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Every Tannehill throw vs. New York without much pressure

Perhaps some of you have been scratching your heads this week as you think about the upcoming game between the Dolphins and the Cardinals because the team out west simply doesn't get a lot of play around the country.

Simply, how is it that Arizona is undefeated this year and 10-2 in its last dozen games?

Defense, folks. Mostly defense.

And that is angry, snarling defense is what awaits Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. I know you're not all that concerned but consider that last week that unit made Michael Vick look overmatched.

The primary reason?

They get to the passer.

Last week the Cardinals had 20 pressures or hits on Vick. Twenty! Compare that to the treatment Tannehill got from the Jets supposed pressure defense -- one sack, hit twice as he was throwing -- and it looks like a day at a flag football game.

This week Tannehill's toughness may be tested. This week the Miami offensive line may be tested. This week the Dolphins quick passing game may be tested.

Methinks the MIami offensive line is superior to Philly's. I hope the commitment to the run is better than it was in the fourth quarter last week. Both are tools to protect Tannehill.

The Jets obviously opted to cover in the back end and didn't go crazy on blitzes last week. As you will see below in the video of every Tannehill throw, the Jets came in with a reputation for exotic blitzes but didn't really live up to that reputation.

That mostly worked.

"There’s a few throws on the last drive, they’re corner routes that I overthrew deep," Tannehill said. "The second deep ball (Brian) Hartline had a yard on the guy and I left it on the white. Obviously, you want to get your deep balls in bounds so your guys have a chance. You can’t throw it off the field. So (I’ve) really focused in on that this week to keep balls in bounds and give guys a chance. We’re getting good routes by the guys. They’re stacking guys or at least even and have a chance to make plays. I just have to give them a chance and leave the ball in bounds.”

Tannehill's accuracy is something I'm watching closely going forward. There are times he simply is off. I don't know if that's a function of the one afternoon or if it will become a trend. I asked him the reason he was a wee bit off last week:

“I think not throwing a whole lot of them in practice is part of it," he said. "We throw them a lot in individual routes. We’re not seeing them a whole against a defense and it changes things a little bit when you’re going against a defense. I think this weekend moving forward that’s one of the things we want to work on is hitting those in practice that way, when they come up in games, we’re able to take advantage of it and make big plays."

The difference this week is the Cardinals get much of their pressure through their front rather than with the blitz.

It'll be interesting to see how Tannehill handles that if his offensive line doesn't hold up.

Enjoy the video, as provided this blog exclusively by Joe Alvarez, of every Tannehill throw against the Jets:


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Enough with the "Tannehill overthrew a couple of guys bandwagon. Arron Rodgers overthrew and underthrew tons of passes last week. So did Brady, Vick, and a host of other great qbs. Lets not take one game in a players career and use it to define him. Just like after the first week when these same people were whining over how he can't get the ball over the linemens head because of his release point blah blah blah. Hasn't been a problem since huh? And now we are judging him on some over thrown balls. "Oh my God, this is going to be a problem"! Except he will fix that too and you know why? ACCURACY HAS NEVER BEEN AN ISSUE WITH RYAN TANNEHILL. He's not all of the sudden going to develop an accuracy problem. IT WAS ONE GAME. My God I can't take the knee jerk posts today. I'm out.

The Dolphins didnt have a big crowd because they stink!!!!!!!!!!! All the REAL fans want Ireland fired already!

Tannehill's accuracy is something I'm watching closely going forward.

Isn't this ANOTHER knock on Tanne before he was even drafted? Along with decision making and leadership abilities?

Yes and he also didn't see the field as a rookie, except to throw 4 incompletions. Had to sit and learn for a year. Then impressed the coaches so much he was traded.

But hey, don't let those facts interfere with your "STORY"

Someone needs a history lesson.

1. BF was drafted in 1991, round 2 pick 33. Pretty high so expectations were pretty decent.

2. BF was draft by ATL...That year, Chris Miller went to the Pro-Bowl. That year, ATL was 10-6. That year, Chris Miller was going to be the man for ATL for years to come. BF didn't sit to learn. He sat because he was not needed.

3. BF was traded to GB in 1992 and was starting for GB in 1992.

4. BF's second year is arguably BF's rookie year. His first year was sitting behind a pro bowl QB.

5. However, Chris Miller is not a HOF QB. BF learned nothing from him because BF was 3rd on the depth behind Miller and Tolliver.

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

The team has no offensive weapons. Bess is a good slot should be a three on a good team Hartline os a 3 or 4 on a quality teaam,he has talent but #1 WR look like Andre Johnson, Fitz, Marshall,etc. The draft was iffy . They got no WR, Apparently the TE they drafted sucks because I have not heard his name since they picked him. Sherman's game planning so far has been unpredictable. Great against Oakland baffling agianst the Jets. Where is Clay ? Why did they cut Wallace the only WR they had with size ? Is Legenee ( sp) better than Ocho ? Doubt it 3 games , 0 catches

Well guys...

Tomorrow is yet another must win game EARLY in the season. How many seasons is that now? How many years are we in "must win" territory early in the season?

Don't you guys get tired of this? Year after year after year after year?

You have to be one sick SOB to enjoy this craziness year after year after year.


"On February 11, 1992 the Green Bay Packers traded a first round draft choice to the Atlanta Falcons to acquire QB Brett Favre. They still retained a first round pick – this was an additional choice, the 17th overall, which had been acquired from the Eagles."

ATL got a first round pick for BF. Ireland would have traded BF for a bag of chips and a coke.

Heloo Jacksparrow,

are you still as clue-less as yesterday?..are you and BOYCOTT IS ON related?...

FZB, Jack Sparrow makes some very good points. Dont start name calling just because you may not agree.

It'll take 3 tears AFTER Ireland's fired to clean up this mess.

Scotty you right.
FZB Gets upset when we talk about Jeffery Dalmer! The PHINS GM!
Which couldn't pick a decent free agent this year! And IMO didn't pick Tannehill or Lane Mathews. That was Philbin and Sherman picks. IMO I think Ross should fire JI Aka Jeffery Dalmer. Let Philbin take full control of the team and let him bring in his own GM that way they are on the same page on what kind of player personnel they want. But what I know!! I'm just a DOLFAN!

The Jets game was not on THill. It was on Carpenter, the Defensive Backs and on Sherman's play calling. This team and its fans know we have a rookie QB who, will like all rookie QB's have his ups and downs in EVERY GAME. This kid put them in position to tie it in the 4th QTR and then put them in position to win it in OT. Did he have throws (including the pick 6) that were terrible? Of course. But this game was lost by his teammates.

Now we move on....

Arizona has been playing really well. The game will come down to turnovers. If we have more we lose. It will come down to our defensive secondary...again. They are horrible. I think Reshad Jones is the only one worth keeping. I see a very average Kolb killing them and that would be the ONLY reason why we lose.

If the secondary holds their own and doesn't commit stupid PI or DH calls and doesn't get scorched for chunk plays I think the Fins will win.


If Tannehill could move the friggin ball we wouldnt have to resort to 50 yd FG'S. 1 TD in 3 games is PATHETIC!!

The Cards are not a 4-0 team they are due to lose and that means a lot in this league. Dolphins 19 - Cards 17.

Check out Jimmy Bourbon's predictions for Week 4, and find out about the steam play that happened on the Jets/Dolphins game last week, and check to see if it happens again against the Cardinals

Amazing cane game Morris lit it up


If Tannehill loses the rest of the games then worry and move him to WR... GENO SMITH 45/51 656 yrds 8 TDs against 25th Baylor

The Amazing U lit it up today!!! Go Canes!!

go canesssssssssssss what a game by morris. vs notre dame at soldier field next sat night should be fun

Excuse me Mr. Swallows, but you didn't correct a single comment I made. History lesson? From you?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

On the contrary, YOU actually make some EXCUSES for Farve and twist the facts.

Someone needs a history lesson.

1. BF was drafted in 1991, round 2 pick 33. Pretty high so expectations were pretty decent.

-Obvious, exactly what I posted.

2. BF was draft by ATL...That year, Chris Miller went to the Pro-Bowl. That year, ATL was 10-6. That year, Chris Miller was going to be the man for ATL for years to come. BF didn't sit to learn. He sat because he was not needed.

-Ginormous excuse here. First, if Chris Miller was all THAT(he wasn't), Atlanta wouldn't have used **VIRTUALLY** a 1st round pick(33rd overall)on a QB.

-Secondly, and here's your WEAK excuse, Farve sat because as a ROOKIE, he simply couldn't be out Miller. Take notes for your next History lesson Troll.

3. BF was traded to GB in 1992 and was starting for GB in 1992.

-Yep! Just like I said. But you omit the fact that during training camp and pre season that year, Farve failed to beat out Majkowski. Farve did'n get his big chance until Majkowski got injured. Week 3 by the way.

4. BF's second year is arguably BF's rookie year. His first year was sitting behind a pro bowl QB.

-Yeah, well you didn't give this benefit of the doubt to Henne. You never said Henne's second year was "arguably" his rookie season. Matter of fact, you vehemently argued just the opposite.

-Now you're just flip flopping facts and hindsight to make your "Non-Argument". LOL-Why not, it's what I've come to expect from you.

5. However, Chris Miller is not a HOF QB. BF learned nothing from him because BF was 3rd on the depth behind Miller and Tolliver.

-All your excuse making aside, what you're saying here is, Farve was virtually a 1st round pick and didn't even impress enough as a rookie to be the back up. These are the facts.

Posted by: JackSparrow | September 29, 2012 at 01:09 PM

-Your last point is PURE Hogwash. It isn't Miller's job to teach rookie QB's anything. Now you're just squirming and reaching. It's the Coaches job, particular his position Coach that teaches rookie QB's the most.

-What you are doing is making every excuse in the book for Farve not coming in and tearing it up as Rookie.

-Yet at the same time, you're railing hard against Tannehill after just 3 starts. Trollish to say the least.

-You won't give Tannehill a single benefit of the doubt, but you'll make every excuse in the book for why Farve couldn't even see the field until he sat for 19 weeks and needed an injury to finally get the nod.

At least Tannehill got the starters job. And all comparisons aside, he's ahead of where Farve was at, at the same points of their careers. Thats a HISTORICAL FACT!

-What you are doing is the exact same things the know nothing Packers Fans were doing when they wanted Farve Benched, traded and waived.

A History Lesson INDEED..........For **YOU**

FZB, Jack Sparrow makes some very good points. Dont start name calling just because you may not agree.
Posted by: Scotty | September 29, 2012 at 02:20 PM

Name one good point you've EVER made Jack......Psssssfpt! I mean "Scotty(Right...Ahem)......


Thanks coalition,

all these nonsense and constant bashing is just getting old, if you disagree on something like we all do then state your facts not just Ireland sucks.

I didn't realize there were so many trolls on this blog, geez..

FZB, just one real Annoying one.

There is a Conspiracy theory the troll is Partners with the Guy Smiling at the top.

Stephen Morris is way better than Matt Barkley.

GENO SMITH THREW 7TD's!!!!! Against a Ranked team.

Matt Barkley is a 6th Rounder at best. Josh Heupel 2.0. He had to come back this year to earn his degree!!! He is going to need it right away!!

Which couldn't pick a decent free agent this year! And IMO didn't pick Tannehill or Lane Mathews.

-Lane, Marshall and Derrick Shelby we're three very good Free Agent picks up. I guess you were looking for some more 50 million dollar head cases like Brandon Marshall, huh?

-Ireland got these guys with very good cap numbers. It helped free up alot of cap money for next year.

That was Philbin and Sherman picks.

Posted by: ray | September 29, 2012 at 02:42 PM

-If this is true, that's the best possible news we can get. I hope you're right. It further reinforces what nost of us have already begun to suspect. Ireland is taking the new coaches advice and working with them very closely. Whats you're problem with that?

-You're going to whine when Ireland picks somebody and you'll whine more when he picks who Philbin, Sherman and Coyle want? I guess you just like to whine ;)

Fact is, Ireland has stockpiled draft picks that would make a Bellicheat fan proud.

He trimmed a ton of fat, signed a few very good, resonably priced Free Agents(he also re-signed some of own KEY Free Agents as well, but lets not credit him with that either). Got us a ton of cap space for next year.

And if that ain't enough, he's proved MORE than WILLING to listen too and take Philbin's advice in personel matters every step of the way!

I'm not completely sold on Ireland by any means. But, whether you like it or not, he's going to be here for at least one more season(barring a complete meltdown of course).

He seems to have done better post Parcells. And he apparently is smart enough to let Philbin/Sherman have their way. I think this NEW "Trifecta" will continue to improve and continue to improve this team.

Now can we please put Double Coverage on Fitzgerald right now! PLEASE!

Send Marshall and Jones out right now. Have them park across the street from his house if you have to. Just get him doubled and do it NOW!


in reference to your post of 2:42 pm, NO I don't get upset with you bashing Ireland what bother's me is the total lack of knowledge some of you guys have, let's take your post for example.

you said that Ireland didn't pick Tannehill or "Lane Matthews" who ever he is, but you said that Philbin and Sherman made those picks, so my question to you is a simple one..


So Ireland is an idiot, he can't draft worth a chit according to you but when he picks a good player in Tannehill or Javorski you won't give him credit?..yup your an idiot.

You also said he can't sign free agents, well if you would have been paying attention then you would know that the Dolphins didn't have a lot of cap room to sign the type A free agents so they had to sign a bunch of minimum salaried veterans to add depth to the team and the reason most of them were cut is because we had 12 rookies make the team and the vets were not needed.

I don't mind you hate Ireland but come with facts that make sense...

We(The Fins) might be looking at players from UM in a Couple Seasons to Draft again. The WR's look nice and each 1 Runs a 4.39.

The U is On the Way back. We still have Duke Johnson for 2 more years!!!

And we get the Youngest Olsen at QB!!

That team is young but well coached!! A REAL TEST NEXT WEEK! ND is NO JOKE! That kid Te'o is the REAL DEAL!! The Best MLB in the Country!

And U know Dashi has a Thing for MLB's. To Me The MLB is the MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER ON DEFENSE! Usually all the Top Defenses have a GREAT MLB!! Tell Me 1 that Doesn't. The Better the MLB the BETTER THE DEFENSE!!!!


And Who has had the best Defense in the Last Decade? Baltimore.

U know what they have in common.

Look at the BEARS. They have all these High priced FA'S. And they have gotten worst because Urlacher has gotten older!

Dansby is Great! but as a OLB!

*and well coached

Phins 78 Please that excuse of throwing a swollen rain soaked ball wouldnt fly in Jack Sparrows element a drunken pirate ship.Enough of the excuses it makes me think you work public relations for the Dolphins on this blog.

Tannehill is a professional football player making millions playing this game if he cant trow a rain soaked ball maybe he should be playing shuffleboard along with you Phins 78.

Dashi-Man !!!

I agree with you on the MLB, that's the QB for the defense, Karlos Dansby has not been that good, another bust by Parcells ,he is way over paid, hopefully we can get a young guy to groom in next years draft.

Dude, how do you deal with all this brain=less people here?...

hey, since the Bear's are a contender this year and their MLB is hurt (Urlacker) maybe we can trade Dansby to them for a second, I would make that trade.

The Dolphins will have a losing season in 2012 they didnt get enough players to replace the ones they lost.

The posters on this blog that come up with excuses for the players should get paid for it.

Even the tuna himself admitted that you are what you are meaning if your team has a LOSING record then you are Losers.

A couple people here can really speak football. They know who they are. And Mando does do a good job.

But u know what they say. 1 person ruins it for everybody! Problem is that 1 person has 1001 aliases!

80%. Of DOLFAN disapprove of JI work as GM! He has done a below average job as a GM! But I agree on one thing. It's getting old on JI being still the PHINS GM. Don't understand the love affair With JI but at the end of all these disagreements the 80% of dolfans will be correct.


"Theres a reason they call it Revis Island, the guy shuts down evey WR."

Umm, the guy shut down... 'Shuts' implies the present. Revis Island is the past (at LEAST for this year).

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