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Reggie Bush: 'Up to me, I'd be playing'

First things first: REggie Bush is not commiting to playing against the Arizona Cardinals Sunday but he's giving hints that if he has a say in the issue, he's in the game.

"It's up to the coach because if it's up to me, I'd be playing no matter what," he said this afternoon. "But it's up to the coaches and the trainers if I'm able to tell them everything I need to do to be in there. We'll find out. We got a long week." 

Bush almost went back into the game Sunday after he left with a left knee strain. Eventually, the decision was made to keep him out the entire second half.

"I felt like I was pretty close," Bush said of coming back in the game. "I felt pretty good. Somethings I was going on the sideline I thought I could get back in and work through it. Last minute they decided to rest me and not risk anything. We were straddling the fence on what they thought it was and just didn't know."

I believe Bush will play barring a setback such as swelling or if he retweaks in practice late this week.

On another matter, Karlos Dansby, former Arizona Cardinals and current Dolphins linebacker, was the guest on the conference call with Arizona reporters today.

And on that conference call Dansby told reporters the current Dolphins have more talent than the 2008 Cardinals team. The 2008 Cardinals went to the Super Bowl and were one amazing Santonio Holmes catch in the final seconds from winning the championship.

Look, I love Dansby. Have the highest regard for him as a player and person. But he's flat wrong here.

Tell me, what receivers can the Dolphins compare with the group of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston? Is Ryan Tannehill playing like Kurt Warner the year he passed for 4,500 yards with 30 touchdowns and 14 interceptions?

Those Cardinals averaged 26.7 points per game -- tied for third best in the NFL that year.The defense was poor which suggests Miami's front seven might be better than what those Cardinals had. But overall?

Only way Dansby has a point is if the Dolphins somehow manage to get into the playoffs. Otherwise, either Dansby is wrong or somebody with a lot of talent is underperforming for the Dolphins this year.




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us real fans have to be smart not to repone to these people like there real fans of the team (yesterday gone,jack sparrow c-mon just look at there names

That's BS.


gent's let me be the first to say this, there are a lot of people on this blog that have an impressive lack of intelligence...here are a few.


and there are couple of more, no offense but you guys are clueless

all of you guys will be back to loving Jeff Ireland and T-Hill after we win next week .. some of you guys are pathetic, fair weathered fans! hate the team when we lose, and love em' when we win. don't everyone else see the pattern?

I love talking about football with you guys.

It's OFFICIAL Regular Referee's strike is over deal being closed, they may not be on the field for Thursday Night Ravens Vs. Browns game but WILL be back on Sunday! Thank GOD, although I doubt it warms any hearts in G.B. They got N.O. at home on Sunday and get a feeling there going to take it out on the Saints.

You know what?
The more people expect us to lose the bigger the upset when we win!
People think we have no chance against good teams like Az & Seattle. Everybody forgets we just beat Oakland who just beat the Steelers.
So go ahead and pull for Az but you know what?
When we that game you are going to feel extra used. Extra used.

That's BS.

Reply to AK Fin Fan from this morning.

RE Coalitions comments at 5:24

I dont suppose you saw the superbowl a few years back between the steelers and Seahawks did you, when the seahawks got the ultimate jobbing by the "Professional Refs" if i remember right i saw some revelry on the part of the steelers and their fans...

-The refs and the calls in that game were not even CLOSE to how how obviously atrocious this call AND non-call was. The importance of it being a S.B. aside.

For Seattle to enjoy the victory, fine, no problems. But to carry on the way they were about perserverance, getting it done and all the back slapping? Ha Ha, they embarrased themselves on the national stage.

How about the game the Jets beat the Seahawks when Vinny T didnt score the TD but the "Professional Refs" saw otherwise (just happened to knock the Seahawks out of the playoffs)... Again revelry was had by all the jets and their fans

Here's something a lil closer to home for ya how about the Saints beating the Fins in that game a couple years back the "Professional Refs" handed the Saints.

Maybe you prefer this one perhaps, when Big Ben fumbles into the end zone and refs call it a TD when it clearly isnt. You remember that dont you?

-Completely irrelevent to the lock out and the ONGOING problem that STILL exists.

-Again, totally irrelevent to the MAIN problem of replacement officials. Bad calls happen, it goes with the territory, but still, you're obviously missing the big picture here.

-The problem here, the one you and Pete Carroll are pretending to be oblivious of, are these replacement officials being unqualified to perform the duties they were hired to carry out. These replacements are in WAY over their heads and THATS the point. If you can't see that(when 85 to 95% of the fans polled can), you Sir have my sympathies. No joke, no smart remarks, just my sympathies-For REAL!

How about the catch Fasano "makes" to set up the 2nd touchdown Miami scored in Sundays game... All us fin fans enjoyed that didnt we?

-That catch was GOOD and quite frankly, I was as surprised as anyone that they got it right. The "Maintain Throughout" rule doesn't apply in this case simply because after going to the ground with possession, the Defensive Back pried the ball loose. The defensive backs actions negate the "Maintain Throughout" rule.

-Look it up man. This way you won't look so silly making incorrect arguments. Again, no jokes, no smart remarks, just trying to help-For Real ;)

My point is bad calls happen all the time and those people the bad calls help REVEL in it... That is called human nature take what your given and be happy...

In closing get off your soapbox and try not to be quite so hypocritical.

Posted by: Ak Fin Fan | September 26, 2012 at 10:29 AM

-I'll get off my Soap Box when you get on your game. Your reply was shortsighted, irrelevent and in most instances, downright incorrect.

-The point is, these replacement officials are unqualified and in over their heads. There's a BIG Problem **ONGOING** and the NFL needs to fix it.

-If you can't see that, that is your problem. But I assure you, Me and 95% of all Pro Football fans agree. We'll never have perfect officiating, but we can do a heck of a lot better than these current replacements.

-Now I have held back as much as I can. So let me try and end this "In Kind"...............

Go Get Yo Shine Box Bu-oy!

Just a thought : what happens if we tag Bush at year's end ? He's on his prime and whomever loses the SB will be more than willing to grab him ASAP. At least we'll be getting 2 secon round picks IMHO...

Naah, that's all BS. Listening to some Ray Charles spectrum to get back into reality. hehehe(in the Evening,grro, in the Evening(I tell you)), baby.....

can't imagine there's anyone here dense enough not to recognize that 'Dashi' and 'Odin/Coalition' are the same person. It couldn't be any more obvious with both having the same, dreary and witless writing style, the same delusions of importance, and even the same obsessions with homoerotic imagery.

'Dashi' is as much a fabrication as the "hotties," the pathetic attempts at concocting a Hunter Thompsonesque "past" and the rest of his stale act that nobody with an I.Q. above 'zucchini' could believe.

The alcoholic old fool has taken yet another step down the ladder from relevance with nothing to show for it but empty beer cans and vomit stains in his rusty trailer.

Posted by: Not Fooling Anybody | September 25, 2012 at 10:01 PM

Post of the week.

odindouche uses 10 different names on here to agree with himself.

It's quite sad really, Anyone want to contribute money to send the old coot to Sweden where goverment assitted suicide is Legal?

Did RoboHenne actually start for 3 years for this trash franchise? I hope they're not as lame with Tannehill if he continues to stink. Moore should be starting in 2-3 more games.


Soon Odinstank will be here to pollute this blog, so I bid you all goodnight and go FINS.

Tannehill has been victimized by 11 dropped passes, second-most in the league behind Drew Brees, according to Pro Football Focus. That obviously hurts his QB rating.

-Barry Jackson-

Not making excuses, nor am I revisiting how disgusted I was hearing Tannehill's name called 8th overall on Drat Day. Matter of Fact, I'm still hoping for the best.

A little irony in that Tannehill needs a really good showing right about now. Just in time to be facing one of the hottest secondaries in all of football right now.

Just thought this was an interesting tid bit. While Tannehill's performances could have been better so far this season, one little fact seems to have escaped many.

When push came to shove against the wets, Tannehill led us downfield and to a game tying field goal. With his back against the wall, pressure on and game on the line, he followed up by leading us downfield in overtime for what SHOULD have been the game winning field goal.

His ratings are bad as are his stats. But he passing the resilient tests. Bottom line, he put the drops and pick six behind him and played just well enough for us to win that game.

I think he's further along than Henne was in as many starts. Not that that's saying alot. But, we need to see some "Flashes of potential and progress" if we're even going to have a chance against Arizona!

Per Barry Jackson:

"I think that the opposing quarterbacks are very aware of our rushers, particularly Wake coming off the edge. We’ve got to create more sacks no question about it, but the one positive that I’m, seeing is that the completion percentage, although we’ve given up a lot of yards in terms of total yardage over the three games; I’m not happy about that, I’m disappointed about that. But the completion percentage is like 52%, and I think it’s third best in the league in terms of quarterback completion ratio. So the pressure that we’re generating is causing guys to throw the ball away, to make some errant throws and things of that nature."

-Kevin Coyle-

Frustrating year, but I think were laying down some fantastic ground work on which to build.

There were times during the pre season where I started to wonder if we might have cut to many vets and were going to try and depend on too many rookies and youngsters.

The Coaches surprised me somewhat and I know believe we havea great mix of vets and 1st and 2nd year players. It's going to be a long season, but it's going to be worth it.

odin you are a ducking idiot you fuking piece. welcome to the parade where you talk to yourself for the next 8 hours since your life is pathetic and you have nothing better to do

same with this oscar f@ggot whos life worth living is based on posting in a football blog that means nothing for the real world except for his waste of space that allows us all to feel better about ourselfs since we arent as worthless as him

then there is yesterdays gone who is a fuking worthless flip flop who accomplishes nothing in his life except for being slightly more worthwhile than both of you fuktards and even that is a stretch since he just trys to make himself feel better by pretending to post some drivel that makes him sound even more retarded, then he whines when you say anything to him since hes nothing more than a puss hiding behind a name or 1001 names really

this blog is made up of 15 different real posters and three different fuktards who switch names to agree with themselves and make everyone else seem like a dip s h i t because it helps bring up there self esteem until they go to sleep realizing they have accomplished nothing in life except for being the biggest douchbag

Frustrating year, but I think were laying down some fantastic ground work on which to build.

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | September 27, 2012 at 12:03 AM

You've said that exact same BS in each of the last 4 years. Keep telling yourself that and maybe you'll believe it. MORON!

we all know that you are yesterdays gone or oscar since all 3 of you are worthless enough to post here every minute you can because what else do unemployed fuktards do except spend there money on Internet and spend there time using it constantly. have you noticed all the normal people spend their time sleeping because they have a life and have to reenrgize themselfs for the next day while all of you just sit around and do nothing for us except use our tax dollars on your pathetic debt situation

In case there are any Blind As A Bat Sports Writers lurking about, I'll not only DEFINE Troll for you, I'll point **ONE** out.

Notice how this guy, "Tal-kink To Self" with both aliases, doesn't REALLY talk football or contribute much of anything in anyway.

He just TALKS ABOUT people in an attempt to rile and anger the REAL Fans.

Prime Example of: **TROLL**

Some fans already making excuses for Tannehill. TOO FUNNY!

Posted by: Vegas Mike | September 26, 2012 at 04:19 PM

Vegas Mike, its the same fans that made excuses for Henne for 4 friggin years are now making excuses for Tannehill lol

Posted by: Shula | September 26, 2012 at 04:22 PM

SMH and LOL!!!!

Nice Work Troll Bu-oy ;) I was just waiting for a Good Example to prove Mando is just as guilty as you(wink, wink).

Val-Fvcking-Halla.........Sweet Cheeks ;)

if all 3 of you died today how many people would attend your funeral, think about it and reflect on your life and what you are worth and if the answer is less than 20 than you are fuhking worthless to me and everyone else

DC and beercaps I think truth said it best, the shades need to come off. Tannehill hasnt shown much of anything so far that indicates he is going to be our next top QB. He has thrown more picks then reasons he has given me to believe in him. I wouldnt go as far to say you are a dullphin since that may be much but dchomerphin sounds more accurate. You and Craig and D20 need to get a boat together, beercaps can join you all too

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | September 26, 2012 at 05:01 PM

ROTFLMAO - This coming from the guy that said the defense lost the game for us Sunday(missing the fact we kept them out of the end zone most of the game and also missing the GREAT goal line stand). Then flip-flopped back when everyone else spelled it out for him.

This from the guy that said Miller didn't have enough burst to play in the NFL and that he only had straightline speed.

Just for the record, Tannehill took us to 1-1.

Then bounced back/shook off a totally rookie-fried pick six. Under all kinds of pressure, with his back to the wall, led us to the game tying field goal. Then, in overtime, led to what SHOULD HAVE been the game winning field goal.

Could Tannehill be better right now? SURE HE COULD! But for a Rookie with very limited college experience, he's led one of the least talented NFL teams to what very easily could have been....and SHOULD BE.......a 2-1 record.

Trolls take note: Save for two timely misses by Carpenter, Tannehill leads us to first place in the AFC East. This is aside from the fact that everybody, except those trolling, knows you don't judge QB's after just 3 starts. We don't need to make excuses for Tannehill, Armando needs to keep making excuses for **YOU**......Troll Bu-oy!

In your case YG/DB, if you're not just another of the Trolls alises, your certainly a flip flopper. Just like you swung back to Miller's nads, you'll be back on Tannehill's as soon as he throws another TD pass.

You know it-LOL.

Bloodclot talking about useless?

He sounds like expert.

I think it's obvious what Philbin and Sherman are doing with Tannehill and kudos to them.

Let the Kid learn on the fly and take his lumps during a re-build year. How can anyone except a Troll fault that?

Tannehill is developing familiarity, timing and continuity with Bess and Hartline. Who will probably be our 2nd and 3rd(slot) WR's next year. So add in a TRUE beastly no.1 WR in the draft and suddenly things are instantly better.

I mean considering they established a BEASTY O-Line and Run Game to go along with it this year!

I don't care what anyone says, the Trolls either, this Team is headed in the right direction and moving VERY QUICKLY!

Thats why we start Tannehill this year!

Good post Coalition.

Valid points, sound reasoning. To bad this year has to play out first. But agreed, we are heading in the right direction.

I hope we land more than one great receiver next year. But just one and the entire group becomes good enough.

Pyschology 101. Bloodclot...we all know...boycott is on...internalized his angers, turned them around and told us his life story above.

Odin you are right. The things this guy does and says really are autobiographical. I'm using big words so he won't understand. He's to fat, lazy and stupid to actually look them up.

We all know, heh, heh...he'll give up first.

Former poster, long time lurker, using brand new sign in name. Thanks to the trolls Armando pretends don't live here 24/7.

Odin if your still there you could not have been more right. This troll copy and pastes the same derelict posts over and over again just to get Armandos quota.

He's such a dullard troll he can't even fake football posts. It's all the samew bs over and over. Everything sucks, boycott is on, fire ireland.

And this is the big bragging rights Armando has on these other guys? LMAO.

Pathetic. By the way, nice pastes from Jacksons columns and blogs. While Armando and his trolls set blogging records, Jackson will be following in Darlingtons footsteps.

The # 1 Blog at the Herald?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Maybe the # 1 FckTard Troll Hangout. LMAO.

I havent seen the spark in Tannehill that tells me he will be much better than the last great hope Henne.I will say this for him he is a lot more mobile than Henne,but remember Tannehill was a receiver in college before he was a QB.I still dont know how he moved from the 2nd round into the top ten of the draft based on combine workouts.A lot of you are optimistic that in several years he will be great,I think Ireland predicted this also when he drafted him eighth.When QBs are playing it dosent take several years to see how talented they are,but it seems to me by some of the comments made on this board that a lot of you on here are giving him the benefit of the doubt.


Dansby is most likely referring to most of the players with the exception of the receivers and secondary. He was being a blow hard which seems to work for certain ESPN shows these days. It seems to be popular to over state things, embelish etc....To put this into perspective I'm not sure that any of the Dolphins skill position players would start on any other team in the NFL with the exception of Bush and perhaps Bess.

Tannehill is a rookie. give em some time please. just look at flacco he took a few years to be where he is at now. Tannehill needs some time and god needs some recievers to help him out. he already is way better than henne . he will be good we just need some weapons around him. watch and wait

The 2008 Cardinals went to the Super Bowl and were one amazing Santonio Holmes catch in the final seconds from winning the championship. Great stuff!

I just hope whichever direction the AZ game goes, the team is prepared to deal with the mental game as well as the physical. Fans want to see a rebound from the team when facing adversity instead of hanging heads and doldrumming your way to a loss.

A lot of talk goes on about the defense playing well when they are under a lot of pressure. What about playing like that when we are 14 points ahead?

This kind of approach has to come from the coach. If the team doesn't let up under adversity (or a cushion), and shows fight up until the end, then we can safely put a star in that column of Philbin's job.

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