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Picking this game is about knowing Revis status

It's Jets week. That means something for Dolphins and Jets fans. And as this if the first time in a couple of years that the Dolphins and Jets meet with both teams still having hopes of doing something this season, this is the biggest Dolphins versus Jets game in a while.

My pick?

Darrelle Revis.

That's what this game will boil down to, in my opinion. Darrelle Revis.

The Jets cornerback missed last week's New York loss to Pittsburgh because he had not been cleared to play following a concussion the week before. Although he has reported progress, his status for Sunday against the Dolphins is uncertain at this moment.

I believe if he misses the game, the Jets lose.

I believe if he's 100 percent and plays, the Jets win.

Simple as that.


With Revis, the Jets can do something that can cripple the Miami offense. And it's hard to win a football game without an offense. With Revis, the Jets can basically game plan to erase Brian Hartline from the Miami offense.

Hartline has emerged as Miami's only legitimate threat at wide receiver. He has caught 12 passes for for 161 yards so far this season. He is gaining a reputation not only as a threat, but a downfield threat that merit rolled coverages and in many cases double coverage.

And that's how the Jets would probably have to deal with Hartline if Revis sits out. But if Revis plays, he checks Hartline and that's it. He's on Hartline and, with respect the Miami receiver, he's erased. End of story. Revis is that good.

With Hartline out of the picture, the Jets can then pool the rest of their defensive resources to stopping the Miami running game that shredded the Raiders for 243 yards last week. If Revis is checking Hartline man-to-man, the Jets can stack the box on runs and blitz as they often do with relative confidence that some other Dolphins receiver won't take them deep.

Without Revis, the Jets aren't assured of either checking Hartline, cannot blitz with impunity, and their commitment to stopping the run cannot be as sold out as it could be otherwise, thus affecting their run defense.

Revis is a future Hall of Fame candidate. He's simply the best cornerback in the game today.

And his presence or absence Sunday could be the difference between victory or defeat for these teams.


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I don't agree. I don't think it matters how our best receiver does against Revis, I think it comes down to how our 3rd & 4th receivers do against their 3rd & 4th defenders.

How did BM ever do against Revis? zero contribution.

It'll come down to the mismatches and whether or not Tannehill recognizes them.

which post are we to stay with mando?

I agree Fodder. And when you burn Revis, you burn him hard.

fins 17
jets 16

Miami 2-2 last two years vs jets, with Revis.

Armando published this story twice so he must really believe in Revis.
Well, I believe in Philbin and he will have a plan.

Revis Schmevis.

Fins 38
Jets 6

Last week Hartline, this week Bess

If it was that simple, why wouldn't Miami be prepared for under or over Hartline such as short TE plays, short field passes for Reggie, play action, sweeps, or runs. There should be enough in the game plan to avoid Revis as needed.

I see the game as a toss-up. I can't call it out. There are too many unknowns for me on both sides of the ball. I'm going to watch and see.

With Revis:NYJ-27 MIA-10
Without Revis:NYJ-20 MIA-13

Jets win no matter what. It doesn't matter who catching the ball, it matters who's throwing it. Rex Ryan defenses always mess with rookie QBS. That's where the story lies. Rex will confuse Tannenhill with multiple fronts and will force him to make mistakes.

Armando is a real simpleton. You can get this "insight" from any national NFL writer, who only deal in week old news and vague generalities. YES, Revis is really, really good. But this game depends on the running attack of the Dolphins. If they can run, they win.

It's time to introduce our secret weapon...Jorvorskie Lane.

Javier, you're a real winner, huh? Tannehill is great.

Fins 38
Wets 6

Javorskie Lane can be at least as good as Mike Alstott. All we have to do is use him.

Execute offense.

If do right, no can defend.

When did Hartline become worthy of rolling coverages or double covering? I know he had a good game against an average at best Raiders secondary but let's not get carried away!

Yeah cuz beating the raiders was such an accomplishment mr mooshugayman. Raiders have been the worst team since 2001. They also played then after a Monday night game and had to fly cross country to play a 1pm game. Yeah you're a real winner too

Javier, leave my country.

Sure Johnson. After I pull out of your mom and finish on her face. Might be a while tho. Tell you what ill be done by Sunday 1pm no doubt. Take care till then buddy.


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