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Regular season is here so how will Dolphins do?

HOUSTON -- You know the deal ... The 2012 NFL regular-season is here.



Well, some Dolphins fans don't see it as that awesome. Some are thinking this season in which the Dolphins are showing us they are rebuilding but not actually admitting they are rebuilding will be a long season.

Some fans, frankly, are thinking this season is going to be another loser. Want to know what I'm thinking?

I predict the record for this season at the end of my column today after telling you where I see the Dolphins being at the moment as they get ready to kick off the season opener against Houston.

But this being an interactive exchange forum, I want to hear what you think. So read my column and then tell me in the comments section where you see the Dolphins record this year. Tell me where you agree or disagree with me.

Later, I'll update this blog with the day's inactives and any injury news and after that we'll have a live blog all day long. The Dolphins promoted linebacker Jonathan Freeny from their practice squad. I expect him to play today on special teams. Texans running back Arian Foster is expected to play, despite the injury report that has him as questionable. Linebacker Brooks Reed, meanwhile, is a legitimate game time decision.

So stay here throughout.


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I don't know.

4-12, only because we have a pretty easy schedule.

Nobody else does either.

How do we not have talent at the WR position. I thought this year draft was loaded with talented WR. The GM must go. I would hire Jimmy Johnson as our GM.

Hey Mando-no doubt this will be a "growing" year for Miami. What I mean by that is regardless of the talent on the field, the coaches have to grow-these systems must be learned. I expect the defense to settle in and find a nice rhythm be the 2nd or 3rd week. Offense may take more time. A realistic goal today against Houston-hold them to 27 points-no big plays over 30 yards. Score 13 points-don't turn the ball over. I would consider this a moral victory for Miami-something to build on! Phins up!!!

We will be 4-10 this year.

You, Church goers!, a prayer wouldn't hurt either.

As long as Tannehill developes this season won't be a total loss. It will be hard to judge him because of the lack of talent at the WR position. The record does not matter as wins and losses go.

5-11. hopefully one of those 5 wins will be against St. Louis because I will actually be at that game...I just hope a few young players have some sort of epiphany during the season and show some play making ability that we could finally get excited about.

We will be 4-10 this year.
Posted by: King Oliver | September 09, 2012 at 08:47 AM

1972 was 40 years ago bud.

Today we get beat down. Other than the 2 Pats games and this we should at least be close in every game. Let's see how Tannehill does this year and let's see which college WR we'll be advocating to select in the top 10 in next years draft (or trade up to grab the #1 receiver with all this "ammo"....sorry, not Barkley)

I predict 8-8!

Las Vegas predicts 8-8.

It will be a beat down today unfortunately.
I see 3-13 or at best, 5-11. Just move in the right direction, please.

For the first time in a decade, please show some sense of normalcy and management. Show us progress and we can begin the process.

It really comes down to our receivers stepping up and making some plays and our O-line coming together. If they can grow during the year, then we have shot to finish around .500. If our defense can play like they are capable of playing, then we have a chance at wild-card berth. I know the naysayers will point at our lack of playmakers will hold us back, but the NFL is full of guys who came out of nowhere to become stars, maybe we have someone like that right now and will surprised by the end of the year.

Today Ryan Tannehill (number 17) will be the first dolphins quarterback to potentially be the starter for an entire 17 week season, and the 17th starting quarterback since Dan Marino retired after 17 seasons. What does this mean for the dolphins season...

starting the season 1-7?

Fins activated Freeny while you were sleeping to make 53....6-10 looks realistic. Tanne is the man and will shock everyone with his play. We still beat the jets twice I bet

I'm pretty sure some of these degenerate Gamblers around here are scrambling around now trying to protect their as-. There is no escape!

its impossible to judge how bad miami will be until we see their first team play an entire game. remember, against atlanta in preseason, the starting defense gave up only 3 field goals in the first half to one of the better offenses in the game. but of course, with all of the negative energy surrounding the team, and in particular coming from hard knocks, its hard for people to be objective. so, i say, wait and see what happens over the next few weeks before making any broad proclamations.

How sad was last Night for the drug/Alcohol flea infested Odin stank?
Says he is waiting for "HOTTIES" to com over then continues till 4 am talking to a troll.
Odin, Buy yourself a clue.

Originally I posted 3-13. Even though we my win a few more then that, I think the important thing will be to watch the progression of TanneHill. If he shows signs of progression during the season all Dolphin fans should be satisfied. No doubt this is year one of rebuilding. Baby steps, Again.

How do we pass on the best players every year and have no depth?

Everyone knows WR was weakness-so you don't want to over spend? We have $7.1 million laying around that could give us 1-4 players. This season seems to be designed to fail at the highest levels-pretty soon there won't be a fan base to lose-after this year I feel it will be hard to keep a fan base.

The Dolphins may be relevant 3-4 years AFTER Irescum is fired IF Ross hires a competent GM and HC.

What time is the game? Is it on tv?

Remember Junior Seau retired from the Dullfins then jumped at the chance to play for the Pats? LOL

Those returners gnats of theirs we have to be concerned about. They kind of hide back there.

one of the most disturbing things in the draft was that miami did not draft a wide receiver. the point is, ireland, and it seems philbin, too, thought that either the talent they had was good enough, or could be ``developed". obviously, that experiment failed, and the responsibility lies mostly with the gm. if the season is a disaster, based on how ross is talking about expectations (e.g playoffs), i don't see ireland surviving.

Are the Dullfins on the comedy channel?

I know many People in Miami that used to bet heavily against the Dolphins. Then, after heavy losses, they became disenchanted with their Home Team.

p.s. the game today will be much closer than people expect. this is not savannah state versus florida state. this is the nfl, and these guys are still professionals. as ``bad" as miami was last year, they could easily have been 9-7, even with moore operating at qb.

Dolphins will be competitive because of good coaching. Ross will see this and dump Ireland by Halloween. Tanne will be impressive as will the defense

Of course Ross is going to say he expects playoffs. Season ticket sales are down so he sure isn't going to say we are rebuilding. Obviously Ireland isn't to concerned about his job either or he would have bought in talent. I'm sure he explained to Ross the plan, which is to let TanneHill get a year in, stockpile picks, clean out cap space and install a new system.

Reggie Bush and Charles Clay have big games today!

i think ross is suggesting playoffs to give him an ``out" to get rid of ireland, rather than a sign they are cooperating behind the scenes for the future. i think ross knows ticket sales are shot, and the only way to have a decent future may be to move on from the current gm.

Ticket sales are the lowest in 44 years. LOL

Bobby, the systems are in place. Talent didn't want to be around Ireland. That will change next year. Players are buying what the coaches are selling

I wouldn't mind 0 - 16 so long as Ireland was gone before then end of it. That would mark a real success for the club

How long till Hennehills 1st pick 6? 1st quarter??

It is a misnomer to call some People Horseplayers. Turf investors is more appropriate.

in any case, why should ross have altered expectations for this year? was it written in stone at the end of last year that ireland had to ``rebuild" again? he was the one who chose to trade away current talent for future draft picks. how many times does this guy need to start over? how many times would a manager be allowed to miscalculate in a functioning business? the grass is not always greener on the other side, and i think ross must realize this, being the success in business that he is.

0-16 is difficult. 1-15 or 2-14 is more likely.

Agreed Austin. Ross is too good of business man to let Ireland continue to kill it. It all goes back to the deal Ross had with Parcells.Ross has kept his part of the contract and Parcells ran after he messed up the franchise. Ross kept Ireland in good faith but time has run out. Ross is already looking for his next GM

I can see 6-10 out of this team. Hopefully, they can pull out a couple of close games and turn that record into 8-8. I do like the direction this team is heading with Philbin and the west coast offense. We all know the receiver's are the weak link to the offense right now, but the Phins have multiple higher round picks for next year already. Here's a question for everyone; I'm probably wrong, however, I believe every team that has run the WCO, and stuck with it, has made it to the Super Bowl (not won it, just made it). San Fran, Green Bay, Seattle, Arizona and Philadelphia. Anyone?


8-8 or better

"It will be a beat down today unfortunately.
I see 3-13 or at best, 5-11. Just move in the right direction, please.

For the first time in a decade, please show some sense of normalcy and management. Show us progress and we can begin the process."

Fin Fan in Raleigh,

Couldn't agree more. With that said if we're going to be bad again--then let's lose enough games to take a superior talent @ WR or CB.

And hopefully the O-line & running game can keep Tannehill from getting his a@@ kicked in.

"Our next QB Matt Barkley threw for 6 TD's last night!"

Forget Barkley. He's a product of the system they run @ USC. Matt Leinart & Sanchez were also extremely successful in college & it meant nothing in the NFL.

5 And 11 boys, How sad is it a fellow poster say's he'd be "Satisfied" with 8 and 8.
We can only hope that Idiot Ross is looking for a new GM?

Dolphins 35 Houston 20

I predict the Dolphins will be a much improved team by year end. Realistically, playoffs are a longshot so anything other than improvement along the path of the season is foolishness.

Heck, I'd be satisfied with 5-11 out of these scrubs.

Ha!, I'm not that much of a Homer.

Hartline and Bess will prove worthy starters. RB's go wild. Miami in a surprise win 27-21.

I think 4-12 a very long year.

I don't care about our record just as long as:

1) Tannehill proves we've found our QB
2) Thomas and Miller emerge as our RBs
3) Philbin is the real deal

With that said: 6-10 is our record. Fluctuating higher or lower depending on Tannehill's performance.

I think the Dolphins go 9-7, maybe a game or 2 better. We will beat the Raiders, Jets twice, Cardinals, Rams, Colts, Bills, Seahawks, and Jaguars. We could beat Titans and Pats once. Beating the Jets twice and the rest of the AFC East once this year would be a great year for us.

I don't care about our record just as long as:

Irescum is FIRED!

4-12...typical for an Ireland team

Things needed for the game

#1 A fifth of Jack Danials
#2 2 remote controls
#3 a 12 pack of beer(whatever beer it doesnt matter)
#4 A pistol
#5 A second TV(See # 4)
#6 A thick skin
#7Extra cell phone)You can bet your buddies will be texting all game)
#8 A Bail-Bondsmen(see #s 4 and 7)
#9 A day off on Monday(See #s 1,4,and 8)
Go FINS......

Hartline = Another Ireland bust

I say 5 wins. Need to see if Tanne is the real deal though. If he is then get him a playmaker next year. If he isn't then draft another QB and WR and get a damn CB with a high pick. Actually spend all high picks on skill positions. Sick of looking through the scrap heap for skill positions.

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