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Picking this game is about knowing Revis status

It's Jets week. That means something for Dolphins and Jets fans. And as this is the first time in a couple of years that the Dolphins and Jets meet with both teams still clutching hopes of doing something this season, this is the biggest Dolphins versus Jets game in a while.

My pick?

Darrelle Revis.

That's what this game will boil down to, in my opinion. Darrelle Revis.

The Jets cornerback missed last week's New York loss to Pittsburgh because he had not been cleared to play following a concussion the week before. Although he has reported progress, his status for Sunday against the Dolphins is uncertain at this moment.

I believe if he misses the game, the Jets lose.

I believe if he's 100 percent and plays, the Jets win.

Simple as that.


With Revis, the Jets can do something that can cripple the Miami offense. And it's hard to win a football game without an offense. With Revis, the Jets can basically game plan to erase Brian Hartline from the Miami offense.

Hartline has emerged as Miami's only legitimate threat at wide receiver. He has caught 12 passes for for 161 yards so far this season. He is gaining a reputation not only as a threat, but a downfield threat that merits rolled coverages and, in some cases, double coverage.

And that's how the Jets would probably have to deal with Hartline if Revis sits out. But if Revis plays, he checks Hartline and that's it. He's on Hartline and, with respect the Miami receiver, he's erased. End of story. Revis is that good.

With Hartline out of the picture, the Jets can then pool the rest of their defensive resources to stopping the Miami running game that shredded the Raiders for 243 yards last week. If Revis is checking Hartline man-to-man, the Jets can stack the box on runs and blitz as they often do with relative confidence that some other Dolphins receiver won't take them deep.

Without Revis, the Jets aren't assured of either checking Hartline, cannot blitz with impunity, and their commitment to stopping the run cannot be as sold out as it could be otherwise, thus affecting their run defense.

Revis is a future Hall of Fame candidate. He's simply the best cornerback in the game today.

And his presence or absence Sunday could be the difference between victory or defeat for these two teams.


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The Jets, Bills, and Pats are going down!
We are moving up!
Last weeks game proves it.
And we don't need scrubs that lead the league in dropped passes on this team.

3 picks

monte not bad, 12:50.

Kris I see your point but last year was his rookie season and he injured his calf I believe? Which would put him in the same boar as Hartlie this preseason. Now he has a concussion which is unlucky. It stinks but its only been 1 season and 2 weeks. I don't think he had durability questions coming out of college so it's been a string of bad luck for him. When he was healthy he put together a string of 100 yard games so the potential and talent is there.

No Mando, picking this game is about predicting whether the Fins can execute their offense properly.

"If do right, no can defend."

No this game is about whether Bush and Harline can continue to produce
Check it out below at phins news


My bad Dashi Means Thomas will never be a Feature Back. He will be a Good #2.

If we re-Sign Bush. We are set at another position for a Couple Seasons. We actually have 4 good RB's. Thighpen being the 4th.

We have a Short Yardage Back he is Called J.Lane!! He can run the Polite Special on 3rd & 1.

Again, Next Year is Ireland's Year for the Taking. Do Ur Job JEff. The D-Line and RB's are Complete. No Need to Scout that(Except the Pass Rush DE). Just stick to the 3 major Holes. LB's, WR's, and Secondary.

We are Even set at the QB Position for a While with T-Hill and Devlin. We all know MAtt Moore will not be back! So no need to even waste a Pick Next Year on a QB. Another Position that is Set.

Probably not betting this game but I think the Jets win 24-17. 5-1 betting against the Dolphins this year and I'll be looking elsewhere for some action this weekend.

Miami D....

I agree...the potential and talent IS there...

The question becomes....

DOes this coaching staff have the patience to wait for an oft injured rookie to develop in to a profesional football player...

My guess is that he has this year to prove he is durable...or Philbin gives him the axe in next years camp....

No point in keeping a gun if you can only shoot it on special occasions....

HOPEFULLY...Thomas recovers from this concusion...and stays healthy for the REST of the season....

therefore...shuting me the he!! up....

I know it's an easy way to kill Ireland and Thomas by sayin 3 draft picks, but when was our last productive 5th and/or 7th round round pick? Jimmy Wilson? We essentially swapped a 3rd for a 2nd and gave up two lowly picks (I believe we had multiple 7ths last year so we lost a 5th *gasp!*)

Was impressed with Solai, Bush and Hartline last week.

Mando is absolutely right about Revis. He is BY FAR the best CB in the NFL. There is no other CB who can shut down an entire side of the field. For all of you Sean Smith fans I recommend that you watch Revis to see how playing the position is done. The guy mirrors his opponent & sometimes runs the WR's route better than they do. He's just amazing. Sure he will occasionally allow a WR to make a catch but if you continue to go against him he will make an INT.

However, I don't believe that this game comes down to whether he plays or not. I believe this game comes down to how well our defense plays & our defense needs to step up in a big way. Yes our defense has been very good against the run BUT we need to generate more a pass rush against the Jets to win. We are ranked 31st in the NFL against the pass & even Sanchez who is not a good NFL starting QB can still complete passes to Holmes & Hill if he has enough time.

Unlike some of you I am a fan of Karlos Dansby but in the passing game he has allowed too many completions this season & has missed too many tackles. He's a very good ILB but he has not played up to the level he has played at in the past. As for the Sean Smith fans out there I REALLY don't get it. As I said yesterday he is the softest CB I have ever seen start for the Dolphins. I've been a Dolphin fan for 30 plus years & it's embarrassing. He allows WAY too many completions b/c he plays off the receiver & doesn't force turnovers. I'm sorry but what's to like??? People on this blog make out like Smith is Troy Vincent or Patrick Surtain...Someone on here actually compared him to Nnamdi Asomugha yesterday. Now THAT'S funny.

"Was impressed with Solai, Bush and Hartline last week."

Vegas Mike,

No doubt.

If we're going to cut him we better have a damn good player to fill that spot with even if we resign bush. No need to keep a 3rd string CB and cut potential talent in Thomas. I can only see him turning into the next Michael Turner if Thomas was cut and went to a different team. A lot of teams would love to have our RB situation; Thomas included

Craig. Any reason you keep spelling offense...offence?
God our fans on this blog sound like a group of f-tards.

I know it's an easy way to kill Ireland and Thomas by sayin 3 draft picks, but when was our last productive 5th and/or 7th round round pick? Jimmy Wilson? We essentially swapped a 3rd for a 2nd and gave up two lowly picks (I believe we had multiple 7ths last year so we lost a 5th *gasp!*)


I like Thomas so I'm not banging on him but Kheeston Randle was a 7th round pick & he played well last week. Frank Kearse was also a 7th round pick & is playing somewhere else.

I also believe Reshad Jones was a 6th round pick & he played very well against Oakland.

Again, Next Year is Ireland's Year for the Taking. Do Ur Job JEff. The D-Line and RB's are Complete. No Need to Scout that(Except the Pass Rush DE). Just stick to the 3 major Holes. LB's, WR's, and Secondary.

We are Even set at the QB Position for a While with T-Hill and Devlin. We all know MAtt Moore will not be back! So no need to even waste a Pick Next Year on a QB. Another Position that is Set.


How about TE??? You think Fasano, Clay, Mastrud, & Egnew are the answer??? Probably the least productive pass catching unit in the league.

We will win with or without Revis in the game. He has been thrown on and there's no better time to humble than now. Tanny is very accurate.
Daniel Thomas has a place on this team. Was it worth 2 picks? Jury still out on that one.
Bush / Miller combo is going to prove to be deadly.



Bush / Miller / and...Clubber Lane (I know it's 'Lang', but I'm going with it).

I pity the fool.

Oh, my! This almost makes me think the Dolphins should have more than one decent receiver. I'm sure that Jeff Ireland knows what he is doing, so I won't worry.

Fasano is a decent TE who can also block. I believe we can win with him even more as the offense continues to gel.

I would like to see P Burris brought in soon. He paid dearly for shooting himself and deserves a second chance. Just sign him for this year and see how he pans out.

One last thing, we need to see if any of our bottom end WR's can play defensive back. who better to catch interceptions and know routes the receivers use. Maybe some of the puzzies can actually tackle too.

Everyone keeps saying "Hartline has established himself as THE go-to receiver." Well, maybe that's because we attacked oakland's biggest deficiency last week. The week before, Bess was the go-to guy. Maybe this week, we'll spread it around, depending on who's open. Bess has been a stud in the past, and I'm not convinced he's lost his game. If so, we're in trouble. If we've only got one receiver, and everyone knows it, we won't win many games, no matter how good the QB or the RB is.

Yeah, I disagree too. This game is not just about one guy. You're completely selling the entire Dolphins team short. Which, is just sad considering you are the Herald's beat writer, most of us would think you would understand how things can change so quickly in today's NFL.

Don't be surprised when the Dolphins hold the Jets to 10 points and score over 20.

My Pick. Dolphins 24 - 10.

uh.....don't think it's that simple Mando. Miami can still win, it comes down to our ORANGE CRUSH "D" to stop the Jets from scoring just like any other game. We are not a high powered offense but can still score even with Revis.....he can't do it alone and our offense should scheme plays (such as picks) to work him. Everyone has a weakness, we just need to expose it!

John Valdes - Before you call someone an idiot, can you at least review your post for grammatical errors so that you don't come off looking like, well, an idiot???

I don't understand the love Ireland has for L. Naanee....has he caught a pass in a game yet?
I saw some drops and some not even close to completions.
Hope this Armstrong is a contender and can get some yards after catch, hope he can play soon.

I hope to see major improvement out of Nolan Carol.
That is if the Jests coaches don't try to trip him again along the sidelines.
Talk about low class. No wonder we hate that team.

Reggie Bush had a career game against the Raiders, and that was wonderful to see. I remember so many times when we were almost conference champs or in the playoffs and it seemed like Oakland always won. Sweet revenge.
That rookie Miller looked very good too so there is hope for the future right there. Most definitely, Bess can be involved in catches for us, and Reggie is a good receiver as well so I hope they give him a few shots out in space and don't overuse him between the tackles. I believe we have some momentum now and we can beat the Jets. Go Phins

We had a good outing against an inferior opponent (Oakland). It was good for the team, coaches and players alike, to get a win. The Jet's are a marginally better team than Oakland and will be a little bit tougher test for the Fins. It defiantely would help the Fins if Revis doesn't play. If he does, we can still win. He can only cover one receiver at a time, Bess, Hartline, Armstrong (if he plays) and yes even Legadu can catch the ball. Maybe even Bush as a slot receiver in 4 wide set. I really hope we see more of the J-Train catching swing passes out of the backfield, I just love watching him blow up db's. I think this is a very win-able game for the Fins, as always it comes down to execution on BOTH sides of the ball and Special Teams.

forget revis, key to winning this game is rattling and confusing sanchez. he makes horrible decisions when under pressure and thats a fact. being a dolphins fan u are required to keep a check on afc east team games and Iv'e seen sanchez melt down more than once after picking his a%$ up of the ground from a beast d end....go cameron wake.

My pick is Reggie Bush. The Dolphins game is on his shoulders. If he can keep running like last week, Sanchez is off the field. Santonio Holmes is off the field. If Revis plays, he covers one guy. Bess will be open, Fasano will be open. Charles Clay needs to step up. Thigpen can make plays as a return guy, so lets win this one.


What happened last year in the two meetings? I believe Revis Island was in effect for both games if I am not mistaken. How far did the Jets get last year with a corner who was and is "that" good...? Maybe you should be coaching the Dolphins...


Who did HOME pick to win the game? I believe his pick will be fairly accurate.

It reads good.I think it will be a close divisional game unlike the previous two games for the Dolphins even if Reavis does not play.

A comment about Ireland is it common for general managers to also be the teams lead scout?I dont think so Ireland, is the teams lead scout along with being general manager.

If Revis does play, it makes Anthony Armstrong's availability critical for the Phins. He is the only guy who might be able to sneak one past the Jets' safeties. Bess would undoubtedly get a large number of targets as well in that scenario, but we all know he is a possesion guy, not a big play threat.

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