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Reminder that there is ONE piece of great news

These past six weeks of training camp and preseason did not exactly deliver tons of great news about the Dolphins. The roster seems to lack talent. The team lost four of four preseason games. And every time we looked up, coaches were ripping players about their lack of performance.

There has, however, been some good out of this team so far.

And among the revelation of Jorvorskie Lane, the solid camp by Sean Smith, and big promises of a 150-tackle season by Karlos Dansby, the budding promise of rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill stands out. It stands way out in neon, actually.

Tannehill has not just come as advertised. I'd say he's been better than advertised. Remember, he came to Miami as an inexperienced QB with only 19 college starts. Some said -- me included -- that he would have to sit a while and even those who wanted him to play right away did so on a blind whim not tethered to anything they knew of the rook's capabilities. Some said he was overdrafted as the No. 8 overall pick.

Well, Tannehill won the starting job. And he did it by ... winning the starting job. He was the best QB on the team. He knows the offense better than anyone in the room. He didn't make ridiculous decisions like throw into double-coverage in the preseason.

Does Tannehill have work to do?


He needs to be more accurate. He'll need to show some toughness in the face of a pass-rush. He'll need to show some guts when he throws two or three interceptions in a game, his team loses, his confidence wanes and everybody -- teammates, coaches, the media -- is looking at him sideways. After a Sunday game like that he's going to have to get back in the huddle the following Wednesday and prove he's the leader. He's going to have to prove he's unshaken.

We'll see if he has that in him.

But so far so good.

“I like his decision-making," coach Joe Philbin said. "If you watch the preseason film, there’s not a lot of picture of him throwing the ball into triple coverage and double coverage and making really bad decisions. Certainly, we want him to be a hair more accurate as we move forward during the regular season, which we believe we will be. No. 1, I like his decision making. No. 2, I think he has enough velocity with his arm that he can make the throws we need to make in this offense, whether it’s the 15-yard out breaking route, whether it’s the seam balls down the middle of the film, whether it’s throwing the ball on the move, which we think he does extremely well. We think he has a talented arm. The third thing is this guy’s a football player. In college, he helped his football team at two positions. He knows the game. He studies the game.

"The other nice thing is when he comes off on the sideline, this guy can kind of tell you exactly what happened. It’s not a mystery to him what just went on on the field. He might even tell you before you tell him that, ‘Yes, coach, I should have read the out breaking route instead of reading the option route based on the coverage.’ He knows what the coverages are. He’s not surprised a whole lot on the field.”

Tannehill's play is basically the most important thing for the Dolphins this year. It's not about the won-loss record because, let's be frank, the Dolphins are not a playoff contender. It's not about individual success by other players, either.

This year is about the quarterback. This quarterback.

This year is about Tannehill growing up, getting better, showing that he not only belongs but is worthy of the high draft pick Miami used on him.

If he lives up to that or at least moves consistently in the direction of living up to that status, this year will be a success.

So far so good.

To celebrate the start of all that in a couple of days, check out the video montage of Tannehill compiled and sent in by reader Joe Alvarez:



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Then he will learn to bake sugar cookies from sugar shyte.

Publicado por: Yesterday'sGone | September 07, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Funny line!

This is the first quarterback that looks the part for the Dolphins in a long time. I was never a Pennington fan, he was a very good game manager but a noodle for an arm.

I'm not in agreement with starting him, and I agree with some of the other posts that he is the game one quarterback due to Garrard's injury. Since this is a rebuilding year Moore could have filed in for a series of games, and then start him sometime in the season e.g. Marino.

He lacks some serious talent at WR, and this period could've been helpful to give sometime to weed out and add experience to young corp.

I cannot imagine having a life as boring as some of you guys. Day after day after day sitting inside doing exactly the same thing, repeating yourselves endlessly, and obsessing over a freaking GAME that has no importance whatsoever in the real world.

What a waste of your brains (of any of it is left at this point).

zzzzzz | September 07, 2012 at 12:37 PM

I'm actually at work were I have on my screen saver one page open to what I'm supposed to be doing and the other feeding my addiction (this blog) It's why sometimes I disappear and other times I'm on. I guess given my up and down performance and there seeming attention to detail and execution I should be pleased neither Philbin nor Sherman are my Boss!

can we give the rook a chance ?

have a hard time benching the guy two days before his first game, thats some fuuny shiet right there.
hey at least his helmet fits, thats a start

Cant wait to see tanne throw that frozen rope to hartline for a strike to the heart I hope the texans corners can covers...know why 1 step 2 step balls out and flying..I hope all the plays in practices pay off

Tannehill is going to be very good. A difference maker.

But it won't matter THIS year.






The negativity on Tannehill is ridiculous. His preseason numbers were awful but if you watched enough NFL, you can see that he has the tools to be very good. Now we need some skilled players around him.

Can anyone find my bathroom tissue? I need to mop up some personal issues.

Thanks for the great comments on the Footloose video if you like my stuff you can go to the link below and subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel. The Dan Marino TDs series is there from 1983 - 1999 plus other videos including My Empire of Dirt and Ryan Tannenhill 2012 draft montage also featured on this blog.


or you can search YOUTUBE for me (slipperysoaap)

This season I will post a new video each week between games.

I believe the greatest problem with the "Parcellians" is they did have a certain "philosophical concept" about building a winning football team. They just didnt have a "viable system" for getting it done.

The proof's in the pudding. Over the last 4yrs the roster has been "virually littered" with trying to fit "square pegs into round holes". Theyve based thier talent evaluations on physical attribute alone. If you do this it will lead to accumulating sqaure pegs being forced into round holes.

You have to have a system, know what skillsets are matches for that system, then the physical attributes should be the last part of that evaluation. Not the 1st criteria.

We all know, phase 1 of the Parcellian approach was 3tds and a cloud of dust, then it became speed. We were changing horses in the middle of stream, yet still did not have a "viable system" for the implementations and skill set matches. Thus we're here where we are today

5YRs later and narrowly "a real progress made".

New Era, don't fret, these are the same dimwits that were pushing for Henne, Pennington, Beck, Moore, Frerotte, Green, Culpepper, Huard, etc. They wouldn't know a QB with potential if Aaron Rodgers were giving it to them in their arses.

Those who have 1/2 a brain cell see the potential in Tannehill.

New Era,

Tannehill was far from "awful" this preseason. Actually had our recievers not had so many drops, he would actually be head to head with Andrew Luck in preseason numbers.

Dolfans are just frustrated. So you cant really read too much into some of the things posted here. Some I challenge, but for the most part, I read them and move on for understanding where they are. Except for a few, they know who they are, I just like to rattle thier cages a little. LOL

Armando maybe you were on vacation too long,cause actually David Garrard beat out Tannehill before the injury. Sorry DC- but you can't just rewrite history.
That said; the receivers didn't step up in preseason to help out Thill. It is what it is,and in my opinion Thill looked ok and hopefully he will continue to grow.

Don't worry everything little thing is going too be alright! Go Phins!

To bad there's no #1 or #2 or #3 Recivers on this team, Thanks to Idiot Ireland all we got is 4,5 and 6 type recievers.(BTW, That qoute about the type of reicevers was from Idiot Ireland own mouth from the second episode of hard knocks)
Why has'nt Ross fired this guy?


Like the car, it's actually spelled Peugot. LOL

Anyway, Garrard beat out Tannehill? Have you forgotten Tannehill started camp 3 days late? As the rookie of the bunch, quite naturally he was going to be listed 3rd qb on the depth chart behind both Garrard and Moore.

Even had Garrard remained healthy, at some point during the season, I believe we would have seen Tannehill before the end of the regular season football year anyway.

No doubt Tannehill would have at least surpassed Matt Moore as 2nd team backup before the season opener no matter how you stack. Garrard's injury only bought Matt Moore at least 1 more season in Miami, That's it. Case closed.

Ryan could have a season like Christian ponder. And that is actually fine with me. Because like Minnesota, we aren't a solid teams and we don't even have a Percy harvin. (why we didn't draft streeter is beyond me, or ryan broyles. Watch him in the slot this year)....
Point with ponder, is that he has shown brightness, and reminds us that rookie qbs look like that, and not like cam or dalton usually. They improve dramatically their second year. Having said that, he cannot be a Blaine gabbert. Blaine showed signs of nothing, and it is apparent he should not be in an nfl uniform.
We will not beat the texans. I love my fins, but Houston is our bane, the one team that owns us for some reason, I was at the game the year we opened at home and managed to lose a game everyone thought we'd win. Like Baltimore, they have our number. However, I expect to be 3-1 going into cincy. High? Maybe, but our schedule allows it.

pujo, did you hear ANYONE in the Dolphins organization say the competition was over before Week 1? Because I watched Hard Knocks, read a ton of articles here, at the Sun-Sentinel, and elsewhere, listened to Philbin's press conferences, and nowhere, NOWHERE in any of that did I pick up that the competition was over before the first PreSeason game. If you read/heard/saw that somewhere, I'd love for you to post the link, maybe I missed something.

No, YOU are rewriting history. This was always a competition that was going to be decided BY the THIRD PreSeason game. THAT'S THE TRUTH! And your paper tiger, I mean the glass house, David Garrard, wasn't MAN ENOUGH to last. So he got axed. And the ROOKIE stepped into the void and outplayed the vet MOST OF YOU claimed was our next great QB last year. And now he's the starter.

Too bad you don't like it. Maybe you can go cheer for Henne in Jax.

Tannehill's play is basically the most important thing for the Dolphins this year.
Yeah but the receivers still have to catch the ball. The line still has to give Tannehill time to throw. That is what was so remarkable about last season. With the worst right guard and tackle combination in the NFL, Matt Moore still was able to win some games.

Against garbage Teams.

Houston is really the only top 10 team we are facing the first 7 weeks.

The Dolphins can have a shot in the other 6. Oakland, Arizona and Cincinnati are Winnable. And from what I've seen from the Jets. Dashi can Guarantee a Victory on that one.

"This year is about the quarterback. This quarterback"

About time you write something with the proper perspective. The QB is the biggest part of the puzzle on an NFL team, not the guy who was cut who we picked in the 4th round - that's meaningless.

Hopefully more fans come to understand this and stop their bood clot cryin'! Get some friggin perspective


Redskins play a sort of version of the wco. Therefore Armstrong could possibly translate well into this offense. He's also very good with slant patterns. Getting and staying healthy is the primary concern.

I believe Bess' skill set translates well. Though his strong suit is in the slot, he can play a little all over the place. Good for the wco because it gives the versatility to create mismatches in other area.

Hartline is all a guy thaty can play all 3 wr positions. Though it seems the former coaching staff primarily only used him on the outside. The wco should make better use of Hartline's skills and versatility. The only question remaining is can he stay healthy?

Naanee could be the ace in the hole. He can be a 4th wr, an interchangeable part, or a 5th wr. He does need in game consistency catching the football. I will grant that.

So on the whole, no we dont have that 1 great wr, but we do have the flexibility needed in the wco passing attack. It just comes down to health and consistency. Also hopefully, before season's end Egnew develops and is slowly worked into the offense at te.

Then maybe Egnew becomes a force next year. But he does have to work his way into some kind of limited playing time this season.

Boy's I got a Bottle of Jack Dan. For the game sunday, Odds on it being drunk before end of game? About 68 %.

I guess the reeal "final straw" in dumping Marshall was:

A. Not wanting to expose the oung qb to him

B. One dimensional and isnt redzone td force

C. A one dimensional wr isnt a great wco fit, especially if he demands te ball so much and doesnt score tds even close to double digit nubers.

This is why Marshall had to go.

The point about the coaches developing players is fine n dandy. However, the bigger picture is, are the guys being brought in even worth developing?

The answer has simply been NO.

Gates, Wallace, Misi, Turner, Murphy, Do. Thomas, on & on & on. Ireland is not bringing in talented guys WORTH developing.

In 5 years, this team has successfully developed Bess & Wake. You can all talk about GB's model but, the fact remains:


YG, I'll be honest with you, I was glad Miami got rid of Marshall, I mean how many dropped TDs did he have the 1st part of last year 6 or 7?

Great video, Joe Alvarez. Thanks for the hard work and the entertainment.

Agreed YG, Egnew needs to show some progress this year. At least 20 catches. Or Else? Cut at the end of HKII training camp like Gates this year.

Give us some hope that they don't have to resign Fasano and they can draft a Good one in the 2nd next year. The kid from Notre Dame, or whoever is the best TE coming out next year. A good young Trio Clay, Egnew, and whoever we pick next year.

That's the main reason Dashi was against getting Coolio. Yeah, it might've been a Fantastic Voyage this year, but next year reality hits and we don't know what we have in Clay and Egnew. and Those 2 will be the only TE's on the team next year.

Can someone Confirm for Dashi that this is Fasano's last year on his Contract? I know this is Hartline's last Season already.

Who is in a Contract Year with the Team?

I know Long, S.Smith, Bush, M&M, and Hartline.

But who else?

Burnett? Misi? Jerry? Fasano? Clemons?

Somebody has a List?


you hit the nail on the head with Marshall. The bigger issue to me? HE OBVIOUSLY DID NOT WANT TO BE IN MIAMI. that is why he played so poorly. He wanted to be at a place that would win now. There was no positive to keeping Marshall. He is a cry baby who when things do not go his way he has tantrums and pouts.

Trust me, things would not have gone the way he wanted it this year in MIAMI either, and haveing him would be a waste of time and money.


The Dashi thinks the list is a Little longer than that?

Really only see a reason to resign Long and Smith. The Others could go, Maybe bush but he will be 29 next season. Tick Tock. Maybe 2-3 good years at MOst. We already have Thomas & L.Miller aka Thunder & Lightning.

We are not losing that much. Dashi doesn't get u guys? Our Players suck but if we lose them we suck?

No, if we lose good players yes that Sucks!! But out of that list u only really mention 1 Great player and 2 ggood players.

Remember also If Odrick is Worth his Weight He can Move inside to DT(Reason Losing Starks Won't hurt). Wasn't that 1 of the Reasons they picked him in the 1st. A 6'5" 312lb DT/DE, that was a Multi-Year Team Captain of the Penn State Pedophiles.

We can always go after that Franchise DE at the Top of the Draft instead of the 1st rd WR. U know the 2nd highest risky position to draft in the 1st rd.

Why the Hate? Dashi hurt ur Feelings this morning?

Grow up Clown!! U jump when Dashi tells u to jump. Remember That!!





Posted by: ALoco | September 07, 2012 at 01:14 PM


P.S. I Own U, Dashi just lends u out to Odin for Late night Bukkake Sessions.


Dashi In Ur Mouth

Now Swallow and keep it Moving "PUSY"!! ;)

Aint no reason

Dolphins cant get another 3rd pick in the Draft next year

and maybe Jeff Ireland can find him another Egnew in the 3rd round!

Cut Ireland and the Dolphins might get a team together

Silly Cracka!

i want to make love to "Home"

God Yes!

Home not only is dreamy, when i look at his photo
he makes me creamy.

Ooohhhhh Home. YES! YES! YEESSSSS!

Tannehill has a little bit of Peyton Manning in him, a little bit Farve, and a little bit of Marino. Not to say he'll be as good as any of those guys, but he does flash those traits and potential. The rest of the team (WR's, TE's, etc.) have to step up and help him! THAT is the most important thing this year. The kid can have all the potential in the world, but it IS a team sport!

I'm reminded of something I heard a high school coach say once to some WR's; "Stop worrying about yards-after-the-catch (YAC) and worry more about CPR; CATCH the ball, PROTECT the ball, and then....RUN with the ball!" If Miami can get our WR's & TE's to do that, we might have something this year!

Wow Tracy, Those are some BIG names there, Let Ryan play a few games before you appoint him HOF materail.
(Though I like your spirit)(or maybe your enjoying spirits)(Either way,You go BOY!)

Tanny vs atlanta, 3 drops by Fasano, 1 1st down one TD, 1 7 yard pick up. What does that do to the rating?

Not defending, just throwing facts. there are positives to look at

Don't start throwing facts out there Poizen.........you'll confuse some of these people :)

48 hours until kickoff folks.

About 60 days until the fire Philbin postings start happening.

About 210 days until Ireland drafts a punter with our #1 overall pick in the draft.

I wonder what Jeff's wonderlic score would be if he took it without cheating?

Hurt ur Feelings little Man?

Stop Trying to Act Tough that's not U!!

Nobody Cares.

U already know "Dashi could Care Less About ur Feelings"

Just ur opinion as long as it's not hate buddy. Appreciate the Insight on the UFA's next year. Starks might be another Question Mark Depending on how Odrick turns out?

Will he be Richard Seymour or Phillip Merling?

Dashi isn't going to say odrick will ever be as good as Seymour. RS was a TOP 5 DE/DT coming out the Draft. #6 Overall. One of those Franchise DE's Dashi is always talking about. U know the Mario Williams Type, J.Pepper's.

Lets just see if he Develops into a 3-Down D-Linemen.

T-Sizzle is the White Randall Cunningham. Just wait till the games are for Real. Well Maybe not as Athletic as Cunningham, he's more Steve Youngesque with Prototypical Size.

T-hill has Arm and Accuracy, Plus he already knows The Playbook. Plus has been getting NFL Style Coaching since he was 18.

Only Luck has probably been exposed to more as a QB coming out this years Draft than T-Hill. He was the only other QB that learned from someone who knows the NFL. Came from a Pro-Style Set.

T-Hill basically has half his rookie year out the Way. Most Qb's have to learn the Offense the 1st year in the League or on the Team. Can't focus on reading the D just yet. T-Hill doesn't have to worry about learning Progressions and Concepts and all that Stuff. Just Pick up the Speed of the Game and Learn how to Read Defense's/Coverage's.

Would be nice to start fast and have the Wr's and Te's catch the Ball to Start the Game.

Tannehill will be carted off the field before halftime!

OK....i've watched the tape (video)....

and I am 100% convinced that Tanne is the 2nd coming of Brett Favre....

All the WOMEN in that Video got me "All Discombobulated"!

Good stuff, I liked it.

The Video was Good. Couldn't help getting the feeling though, that If I re-watched it later on, like say when we're 3-1 at the quarter season mark, It would be Totally Awesome!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

In all seriousness.....

Over the pre-season...Tanne does seem to have that Romo thing going for him....if he becomes romo-like....we will be fine for years to come....


GREAT POST from the last blog....

you have definitely shown me a thing or two.....and I gladly expose that fraud with you EVERY chance i can....


love the post....

but in the NO-SPIN world....It was Garrard's job....and he lost it due to injury (according to reports)....and you know how I feel about reports.....

In any case...I think Tanne was probably the best QB in camp ALL ALONG.....Philbin and Ireland just wanted to temper expectations....

So what then Armando, should we still play the games?? I mean, I am not at all optimistic but we should give these guys a chance. Any team can beat any team on any given sunday.

BTW, the weak point on the team is Ireland

Actually David Garrard won the starting job. Then he got hurt playing with his kids. Matt Moore has never been a good practice player. Plus Tannehill already knew the offense, which gave him an early leg-up on the other guys. So let's not get over excited about being the best QB on the team.

Heck, even Pat Devlin looks like a stud next to these guys.


I'm pretty sure there is @ least one more of you...LOL

Odin, Your thoughts on sundays game?, I put myself at 68% drunk by ganes end, Your % of being drunk by games end?

Mondo, you sports media types, who, also see themselves as NFL talent scouts make me laugh out loud. How did Tannehill actually win the QB job? During the second week Philbin announced Tannehill had the job, no discussion, no debate, nothing. 4 lousey preseason games later with NO wins, Tanne is still #1 after competing against defensive backs who will be flipping burgers at McDonalds this coming week. He also throws TD passes in practice against what could be called the worst set of DBs in the land. Lets call this pig after the first 6 games and see, where who, stands where. My moneys still on Matt Moore, more experience, better passer, better accuracy, better pocket presence. Everyone, including me wants the golden boy to shine and shine bright, but Tanne will have to accomplish something Marino couldnt do.

Almost forgot. Not to mention Tannehills a rookie, but thinks to Jeffery he has no one to throw the ball to. Marshall, gone. #85, gone. We have Nannee, Moore, and Whats his name. Jeffery could sign Gaffney, someone else but no Jeffery reminds me of Obama he's hanging with his policy no matter what the damage. 16 trill in the red, thats a long way down the rabbit hole.

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!

It's a good day to be a Dolphins Fan!

School starts tommorrow, so I'm taking my 15 year old out for some last minute target shooting.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!

Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!


Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

I thought Id reposts this Post from the drug/alcohol/flea infested Hippie named Odin.
Happy anniversary Hippie.

Posted by: Odins Blotted liver | September 05, 2012 at 08:55 PM

It's almost 100% Odinstank will be passed out BEFORE the game even starts.
A Drunk always wakes up hung-over and starts his day off with some type of Alcohol, Though if Odinstank has Morphine in his system he might just make the pre-game show before passing out.

Again why u catching feelings?

Also what kind of man tells another man he has a little Dik?

If it was coming from a chick, Maybe?

But Really what is it with u and Dashi's Dictation?

It could be MicroScopic But U still swing off of it with Both hands u Fruity Flamer.

Just open up

Since we know how much U like it In Ur Mouth.

I am blown away by the amount of people crowning Tanne as the second coming of Marino. He has done nothing but but receive a gift of the starting QB job. He did not earn it. There is no way he is better than Matt Moore, at this time, regardless of Moores preseason. The coaches admitted to not giving Matt much to work with this preseason. Tanne was going to start and by limiting Moore in preseason it limited the amount of flack the coaches would have received had Matt been the guy coming into camp. Moore had as many passes dropped as Tanne, easily. But please, lets see the kid play well and win some games before crowning him. It's disgusting! Slurp slurp!!

Write it down:

Dolphins: 19
Texans: 17

Call me homer, but, I like the verstility of this wr group. Not saying thier upper echelon, or even close. But with the Green Bay style of wco passing attack, versatility is key.

Now saying that, I say this:

"This will not be the same wr corps we saw dring preseason".

Hartline played not 1 snap and adds the sought after wco versatility. So will Armstrong, we've been lacking a very good "slant wr" whose also "a legit deep threat." We also know what Bess brings to the table and he add versatility too. Naanee will be a strong conributor.

Most of all, Philbin/Sherman showed not 1 card in thier had this preseason how they plan to feature Bush into the wco passing game. Even Thomas and Nightmare Lane are recieving threats out of the backfield.

Dolfans, the new wco laybook opens up "full throttle" beginning Snday against the Texans. Sunday, the offensve curtain is drawn all the way open.

A great qb is never the 2nd coming of anybody. He's always the 1st coming of himself if he's truly great.

Even the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ refers not to another coming "just like himself". It refers to it will be Jesus Christ "himself" that comes again.

There's never a 2nd coming of anything, unless the original itself "appears again". Dan Marino aint walking thru that door again. Hence, there can never be a "2nd coming" of Dan Marino. LOL

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