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Philbin: 'We have a million miles to go'

Joe Philbin, fresh off reviewing game tape of Sunday's 35-13 victory over Oakland, came into the Dolphins interview room at noon today and went absolutely bonkers with excitement about his first NFL coaching victory and Miami's first home-opener win in six years.

He was hyped. He was bouncing around. He was a different person!

No, not really.

Not at all.

In fact, Philbin made a point to his coaching staff and his players that their demeanor should be no different after this victory than it was after the opening-day loss to Houston.

"I told the team in the locker room, 'Our message to the media should be we have a long way to go.' We have to show a lot of improvement. I said to the team yesterday that seven days ago we knew we had to improve, we had to get better. We made a couple of strides but we still have a million miles to go.

"I said to the staff an hour ago, I want the mood to be the same as the Monday meeting [last week]. We have corrections we show the players every week and positives. And it should be no different than what it was last Monday."

The fact, however, is that the outcome this week was different than last week. So Philbin had to hand out his share of compliments about the Dolphins. Reggie Bush got a kudo. The Red Zone defense was good. Cameron Wake was singled out for his work versus the run.

A couple of offensive linemen also played well, according to Philbin.

"We thought Richie Incognito played a really good game, better than he did in Houston," he said. "We've been impressed with Pouncey both weeks. He plays the game the right way. There's a lot of pictures of him finishing plays and plain blocking people to the whistle and staying engaged on blockers. That was real encouraging."

But even in handing out kudos, Philbin is careful not to get too excited.

"... I don't want to give him too much or he'll start getting a big head."

The Dolphins, by the way, tackled better this week than the week before. But the theme remains. It was good. But nobody is going crazy happy.

"The good news is there's still a lot of room for improvement," Philbin said. "We have to tackle better relative to the amount of time we spend on it."


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I was a hater until we won, now i just want to fit in with you guys. Dont worry ill flop to the other side next week when we lose to the jets but this week im a winner too!


I know 12:45 is an imposter, but, it's not really about being right or wrong week to week. We all give opinions and sometimes they're right, sometimes they are not.

But we're all (supposed) to be fans. I get why the team and coaching staff don't want to get carried away week to week. But as fans, we don't have to do that. We CAN get carried away. We can get too negative on losing weeks and too positive on winning weeks. We're FANS, that's what we do!!!

( . )Y( . )

What's more corny: saying "First" on a blog, or saying it and actually being Second?

I don't know, both are pretty fruity if you ask me.

I want to see the Jets flying home next weekend 1 and 2. Lets see a good old Jets ass beating!

Would love to see Lane involved more next weekend, running over the Jets defense. Lane is like trying to tackle a pissed-off greased hog.

No way can we run Reggie this much next game, need to get him on some short dumps on the side and over the middle.

cut all of the rasta heads on the team... they f'n blooooooooow.

I yell at you for being a winner, and now that we r winners I just cant help but not yell at myself. How cool is that! LOL

I am dyingbreed and I approve this message.

Whoever is impersonating me has no life LOL

I absolutely love what Philbin said. Basically its: "Yes it was a great win, but STAY FOCUSED, it wasnt the super bowl".

Philbin has laid the burden on BOTH his players and coaching staff to stay FOCUSED. The season isnt a one game sprint, its a 19 game marathon(assuming you get to the sb). Philbin seems to be an entirely different breed of hc in Miami since a man affectionately known as "SHUES".

Only i am allowed to impersonate you, thats how this game works! LOL

There were MANY positives from the 2nd half. Like Philbin, though, I look to the items (1st half ones) that will come back to kick the Phins if they aren't checked really quickly (against a higher-tier team than the lowly Raiders).

1. Tanny looked great moving outside the pocket, throwing on the run to the right and the left. This NEEDS to become a staple for his game plans

2. Tanny needs to release the ball a little quicker when he IDs his target. He picked on the CBs guarding Hartline. There were a couple instances where the balls would have been knocked down or picked if it were a higher-level CB (like Revis)

3. HUSTLE: Dansby was DOGGING it on the long TD pass to the RB. We need nothing short of pure hustle as it's obvious our LB and DB play in covering passes isn't going to get it done

All in all, I LOVED how it felt to win strong. Sustainable? Probably not. But we have a weak first half of season schedule and it'd be nice to have more Mondays like this

As a fan who prefers to not have a stroke, I will follow the coach's advice as well...

But I am excited that Hartline is finally getting a chance to prove himself...having watched him succeed at Ohio State. This proves my point that Sparano's offense was not built for receivers to flourish. And those who say Miami has no quality receivers...how do you know if you only run the ball? So next week it may be Bess or Armstrong or even Moore who proves himself. THAT is exciting prospect makes Miami worth watching.

And in the past, I have pointed out Philbin's OCD quaities...but no drama is a good thing. So let's get marginally excited that in at least one game, Miami looks like it is heading in a positive direction...

12 years in the making...

PS: Mando, why no love for Hartline? Some of those catches appeared quite remarkable.

Only i can flipflop thats how this game works! LOL


Worst Starters:

Chris Clemons. Gives good effort. Fast. Plays STs too. But, takes same angles he did as rookie. Poor. Misses tackles. Troy Nolan must be REALLY bad that he can't supplant Clemons. With Reshad Jones having to blitz so often middles is open 80% of the time

Jonathan Martin. Improving, great attitude. Get's it. But, long way to go. Got to stop throwing himself at feet of lineman. Needs a year of NFL quality gear and weights.

A true test will be the Jets

BEAUTIFUL....THAT'S what I want to hear from Philbin. This team has accomplished NOTHING yet. They don't give out Super Bowls for winning a single game. Dallas bought into the hype of beating the Giants week one and laid an yesterday. We can't do the same against the Jets. There has to be that kind of effort EVERY week. 1-1 is .500 and that's mediocre. We've had enough mediocre with this franchise. Strive for excellence. Yesterday's over...time to prep for the Jets.

While I love the win, I do not believe we have one great receiver in the bunch, and I wouldn't start any of them. Hartline is the best, and he's at best a slot or fourth guy, not a starter. Mainly because like all of our other receivers he can't score.
Wow, how much difference a year makes. Brandon Marshall gets over a 100 yards on revis, who nobody gets over 100 yards on, and ur blasting him for a mistake or two. Now hartline does it and he's the second coming? How many touchdowns did he have, how many did bess have? How many last year? How many per year?

It's a huge problem. I see WR battling for balls in the end zone that u don't see on our team, it's why hartline didn't get the td in the early parts, and why us not trading is a huge mistake.
Bottom line: look at any other teams core and look at ours. Start with Baltimore.

I think it's important that our fans stand together, based in the reality of where this team is and in full support of them making the progress we all know they need to make this year.

We all know they are not likely to make the playoffs. Heck most of us would view a 500 season as a huge success based on the new coaching staff, new Offense and Defense, new rookie QB, other new players, etc.

But holding ANY NFL team to <30 yards rushing is a huge achievement. Improving the offensive scoring in the red zone from Houston to Oakland was a huge improvement. No turn overs for the Fins this week was a huge improvement. Dansby making more plays week 2 was a huge improvement. Etc., Etc., Etc.,

Lets stand behind this team (coaches, players, and yes...even the GM (for now)). Hearing the fans yelling Reggie, Reggie, Reggie was a level of excitement we haven't heard in Miami in years.

I am going to the game on Sunday with two Jets fans. I can only hope the Fins play as well as they did yesterday. That would be enough for us to go 2-1.

Which is another HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!


How many catches and big plays did Marshall have Thursday night? Answers: TWO and NONE. Yeah we REALLY miss that guy....


Hard to believe this guy was not a HC before he came to Miami. His message is the same in wins & losses. He's stable & he doesn't get rattled which is EXACTLY the message you want to send to your team & especially to your rookie QB. Sparano was a nice guys but he's a lot like Stan Van Gundy with the screaming.

jpao, unless those fans are your father and mother-in-law, I'm gonna have to question the type of crowd you hang around buddy.

Did anyone else notice # 25. Stanford who looked like lightning and was hitting hard on special teams. This guy just might end up being a very good corner for us. he might be one of the fasted people on the team, anyone know much about him?

As a New Englander I had a double good day. The Patsies blew one and the "Fins" won! Maybe if this keeps up NESN will actually put some footage of the Dolphins.

RBs, that's what losing a kid does to you. Gives you a point of reference.

"Jonathan Martin. Improving, great attitude. Get's it. But, long way to go. Got to stop throwing himself at feet of lineman. Needs a year of NFL quality gear and weights."


What does 'NFL quality gear' mean???

BTW--You do realize this is the first time he's played RT right??? So I'd say he's already come a pretty long way. In his 2nd NFL start I see a HUGE upgrade over Columbo who I believe is not on an NFL roster.

"RBs, that's what losing a kid does to you. Gives you a point of reference."


I wouldn't know BUT it must take an EXTREMELY strong human being to get through something like that & then to be able to focus on his/her job.

I think i saw 5 tipped balls. Its still an issue.

we suck.

I LOVE that attitude..."We have a million miles to go". Dead right! Nothing accomplished yet. This is a baby step. This is something to build on. The losing and the losing mentality needs to stop with this team. Been down for too long. This needs to become common place again.

Unfortunately, it will mean the end of Armando's blog because there will be about 4 of us in here singing the teams praises....LOL.


If you saw five tipped balls, most of them must have been your own, because I only saw one. Anyone else?

Craig, i will be here. Maybe this blog would be what it once was. When we had guys like Bobby, NJ Phinfan, Rob in OC, etc, etc providing some pretty awesome analysis on strengths and flaws of the team. Didn't always agree but I normally did learn something.


How mant tds did Bush have(2)? Tannehill(1 rush)? Tannehill passing(1td to Fasano)?

It doesnt matter who gets the ball into the endzone but how many. Yesterday we got the ball into the endzone 5 times. Also, dont sleep on Armstrong just yet. He's proven to be a legit deepthreat.

When Armstrong gets onto the playing field this will be an extremely solid wr corps. Combined with the running game performing even close to yesterday, this offense will be a force to be dealt with. Dont let the green grass fool you son.

Great game!!! There was a D let down (2nd quarter?) I noticed....haven't seen the TiVo yet. And yes, whoever said Clemons(?) was taking a bad angle....don't know who it was but I did notice that...way behind the guy.

But overall, it was a good Sunday afternoon in Miami.

They didn't even record the one you saw Craig (the stats had none). I don't know what that guy is watching.

Lamar Miller had a td rushing too.

I was at the game and there was one early....think it was 1st quarter.

We are 1 wide reciever, 1 cornerback[no, not Davis] and 1 safety away from being a GOOD team.
And the best part is, it would not surprise me if this coaching staff coaches the guys on the practice squad up to fill some of those holes.
Love this coaching staff.

30,000 empty seats yesterday. Yikes!


Glad to hear it. You'd be missed if you weren't a part of this. Better days are ahead and we don't need to let the trolls rule the roost.


Havent you guys noticed by now? It's the same 1001 screen name blog hit troll with the negativity. Geesh, after all of the years you've guys been here I dont know why you guys respond to him.

He's only here for blog hits and he figures best way to get those is to get underneath you guys skin. I dont know which is more mindboggling. A blog hit troll spending his entire days weeks on end doing this. Or posters that have been here for years and are seeming unwise to it..

Clemmons is the weak link on the defence. His days are numbered. Don't know if we'll be able to improve it this year. Don't know much about this Carroll guy, but why not. Clemmons gives up way too many big plays. He should be better than what he is and he's not getting any better. It should be a priority in the offseason. Would love a Berry or a Thomas back there but that might not be possible.

The only thing I've ever "learned" from this blog is that the overwhelming majority of the posters here (with one or two exceptions) are useless, repetitive dullards and that "Odin" is one of the most pathetic, sad creatures I've ever run across. That's about it.

Aloco is funny, though.


"As a New Englander I had a double good day. The Patsies blew one and the "Fins" won! Maybe if this keeps up NESN will actually put some footage of the Dolphins."


Finally....I can't remember seeing the Patriots lose a game like in years. Definitely saw it with Drew Bledsoe but not in the Tom Brady era.

Also strange to see them trying to establish the run which they basically abandoned last year & still got to the SB. The situation with Welker is a very bizarre. He's been unbelievable for them & now he's splitting time with Julian Edelman??? Is that a joke??? New contracts for Gronk & Hernandez tell him he's not wanted there. Come back Wes!!! I'll never forgive Cameron & Mueller for that.

The only thing I learned from this blog is Ireland is incompetent and Ross is a cheap SOB.

A series of Victories starts with one of them.

great game. We did some nice things but have a lot to work. Bring on the Yets. Go Phins!

Most impressive non-Dolphin rookie this week: Trent Richardson. Where does Nick Saban find all these ultra-gifted Athletes.

I wouldn't mind Welker back in here. I'm sure Philbin would find something for Wes to do.

Dashi thinks Oakland is a very bad team.

We should not get excited about beating them.

Dashi thinks we'll know more by midseason.

Belichick is wily and so is Rex Ryan. Not to be trusted.

Hey this win is just one step, but it's "one giant step" for the Dolphins. Finally, we are seeing Philbin and Sherman's plan coming together. It's a totally different game plan from the yawner Henning gave us.

If this team continues to progress through the course of the season, imagine what they can do with more weapons at WR, TE and secondary - especially with good draft picks next year.

"We are 1 wide reciever, 1 cornerback[no, not Davis] and 1 safety away from being a GOOD team.
And the best part is, it would not surprise me if this coaching staff coaches the guys on the practice squad up to fill some of those holes.
Love this coaching staff."


Relax....We have a million miles to go. We have a QB that has started two NFL games okay??? Now does he look like he can be good??? Absolutely but he's not there yet & he needs more than ONE WR. He needs ONE big time receiver but after Hartline who btw will be a FA & Bess we have zero proven WR's. Same goes for CB with Smith who will be a FA--need more than ONE.

BTW--You honestly think that Fasano & Clay are the answer at TE??? Clay has done nothing in two games to show that he deserves to be on the field.

Why does Craig M always toss ppl he disagrees with to the side? Dismisses everything anyone says & then try to black list them or something. What is with this guy?

Yea, YOU bud, you're an intolerant jackweed.

If Tanny works out we still need 3 WR's 2 DB's and a LB.

Oakland is a poorly Coached Team by some kind of kid there, Dashi. They have some good Players, including #77. I also saw a TE of theirs that the humidity here was preventing him from getting some oxygen. Uff!

the good thing is we looked better and won, the bad thing is the win might just have saved Irelands job.
Hopefully it was more the Florida heat the the actual Fins that won the game because I am a true believer that Ireland has to go!!!!

Welker's too expensive to bring back for a weapon that's so dependant on weapons around him him to make him great. I would take him as a bargain, but not at even top 8 wr pay.

He's not a "dominant wr" without other dominant weapons around him. He's a slightly faster, slightly quicker Devon Bess at best.

Also, many of Brady's passing woes were due Hernandez going down in the 1st qtr with an ankle injury. Welker benifits from other great recievers around him. Bellichik knows this. That's why Edelman's being groomed as his replacement next year.

Bellichick aint paying nearly "Megatron money" for Wes Welker. I totally agree with Bellichik on this.

Wet that rug! But, Coach... Wet it, it's too hot out there!

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