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Reminder that there is ONE piece of great news

These past six weeks of training camp and preseason did not exactly deliver tons of great news about the Dolphins. The roster seems to lack talent. The team lost four of four preseason games. And every time we looked up, coaches were ripping players about their lack of performance.

There has, however, been some good out of this team so far.

And among the revelation of Jorvorskie Lane, the solid camp by Sean Smith, and big promises of a 150-tackle season by Karlos Dansby, the budding promise of rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill stands out. It stands way out in neon, actually.

Tannehill has not just come as advertised. I'd say he's been better than advertised. Remember, he came to Miami as an inexperienced QB with only 19 college starts. Some said -- me included -- that he would have to sit a while and even those who wanted him to play right away did so on a blind whim not tethered to anything they knew of the rook's capabilities. Some said he was overdrafted as the No. 8 overall pick.

Well, Tannehill won the starting job. And he did it by ... winning the starting job. He was the best QB on the team. He knows the offense better than anyone in the room. He didn't make ridiculous decisions like throw into double-coverage in the preseason.

Does Tannehill have work to do?


He needs to be more accurate. He'll need to show some toughness in the face of a pass-rush. He'll need to show some guts when he throws two or three interceptions in a game, his team loses, his confidence wanes and everybody -- teammates, coaches, the media -- is looking at him sideways. After a Sunday game like that he's going to have to get back in the huddle the following Wednesday and prove he's the leader. He's going to have to prove he's unshaken.

We'll see if he has that in him.

But so far so good.

“I like his decision-making," coach Joe Philbin said. "If you watch the preseason film, there’s not a lot of picture of him throwing the ball into triple coverage and double coverage and making really bad decisions. Certainly, we want him to be a hair more accurate as we move forward during the regular season, which we believe we will be. No. 1, I like his decision making. No. 2, I think he has enough velocity with his arm that he can make the throws we need to make in this offense, whether it’s the 15-yard out breaking route, whether it’s the seam balls down the middle of the film, whether it’s throwing the ball on the move, which we think he does extremely well. We think he has a talented arm. The third thing is this guy’s a football player. In college, he helped his football team at two positions. He knows the game. He studies the game.

"The other nice thing is when he comes off on the sideline, this guy can kind of tell you exactly what happened. It’s not a mystery to him what just went on on the field. He might even tell you before you tell him that, ‘Yes, coach, I should have read the out breaking route instead of reading the option route based on the coverage.’ He knows what the coverages are. He’s not surprised a whole lot on the field.”

Tannehill's play is basically the most important thing for the Dolphins this year. It's not about the won-loss record because, let's be frank, the Dolphins are not a playoff contender. It's not about individual success by other players, either.

This year is about the quarterback. This quarterback.

This year is about Tannehill growing up, getting better, showing that he not only belongs but is worthy of the high draft pick Miami used on him.

If he lives up to that or at least moves consistently in the direction of living up to that status, this year will be a success.

So far so good.

To celebrate the start of all that in a couple of days, check out the video montage of Tannehill compiled and sent in by reader Joe Alvarez:



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Have we FINALLY found our long lost QB? Maybe...and that's exciting!

1:10 is best part of vid

sweet vid

Chad Henne Jr., the Third

Texans stellar defense will render him to a puddle of tears...........as will his so-called Offensive Line & Wide "Receivers"

I can't wait to watch those decisive throws to our wide open WR's!

In all seriousness, that's a really cool video. Thanks for the smile Mando. Great way to start the weekend.

Phins up.

sweet video mando. Nice blog!

I spoke too soon. Best parts of vid are the few times it shows Mrs. Tannehill. God dang.


David Garrard won the starting job and was injured

or did u forget


and TanneREACH is the Sheeples Choice to try to put fannies in the seats

Tanny played poorly against ALL 1st teams
the scrubfest PS4 is no indication of how any starters will perform

Therefore Tanny beat out nobody

Nice try though!

Good Video, Could've done without the Song. But it Works.

Can't wait til Sunday. T-Sizzle gets unleashed. 300yd passing and 50 yd rushing.

A good game. If we Suck then the Clown has ammo but if we win. HA

Ryan Tannehill against Atlanta 1st team defense

QB rating 37.5

not seeing how that is winning anything. lol

IMO, the Texans are one of the 5 best defenses in the NFL. Win or lose, if Tannehill has a decent game, the young rookie qb's confidence should be thru the roof.

There just arent many NFL defenses in this league that could have offered our percieved future franchise qb a stiffer test. If this is to be his indoctrination into future greatness. There couldnt have been a much better place to start than with the very formidable defense of the Houston Texans.

Mr Armando,

That video is copyright infringement and fruad against all miami dolphins players and their fans. Expect a visit from either clowns in red suits or immigration international.

Take a good long look at Ryan & The Missus, because the beginning of the end of their fifteen minutes in Miami is about to commence.

Mediocrity Rules.
Ireland's a slightly glorified Ball-Boy & Ross is a boob.
Philbin? Who knows? Larry Coker & Cam Cameron's love-child?

Tanne is a big stud.

Fins 24
Texans 21

Fins Up.

Tannehill has not just come as advertised. I'd say he's been better than advertised.

Wilson and Weeden went after Tannehill. They are starting also. What does that say about Tannehill?

Nick Foles had a better pre-season than Tannehill.

Hey guys,

At least Tannehill dances far better than Tom Brady. Tom Brady dances like a girl. LOL

Mando according to you 4 weeks ago David garrard was #1 and Tanne was #3.
Tanne didn't win the starting job anymore than matt Moore won the starting job last year. They both moved up the depth chart when the best QBs got injured.
And frankly what I saw in preseason from Tanne was he could not get a first down against first team D's.

2 days ago NFL.com predicted that Tanne would be benched after game 2.

Hope Tannehill has plenty of Bruisol in his medicine cabinet for Monday morning as he is going to need it with that line in front of him.OUCH!!!!!

Most teams backups could be starts on this team. With a few teams being the exceptions of course.

Miami can be competitive in games if they stay healthy. If they lose starters, it'll be ugly.

4-12 is realistic but, I wouldn't be surprised if the win total is even less.

SInce Marino left the only good QB we have had has been Pennington for one year. Hopefully Tannehill breaks the drought. From there the rest can be fixed. On defense we basically seem to have the talent we need - maybe some strengthening at CB but seems OK. On the OL - only real question is RG and how long it takes Martin to get stronger and comfortable as RT - maybe one more draft pick. At RB we seen solid. We will need to upgrade at TE and WR - a couple of higher draft picks and probably a FA. If Tannehill is as much of a football scholar as he seems, has his judgement progress a normal amount with experience, gets more accurate in his throws and turns out to be a true franchise QB, Miami could be back in the playoff fray next year. Fingers crossed. Go Phins!!!

Lincoln does not equal Home.
Lincoln reports the facts.
Fact: Tanne was 3 and out every series of the preseason against first team D's, look it up.
Fact: NFL.com does predict Tanne will be benched after game 2: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000057971/article/will-ryan-tannehill-be-the-first-qb-to-be-benched

Lincoln, do you watch football? Injuries happen ALL THE TIME. How do you think Brady got a starting job? So are you saying he didn't earn it? That's the dumbest thing I heard in my life.

Tannehill DID win the job. If he started #3, and #1 got hurt, that means he beat out #2 and #4 for the job. I know that's a lot of numbers for you, but try to stay with me.

By the way, how many TDs did Moore have? FGs? 1st downs? Yeah, not that many, and less than Tannehill. So everything you're saying about Tannehill, he outplayed his competition. And that's why he's a starter. And I'm glad he is, I have faith in the kid.

I don't know if Tannehill will be great but what I do know is he can get rid of a ball as fast as any QB I've seen here since Marino. He throws the ball with plenty of zip. He's smart and accurate.

But please folks give the kid some time and understand we are weak at wide receiver so when he's hitting them between the numbers and they're dropping them it's not Tannehill's fault.

And I LOVE Lane! He hasn't gotten enough recognition IMO. This guy looked like he's administering 1 concussion per tackler. You gotta love that!

It's true,
You just spent a horrible offseason, which followed a horrible season.
Now you will begin another horrible season followed by another horrible offseason.
Let's face it your whole life is horrible, you are used to this by now.

"Well, Tannehill won the starting job. And he did it by ... winning the starting job. He was the best QB on the team.


rewriting history. Actually he won the job because Garrard hurt his knee. Garrard was head and shoulders above everyone else before he was hurt. Tanny beat Moore who had a hard time finding any qb' that played worse this offseason

Nice story abut Tannehill:


I know this is going to sound sick, but, I think John Jerry now gets it.

Jerry came into camp far overwieght at 360 plus pounds. We all know this led to being placed 3rd on the depth chart and nearly cut this preseason. The coaches rode him hard. I read they rode and pushed him so hard he even toss his cookies on the playing field.

Now, what we seem to have is the new John Jerry, clearly more focused and 20 pounds lighter. Proof of this is he rose to 2nd team on the depth chart. Then with Hicks going down he was bumped up to 1st team rg and has done a very good job since.

Had Jerry bummed out, the team would not have had the luxury of placing Artis Hicks on IR. Even if they Hicks were still placed on IR, regardless of Jerry's play, they would have had to bring in another olineman and pretty cut Jerry.

Because if the light doesnt come on after 3yrs for a player, regardless of position played, folks it pretty much aint coming on. Jerry certainly seems to be "The Ugly Duckling" becomes "A Swan" story for our Dolphins 2012 preseason.

Can we ban the idiots like Jack Sparrow for just one day. Dude, frucking take a drink or something.

It is not possible for any NFL fan to be in a bad mood today. It's Friday. We got games Sunday. Gonna be sweet.

Bout time football is back.

DC Dolfan is 100% dead on balls accurate.

My hope is that Tannehill is allowed to improvise and use his athletic ability to make plays whether running when he feels heat or making plays on the move. The Dolphins have never drafted such a good athlete to play QB outside of Jim Jensen who became an H-Back. At 6'4"/225 Pds running a 4.5/40 I hope he uses it to his advantage and the Coaches realize that given the WR's letting him play to his athletic ability maybe the best move if were going to win any games this Yr.

I had this debate last night and was rebuffed by some posters I respect but feel they missed the point. We all know that for the 1st time we have Coaches who can develop QB's and will work with him but if you throw him in there day one and want him to gain confidence moving forward then you let him play. The Packers in their early Championship days had a play were the Guards pulled and Favre would roll out with FB Henderson dumping it short to Levens.

The play was used so much it became a staple of their O but they executed it so well it always worked, it was amazing because you can see it developing watching those Packer teams and they ran it at least 5 times a game but the DAMN play always worked, we just happen to have to of the slowest Guards in Football to execute it.

We need a few of these plays we can execute with our OL that can be well executed given our personnel and he has to let it rip downfield a few times a game while proving he can hit the deep pass to pull Safeties of the line and he should be fine. They just need to let the kid play to his athletic strengths and not try to force him into some controlled setting with the threat of getting pulled for improvising, IMHO!

Lincoln and Jack Sparrow, should you guys be studying for your GED test?


IF David Garrard were so great, he'd be the starter. Fact is, he can't even stay healthy for 1 PreSeason game, and that's why he's out of football as we speak. Anyone heard Garrard got picked up by another team? Exactly.

So stop the stupidity. Garrard was #1 BEFORE THE PRESEASON EVEN STARTED. He lost it, because he's a piece of glass, not a football player. And a REAL football player stepped up, and took over.

That's how it went down.

What can you blame him with? Quick set-up, quick delivery, accurate as far as it takes, powerful arm and most of all, great Athleticism and Smarts(he was a pre-Med student, just like I was).

David Garrard was the best quarterback in training camp. Tannehill showed nothing this preseason to make him worthy of the starting job.

btw, that montage by Alvarez was just great. He might have a future in that kind of business.


Doc, if you are excited about this season then you need to drink two bottles of Jack.

We took a team (6 of 9 down the stretch) and turned them into a team barely capable of signing 53 players. Just barely under the cap. No #1 WR's. No secondary. No real pass rush except for wake. Even then, we gave wake a hard time on resigning him.

The team is poorly managed, Doc.

fin, I heard Tannehill calling audibles, which Henne/Moore were NOT allowed to do under Sparano, so I don't see why this new staff wouldn't let him play. I agree with you, he has great athleticism, that will help until he gets more weapons.

They also need to use Bush MUCH more. He and Bess should be the go-to guys. Then Hartline and Armstrong deep. I guess Fasano should get some touches, but if he keeps dropping 'em then keep him in to block (until we get a pass-catching TE). Fasano has been one of the biggest disappointments of the PreSeason. I expected more out of him.

Foles played against 2nd and 3rd string D's. Tanny vs 1st most of the way through.

There is no doubt about it - The Dolphins have the least knowledgable and most obnoxious fans ever. The best draft pick was Philbin - give him a chance to build a team the way Green Bay has done it or don't you like that system either. What a bunch of moronic losers.

Tanny vs atlanta, 3 drops by Fasano, 1 1st down one TD, 1 7 yard pick up. What does that do to the rating?

Not defending, just throwing facts. there are positives to look at

Home R U Nuts ?!

Texans * 38
Dolphins 13

No way this is going to happen, Home!

Home is that you?

Pretty funny with the Garrard best in training camp.

Camp just ended & Garrard took reps for what? A week? Maybe less? How was Garrard the best QB in camp if he didn't even particpate?

Some of you wouldn't even know you had a head if it wasn't attached to your neck.

Welcome back Home !!!!!!!!!!!

Home in da house!


Tannehill's already allowed to improvise. He has to the freedom to change the play at the line of scrimmage based on defensive looks. He has the freedom to get the team into the best play.

Yeah, I know what you mean, and Tannehill does have the physical tools to make "Brett Favre-like" improvications when plays breakdown. Though I would like to see him do a little of this, I wouldnt want to see him try too much of this during his "rookie season". It could lead to far more disasters than positive plays.

Yes it would be great to see him do it sparingly his rookie season. But mostly what I would like to see him do this year, is just get rid of the ball when plays break down, and live to fight another day.

As Tannehill's career continues and his experience gets greater, I would like to see him improvise a little more. He definitely have the physicals tools and smarts to make it happen.

Come on back.I've got all the good x dolphin players over here in New York plus Tim Tebow.
Dinner is on me ;)

There is no doubt about it - The Dolphins have the least knowledgable and most obnoxious fans ever. The best draft pick was Philbin - give him a chance to build a team the way Green Bay has done it or don't you like that system either. What a bunch of moronic losers.

Posted by: rocket | September 07, 2012 at 11:51 AM

What's worse than obnoxious fans? Dumb one's like your post made you sound like.

The problem is not Philbin or the system he is trying to implement. We want him to build the team but, he isn't.

Ireland is presently drafting & acquiring FA's. Ted thompson has a HELL OF A RECORD in GB in player acquisition.

Ireland has been the complete opposite. Hoping for results similar to GB when Miami does not have the main asset required to achieve those results is utter supidity.

If you expect similar results to GB with the staff on hand, you will be sorely disappointed.


I expected more out of Fasano as well then remind myself we got him packaged with 2 other players from Dallas for a 4th rounder in 08 so you get what you pay for and we never addressed the position really until this Yr. on a kid who deserved to get the ax in Egnew and is probably on a very short leash given Philbin will cut you, just ask Gates who Ireland pleaded for on deaf ears in the last HARDKNOCKS getting an uhh huhh from the Coach right before they showed him the door.

That said your 100% right Tannehill needs some creativity with Bush on the field in a host of spots really. How about him in the slot with either Miller or Thigpen in the backfield or vice versa. Thomas in a power set with Lane is worth a look as well. All of this in a moving pocket with Tannehill threatening with the run will probably be his best friends this Yr.

I would also like to see a combination of Marlon Moore, A.Armstrong and Bess on the field in a 3 WR set given based on speed and the ability of Bess underneath could be our best combination, still don't know how Naannee made this team would have cut him after the alligator arm play in Dallas alone.

Home, if you want to come up to Chicago and hang out for a game, i got you bro!
My boys and i are headed to the playoffs.
C,mon up and enjoy some deep dish pizza, beer and a winning team.
Who's your daddy, now!


Given the problems we will have in pass protect from the right we will probably see him in alot of rolling pockets like what Dallas did with Romo in the 2nd half on Wednesday. I hear you on Rookie QB's and improvisation and I hope he will know the difference as you stated between forcing the issue or simply throwing it away but my point is in the former WR using his feet more than we've ever seen in Miami as well as passing, just a thought.

"....This year is about the quarterback. This quarterback."


You are right on the money with that statement which is why I'm incensed about our WR's & our TE's. With the extra draft picks we have picked up from the trades of Marshall (3rd round in 2013), Vontae (2nd round plus a late round pick 2013), & Ryan Cook (late round pick in 2012)--a trade should have been made to upgrade the receivers. With Ireland & Ross saying they expect to win this year--what is Ireland waiting for??? He could have used one of these picks to acquire a player & he chose not to. Why??? God only knows....EVERY GM in the NFL knows that to develop a rookie QB he needs as much help as possible.

Fasano is a good blocker but he is unreliable as a pass catcher & Egnew won't even be active this season. Clay DEFINITELY has the most upside but for the most part he's unproven.

I honestly hope I'm wrong but I find it hard to comprehend that we're going to count on Naanee to produce this season. Sure the coaches say he looks good in practice but can he catch the ball in a game????

Truth is,

The GB system has probaly the best track record in all of football for "DEVELOPING PLAYERS". In doing this, after a while you get a pretty good sense of what kind of players can be developed and what type cant.

Because theyve been running thier system so long, I think theyve pretty much figured out the least of skills a rookie must be able to show just to show them he's even worthy of being developed.

So Ted Thompson's claim to fame isnt being such a great evaluator of talent. It's experience with what type of player best fits the system they employ or has exhibited certain developable skills sets that in the short term would make him a fit.

You cant fit round pegs into square holes no matter how great a player developer, or how great a gm your team has. GB drafts or brings in players congruent to thier system ran. Ireland has been doing it congruent to what he thought was talent alone.

GB proves both your system and the players brought in has to be a marriage with the honey moon.

What are some things Phins fans will be looking for from Ryan Tannehill this season? Check out what Jimmy Bourbon is looking for.


A couple sacks this preseason on Tannehill wasnt primarily due to shotty protection. I witnessed with my on eyes Tannehill walking into a couple sacks. He has to do a better job of "feeling the pressure" too.

Tannehill also has the athleticism to and quick release to avoid some some sacks even when the oline breakdown a little. He's still a rookie that's yet to start his 1st professional game. He will get better at "feeling the pressure". He will get better at escaping the pocket when the protection breaks down.

Tannehill does have the needed tools to escape pressure. He just needs seasoning. Then he will feel the pressure and not walk into sacks. Then he will learn to bake sugar cookies from sugar shyte.

great vid!

"GB proves both your system and the players brought in has to be a marriage with the honey moon."


That is a GREAT point. Seriously! This is EXACTLY how the Patriots were able to get a 2nd round pick for Cassell & how the Eagles were able to get picks for guys like Kolb & Feely.

I also believe this is what you will see with Matt Flynn. He's a pretty good player but it's the system in GB that made him look better than he is. I also believe this is why GB may let Greg Jennings become a FA. Jennings wants over $10 Million a year & although he's been great for them--they probably feel like they have other guys who are younger & cheaper like Jordy Nelson & Randall Cobb who they can plug in to take his place.

GB proves both your system and the players brought in has to be a marriage with the honey moon.

Yesterday'sGone | September 07, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Continuity has helped as well, Ron Wolfe is the real architect retiring and giving way to his assistant who he taught well, great point given I get the feeling Vernon would be a beast at SLB in a 3/4 ect...

Funny is why Cleveland thought Holgrem was up to the task given everybody knows he never picked a player who saw the field for him at H.C. EVER !

Funnier still are the Polian posts, he was the architect of the Bills no doubt then nearly took an expansion team (Carolina) to a S.B. in their 3rd Season and loved it when Mel Kiper in 98 said Polian had blown the Manning pick given Leaf was better (hindsight is a beatch) with Polian replying who the hell is Mel Kiper and were has he been a G.M.!

At the end though was tired and guilty of nepotism when VP in Indy grooming son Chris as G.M. and Irsay gave them both the ax my point is wouldn't he be another tired legend to add to our impressive list of those already burned out. I dislike Ireland and everybody knows it from my posts but would be looking for some young and hungry guy in an assistant role somewhere like the Falcons did with Demitroff or that really aggressive young guy Irsay got in Indy Ryan Grigson.

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