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Reggie Bush: 'Up to me, I'd be playing'

First things first: REggie Bush is not commiting to playing against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday but he's giving hints that if he has a say in the issue, he's in the game.

"It's up to the coach because if it's up to me, I'd be playing no matter what," he said this afternoon. "But it's up to the coaches and the trainers if I'm able to tell them everything I need to do to be in there. We'll find out. We got a long week." 

Bush almost went back into the game Sunday after he left with a left knee strain. Eventually, the decision was made to keep him out the entire second half.

"I felt like I was pretty close," Bush said of coming back in the game. "I felt pretty good. Somethings I was going on the sideline I thought I could get back in and work through it. Last minute they decided to rest me and not risk anything. We were straddling the fence on what they thought it was and just didn't know."

I believe Bush will play barring a setback such as swelling or if he retweaks in practice late this week.

On another matter, Karlos Dansby, former Arizona Cardinals and current Dolphins linebacker, was the guest on the conference call with Arizona reporters today.

And on that conference call Dansby told reporters the current Dolphins have more talent than the 2008 Cardinals team. The 2008 Cardinals went to the Super Bowl and were one amazing Santonio Holmes catch in the final seconds from winning the championship.

Look, I love Dansby. Have the highest regard for him as a player and person. But he's flat wrong here.

Tell me, what receivers can the Dolphins compare with the group of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston? Is Ryan Tannehill playing like Kurt Warner the year he passed for 4,500 yards with 30 touchdowns and 14 interceptions?

Those Cardinals averaged 26.7 points per game -- tied for third best in the NFL that year.The defense was poor which suggests Miami's front seven might be better than what those Cardinals had. But overall?

Only way Dansby has a point is if the Dolphins somehow manage to get into the playoffs. Otherwise, either Dansby is wrong or somebody with a lot of talent is underperforming for the Dolphins this year.




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Dansby just proves over and over again what an overpaid dummy he is. LOL

Good for Dansby. Screw it, somone has to step up and put confidence in this team. I feel good abou this team. If not this year, no doubt next year. Go fins.

Paul your a blind homer

It's "you're", Clue.

Reggie is a beast. Play him. What're we saving him for (end of Season so we can trade him)?

Oh Dansby talk like a jest player. Sad but true. Just play harder and let your play speak for you next time.

He played pretty well last week.

Why would we trade Bush? Or let him walk? They better re-sign him.

I understand that this doesn't represent the entire fan-base, but since when does expecting a rookie QB with limited college playing time to just come in and have a pro-bowl game make ANy sense WHATSOEVER? It really is beyond me how anyone with a measurable amount of brain matter can have those expectations!

Posted by: navydolfaninva | September 26, 2012 at 02:55 PM


Some people have zero perspective, less patience, and even less sense....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 26, 2012 at 02:59 PM


Mark answered in his way....and i'd like to answer in my way.....

Don't you think that question YOU posted is better suited for IRELAND...as opposed to the fans on this blog....


Monte, see Kris response @ 4:16pm. That's my answer too.

Give Dansby some credit. He's all over the field. His coverage and tackling have been great.

Some fans already making excuses for Tannehill. TOO FUNNY!

Vegas Mike, its the same fans that made excuses for Henne for 4 friggin years are now making excuses for Tannehill lol

Why would we trade Bush? Or let him walk? They better re-sign him.
Posted by: Monte | September 26, 2012 at 04:15 PM

Re-sign him? I'd love to personallty but, he is gonna command ALLOT OF MONEY & rightfully so.

But, so is Long. So is Starks. So is S. Smith. Bush's replacements are already on hand, even if 1 of them is Fuble Thomas. The other guys "priorities" don't. Losing them creates even more holes on the roster.

Even though he is far & away our best player on O, this team has shown a propensity the last 2 years to not spend top dollar on top tier talent.

Sadly for us, Bush is a top tier talent. And he appears to be a smart guy. At seasons end, Bush is as good as gone. Unless he's willing to play for less.

Why get rid of Bush? Is it an annual ritual for Ireland to get rid of our best player?

Hey, if you want to be good you have to pay for good players. Its not rocket science.

Cool, too bad Dansby isn't going to be here either next season and we definitely aren't going to resign him the season after that, but he seems to be an overconfident player, guess you need it to be an MLB. Or you can be quietly confident and be a beast like Zach Thomas

Yeah, the fans who made excuses for Henne are making excuses for Tannehill now, you tell 'em. I mean, if you can't get command of the NFL in 3 games, then you're utterly useless.

DC Dolfan | September 26, 2012 at 03:56 PM

From the last post.

Listen I agree with you here 100%! When you look at the supporting cast Tannehill has been saddled with it blows my mind that some people thought he was going to be doing any better at this point. I myself see slow steady progress, I thought he did a nice job with the blitz pick up last week and had for the most part made alot of the right reads, barring the pick 6 of course. He really doesn't have anything to work with in the case of a WR who gets such great separation he gets the easy toss downfield, like Dalton with AJ last yr or even RG111 and his group or Luck for that matter. He may not pan on the upper echelon level but give him more time to prove himself before the crucifiction at the alter after all of 3 starts!!

Even THE GREAT Marino who I'm not comparing this kid to had better pieces all the way around to work with in WR's Nat Moore, Duriel Harris, Jimmy Ceffalo and up and coming speed rookie Mark Duper with the other up and down 83 rookie Clayton as the 5th option. Hey even at T.E. the Fins had the slower but great route running Bruce Hardy and #2 Joe Rose who NEVER dropped anything thrown there way and worked the underneath to intermediate routes to perfection.

Toss in forgotten monster RB/FB Andrea Franklin whose career was cut short by injury and Marino had a team. People forget that before Marino we went through Franklin and the run 1st with all purpose utility RB T.Nathan and Woodley only really threw when necessary or not running himself given the streaky passer he was.

Marino also had a vet OL which helped although I believe this is the one area Tannehill has a better group and thank GOD for them because if not for the run blocking 1st and foremost this team would be toast having to rely on Naanee, Hartline and Armstrong as the premier threats, could you imagine what that would look like or for that matter if the 83 Marino had to come in and kick start it all with this group?? Give the kid a break people, I believe your all suffering from Henne hang over!!

Ask the schmucks who are attacking Tannehill who they'd prefer in there, they'll tell you Matt Moore. Or even worse, Pat Devlin.

Do you people hear the air coming out of the balloon? There goes your credibility, right out the door.

Fin is a freakin' GENIUS. I don't even need to say anything else. He said it all. I'm going to retire to the gym. Good evening!

DC Dullphin, Sorry but not all of us are blind homers. Take your homer shades off and you can see Hennehill sucks, Ray Charles can see Hennehill is the re-incarnation of Henne, just faster.

I'm going to retire to the gym. Good evening!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 26, 2012 at 04:41 PM


Tannehill is going to mature and gain experience. Let him enjoy learning his rookie season. It's not the end. Relax.
In 3=5 years from now he is going to be the face of the franchise.
Fins up

So now that bellichick got fined Im guessing ESPN, NFL Network and Roger Goodell are all going to chip in and pay that fine for their favorite team right

DC and beercaps I think truth said it best, the shades need to come off. Tannehill hasnt shown much of anything so far that indicates he is going to be our next top QB. He has thrown more picks then reasons he has given me to believe in him. I wouldnt go as far to say you are a dullphin since that may be much but dchomerphin sounds more accurate. You and Craig and D20 need to get a boat together, beercaps can join you all too

dansby is wrong. But we can be that good in a year or 2 after we get a couple of missing pieces.
I think our d-line and our o-line is better than the cardinals that year. Our running backs are better than theirs. If we get to 9 wins then we are as good because that's how many they won.


I was in the process of a rebuttal....but accidentally erased my response....

It's almost quitting time now....i'll re-write it after I get to the house....

Posted by: Kris | September 26, 2012 at 02:34 PM

A rebuttal to what his story on Miller and Thomas? Could you be any more of a douche and do you really think Armando cares what you think! LMAO

no reason to risk playing bush, wins and losses dont matter this year and if u have serious thoughts of resigning him u just keep him out

Over/ Under on Ryan Tannehill throwing 10 TDS in the 2012 season

I like the under by a LOT!

Moore is far better then Tannehiil just like he's far better then Henne. But the FO keeps trying to plug a square block into a round hole because they prey Tannehill is something he's not...a franchise QB.

"Don't you think that question YOU posted is better suited for IRELAND...as opposed to the fans on this blog...."

No I don't Kris because I don't believe for a second that Ireland believed Tannehill would be a pro bowl qb in his first season with no help at wide receiver or tight end. But Im assuming you thought Tannehill would be a pro bowler? I don't even think they should have started him until they get him some weapons to work with.

Yeah TD's are scarce with Tannehill. Its already putting tremendous pressure on the D.

"Some fans already making excuses for Tannehill. TOO FUNNY!"

Are they excuses or are they facts that you are just too dumb to understand? Don't answer we already know.

I love it. You idiots were screaming about how Ireland screwed the team by not signing any wrs or tes and now you're blaming Tannehill for the passing game not clicking. How dumb can you possible be.

Well, if Irescum didnt think the WR's were good enough why did he trade Marshall without getting a WR back? Or why didnt he trade for a WR? And if Philbin didnt think the WR's were good enough, then why start Tannehill? The entire team is dysfunctional.

I'm going to retire to the gym. Good evening!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | September 26, 2012 at 04:41 PM


Posted by: Big Mouth |

Speaking of stupid. If you sign in using the name big mouth you are calling yourself a bigmouth, not the guy you're trying to call big mouth. Continued education would do wonders for you. Or maybe buy yourself an apron and learn how to use a register.

Tannehill is getting great protection from the OL and he still sucks. The Jests didnt get near him on Sunday.

Well, if Irescum didnt think the WR's were good enough why did he trade Marshall without getting a WR back?

Pay attention would you. It was reported yesterday that Marshall went to Philbin and asked for a trade and said he didn't want to spend any more time with subpar qbs. He obviously thought Moore was going to be his qb again and he had already ripped Matt a new one after the pro bowl. Philbin at the request of Marshalll then went to Ireland and asked for a trade. Probably didn't like the attitude and also he was granting Marshall his wish. Had he not, Marshall would have been screaming and whining all season long just like he did in Denver when he asked to be traded and didn't get his wish. He went on a personal agenda to sabotage the Broncos camp until they traded him to Miami and he was so happy. So happy to come and play with Henne I guess.
Or why didnt he trade for a WR?

This has been established, where ya been? Ireland is a horrible GM that's why.
And if Philbin didnt think the WR's were good enough, then why start Tannehill?

Because they wanted to start the learning curve early and don't care what amateurs arm chair coaches think.

Dansby. Talking crap! I love my PHINS. But we are not as talented as ARZ. And now Carlos. Just motivated the s h i t out of ARZ. Offense and will pour it on the PHINS D. Carlos must of been smoking some good stuff because he forgot that our offense suck very bad!!

Exactly zonk, a lot of rookie qbs struggle in their first season at qb. Especially in their first three games. Peyton Manning set a rookie record for interceptions in his first season. The list of good qbs who werent good in their first one or two seasons is miles long. You must know this already if youre a football fan

*sigh* YG.... I thought we were past these petty name calling games...

I make one request of this chatroom:
Please no more talk of Aloco/Dashi/Kris/oscar canosa playing 'submarine periscopes' while hottubbing naked together.
Someone in here went so far as to say they had 4 periscopes raised all at the same time.

Mr. SPARROW.....

The below post is for you......


and that's what the REBUTTAL was for....you see...us grown folks...we have conversations....we don't just type random insults....we also do a little research so we don't look like ABSOLUTE IDIOTS when we post....

Notice I am not calling YOU and IDIOT....I am merely saying that you KINDA LOOK LIKE ONE RIGHT ABOUT NOW....

Enjoy the below.... :)
A rebuttal to what his story on Miller and Thomas? Could you be any more of a douche and do you really think Armando cares what you think! LMAO

Posted by: Jack Sparrow | September 26, 2012 at 05:11 PM

Kris, I said BOTH sides have to move closer to each other and that is exactly what I meant.

On the money, the NFL has offered a 2.5 percent pay raise. And the officials turned it down because they want a 7-8 percent raise. I think 4 percent is fair. I assume you think that's me siding with the NFL.

As to the full-time nature of the refs, I could care less if they are full or part-time. All of them make mistakes. All of them. I don't see that as siding with anyone, and actually, more with the refs than the owners because the owners definitely want fulltimers.

So please, dude, don't prop up a straw man where none exists. It should be beneath you.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 26, 2012 at 10:47 AM

Well, if Irescum didnt think the WR's were good enough why did he trade Marshall without getting a WR back? Or why didnt he trade for a WR? And if Philbin didnt think the WR's were good enough, then why start Tannehill? The entire team is dysfunctional.
Posted by: Shula | September 26, 2012 at 05:26 PM

Let's answer these questions:

Why did he trade Marshall? His value would only decrease the longer he stayed on this team. He was a problem child and wasn't helping the locker room or even the team with more TD drops than TD catches.

Why didn't he trade for a WR? Why trade for a good WR when none were available and the only ones available are either FAs at the end of this season (Bowe, Jennings, Wallace) or were overpriced (think Jones in GB, a Hartline type player for a 2nd or 3rd....would you have traded a 2nd or 3rd for Hartline?)

Why start Tannehill? Give the guy experience, what were we going to accomplish by going 8-8 with Moore and not giving the kid, who's ceiling is much higher than Moore's who has plateued already, better experience other than ruining our draft stock and accomplishing nothing in the process. How much is he going to learn from Moore by watching him play with Tannehill on the bench? Probably a whole lotta nothing.

Zonk that was an excellent observation. Brilliant. A rookie qb sucks. Wow, I mean no one would have ever thought that would be the case. Many were expecting him to come in and start his career like all of the rookies who had success in their first seasons. Why compare him to the list of hall of fame qbs who needed time to get better right? Just compare him to the very small list of rookie qbs who had immediate success with no help at a qbs main skill positions. Oh wait, Matt Ryan, Flacco, and Dalton all had talent around them. Their gms knew a rookie qb needs help so I guess you will have to compare him to ,,,I don't know.

sorry kris I didn't realize armando already spanked you.

If that's what you want to call it Mr. Sparrow....

If that helps you sleep better tonight....

Tannehill = Henne 2.0

Look, I think that most of the people on this blog have no idea what they are talking about. My brother and I have been dolphin fans since we were kids, and we all know that we have seen some bad QBs. Call us crazy, but we both love what we are seeing from Ryan Tannehill. He gets the ball out quick, he's making good reads, he has a rocket for an arm, and he just looks like a QB. I know his numbers dont show it, but he really has nobody to throw to. More importantly we have no speed to blow the top off the defense. If we fire Jeff Ireland, and get some play makers for him, watch out. I have been highly impressed with this kid and im looking forward to the future. And Reggie Bush is fukin awesome

Tannehill does have talent around him, it is called a running game and offensive line. Yes they need receivers but with no cap room and lame choices this year due to the early rush on receivers and little receiver depth in this draft, the best hope was late rounders and hope some developmental players came through. Tannehill is no henne. He makes quick decisions better mobility, quick release and fully understands the offense. He will get to know bess and hartline, the only receivers likely to carry over next year and with over 40 mil in cap space and numerous draft picks he will have better receiving talent to work with. Even with the current talent, if turnovers are limited this is a .500 team or a little better.

Speaking of stupid. If you sign in using the name big mouth you are calling yourself a bigmouth, not the guy you're trying to call big mouth. Continued education would do wonders for you. Or maybe buy yourself an apron and learn how to use a register.

Posted by: finfan77 | September 26, 2012 at 05:27 PM

Did you happen to change DC's tampon after you tried to come to his rescue?

You big mouthed fairy momma's sure stick up for each other donctcya?

This Dolphins team may have more talent than the 2008 Cardinals EXCEPT for QB and WR. That's a pretty big caveat.

hey shula,
you really think that ryan tannehill and chad henne are the same QB. henne is the worst Qb I have ever seen idiot. dont write anymore. you have no clue what you are talking about


Imitation is the best form of flattery.

I get it, can't be me so fake being me. Its cool, keeps me relevant.


You can imitate me but you can never be me. Something you just have to live with, loser.

The dolphins are on the right track the only question would be does Ross trust Ireland to draft players next year as we do have a lot of picks, I say no, let Philbin and Sherman do it, they are football guys and believe they can get it done, this years team has less overall talent, but i think they are better than last years team, time will tell the coaches are good and this really will make the difference, too bad we didn't have these guys last year, only bad call so far was icing our D on the field goal but nobody is perfect , on the right track.

I'm out. I didn't take the bait FYI. I just wanted to let you know BUSH IS A SUPERSTAR SO SAYS SHERMAN AND I.

its amazing how many jets and pats fan post on our blog people like CLUE with no life very sad on a brighter note i think our o-line is still going to dominate i know the cards have great D-line but thats how highly i think of our bruts and that will set up the pass i look for a huge game from miller this kids special

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