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Picking this game is about knowing Revis status

It's Jets week. That means something for Dolphins and Jets fans. And as this is the first time in a couple of years that the Dolphins and Jets meet with both teams still clutching hopes of doing something this season, this is the biggest Dolphins versus Jets game in a while.

My pick?

Darrelle Revis.

That's what this game will boil down to, in my opinion. Darrelle Revis.

The Jets cornerback missed last week's New York loss to Pittsburgh because he had not been cleared to play following a concussion the week before. Although he has reported progress, his status for Sunday against the Dolphins is uncertain at this moment.

I believe if he misses the game, the Jets lose.

I believe if he's 100 percent and plays, the Jets win.

Simple as that.


With Revis, the Jets can do something that can cripple the Miami offense. And it's hard to win a football game without an offense. With Revis, the Jets can basically game plan to erase Brian Hartline from the Miami offense.

Hartline has emerged as Miami's only legitimate threat at wide receiver. He has caught 12 passes for for 161 yards so far this season. He is gaining a reputation not only as a threat, but a downfield threat that merits rolled coverages and, in some cases, double coverage.

And that's how the Jets would probably have to deal with Hartline if Revis sits out. But if Revis plays, he checks Hartline and that's it. He's on Hartline and, with respect the Miami receiver, he's erased. End of story. Revis is that good.

With Hartline out of the picture, the Jets can then pool the rest of their defensive resources to stopping the Miami running game that shredded the Raiders for 243 yards last week. If Revis is checking Hartline man-to-man, the Jets can stack the box on runs and blitz as they often do with relative confidence that some other Dolphins receiver won't take them deep.

Without Revis, the Jets aren't assured of either checking Hartline, cannot blitz with impunity, and their commitment to stopping the run cannot be as sold out as it could be otherwise, thus affecting their run defense.

Revis is a future Hall of Fame candidate. He's simply the best cornerback in the game today.

And his presence or absence Sunday could be the difference between victory or defeat for these two teams.


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Are you and idiot Armando?

Fins 17
Jets 16

There's another phase of the game in which the Jets offense plays. They have been known to hilariously inconsistent. If they don't show up strong, the Dolphins could win. If they do, even a Revis-less Jets team could win.

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM.


Is Anthony Armstrong healthy? I do not agree with your simplistic Revis evaluation. Revis is a great player but football is an ultimate team game. The Jets offensive line is suspect. So is the Dolphin's secondary at times. The Dolphins should be able to take away the time Sanchez has to throw but have not shown a great rush thus far. THAT'S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME. To me the Jets are a similar caliber team as the Dolphins but with a BIG MOUTH(Ryan).

The jets are a joke
A great joke without Revis
Simply a pedestrian joke with him.
So there offense is going to run a muck of our d?
Football is not this simple mando

I don't think that Mando really thinks that the outcome of the game depends on whether Revis plays or not, he just needs something to write about. The Dolphins have beat the Jets with Revis playing before, and that was when they were a ground and pound one-dimensional team, and the Jets knew it. It's going to take a lot more than one cornerback to decide the outcome of this game.

Agreed. This comes down to Revis.

Because the JEts offense scares NO ONE!!

Dashi predicts 28-3 Dolphins.

Sherman will open up the playbook a little more this week. Screens, Plays in the Flat. Spread-Option?

Sporano won't be the only one unveiling anything this Week.

Plus, Coyle can run a 4-4 Defense. Stops the Extra Linemen Stuff Sporano likes to run. Coyle has really Amazed me with his Playcalling. WOW, The D Looks nothing like the PreSeason. Contains the Run.


And Sanchez is Sanchez.

The Better Conditioned Team will win. Remember it's a 1'Clock Game. Once that 2nd Half Hit's. The Better Trained Team Will Come out and Dominate the 2nd Half. Not just cause of the Weather. But BEcause we train at twice the Speed as everyone else. It has to start paying off at some point.

Simply idiotic comment, Armando. Hartline is not that great a weapon to beging with. They can stack the box all they want...and we wil kill them with dump off passess to the RBs or Bess, et al. You make it sound as if the Jets are a a juggernaut on offense, which they aren't. This game will be close, but the Revis factor is not nearly as big as you purport it to be. Butch up!

Good question about the status of Armstong...I would be interested to know his status....

Also Armando...I see it different.....

Would you agree that Hartline is more similar to Ginn or Welker...than he is to Marshall or Chad Johnson???

If you do...then you can see why I feel Hartline will be a much tougher cover than either Marshall or Johnson....

Not because Hartline is better than either of them...but because he is both faster and quicker than them...

It seems Revis can easily cover the lumbering possesion recievers...

but the quick Ginn took him to school...and I belive that Welker has done so on occassion....Welker still has had over 100 catches many years in a row....and that with playing the scary Revis twice a season....

I said this the other day. None of these WR's are a threat to the Jets D & what they want to do. With or without Revis.

The Jets create a rush with the blitz. Cromartie can handle hartline on his own. The rest of their DB's can handle our other WR's. They blitzed Big Ben alot & didn't have Revis & the Steelers have way better WR's than we do.

This game will come down to Tanny & whether he can squeeze the ball into tight spaces. He hasn't been all that accurate at times & that could cost him big in this game because it's gonna be tight coverage.

Will be a close game throughout because I think Miami can shut down the Jets ground game but, I do think Ryans defense will confuse Tanny into a couple of int's and sacks.

Prediciton: Jets 20 Fins 9

If Philbin can actually get the FINS to win a big game...

then 11 wins are in the book...

Even in the Marino days the FINS would come out flat for a MUST win game....

How many times did we lose THAT game that would hand us the division...or let the Bills come into our home and knock us out of playoff contention....

Philbin has a CHANCE to close the door on all those COULDA/SHOULDA/WOULDAs.....

The stage is your coach Joe....


from the last blog...

We win this one....go see your bookie....11 wins will be in the bank...

Armando i agree with you to an extent, but i believe Philbin will game plan as if he's playing and that Bess and Bush will nullify that advantage. Hartline had a breakout game against Raiders and it's time for Bess to do the same imo they will use Bush's hands this week rather than running between tackles and Lamar Miller will pick up the slack at running back.This is a team sport and the other 52 players have to pick up the slack and I think they will, also winning or losing is contagious and hopefully were on the right track not to mention these teams can't stand each other....Just saying

Clearly Revise is a stud and will be a huge factor if he plays. I agree that he would shut down any receiver on the Fins today. So what......

Sherman and THill showed that they can find the weaknesses of the Defense during the game. I like our running game and passing to backs on screens and over the middle when they blitz. I like THill running and rolling out of the pocket. I like Fasano and Clay over the middle against the slower Jets LB'S. I like Bess on slants.

I hope Sherman sees similar opportunities and plans accordingly. I have confidence he will.

I am more worried about our pass defense. Sanchez needs to be pressured by our front four. Rattle him and Fins win this game!!!


I know Miami lacks WR depth but Revis can't cover the entire field and he also can't throw the ball or catch it or run it, etc. Miami just ran all over the Raiders and if they can do some of that again which should be this teams blue print with Tannehill being a rookie QB and lack of play makers including Hartline.

Miami has a very good chance with or without Revis!

The Jets offensive line isn't very good and their running game isn't either. Not to mention Sanchez is coming off a dreadful game and lacks weapons as well.

Terrible prediction on your part! Armando you do know Revis plays just one side of the field, don't you?

The return of Yeramiah Bell to Miami. You know Rex the foot lover is going to make him a captain for this game.

Can't forget the return of Clyde Gates either! Another Rex the fetish captain for next week. Too bad he can't make Sparano a captain....

I would give anything to see Lane get into the jets secondary with the ball...I'm giggling right now.

Wow. The words 'Brian Hartline' and 'merits rolled coverage' appearing in the same sentence.

In other news up is now down, black is now white, and Rex Ryan is apparently skinny.

1st 4 plays from scrimmage...
4 straight screen paxxes 2 javorskie all on revis' side.

The story line here should be Sporano....You KNOW he wants to rub it in Ireland and Ross's face....

C'mon Armando....get an interview with your ole' pal...

NOT Jason Taylor....Sporano...

I don't see it quite that simply Armando. To me it comes to whether the Dolphins can do anything to surprise the Jets on offence. Hartline was big in that last game but I think the Jets are going to be looking for that. So what else can the Dolphins offer on offence? Maybe it's a lot of inside stuff with Bess. Can we really count on Fasano to have a big game for us? Doubtful. Can Bush do something similar to what he did last game? Maybe, but again doubtful. So I'm curious what else the Dolphins might have in store for the Jets. Personally, and I know it won't be popular, I'd like to see an effective Thomas back. I think he could wear the defence down and perhaps open things up for some of the other guys.

Right now I have the Jets winning a close one but we'll see.

It would be nice to have hartline catch a couple deep balls, but if Revis is playing, we should have tannehill prepared to move through his progressions quickly, because the rush will be coming. He may want to key on Bess, Bush, and maybe Lane out of the backfield this week, and glance at Hartline when the opportunity arises.

Wow mando. I think you haven't taken your meds today. if I'm not mistaken Revis played last year in miami and guess what they lost.

with all of this attn:
bh is going to demand l.fitzgerald kind of $$$$ this o/s.

Agreed the Question is Armstrong Healthy and is he Starting over Naanee!

If we have 3 Ok Wr's. We will beat alot of teams. Now with only 2? Not So Much.

CAUSE we Throw the Ball Around to all the Players on Offense. Plus with MArtin's Development TE's won't have to stay and Block. OR RB's.

That woulld be the Day when The Fins can Consistently Stop a Rush with only 5. It Won't Matter Who T-Hill's Wr's Are.

The Jets Run D isn't the Best in the World. They Gave up 195 yds to the Bills, and 66 to the Steelers with No Rb's. The 22nd Rush D agaisnt our 2nd in the League Rushing Attack! Another Mismatch!

Also, We only Give Up 53 yds Rushing a Game! For 4th Best. I don't know how the 18th ranked rush offense is going to run the ball.

Now the 1 Major Red Flag Dashi see's on this Defense it's the LB's in Pass Protections. We are Ranked 30th in the NFL this Year and it's not cause our CB's and Safety's are getting burned. But BECAUSE WE CAN'T STOP NOBODY ON 3RD DOWN!! The LB's Can't Cover TE's or RB's.

They Are Big And Slow!! That Should be the 1st MAjor Upgrade next OffSeasons Draft Priority(Sign a Top-line FA WR). Te'o from ND!!! Get rid Of Burnett, Move Dansby to the Outside or Trade Him! But We Need at least 2 LB's!! We need FRESH YOUNG LEG'S To keep up with the Times.

Specially if we are Running a Cover 2. That is way different than a 3-4. No wonder that 5th rd LB was like 220lb's. We Need Athletic LB's.


Youre assuming Hartline will be our offensive game plan. More importantly than Revis playing for the Jets, is Armstrong suiting up for the Dolphins. Cromartie/Revis would cover Hartline/Armstrong. That opens our offense up for 3 wrs/1 te sets, 4 wr sets, and Bush mismatch against lb's in coverage.

I missed tackle and Bush can take a short pass to the house. Thats just as good as a long qb to wr td pass. Im optimistic Sherman has adjustments in hand. Unlike the previous offensive guru-lesses.

Craig M....

Thomas's durability is really starting to wear on my patience....and hopefully Phibin's as well....

The kid has talent....like I said before...he is a Rinnie Brown clone....

but what good is he if he can't get/stay on the feild...

Even if Revis plays, how healthy is he going to be? I'm not overly concerned with this guy. Great player but I think we can win by keeping it away from him. I think stopping Tebow and preventing Sanchez from getting into a rythmn are going to be bigger challenges.


You're dead righ about Thomas. Good potential but what good is potential if you can't stay on the field. I'm sure the clock is ticking on this guy.


You were being attacked by OSCAR yesterday, not me(YG). Since oscar hijacked my screen name yesterday, Im hijacking his today.

Believe me, I need no help when it comes to insulting you. But at least I wait until you start first and there are some football posts inbetween.

You bought oscar hijacking my screen name yesterday hook, line, and sinker.

His potential coming out in the draft should have been weighed against his running style & how it results in lower leg & head injuries.

Add in that he was a fumbler in College, it's pretty clear Thomas was a reach in the 2nd round & certainly not worth 3 draft choices.

I think the greatest issue for the Jets is they no longer have the vaunted run game to support Sanchez. Sanchez isnt nearly good enough to be asked to consistent win games on talent alone.

I dont see the Jets scoring very many points Sunday unless we have a total defensive meltdown, offensive meltdown(turnovers), or both. I see a fairly close game choosing our offensive braintrust to win the game over thiers(Sparano).

Just because Hartline is hot doesn't mean he IS the passing game. Bess is just as feisty and impressive at times. Armstrong is practicing and if you watch his highlights he is known to break one deep. So if the Jets decide to man up on Bess and Hartline, Armstrong is gone.

If they take out Hartline then simply put... SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO STEP UP.

Fasano? Clay? Lane? Legedu (finally)? Someone. Good teams compensate for defensive designs.

Come to think about it? It makes Sense.

The Reason we have such a great Running Game Is Because OF Our Run Defense. It's Top 5 Vs Top 5 At Practice Everyday. What happen to all the People Crying that we didn't run the Ball in the PreSeason!!

Dashi Told U, My Boy Sherman has Coached a Top 5 Rushing Attack and a Top 5 Passing Attack in the NFL(AT Different Times). And He is Doing the Same with the Fins. He Plays to his teams Strength. A No Huddle Run-Game. That Wears U down in any Weather!

By the 2nd Half the other Teams D-Line is Done. And We Have FATBOY in SHAPE. That's a Big Boy on that Side come 3rd Qtr.

Dashi has heard Jerry and Soliai are the Last 2 to Eat whenever the team Goes out. They have to make sure everybody is served before them because they Close Shop. They Actually Sit In the Kitchen, not the Dinning Room with the Rest of the Guest.

Golden Corral has Wanted Posters with their face on it. They're not allowed in any Buffets in the Tri-County Area!!

Specially Not Together.

Kris, Craig: I agree that Thomas' durability is a little worrisome, but he's out now because of a concussion so how can we really knock him for something like this?


I'm guessing that's YG, right? Fair enough. Appreciate the heads up.

Awfully tough to keep everybody straight on here. Wouldn't it be a Hell of a lot easier if we all just commented under our own names? That way we'd no exactly who we're talking to. Nothing hard about that, right?

D Thomas was another huge Irescum botch. 3 picks down the drain.


tell him to tighen his chinstrap or something....he has 30LBS on Bush.....get tougher...suck it up....I don't know....

High runners have high instances of concussions.

It's not his fault, no. But, you don't draft a kid that high & give up that many picks for an injury risk.

Miami D...

Its hard to evaluate a guy who plays one game...the usually misses the next 3-4....

When Ireland traded 3 picks for Thomas the draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

I'm gonna side with Reality Check...and Its True on this one....

Not about the # of picks we gave up to get him (he's here now)...but that most likely its his running style....however...Ronnie Brown had/has very similar style...

The only offnsive worry I will have Sunday is if we cant get our run game untracked. It will make playaction passing null and void plus expose Tannehill to a greater pass rush because he'll have to hold the ball a little longer.

The Jet corners shoud be much of an issue if we can get the run game untracked. Then if we can catch one of thier corners trying to cheat and help the run defense, at just the right time. Playaction and BAM!

Over the top deep to Armstrong or Hartline. Bess hasnt had a deep pass since becoming a Dolphin. LOL

But then again....So did Sammy Smith...UGH....

I guess Ireland thought he was Mike Ditka and D Thomas was Ricky Williams! IDIOT!!


'three draft picks down the drain'.

Yeah you're dead right because we know that there's EVERY guarantee that 3rd, 5th and 7th round picks work out all the time. GREAT point!

D.Thomas was chosen over Murray because He can run the WildCat for Our Old Coach. Maybe we can get a 3rd from the Jet's for thomas?

Thomas doesn't fit in. Dashi thinks even Ireland Knew that. Yes, The Miller Pick is a Value Pick(He was rated in the Top 32 PreDraft, So was Martin). But Ireland wouldn't make that pick if he believes Thomas is the Answer. We had/have bigger Needs.

We'll see how this plays out. Cause when Healthy D. Thomas is R.Brown Like. And that would be a good Compliment to miller. Until we Draft Duke Johnson in 2 Years.

I like 2 Watt's idea re giving the ball to Lane.

Clay should be cut. He has regressed from last year.

Craig, its rare any draft pick produces when Irescums doing the drafting.


TOTALLY different running backs. Thomas is a load, used to wear defences down and get short yardage. Miller is quicker and shiftier, more like Bush. There's a role for Thomas on this team. You guys would be pissed if we had nobody capable of taking it in from short yardage.

No one is giving any higher then a 6-7th pick for Thomas. He'll likely be cut by next season.

If the dolphins beat the jets w/ Revis, you are not allowed to celebrate Mando!

We proved last week we can compete with every team in the league.
We will not be blown out or embarassed again.

I have 1 guarantee this week:
Dolphins win this game!

Armando, good insight. Revis could probably cover 2 of our pathetic WR's at the same time. lol

The 3 picks is Asinine. Specially when it's not of Equal Value of the Round U move Up To. So Ur Saying we can Use the 2nd and 6th from Vontae and Move Up in the 1st. Dashi don't care if U use a 2nd, a 4th, and a 6th. IT WON'T HAPPEN.

Now on the Draft it's 50/50. And those are the Good one's. Where a GM makes up for it are the Undrafted FA's. And When U look it at The NUTCRACKER is a Genius at finding Acorns. Yeah, He missed on Egnew. But he Hit On Samunda and Shelby. Last Year yeah he missed on Gates, But He Found Pat Devlin!!

So as long as Ireland does his job and that's turn over every Rock For Talent!!! Dashi is Ok with it. Like the Move for the DT. It's an Upgrade over Baker. The D-Line is Missing just 1 Player. A Impact DE oppisite Wake. Else who else has a better 8?

We Just Need LB's!!!!!!!!!

Ireland Get on ur Job and Find Some LB's!!

Next year we will see the true Version of Ireland. Does he go on a Shopping Spree like his Daddy? Or just fixes 1 Major Question(WR) with a Blue Chip FA and the Rest thru the Draft. Next year the only player/Starter over 30 should be Incognito. Nobody else!

The 2 picks for Thomas was asinine. We can all agree on that.

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