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Philbin: 'We have a million miles to go'

Joe Philbin, fresh off reviewing game tape of Sunday's 35-13 victory over Oakland, came into the Dolphins interview room at noon today and went absolutely bonkers with excitement about his first NFL coaching victory and Miami's first home-opener win in six years.

He was hyped. He was bouncing around. He was a different person!

No, not really.

Not at all.

In fact, Philbin made a point to his coaching staff and his players that their demeanor should be no different after this victory than it was after the opening-day loss to Houston.

"I told the team in the locker room, 'Our message to the media should be we have a long way to go.' We have to show a lot of improvement. I said to the team yesterday that seven days ago we knew we had to improve, we had to get better. We made a couple of strides but we still have a million miles to go.

"I said to the staff an hour ago, I want the mood to be the same as the Monday meeting [last week]. We have corrections we show the players every week and positives. And it should be no different than what it was last Monday."

The fact, however, is that the outcome this week was different than last week. So Philbin had to hand out his share of compliments about the Dolphins. Reggie Bush got a kudo. The Red Zone defense was good. Cameron Wake was singled out for his work versus the run.

A couple of offensive linemen also played well, according to Philbin.

"We thought Richie Incognito played a really good game, better than he did in Houston," he said. "We've been impressed with Pouncey both weeks. He plays the game the right way. There's a lot of pictures of him finishing plays and plain blocking people to the whistle and staying engaged on blockers. That was real encouraging."

But even in handing out kudos, Philbin is careful not to get too excited.

"... I don't want to give him too much or he'll start getting a big head."

The Dolphins, by the way, tackled better this week than the week before. But the theme remains. It was good. But nobody is going crazy happy.

"The good news is there's still a lot of room for improvement," Philbin said. "We have to tackle better relative to the amount of time we spend on it."


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Your posts have been good today, good points and interesting subjects open for debate. He is trying to get you going, please don't fall for it again. No one cares what he thinks about you, you should follow our lead.
Posted by: Phins78 | September 17, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Sorry 78, I just got down to your post.

Thanks for the............the.......Reality Check!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaa!!!!

OK, OK, just for the record, PLEASE, leave my Guitars alone. Thats warning enough for me.

This Denver Team doesn't look anything like the one that defeated Pittsburgh last week. GN.

Anyone who likes Ireland is an idiot. Gm drafts players. Period. This draft isn't said and done yet. And it was after the draft that we were told by the important experts that Ireland was the worst gm in history right now. When Peter king talks, I usually listen.

I really didn't like what coyles and Sherman said in their press conference.....It's frustrating to me that Sherman and others can't just admit the shortcomings of this team, especially the receiving core. Legedu isn't getting open, he cant fight coverage, he isn't quick enough or talented enough, but let's keep talking about these completely underperforming players like we love having them, and like players like Koa misi, odrick, and Burnett haven't been and continue to be huge disappointments. Why aren't soliai's numbers comparable to wilforks? Or even lesser guys in the middle? He sure wants paid like he is wilfork. Why doesn't he get penetration, tackles and sacks. Why don't I hear his name called like
I do Starks. Why can't we admit that we drafted odrick before dez Bryant, and Koa before a lot of amazing linebackers in the league today, and stop hoping for their third year bounce? Frustrating.

We have to stop with all the negativity. We will face some growing pains but I expect good things for the Dolphins this year.

Odindouche ummmmmm REALITY CHECK: you are an as*clown and everyone knows it. Why are you still here at all. Go somewhere and peel over and do everyone a favor LOL why do you think i have to use other names just to talk football? Cause i need to avoid dolts like u

Manning had 3 int's in the first quarter?

Anyone watching tonights game knows Jake Long was the wrong pick.

Ok coalition
First let me start by apologizing for my remarks toward you and some trolls on this blogs. I'm frustrated fan, I'm tired of loosing
I want change not to wait another 2 to 3 years to see a playoff win even, JI has shown me nothing, I respect your opinion and I have to really see JI hit on some good picks to really drink the kool aid. And on the salary cap issue. We have wait and see what transpires, I still think IMO he sucks a s s. Payton throws three int.

Posted by: ray | September 17, 2012 at 09:14 PM

Thats Kool Ray.

Even though I think things are improving, I still CRINGE at the thought of Ireland having all those picks to wast.......er......to work with.

I'm not sold on Ireland at all. It just occured to me this week that maybe things are improving. And maybe even Jeffy himself now that he's working with a Good Football Mind in Coach Philbin.

I just hope I'm right when I said I think Philbin has more input(or power) than we've been led to believe.

I think recognizing talent and developing young players is a big strength of this coaching staff. The veterans they cut needed cutting, and the young guys are showing up PREPARED to play football.
We will lose again, but I will still enjoy watching guys like Miller, Lane, Tannehill, Martin and Vernon develop. We had 3 rookie defensive linemen in the game at the same time yesterday!! And they brought it!! We had a rookie backfield and they ran for a 16 yard touchdown!! That is good stuff.
Love the game, love these coaches.

Sad to hear about Steve Martin. RIP funny man!

yup atlanta is very good. or a mediocre team has one fool said in here,lol

At least someone agrees with me on JI, look fellas, it's been five long years, we really don't know yet about these Rooks. But Egnew bust. He let's go of Wallace and keep Nanee really the continues to be on this team
Chad is way better than Nanee! How about 7-11 always open. I rather start Moore on the other side of Hartline or Armstrong when he gets healthy!

I think your going a bit over board with the Ireland love.....
just saying

Posted by: Kris | September 17, 2012 at 09:21 PM

Yeah, I probably am. But dammit Jim! I mean.....Kris, I just want to get back to respectablity. I wanna know that we at least have a chance, regardless of whose on the schedule.

The win against Oakland, a blow out no less, just got me going. I want to be good so bad, I'm grasping at........at..........screw the straws! I'll grasp at anything if it gets us back to being a good, solid competitive team.

I don't like Ireland and I never have. But this past draft class is better than any in YEARS! And the upcoming favorable cap situation? Who else can I give the credit too?

Maybe it's just that broken clock beimg right for the first time today. But I'm hoping that it's the scouting talents of Ireland, combined with the Football smarts of Philbin, finally equaling some long awaited success!

If we put a solid smack down on the wets, I'm sold! I'll be mortgaging the farm to buy in! I want a great and convincing win over the wets and I won't care if Pee Wee Herman Himself is the GM!

..Inamounts..Did you watch the last 2 games? Soliai has been awesome. Watch yesterdays game and count the times Soliai took double teams. Watch what he did to clog up the middle forcing the play to be pushed outside right into the containment, or to the swarm of defenders..Total team defense.

also could it be that Solia is asked to do different things within our scheme compaired to a Wilfork? Soliai isn't on the field for obvious pass situations. Wilfork is. Soliai does his job by doing what he did yesterday. Cause chaos, take on double teams..It is not anything that shows up on the stat sheet..I said it earlier today. He and Starks have played at a Pro Bowl level in the first 2 games..As evident by yesterday. Soliai is a guy offenses have to be aware of when they put in their game plan.


Steve martin? Stop playing. He was one of my favorites! Wow.

RIP my good man. The comedy club in heaven is getting full this year.

Solai had a monster game on Sunday..

That's what I get for believing u fools before doing my own research.

Ha ha real funny playing with an all time great like Steve martin. Screw u dude.! Hope u just f'n die today. Wishing bad stuff on people. Sick f#*k!

agree dunphy solia has been great so far

Inimounts at 9:51,

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!

Man you so crazy! That post was hilarious.

You should be doing Stand Up Bro. You are GOOD!

Bush was amazing and Hartline stepped up.

..Are you guys playing??? Navin Johnson passed? I was supposed to go see him and his band in Missoula in a few weeks. What happened??

Hey Soliai had a great game yesterday, they stop the run pretty much at will, I like our D line. My concern will be the LB covering the TE and Clemens and Richard both players not very good, we need improvement there, hopefully next year in F/A Another concern is Burnett inconsistency and Koa Misi dropping into coverage. I think we can improve on QB pressures and sacks!

Coa-odin ;) you let him get you but I'll forget it because that was your farewell post to him. You're ignoring him on this page, keep it up! Lol

...Clemens had took a bad angle on that long pass play. but what else did he fail to do that folks are calling him out today? Do you guys realize we played a lot of single high saftey the last 2 games? It isn't an excuse for Celmons poor angle..But I missed the rest of what people are critiquing him for today. Please(and I'm not being sarcastic) what were some other mistakes?

Thank God we won yesterday. I was at the game, many Raider fans were wearing Gorilla and Death masks. Can't lose at home to them...
The Reggie chants were awesome!!
We needed that win for our young fan base. We've been losing to many home games recently. I haven't seen Dolfans that happy in years!!

I see Matt Ryan playing pretty dam good. I could of sworn that some people here said that Jake Long was a better pick than Matt, or a safer pick. Something like that, I would have drafted Matt first no doubt about it. Matt was good in college I saw lots of BC Miami games, anyone remember those games?

Only thing I know about Clemons doesn't make impact plays. Not a play maker, no int can't really cover, one more time doesn't make enough big plays on defense, sorry dude but true, Richard also not a real playmaker, maybe it's the new defensive scheme but last year Clemons played the same, never hear his name being call on tackles.

Craig M beat a crappy Raider team and now Jeff Ireland is supposed to be good. Haha Ireland still sucks. If Ireland is so smart, why hasn't Bush re signed? He carries the Team.

Yeah Darryl, what Ray said.....I agree.

I was calling for Clemons to get the axe the week of cut downs. I don't have any particulars, it's just everything all together.

Or more specifically, it seems it wouldn't be that difficult to upgrade. I thought/think Culver was better and I don't really like Culver much either.

Clemons is there, he never really makes any plays let alone big plays. And certainly not any game changing plays.

I think he's a year ahead of Reshad Jones and already he's passed him up. It's not any one thing and I'm not going to say Clemons sucks(though he's close-lol), I'd just rather see some plays made from our Strong safety!

God nite fellas. Good game Tonite Old man Payton made mistakes but he is dangerous still. Matt played well. Good match up.

Craig M beat a crappy Raider team and now Jeff Ireland is supposed to be good. Haha Ireland still sucks. If Ireland is so smart, why hasn't Bush re signed? He carries the Team.

Posted by: Craig Mack | September 17, 2012 at 11:56 PM

Are you for real?

First off, Craig didn't beat anybody-Hello?

Second, the win over Oakland doesn't have much too do with the Ireland assessment. For me, it's his draft class and free agent signing.

1. Tannehill is starting and doing pretty damn good(I personally was against the pick and whined, pissed and moaned forever about it. I put some Hot Sauce on my Crow, goobled it down with a smile and haven't looked back). Drafting a QB in the first round isn't an easy feat. The pick is important as is the player. So far it looks like Jeffy aced it. Tannehill has led us to our best start in at least 5 seasons!

2. Martin transitioned to the right side and looks to be the answer for years to come. He's already our best right tackle in...........at least 5 seasons.

3-A. Vernon is getting pressure, containing and doing whats been asked. He's even contributing on Special Teams. He destroyed Kendall Hunter on Sunday!

3. Egnew is a project, but we all knew that.

4. Miller is contributing and looked great in his first NFL experience.

7-B. Randall! McDaniel went down and Kheeston jumped in the rotation without a hitch. He has helped us stop the run against two of the best backs in football.

Free Agency? Johnson was a good pick up, but blew it by not controlling his own Johnson. You can't blame Ireland for Coach Philbin having has enough of the tired old antics.

Javorski Lane! Yep, another good looking player that Ireland brought in. But like I said earlier, he's getting some solid assists from Coach Philbin and his staff.

And as far as Bush? We don't have to re-sign him now. He's ALREADY under contract. By all indications, he Happy and Producing!

C'mon Man. Put down the bottle or put down the Keyboard. One or the other!

Matt Ryan > Aaron Rodgers

I haven't seen Dolfans that happy in years!!

Posted by: Jcb | September 17, 2012 at 10:52 PM

Yeah, beat the crap Raiders and they want to throw a parade! LOL

1 good win
beat the jets and the fans will all come out of the cracks of south fla

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