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Regular season is here so how will Dolphins do?

HOUSTON -- You know the deal ... The 2012 NFL regular-season is here.



Well, some Dolphins fans don't see it as that awesome. Some are thinking this season in which the Dolphins are showing us they are rebuilding but not actually admitting they are rebuilding will be a long season.

Some fans, frankly, are thinking this season is going to be another loser. Want to know what I'm thinking?

I predict the record for this season at the end of my column today after telling you where I see the Dolphins being at the moment as they get ready to kick off the season opener against Houston.

But this being an interactive exchange forum, I want to hear what you think. So read my column and then tell me in the comments section where you see the Dolphins record this year. Tell me where you agree or disagree with me.

Later, I'll update this blog with the day's inactives and any injury news and after that we'll have a live blog all day long. The Dolphins promoted linebacker Jonathan Freeny from their practice squad. I expect him to play today on special teams. Texans running back Arian Foster is expected to play, despite the injury report that has him as questionable. Linebacker Brooks Reed, meanwhile, is a legitimate game time decision.

So stay here throughout.


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they need to kick fieldgoals when they get in range and let the defense win , they keep phucking losing ball down there

When Sports Illustrated picked the Fins to go 4-12, I thought they were being generous. I expect 3-13, with one of the top 2 picks in next year's draft. I hope by then there will be a GM who can assess talent and pick it. How many picks (early and late rounds) have made the team? Made a difference? That's what's coming back to the roost this year. Meanwhile, I think I'll keep myself busy with something else on Sundays this fall. It's going to be a depressing season.

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