuck ever since. Dansby will be great as a OLB! As a Rush LB and 2nd LB in the Nickel. A Better Version of Joey Porter! Dansby is 6'5" 250+. That Would be great as a OLB! Oppisite Wake Or Right Next To Him on A Blitz!!


Draft 1 with a TOP 10 Pick!!

Dansby could stay at MLB for now. Probably even Next Season. Until his Contract Runs Out Or we can Trade him For Something.

Cut/FIRE Burnett!! Heck Start Olivier at OLB!! He's Probably as fast as the Other OLB's. He's Definitetly Stronger than them. He can't do much worst COVERING TE'S AND RB'S! Plus he's a Rookie! If Misi Can Play OLB Why Can't OV?

Misi is nothing special. He is basically Matt Roth 2.0!

We need at least 2 Rookie LB's Next Year. It's way More Important than that 1 Shut down CB U all want.

2 LB's and A FS!

Get the Wr in Free Agency!!!! It's Better that Way!

That Would Fix Our Pass Defense and Pass Offense. To Contending Status.

To Complete then in the 3rd Year (When we should be Playoff/SuperBowl Contendimg BY SOMEONE) U go CB Crazy in that Draft and FA that Year. Cause Nolan Carroll's Contract will be up. So Will Marshall's!! That's the Year we NEED CB'S!! We will Probably only have S.Smith on the Roster that OffSeason. Perfect Time To do what Dallas Did this Year. Get a CB High and Sign a Top Line FA.

By then we would already have the Good Young FS with R.Jones at SS and S.Smith at 1 CB. Those 2 CB's Would Complete the Secodary.

If Coyle Sticks We Should know what he Values more a Safety or a CB. Or My Boy Mando Can ask One of these Days on the Side.

Dashi believes in this new System for the draft Ireland Scouts. Sherman Looks at the Offensive Players With Philbin and Coyle does the Same with him about the Defense. They Decide Over what Ireland Gave them and What they have in mind. And Philbin makes Final Decision on the Draft. Yes, We can Blame Egnew on Philbin.

25th in OFFENSE
29th in DEFENSE.

I think we are going to need a bigger boat.

Dan Carpenter = Olindo Mare

Ryan Tannehill = Chad Henne but worse

Joe Philbin = Sham Shameron

Stephen Ross = Pineapple face man. H. Wayne

Jeff Ireland = Jim Crow but worse.

Mike Sherman = Everyone Donald Trump has FIRED on his show.

George Richards:

Now in his second season as a starter, Jones’ strong training camp has carried over through the first three games of the season.

According to Pro Football Focus, Jones is the fourth-best safety in the league through the first three weeks. Of the eight times quarterbacks have thrown Jones’ way, only three passes have been completed.

The confidence Jones got playing alongside Bell last season is evident, cornerback Richard Marshall said. Jones has been extremely vocal and is backing up his words with his play.
“Reshad is a good young player, an up-and-coming player,” Marshall said. “He’s a guy who really has a knack for the ball. He knows where the ball is and comes up with it. He knows his responsibilities and does his job out there.
“If he continues doing what he’s doing, he can be one of the top safeties in the league. He’s young. He’s only going to get better as he learns the league a little more.”


Who is 29th in defense?

Must be more of the babble Coalition refered too.

The Sporting News has Miami's Defense at no. 9 overall.

At least Dashi admitted his mistake on Dansby.

Not Jack Sparrow. He just throws shyt at the wall and hopes something sticks.

He reminds me of a young B farve back there.


The HOF headed QB or my pizza delivery boy?

Brett Favre, the HOF headed QB, went to the probowl his first year as a starter.


Don't mention Reshad Jones to Mr. Swallows. Reshad is a bust according to him.

But of course, he's the guy that kept insisting Dansby played MLB most of his career and that our Defense was ranked 29th.

ROTFLMAO - Be careful Mongoose, you don't want to upset "Sweet Cheeks".

Brett Favre, the HOF headed QB, went to the probowl his first year as a starter.
Posted by: JackSparrow | September 29, 2012 at 01:18 AM

Yes and he also didn't see the field as a rookie, except to throw 4 incompletions. Had to sit and learn for a year. Then impressed the coaches so much he was traded.

But hey, don't let those facts interfere with your "STORY".

Farve took a year to learn and even then didn't look good enough to be annointed the starter. He didn't get to start until a week 3 injury to Majkowski.

He fumbled 4 times in his first start and dumb a ss troll fans(much like a certain someone whom we all know)were SCREAMING for Detmer to replace him.

But I digress, Farve was given much more time than 3 starts. And if the shortsighted fans(like you)had their way, he would've been toasts.

Farve got a year to sit and learn. Shouldn't Tannehill at least get a year to learn? Regardless if he's learning on the fly or not?

Jack Sparrow just had one put on him.

Nice reply Coalition, I take it your not drinking heavily tonight(kidding)?

The floor is yours Sparrow. Rebuttal please?

Just so were clear Tannehill isn't Brett Farve by any stretch. Considering we used the 8th pick on him any sane person would know he's going to get a year to learn and adjust to this level.

Don't sweat it Mongoose. Hopefully Monkey Boy blasted up to much Meth and is DOA in the basement of the local hospital.

I'll betcha his Toe Tag says "Rainbow Room Queen"-lol!

Unless Tannehill completely falls apart, he'll get this year and then some. Judging by how quickly he's catching on, I don't see any imminent implosions.

I'd like to see him light the Cardinals up big time and shut up some of the ridiculousness you read around here.

"Just so were clear Tannehill isn't Brett Farve by any stretch"

not yet, but the kid rolls out of the pocket, puts zip on the ball and at his stage has handle the pressure of the opposing D fairly well. After 3 starts as a Rook I don't see why people have such high expectation.

except for the 2 qrt of the houston game this team has played well. give it a rest troll nation!!

From Barry Jackson:

Of 100 qualifying cornerbacks ranked by Pro Football Focus, Richard Marshall is 78th and Nolan Carroll 89th. (Sean Smith is 43rd.)
Also troubling: Of the 21 passes thrown against Marshall this season, 14 had bad results (10 catches, for 140 yards plus four penalties). Of the 12 thrown against Carroll, seven had bad results (including five catches for 88 yards).
But if there’s any consolation, the Colts’ Vontae Davis has been worse (12 of 14 caught, for 165 yards).

Ireland dumped a big contract in cutting the fast fading Vontae Davis.

Don't give him any credit though, he should fire himself-lol.

Marshall's suitn' up this week, vontae ain't. enough said. may have been a parcells pick, who knows.

You make excellent points Armando. This game will be won or lost at the line of scrimmage. If the Dolphins can protect Tannehill and Sherman doesn't blow a gasket again, we should be fine.

11 Hours of the Old Coot Odinstank posting under different names, Armando please end Odins welcone here.

Phins 78 interesting post on Favre highlighting his early struggles and 4 fumble game I hope thats what you wrote a few pages ago.Tannehill has already had one of those games against Houston 3 tipped passes in one quarter the 2nd which is where the team lost the game.Now going forward after Favre had those games what were his stats for his first season in the NFL where he started the majority of his games for his team.I think Tannehill will play QB in this league but from what I have seen so far he will not be one of the elite QBs in the NFL year after year.I watched all his preseason games also.He is a talented athlete who switched from WR to QB while in college, and to tell you the truth as a person so far he has done very well for himself, with the big payoff guaranteed money he got being drafted eigthth by the Dolphins.I will repeat this until Tannehills play warrants otherwise he moved from being a 2nd rounder to a top tenner in the draft because of his combine workouts(dubious) but also IMO because of the URGENCY the Dolphins had in getting an elite QB.

Another day begins with little Jeffy Ireland employed.
How sad.


are you related to Jacksparrow ???

just wondering because you're an ass-wipe too.

oooppps, correction..you're a clue-less ass wipe.

for a QB who seemingly knows this playbook like the back of his hand, it sure seems as though the chapter entitled "play action" had not been included. with the running game being the best i've seen in a LONG, long time, one would think tannehill would be benefiting, one would think tannehill's numbers would be a lot better, one would think that miami's record could be 3-0, one might think that the passing game could look a LOT better then what weve just seen this past sunday in one of the ugliest losses in years, tannehill looked like john beck, with little pressure tannehill was not reading through his progression and dumping panic passes to his check down prematurely. some of those dump offs had guys open downfield without any pressure whatsoever from the jets front seven. i thought this tannehill guy was touted to be one of the smartest QB's available this year. doesn't look that way, he looks afraid and intimidated. are we really looking at having to spend another high draft pick on yet another QB?

where is the PLAY ACTION ?????

Thats when you play with her whohah and get some action.

Watching these throws make me feel WORSE about Tanne...not better....

Right now he is ONE READ AND CHUCK IT.....

Comparing Tanne to Favre is as ridiculous as comparing Tanne to Joe Montana A this point in his career.....

While it seems like an insult...the bench mark for Tanne right now is Henne....

Henne is/was the poster boy for how NOT to QB in the NFL....Henne was our last starting QB....

It makes sense for Posters to compare Tanne to Henne.....@ least early on......

Tanne can put all that stuff to bed by completing passes and scoring TDs when giving the opportunity....


I'll be happy if the Tanne turns into T. Romo.....


Tannehill weakness are vertical passes not accurate going through his progressions
Staring down receivers. But my main concern is long ball accuracy. I hope he can correct that. I pulling for Tannehill'

Grey turtle pyramids!!


AnkleWeights Hartline!

This week will be even harder for our #1 WR.

On the Play Action like Dashi said, Sherman is Bringing him along slow. He can't show his hand with teams like the Jets right now(Division). The Jets didn't show theirs. The LB's were Spying on T-Hill the Whole Game. They never blitzed.

Rex Ryan respects the Threat. 2 LB's Spying all The Time.

Again, If Ankleweights had been in training Camp!! They would've connected on those Catches. R.Matthews Makes those.

If Hartline would've had his legs under him he Makes those catches at the end of the Game.

Dashi bets Hartline and T-Hill put some work in.

Again, 1 Encouraging sign that these coaches seem to get it. Naanee did't even see the Field.

Let's see if this stays true. Cause if D.Thomas Fumbles 1 Time this Weekend. Dashi is Benching him with a Injury. Severe Fumbilitis. The Guy should be benched Indefinitely. At least put him on IR for 6 weeks.

If Philbin is the Coach, Dashi thinks he is. If D.Thomas Fumbles 1 time next game even if Reggie isn't playing L.Miller better get his promotion.

Dashi...IF you are correct...about 2 LBs spying Tanne (and I don't think you are)....

Then Tanne is even worse than I thought.....If he can't find an OPEN WR with 2 LBs spying the QB....then we are in BIG TROUBLE....

but again....I don't see Tanne getting that kind of defense from Rex...WHY SHOULD HE???

Has Tanne been tearing it up on the ground the 2 games prior???

Not that my eyes have seen....

So it makes no sense for Ryan to be committing that many resources to a QB who thru 3 games.....has NOT RUSHED FOR 20 YARDS YET....

Dashi...your post are usually great....but this one is a just a poor excuse for poor QB play....


Don't believe me....click on the link...


Here's the problem with this you f$%^ing moron. Had our fans actually filled the stadium last Sunday they could have made some noise and affected the Jets td drive. They could have helped create some confusion for the Jets offense thus leading to turnovers.

But the stadium was empty and Sanchez and crew could here every signal and every call. tHE TEAM LOST BY 3 POINTS AND WE HAD no home field advantage!!!!! Had the fans shown up it would have helped the team to a possible win, 12TH MAN!!! Thank you for contributing to the Dolphins loss you half wit!

Kris both qbs struggled last week and Sanchexz is a 4 year starter. The ground was soaked and the ball was wet not to mention the high humidity. Throwing a swollen ball that is also wet from rain is very difficult for a rookie, and even for most veterans.

I don't get what you are trying to say. If you're simply stating Tannehill hasn't been great yet than I agree. He was pretty good in the Oakland game but struggled in the other two.

If you are saying that he is a bad QB and you know he will never be good after only watching him in three games I have serious issues with your rationale.

I mean take away the rain factor ,,fine. The kid is a rookie. I don't understand what people thought was going to happen this year. We all knew Tannehill had limited college starts and would need time to acclimate. Like a season or two was the consensus all across the sporting world.

We knew he had no weapons around him in the passing game, the very thing we are judging him on. I'm not saying he's going to be a great QB. What I am saying is NONE of us know. If people are making a definitive statement about his future after three games under these circumstances I'm sorry but you're out of your minds. You should get together with the Packers fans who signed petitions to have Favre benched after his first start.

good point phins78.
Tannehill has tons of potential and seems to be the franchise QB we've been waiting to build around. Imagine once the game really slows down for him. Hopefully we will see improvement every week as he gets real game experience. Reminds me of Aikman and his rookie season. People wanted him benched as well.

Thanks Kris but Look at the Clip.

The Lb's wouldn't blitz. they just hid behind the D-Line Waiting for him to takeoff. U can still Cover in a 3-4 With 2 LB's Spying. 3 downlinemen 2 LB's Spying. That Still lets U Play Cover 1 with Revis and Cromartie going Man to Man. And ur other Safety and 2 OLB's can cover TE's and RB's. We can't do it because we have no secondary so we play a Cover 2. Almost Tampa 2, Because Dansby drops in a Zone to the Middle of the Field.

Dashi is not making a Excuse. T-Hill needs to get better. But he puts the ball only where his WR can get it on the Outside. If hartline was bigger and Faster! those catches are made.

T-Hill Overthrew the One where Fasano lays out. But the ones at the end of the Game. That was better than Mark Sanchez. If brian Hartline was 6'4" or built like Matthews. Those catches at the end of the game are made.

Okay Kris you were saying the first thing I asked. I went back and read some posts. My post to you started out to you but toward the end trailed off to answer some other posts from different people.

Tannehill hasn't been great is the bottom line. He has shown some weaknesses but also has shown some ability. His weaknesses are fixable if he is smart,a hard wroker and competittetive and lucky for him he is all three. Time will tell.

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