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Philbin: 'We have a million miles to go'

Joe Philbin, fresh off reviewing game tape of Sunday's 35-13 victory over Oakland, came into the Dolphins interview room at noon today and went absolutely bonkers with excitement about his first NFL coaching victory and Miami's first home-opener win in six years.

He was hyped. He was bouncing around. He was a different person!

No, not really.

Not at all.

In fact, Philbin made a point to his coaching staff and his players that their demeanor should be no different after this victory than it was after the opening-day loss to Houston.

"I told the team in the locker room, 'Our message to the media should be we have a long way to go.' We have to show a lot of improvement. I said to the team yesterday that seven days ago we knew we had to improve, we had to get better. We made a couple of strides but we still have a million miles to go.

"I said to the staff an hour ago, I want the mood to be the same as the Monday meeting [last week]. We have corrections we show the players every week and positives. And it should be no different than what it was last Monday."

The fact, however, is that the outcome this week was different than last week. So Philbin had to hand out his share of compliments about the Dolphins. Reggie Bush got a kudo. The Red Zone defense was good. Cameron Wake was singled out for his work versus the run.

A couple of offensive linemen also played well, according to Philbin.

"We thought Richie Incognito played a really good game, better than he did in Houston," he said. "We've been impressed with Pouncey both weeks. He plays the game the right way. There's a lot of pictures of him finishing plays and plain blocking people to the whistle and staying engaged on blockers. That was real encouraging."

But even in handing out kudos, Philbin is careful not to get too excited.

"... I don't want to give him too much or he'll start getting a big head."

The Dolphins, by the way, tackled better this week than the week before. But the theme remains. It was good. But nobody is going crazy happy.

"The good news is there's still a lot of room for improvement," Philbin said. "We have to tackle better relative to the amount of time we spend on it."


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when are the fins getting rid of nanee and let reshad mathews get some playing time? heck her cannot do any worse that that nanee guy that does nothing at all for this offense

In Ireland's first year of operating our draft, he had Tony SpOrano to bounce ideas off of. He was looking for Parcells/SpOrano type of Ground and Pound players on offense. On defense he was trying to shore up a 3-4. Not just the draft, but in Free Agency as well.

So I won't give him a pass, but you definitely have to take those circumstances into consideration.

In this years Draft and Free Agency, he's had Philbin, Sherman and Coyle. All touting different(supposedly better)systems and philosophies.

So I won't give Ireland a pass for any years prior, but I will keep it in mind going forward.

It's no secret how much I like Shelby, Randall and Vernon. They fit our system, have looked impressive as rookies and are steadily improving. It took a 3rd and a 7th total as Shelby was an undrafted free agent. Thats not bad value and the potential is through the roof.

Tannehill, Martin and Miller were a bit more expensive. But two of the 3 are starting and Miller is already showing his value. As it stands right now, not too shabby. If current trends continue, this is probably, easily Ireland's best draft ever.

I don't care about all the other stuff(like spending 3 picks on Thomas, whom Miller could be making expendable). This is a what have you done for me lately league. So far, this draft class has been doing alot. Egnew still being the head scratcher. But you give highly drafted players more than one pre season to come around.

But wait! Thats not all. There's more!

When was the last time we had 11 overall picks in the draft with 5 of those coming in the first 3 rounds?

When was the last time we were 50 to 60 million dollars under the salary cap?

You know whose responsible for these last two points? Do you know whose job it is to get and manage our draft picks? Do you know whose job it is to find us free agents and mange our cap space?

Yep, I begrudgingly give you Jeffy Ireland!

So just maybe Jeffy is improving along with the overall team. Just maybe we are finally on our way back to being a Proud and Respected Franchise.

I know we've only beaten one not so good team, but Man, what a Win it was. I'm feeling a little better about EVERYTHING Miami Dolphins right now.

(Craig M, specifically, what do you think-lol?)

Who can run on Miami now? IMO, Nobody. That alone gives us a significant advantage.

Yes, besides my usual J&B, I'm feeling better.

To me, odin, the biggest headscratcher here is Charles Clay. All the ability in the world for his position and he still drops passes. Hmm...

i agree yesterdays gone, welker will not fix our receiver problems. we need a big prototype receiver who can separate and adjust to inaccurate throws which tannehill will have this season, he's a rookie learning. next yrs draft can provide that. if not, will have some cap space for signing a FA playmaker, some one who intimidates def backs.

Hell, I didn't see any inaccurate throws by Tannehill yesterday directed to Hartline. All where placed where the DB had no chance at the ball. Can you do that?

yo oscar, oxygen is on the sidelines and it gets pretty hot in oakland too.

Coalition to get coalition out

That's some funny s h I t! What you been smoking? But what ever it is please give me some, this a s s wipe JI. Has screw up this team. He has done more harm than go and that bull s h I t about what you done for me lately. Is bull crap! He has set this team back a few more years, that's not doing a great job or moving forward! That's moving backwards. Just like your boy Obama
I think you should be a Obama advocate!

Most People don't understand that Heat is 1 thing and Humidity another.

Oxygen makes it worst in Humidity, you're breathing water vapor.

you must have amnesia, did you see the houston game. i am a fan of tannehill but he will take some lumps this season. even the great ones had problems to correct their rookie seasons,hence peyton manning.

Flipper(YG) just follows what I say. For instance, if I say now, the Jets will win next week, he'll go bet on the Jets. I got him in my grasp.


THAT was a well written thought out post that made very good points, it was also right on the money, congrats to you.


you are not too bright are you?..Either that or your a clue-less ten year old, Ireland did not destroy this franchise Parcells did, the problem with you and all the other Ireland haters is that you are all too stupid to even realize it.

HEY GUYS IM POSTING IN ALL CAPS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION......nah I'm playing fellas ( and flea males )

What do you all think about Kenny Phillips as our main offseason acquisition ? Hear me out now. Clemons is NEVER gonna take that next step. I just don't see the football instincts in him and he doesn't seem to be dumber than dog spit so I'm not sure we can hang our hat on the idea that a light will eventually go on and he'll get it and become starting caliber. No nose for the ball, suspect tackler, terrible angles.

Jones on the other hand, looks very much like he's about to take that next step. Too early to tell obviously, but if this ascension productivity and accountability continues, he will be a very good player on this defense.

Bringing me to the pair of Phillips and Jones. Both have elite size and speed for the position. While jones is still a " ? " Phillips is not. Dude's a stud. Don't look at sats. When he's healthy, he's great. When he's not playing, the Giants secondary is atrocious.He's got a rare combo of size speed and football intelligence. Reason i know this btw is because I live in New Jersey and my entire family is die hard Giants fans so I have watched pretty much every game he's played in his entire career thus far.

Him and Jones back there roaming around, either can blitz effectively at any time, both pretty solid tacklers, etc....i think that would be the best safety duo since......LMAO the only safety i can think of for this team that i ever thought was any good ( in my lifetime ) was Brock Marion.

So...we shore up that glaring need and our secondary is already vastly improved. Draft a WR/CB in rd 1 depending on who the can't miss prospect is. Unless Vernon doesn't show anything this yr in which case I think we gotta get the top pass rusher.

Outside of the 1st round i think its realistic to expect 2 more starters, possibly even 3 from the next draft. In which case, we'd have a pretty damn good team.

Philllips Jones at S. Sean Smith, rookie/Marshall at CB with the other going to nickel. Our D line needs no mentioning. But imagine another pass rushing demon a la Aldon Smith or JPP opposite Wake ? DAAAAAAAMN. Obviously Vernon will never be at THAT level but I see a ton of potential and if not, like I said, grab a blue chip DE rd 1 if there is one. Our LBs are just fine and although I would love to get a 2nd or even 3rd rd pick for Dansby and then draft Teo from ND, that simply aint happening so we gotta be happy with Dansby. Misi and Burnett ? We could do better but they're both above average at the very least.

Then on offense, RBs are good, maybe great even. Oline is looking surprisingly solid. ( I'm very surprised, anyway ) So that leaves WR and TE, who we should be targeting early in the draft. Rookie stud WR with Hartline opposite and Bess in the slot ? Sounds goooooooood to me ! Maybe Clay will finally get it and step up, but if not, draft someone not named Egnew at TE and we should be sitting fairly pretty, having surrounded Tannehill with talent good enough to win games on a consistent basis.

In year 2 of Philbin, I think this is a DREAM scenario, and I can't believe how frigging realistically possible it is. With all our picks in the next draft you gotta believe we'll get at least a starting caliber player on both sides of the ball. Damn, I know i'm way ahead of myself, but that has me super psyched. It's gonna make watching this current team's development ( especially Tannehill, who has turned me into a former skeptic ) beyond fun.

Okay, my essay is finished. Sincere apologies for my long windedness. Have a good one all ! and Go Dolphins !


Good point. I think jury is still out on Ireland, but that over rated bag of puss Parcells is the reason we have been wallowing in mediocrity the last few years. The dufuss still believes you win in the modern NFL by having big slow fat guys and running the ball. Someone forgot to tell him its no longer the 1980s. You win today with speed , a passing game and athleticism at the QB position. If Ireland brings us the pieces that add up to that recipe then he will have won me over. If not, then time to move on from him too.
BTW, Spermano is a Parcells clone as well. Coach not to lose, which is what tubby Parcells did with his last Cowboys teams.

Falcons have no chance at all tonight, YG.

You mean " an Obama advocate". Why am I not surprised that a conservative Republican is also illiterate

Ireland is the most hated person in Miami more so than Fidel Castro! F u c k you you guys keep blowing smoke up JI a s s. But he is a loser and he will never turn out to be a winner because he doesn't know how! He hand his hands in all the draft picks since Parcells hire him as GM! I know what I heard that morning in 2010 on the Joe Rose show, he admitted it that he and Parcells together drafted those players! No you are the dumb a s s that fall for his bull s h I t lies
Poor decision making! And you know what I'm entitle to my opinion a s s hole! You the stupid Fu ck!!!

Op good point, Peyton set a rookie record for ints that hasnt been broken yet. I think he threw 26 that season.


You are a dork. 7-11 called. You are late for work again. Now git and start slingin those slurpies bonehead.

Wonderful post at 8:11 OZCAR. You should be very proud. Man what a jerk.

One more thing guys...I've noticed a lot of troll talk here amidst some fairly astute observations. Just so ya'll know, Ive never posted here but since I'm hurt i can't workout and thus I get bored sometimes lol. So I'm gonna be posting on here randomly throughout the days. I aint no TROLL. just so ya know lol. So when you see Powdered Water, don't assume I love to deep throat and treat me with civility if you acknowledge me, please. Not that you would hurt my feelings, I'm just genuinely interested in talking Dolphins football with fellow fans ( who are sort of scarce when you live 5 mins away from Met Life Stadium.

Ok, peace to all y'all even the ghouls....

Get outta here trolls and stop acting like babys LOL

Powdered Water:

I too am a northeasterner who loves the Dolphins and am stuck in Buffalo Bills country. Thankfully they blow worse than Miami has. However, I believe times are now changing and within a couple more seasons we will have the best QB and team in this division. Sanchez reverted back to himself yesterday. A barely average player at best. And Brady may not last the season with that sieve O-line in New England. Fitzpatrick is a stock broker playing in the NFL right now.

Odindouche stop with all of this diareah all over your keyboard. Who is actually going to sit here and read your essay. Get a clue, no one wants you here. Stop acting like a jerk, it hurts this blog more than it helps yourself. Look, you scared all of the real posters away. I dont even know why im still here bothering to talk to you you are just going to act like some as*clown all over again


Correction, Odincrap is not an as* clown. He's a juggling clown. Ray is the as* clown.


Today is still here and tomorrow you are gone! A s s wipe! I say and post what ever I want to it's my opinion that's all you got! let me tell thanks to Obama there are people that have college degrees working at 7-11 because they can't find jobs. What ever it takes to support my family, at least I'm always open 24-7. Hahaha! You a s s!

Powdered Water welcome aboard. There will be people who attack you and you have to ignore them. They are trying to make you fight with them because they like it, it makes them feel important. If you ignore them you take away their power and leave them with two options.

1. Be respectful of their fellow posters so they can join in the conversations.

2. Leave and never come back.

Some of them are young and don't understand this but they learn and change their tone. Some of them are pathetic adults who are only looking to argue with strangers on the internet.

Either way, just completely ignore anyone who is disrespectful to you. It's the best way to enjoy this blog.

and this oscar character who posts 30 responses in a row and talks to himself is an as*hat


Back away from the heroin needle for a moment and take a deep breath. You are entitled to your opinion, howver since it is worthless we don't care. Now go outside and play in the middle of the busiest freeway you can find and do us all a favor.

Today is still here.....at least you don't have to deal with Jets fans. Let me tell ya, New Jersey-ans are some of the most obnoxious people you could ever meet. Yet and still, the good majority of us absolutely LOATHE Jets fans. They take obnoxious to a whole nother level. I think the most frustrating part is WTF do they have to be obnoxious about ? I understand it from Yankee fans or Patriot fans, but the JETS ?!?!!?
Thank God my fam wears Blue, not Green lol but more importantly, that's exactly what I was getting at. The future prospects of our team are much more promising than either the Jets or Patriots. I know I have heard a handful of Phins fans saying this for a while, but for the first time I actually believe it. And not just because of the Raiders game either. It is indeed exciting !


Your comment re Oscar I accept. Although Ray might also be an as* hat as well.

A Strange Blog it is. Just like its Conductor.

Odin I swear if you address this person Im coming after you. I won't hurt you, you have a bad back. But being a fellow musician I know exactly how to get you, it's worse than any physical punishment you could receive. So in closing, if you get sucked into this nonsense again you had better lock up your bass! :)

Your posts have been good today, good points and interesting subjects open for debate. He is trying to get you going, please don't fall for it again. No one cares what he thinks about you, you should follow our lead.

Phins78...thanks bro. Believe me, I understand all that already, I have no desire to get into internet fights with people I will never meet LOL. The sad thing is it is clearly my generation. ( born in 90 ) I like to call us the "Facebook Genereation" I have friends who literally browse Facebook 15 hours a day. They can talk up a storm to any female on the internet, but when it comes to spitting game in a mall or bar or anywhere in person, they recede into their turtle shell. These are the freaks ya'll are dealing with and the trend aint slowing down any time soon. My post was directed to people like you who just wanna talk Miami Dolphins so I'm a bit relieved to see the 2 people who responded to me are normal lmao....

ray, calm down and count to ten or something, need to manage that anger. its just a football posting.


Right on. Jets fans are the worst kind of diseased animal known to man, second only perhaps to a rabid, vermin infested rodent. Anyway, I like many of our young players and am forever loyal to my team while still trying to be realistic. Give Tannehill a little bit of leeway to grow and get better and continue to put pieces in place to give him a chance to succeed. It starts with doing the opposite of what Tubby Parcells would do. Don't draft slow fat guys in the early rounds. Draft the Skill positions on offense and defense: QB, WR, TE, CB, Pass Rushers. Without quality at those spots you cannot win today.

Never in my fight against Fidel Castro did he admit something I discovered on him, but neither did he deny it. But, YG admitted he was DB before and has gotten fu-ked ever since. Yes, a young one(and dumb as a garden slug). We'll get him.


Give Ray a break. When you're 35 and still living in your mom's basement, things can be tough.

Ray, your mom called. You forgot to make your bed again. You're in trouble my man.

The only person I dis like JI. In the dolphins organization everyone else is ok with me, even Mr Ross but I lost respect to a racist fagot like JI. He has set us back period, you all will see. I will be right about JI you all will be wrong!

Powdered sounds good. Look forward to some good Dolphins talk with you. Peace

This Denver's Coach hasn't gotten it yet. Let Peyton call the plays, man!

- Hey , bro, these Football Coaches are dumb as hell. -Sure, man, what do you think, it's Football.

seems like i remember you saying falcons have no chance. are you watching the game? back to back picks by manning. falcons up 7 and driving deep in denver terr.

That was my opinion. I just wanted you to bet on it.


YOU don't like Obama?

C'mon..........C'mon, not even a little?

Just Kidding Ray, but please don't bring up politics with me. I'm not into it. Not in the least!

I hear you on the Ireland hate as well. I NEVER liked the guy. But in all fairness and in all REALITY, regardless of what transpired under Parcelss and with SPOrano, Ireland did a heck of a job with this years draft class.

Not only that, one of his free agent aquisitions is starting to play at near Pro Bowl levels. Javorski Lane is a Monster and I like the guy.

Since Ireland has been collaborating with Philbin there has been a well defined improvement in his job performance.

One last thing, you can't argue with the fact that will be in the best Cap Situation than we've been in years.

I understand the hate. But seriously, you can't argue with the way things are progressing. The only thing I can figure is that Philbin has a lot more input than we've all been led to believe.

Also, Ray

Just throwing Obama out there and pretending like you made a point doesn't help your case.

I don't LIKE Obama or Ireland. But argue any of the facts I posted.

For real. I hate arguing Ireland's side of anything, but things are improving.....IMHO!

Coalition: Great post. Agree with you 100%. Well done.

Oh, Peyton will sort them out. Just give him a chance.

Millions and Millions....Way to go Coach...

Do not make mistakes with YG or odin. They know their Football. Except when their as-holeness interferes with them.

Ok coalition
First let me start by apologizing for my remarks toward you and some trolls on this blogs. I'm frustrated fan, I'm tired of loosing
I want change not to wait another 2 to 3 years to see a playoff win even, JI has shown me nothing, I respect your opinion and I have to really see JI hit on some good picks to really drink the kool aid. And on the salary cap issue. We have wait and see what transpires, I still think IMO he sucks a s s. Payton throws three int.


THAT was a well written thought out post that made very good points, it was also right on the money, congrats to you.

Posted by: FZB | September 17, 2012 at 07:59 PM

Thank You FZB, I was really struggling with that post. I have never been an Ireland Fan. But I had to look at it objectively and realistically.

He had one draft on his own and he was still trying to shore up the Parcellian type of team.

This was his first year in drafting for the WCO and a 4-3 defense.

Anyone can complain all day along about what happened last year, the tear before, etc, etc. But the truth is, we look better today, we have a ton of draft picks. And we'll be in excellent Cap shape.

That's pretty much all on Ireland. Though I do suspect he got a GINORMOUS assist from Philbhin!


I think your going a bit over board with the Ireland love.....

just saying


You best BEWARE!

Theres Violence in the AIR.......TONIGHT!

Ha Ha Ha! It's a Mad House!

(Did I hear them say 4 turnovers for Denver in the first Quarter!?!?

Yes sir. Three int by Payton fumble by mareno. Good physical game!

I told you some time ago, this guy is a very talented GM and also a Major As-hole. Your pick.


I ask again...how about a little love for Hartline...

Odindouche stop with all of this diareah all over your keyboard. Who is actually going to sit here and read your essay. Get a clue, no one wants you here. Stop acting like a jerk, it hurts this blog more than it helps yourself. Look, you scared all of the real posters away. I dont even know why im still here bothering to talk to you you are just going to act like some as*clown all over again
Posted by: Reality Check | September 17, 2012 at 08:21 PM

Reality Check.....you don't exist in a Vacum a ss munch!

All the good people here can see it. All the good people here KNOW IT!

You ruined this blog so bad that two different posters opened up alternative sites for the off season.

But let me guess? You don't think they can remember a few short months ago-RIGHT-lol? Thats your problem, besides being stump dumb and stoopid too, you **THINK** everybody else is-Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa! NOT!

Matter of fact, after we all left for the summer(because of you), Barry Jackson had to close the blog down COMPLETELY - AGAIN, BECAUSE OF YOU and YOUR RIDICULOUSNESS!

If everybody was as dumb as you, you'd have it made. Unfortunately for you, you're about the dummest Fvck there is!


Buh-Bye Now ;)

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