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Regular season is here so how will Dolphins do?

HOUSTON -- You know the deal ... The 2012 NFL regular-season is here.



Well, some Dolphins fans don't see it as that awesome. Some are thinking this season in which the Dolphins are showing us they are rebuilding but not actually admitting they are rebuilding will be a long season.

Some fans, frankly, are thinking this season is going to be another loser. Want to know what I'm thinking?

I predict the record for this season at the end of my column today after telling you where I see the Dolphins being at the moment as they get ready to kick off the season opener against Houston.

But this being an interactive exchange forum, I want to hear what you think. So read my column and then tell me in the comments section where you see the Dolphins record this year. Tell me where you agree or disagree with me.

Later, I'll update this blog with the day's inactives and any injury news and after that we'll have a live blog all day long. The Dolphins promoted linebacker Jonathan Freeny from their practice squad. I expect him to play today on special teams. Texans running back Arian Foster is expected to play, despite the injury report that has him as questionable. Linebacker Brooks Reed, meanwhile, is a legitimate game time decision.

So stay here throughout.


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This has got to be the most demoralized fan base in the NFL....Even BobbyD12 and Craig M have little hope for the season....

Mr. Ross...Those are/were two of the teams most loyal supporters....they came on this blog and defend (to the ridicule of most) EVERY decision that Yourself and Ireland forced down our throats....and now it has come to this....3-13 from BobbyD12...and I think 5-11 from Craig M.....how did we reach this low.....

Me....i have disagreed with probably 70% of the decisions made....and the HOMER in me still won't let me hope for anything less than 5-11....

No PUMP UP THE FAN FAN BASE post from DC......As a matter of fact....DC said he was going to a Party instead of watching the season opener......

me...I'm going to a party today as well.....it starts @ 12 PM...and I will be exiting @ 12:45 to make it home in time for kick-off.....

In all fairness...DC's party is @ Giants stadium.....and the party I am attending is a kick-off party for a neighbor Redskins fan.....

but still.....

Bottom Line Mr. Ross...you got a mess on your hands when it comes to the fan base....

Mondo our expectations should be low, but that's ok we should give these guys the opportunity to develop and rebuild like the packer organization that leads the nfl with drafted starters and roster players. Where we need your help is in campaigning for the ouster of Jeff Ireland he is clearly still a cancer in that organization. The failed picks and free agent signings of his tenure will only reverse any positives being implemented by Philbin and co.
Vontae Davis was a disaster and it was the Philbin coaching staff that uncovered that, Odrick should have never been a number 1 , and let's not even get into the Henne, White, Gates picks that were all flops. Please help us campaign for an up and coming Packer personnel guy who will compliment Philbin and contribute players to our roster.

Yeah, me too, Kris, I have my barbecue and my Becks ready for the Hands.

Enough negativity let just win today!!

Things needed for the game

#1 A fifth of Jack Danials
#2 2 remote controls
#3 a 12 pack of beer(whatever beer it doesnt matter)
#4 A pistol
#5 A second TV(See # 4)
#6 A thick skin
#7Extra cell phone)You can bet your buddies will be texting all game)
#8 A Bail-Bondsmen(see #s 4 and 7)
#9 A day off on Monday(See #s 1,4,and 8)
Go FINS......

We cant rebuild while ireland is destructing the team.

Henne was enroute to his BEST season ever....and it seemed like he finally "got it"....


Henne had to go....it was the RIGHT decision...the fan base was tired of Henne.....

Now its Ireland's turn.....barring a DEEP playoff run.....I think Ireland HAS to go.....I think the fan base has seen enough....

Don't worry, FP4FGs, I'll take you through the Game.

The GM (IRELAND) was there when Bill Parcel turnover this roster and he is still there and we are turnover the roster again. Still no pro bowl talent on the roster.


HIRE Jimmy Johnson

You KNOW why Ireland has to go?????

Cause its were 2 hrs from Kickoff...and were talking about firing Ireland....

Momdo, even rebuilding teams, have drafted new talent. Where on the Dolphins do you see talent? WR? NO way, RB? old news, TE?, u gotta be kidding. OL?, rubbish at best. DBs?, again rubbish, no talent. QB? maybe but theres some talent at QB not much else.
Dolphins with the "easy" schedule may go 2-14. With Matt Moore, 4-12. so take asprin for headaches, or do what Im going to do,,,go fishing, spend time with my family anything but watch the Dolphins get slaughtered.
Send all "thank you" cards to Jeffery.

4-12. Everybody got on me for being so negative draft day about the draft and Ireland decisions. Guess I was right. That draft was filled with quality wide receivers the first three rounds. Most ever some said. We got nothing. We traded our all pro We needed right sided ol help so we drafted a left tackle and think it doesn't matter that he gets switched to the other side of the line and is supposed to start. Jake says it matters. We needed db desperately. We traded vontae. Ireland is a joke. He has destroyed this team. 5 yrs ago we needed exactly the same thing we need now wr, passs rusher, ol and db. Ross needs to fire Ireland today before more damage is done. We have no talent except a handful. Only a handful of players would even make another team


Did you see what happened to your blog last night? Coalition is an utter disgrace!!! He ruins the blog EVERY SINGLE DAY with his incessant drivel!

Paragraph after paragraph of inflammatory retorts to his trolls. Why do people that come here, for it's intended purpose, have to sit through his waste of blog space?

He might be the worst blogger in the universe! He is trolled by so many people that it distracts from the topic at hand, the Dolphins.

NOBODY wants to read his ridiculously long winded retorts to those people. Do the blog a favor & get rid of this minion.

To me, Kendall Wright was the only good receiver out of last Draft's bunch of WRs.

The game will be over before halftime.

I am optimistic about the future but we are at best a 4-12 team. I just hope we found our QB. Time will tell.
Go Dolphins!

Put Irescum on the kick return team.

Tannehill will never be an average QB IMHO. Another Chad Henne.

Last seasons opener Bess + Fasano + Hartline + Bush combined for 277 receiving yards.
What's the problem?
Stop making excuses for Tanne.


Fins up! 3-13..Maybe Ireland gets cut loose through this and Stephen Ross throws $5million to Jimmy Johnson to run the Fins drafts! Trying to find a silver lining.

Oh, no, I have a lot of fun with odinseye. I remember when I caught him at 3AM talking to himself about the poor first step that Jarred Odrick supposedly has. I pointed out to him that I don't have the expertise to critique individual Players techniques. Then, in the morning, some guy wrote him: listen buddy, give us a break down here, what can you possibly know about Odrick's first step or anybody else's for that matter. Still laughing from that one.

Miami will be irrelevant for the next 3 yrs. No receivers and by then the defense will need to be tweaked again. Sorry state for a once proud franchise

Lincoln, True but that was mostly garbage yards with N.E up by 21 going into the 4th.
That was one Ugly game, NE could have scored a hundred points.

Whatever they do,don't leave this in J.I's hand. Look how many past drafts he has failed on. We need a REAL Gm,like yesterday.

8-8 to 6-10 sounds pretty realistic when you consider player in vs player count comparing 2011 vs 2012. Here's why:


Marshall out, Naanee/Armstrong in. Marshall had 6td catches. It very realistic Arstrong/Naanee combine for a mere 6td catches. Advantage: Even


Vont5e out, Marshall in. Davis never threatened to become a 2011 pro bowl corner. He also had 3 picks for the season. This is a performance very realistic for Richard Marshall to match. Advantage: Even

Jason Taylor vs Olivier Vernon

Taylor had only 19 tkls, but 7 sacks in his pass rush specialist role. As a rookie, Vernon realistic numbers could be anywhere fron 4-7 sacks. Anything more would be shockingly surprising. However, look for Wake's sack number to rise past double digits again, making up for any difference in losing JT. Advantage: Even


Columbo out, Martin in. Just can get any worse than Columbo. Martin improves as season goes on. Advantage: Martin


Advantage: Tannehill. Even as a rookie, I dont seeing being any worse than Moore in 2011. I believe he should slightly increase our chances scoring tds in redzone.

So, if unlike last season we can beat the teams we should beat, 8-8 is easily attainable. If we struggle, so is 6-10.

Oscar, I was that guy. That fool knows nothing about ANYBODYS first step, not even his own, let alone the ins & outs of football.

If he had any clue about football, he would be doing more the blogging about it.

He pretends to be an arm chair GM, knowing more than anyone else. Funnier still, is that if you disagree with him, your an idiot & a troll & get 3 pages worth of useless comebacks.

Typical doofus response when you're called out. He's not that only one who does it. You know the names, no need to recite them. Ironically or coincidentally, those fools have all the trolls!

Anybody here pretending to know ANYTHING about football is a loud mouth, know nothing fool. Those fools should jst shut up & watch the game. That's about the only thing they know how to do!

JJ knows a lot about drafting and has come to the understanding that no matter how physically talented a Player is, if this one has the mentality of a garden slug, it won't amount to much.

3 of the 1st 4 games very winnable. This is what will do the most to determine our final 2012 record. We can easily be 3-1 if the team doesnt stumble out the gates for the 1st 4 games stretch.

A 3-1 start easily puts at 8-8 and perhaps more. 9-7 would fire up the fan base and again we would be talking 2013 playoffs during this next offseason.

HOHOHO!,I'm that guy. He's funny.You have to admit that.


This is one bet I wouldn't mind seeing you win. I hope to God you're right. Myself, I see this team going 4-12. I like Tannehill a lot but I don't think he'll make it through the whole year. I just hope that doesn't hurt his confidence and he and the team bounce back next year. I see Matt Moore taking over abot game 7 or 8. Three of those four wins will come from Moore.

Dolphins are losing today and I can't tell whether it's 31-6 or 34-6. It's not Tannehill's fault. They haven't given him enough help on offence. Here's hoping we're all having a different conversation this time next year.

People need to understand that this is the NFL and the rest of the league has the same issues as the Fins. They all have unproven rookies, overpaid veterans, and garbage players. This team is not that bad and we are not going through a rebuilding because we have talented players and veterans such as Reggie Bush, Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett and Jaje Long. If this were a rebuilding season, you wouldn't have seen those players in the Zfins lineup. However, the Fins are doing a great job in building through the draft and I see a bunch of young players that deserve to be in this team. You will all see, besides our top dragted rookies, players such as Samuda and Shelby are going to be good reliable players in the future. And when you do, please send an apology letter to Ireland.

Stay positive my friends, and when you, drink the Fins kool-aid. ;)

If only Jonathan Freeney was a combination of Jonathan Vilma and Dwight Freeney...

4-12. If Tannehill is better than advertised maybe 6-10 or 7-9. If worse look out Matt Barkley.

Look for Houston to blitz the crap out of us today and with Jake Long's knee acting up he will be tested and may be knocked out of the game (hope not). Look for Tanny to get sacked multiple of times and may be knocked out of the game injured as the blitzing will test the young kid.

Final score
Miami 10
Houston 38

Season record 3 -13 as the only Alpha receiver we had was sent packing and the kid has nobody to toss to and our receivers cant catch.

If we pick up a Alpha receiver I will bump up the wins to 6 games.

For the first time in years we are doing what we were supposed to do....
Instead of throwing picks away for guys like AJ Feely (the next Dan Marino!!!!!), we have enough picks, just need all dead money in our cap to get away next yr. and the rebuilding/ re structure process could be shorter than expected, next yr. draft and free agency will be key.

If # 17 turns out to be a decent QB (does not have to be great) and our RB's develop then we just need to improve OL, wr, TE, secondary and LB depth.
5-11 should be close to our reality an that means we will have high drat picks as well as the one we got from Indy tat should be a high 2nd as well.
Go Phins

Craig, The biggest weakness is Jeff Ireland.
Like I said 5 and 11.

Glad to see we're finally talking football..

Still say the Fins go 9-7.


It's popular to blame Ireland but reaplcing him guarantees NOTHING. Correction, it guarantees one thing....more change. If you believe Philbin is the guy (and right now none of us now) you want the team to hang onto Ireland for at least another 3 years. Getting rid of Ireland pretty much means you can kiss goodbye to Philbin. It's just going to mean more new coaches, more new players and more new schemes. And we still won't know if the GM we bring in is any good or not. Changing plans and ideas guarantees one thing....mediocrity!

Dolphins 35 Houston 20

Look at Canosa, the eternal optimist. I am liking the way your thinking.

I see it 24-23 Fins. Rakers is GONE and cant beat us with his last second 50yrd+ FG's

We've never beaten Houston, 0-7, I know anything can happen but I don't have high hopes for this game. I'd take a win for sure, just still not an Ireland fan with his "im good with where we are" BS. I still think he came up short, and shorted the team.
This year I see 5-11 realistically. Give or take a few wins because I do believe we are better than the jets and bills in a lot of areas..but either team could win on any Sunday. Go Fins!

Please don't mention Jimmy Johnson as a possible solution at GM.... Go Fins!!!! Bush and Clay are gonna tear it up today. Wake and Dansby are gonna terrorize those Texans

Graig, The old addage"If it aint broke, dont fix it" comes to mind here, Well it's broke bro, You want to give Ireland another 3 years???
Come on man.....

For the Ireland haters, sounds like you want someone new handling the 11 draft picks and $40 million plaus in cap space next year. That's great....who is it? Who are the guys that will be out there or even interested? Bill Polian? No thanks. His track record over the last five years has been very spot. A J Smith? Ask a Charger fan how they feel about him? The answer is there are NO easy answers. I think Ireland's made some good picks (and bad) and he's made some good trades loading up for next year. I'd like to see what he and Philbin can do together. I have a problem that the GM is responsible because a player didn't turn out how he should have. shouldn't SOME of that responsibility fall on the player AND the coach? Seeing that we all agree Sparano wasn't the guy, shouldn't Ireland get a pass for SOME of the past failures? Seems to me everyone had Bellichick labelled as a failure and a 'loser' after his stint in Cleveland. Seems to me he figured things out OK. Think they'd like him back?

Anyways, I'm not going to spend opening day arguing about keeping Ireland. Football's back and I'm going to enjoy it, even if our team IS going to struggle. Lots of time to talk about Ireland. Only thing is, new guy will come in and we'll still be arguing about he should and should have done. There should be a commitment to Ireland for the next three years, until we get this right. Changing things all the timeaccomplishes NOTHING. It's the sign of an organization that doesn't know what they are doing and they are making things up as they go. If they changed your bosses at work every 3-4 years it would send the message to people that the company has no clue what they are doing. This is the time for a commiment.

We"ll go 7 and 9 this year just because we have an easy schedule and Sparano isn't coaching the team. Today we"ll take a pounding in the a** and lose 31 to 10

Let's see, split with jets & Bills that's two. Get 2 maybe 3 others just because it's the NFL and on any given Sunday. So, 4 maybe 5 wins.

This is the hardest season to predict in a long time, so anyone that thinks they have a beat on things is...

"Those who refuse to learn from history or doomed to repeat it...
Who said this??

Ok ill be that guy and say it , 9-7 ! Everyday I read all the
negative things about the Dolphins and all the reasons we cant
Win. The Dolphins have the worst recivers in the league blah-blah-blah!
Ill say this maybe we dont have a deep threat yet BUT we have one of the best
3rd down guys in the league in Bess. Ok lets talk the two tightend look , Fasono and Clay our both physical guys who arent scared to catch it down the middle. Then we have our biggest strength ,our backfield! Were going to run schemes where we split Bush and Miller and can dump off to either one and let them make a play and lets not forget Mr. Lane! Lane has great hands and hauls a truck load of whoopA$$

FPFGS, Was it David Duke ?

Our 3rd and 4th round picks are inactive...Good job jeffy!

Churchill, I believe.

..I have been saying 6-10 for the last week. The sad thing is that even this sorry record has been debated as if this was a mark that gets us into the playoffs..6-10 is a fisting. Even with all the built in excuses. This isn't good enough. Sure a 6-10 record will give everyone a good feeling, some bravado for next year..Perhaps even some dap from the media that we could be a "sleeper team" in 2013..All things to feel good about.

I just don't think any team is that bad where you could guess 3-4 wins..Seriously. What is the difference between a 3-4 win team and a 6 win team? Nothing, a few breaks here and there. Folks are reacting like a 6 win team is a juggernaught..Nope these teams are no different then a 4 win team..Just a number in the win column.

Darryl, I think you're right...6 really ain't much diff from 4 and as you say depends on breaks

I'm glad to know that half the dolphin fan base is a bunch of pessimistic glad you don't work in our front office morons. My entire family is surrounded by Thoroughbred race horses. Some of my aunts and uncles can pick a great horse {athlete} and others half the jockeys would beat them on two feet. What I'm trying to say is that we all may have an opinion but don't be mad because someone else does as well.If you wanna believe it or not, Ireland has seen more pro Football playeres then all of us combined. We may not agree on his selections, but he is a way better inspector then I, OR US EVEN. I predict a Houston loss today and a 8-8 season. 20 -17 DOLPHINS. I also picked My hurricanes of Miami to lose 36-14 yesterday. It was much worse. It's fun to throw around who's this and who's that, but give our team reinforcement. A true Miami native and finatic....

Agreed with Ron @ 11:59

It's just Constant Consistent Dolphin Hate. He will probably say 6-10 was a good prediction. But look at his article he says that after making fun we won't go 8-8. REALLY?!

"Another close business associate of Ross said Ireland probably would not survive a 5-11 season but cautioned there could be scenarios in which the Dolphins have a losing record but Ross still keeps Ireland."

This is why our owner is an idiot when it comes to owning the Dolphins. If Ross EXPECTS success this season than anything less than 9-7 should be unacceptable. As a fan it is so why shouldn't it be for a guy that paid over $1 Billion to be the owner??? Another losing season would be 4 straight & NO ONE deserves that many chances.

I don't think Ireland is necessarily a 'bad guy' even though he has been portrayed that way by some BUT he has not done a good job & we need better drafts to turn this mess around.

This team needs 5 forfeits to reach 6-10. It's another 1-15 Cam Cameron special on the way... sadly

Does anyone have a site for streaming?

They, again, have zero playmakers. It is been the same thing for four straight years. They refused to, especially Ireland, sign anyone in free agency that is a playmaker. He constantly tries to sign players that Are merely average at best. Same story that we expected this season. I expected them to stink, but it still is very aggravating to have to watch this again. Especially when there players in the draft, like a wide receiver in the third round or free-agent players that I know can help this team and Ireland doesn't do a thing about it. Over the past three years they have missed numerous players in the draft That have gone on to become good players for other teams that could have impacted this team.

Is Sparano still coaching this team.

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