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Reminder that there is ONE piece of great news

These past six weeks of training camp and preseason did not exactly deliver tons of great news about the Dolphins. The roster seems to lack talent. The team lost four of four preseason games. And every time we looked up, coaches were ripping players about their lack of performance.

There has, however, been some good out of this team so far.

And among the revelation of Jorvorskie Lane, the solid camp by Sean Smith, and big promises of a 150-tackle season by Karlos Dansby, the budding promise of rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill stands out. It stands way out in neon, actually.

Tannehill has not just come as advertised. I'd say he's been better than advertised. Remember, he came to Miami as an inexperienced QB with only 19 college starts. Some said -- me included -- that he would have to sit a while and even those who wanted him to play right away did so on a blind whim not tethered to anything they knew of the rook's capabilities. Some said he was overdrafted as the No. 8 overall pick.

Well, Tannehill won the starting job. And he did it by ... winning the starting job. He was the best QB on the team. He knows the offense better than anyone in the room. He didn't make ridiculous decisions like throw into double-coverage in the preseason.

Does Tannehill have work to do?


He needs to be more accurate. He'll need to show some toughness in the face of a pass-rush. He'll need to show some guts when he throws two or three interceptions in a game, his team loses, his confidence wanes and everybody -- teammates, coaches, the media -- is looking at him sideways. After a Sunday game like that he's going to have to get back in the huddle the following Wednesday and prove he's the leader. He's going to have to prove he's unshaken.

We'll see if he has that in him.

But so far so good.

“I like his decision-making," coach Joe Philbin said. "If you watch the preseason film, there’s not a lot of picture of him throwing the ball into triple coverage and double coverage and making really bad decisions. Certainly, we want him to be a hair more accurate as we move forward during the regular season, which we believe we will be. No. 1, I like his decision making. No. 2, I think he has enough velocity with his arm that he can make the throws we need to make in this offense, whether it’s the 15-yard out breaking route, whether it’s the seam balls down the middle of the film, whether it’s throwing the ball on the move, which we think he does extremely well. We think he has a talented arm. The third thing is this guy’s a football player. In college, he helped his football team at two positions. He knows the game. He studies the game.

"The other nice thing is when he comes off on the sideline, this guy can kind of tell you exactly what happened. It’s not a mystery to him what just went on on the field. He might even tell you before you tell him that, ‘Yes, coach, I should have read the out breaking route instead of reading the option route based on the coverage.’ He knows what the coverages are. He’s not surprised a whole lot on the field.”

Tannehill's play is basically the most important thing for the Dolphins this year. It's not about the won-loss record because, let's be frank, the Dolphins are not a playoff contender. It's not about individual success by other players, either.

This year is about the quarterback. This quarterback.

This year is about Tannehill growing up, getting better, showing that he not only belongs but is worthy of the high draft pick Miami used on him.

If he lives up to that or at least moves consistently in the direction of living up to that status, this year will be a success.

So far so good.

To celebrate the start of all that in a couple of days, check out the video montage of Tannehill compiled and sent in by reader Joe Alvarez:



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Odin, Your thoughts on sundays game?, I put myself at 68% drunk by ganes end, Your % of being drunk by games end?

Posted by: FP4FGs. | September 07, 2012 at 03:48 PM

The Game? I believe that we can hang/keep it close **IF** we play smart and don't turn the ball over. If you keep it close into the 4th quarter, anything can happen.

On the other hand, with the youth and inexperience an implosion wouldn't be surprising. In that case, I see The Texans laying one on us.

% of being drunk? I can state unequivocally, with all the confidence of a Joe Namath Super Bowl prediction: Odin will be ABSOLUTELY "Hammered By Halftime".

That's my new "Catch Phrase" BTW! I'm still working out some small details though. I have a Big Bottle of Dark Barcadi and Jack Daniels.

Barcardi is my old "Standard", but considering the upcoming prospect, I'm leaning towards Jack!

Either way, the one thing you can count on: Odin will be "Hammered By Halftime".

PS: I just hope Tannehill and Dolphins aren't ;)

Ryan Tannehill against Atlanta 1st team defense

QB rating 37.5

not seeing how that is winning anything. lol

Typical blind hatred. Yeah bud, don't let the fact that there were 8 drops by his wide receivers and he only played half a game get in the way of your assessment of a rookie QB. Don't worry about that big picture, stick with your paint by numbers.

texans dropping like flies, foster huge loss

Just saw Bernard Berrian is out there. I know he took the money and didnt produce in Minnesota but maybe worth a tryout.

When Tannehill raises his arms after a TD, it reminds me of ... #13.

This team's destiny is next years #1 pick. Ireland will be forever gone, thank God. The question will be, will they go after Barkley?

Hope we don't get jeffed.


Seriously? 37.5 QB rating? Did you count the 7 drop balls incluiding the TD that Fasano dropped in the end zone?

@ bigtrav1

Guy he beat the ;pants off Moore are you blind Its not his fault that Garrard got injured but he was CLEARLY the best QB in camp a

fter Garrard got injured

People need to engage their brain before they post on here.

Players are drafted, and free agents signed to fit the offensive and defensive philosophies a team has. Up to this season that philosophy on O was big fat slow guys who can't do much of anything, try to run it up the gut and then FG's. Followed by a fist pump.

We finally have a HC who is slowly dragging us into the 21st century with a fast paced scheme which uses the pass far more, and tries to get playmakers in space, to guess what make plays. That means several players have gone, and it could easily be argued we have taken a step back regarding the quality of our roster. However that is inevitable and sadly necessary. Ireland drafts the players to fit the scheme the HC wants to utilise, and then the HC is supposed to coach those players and make them better. Sparano failed to do this miserably. Philbin on the other hand has actually taken some of Sparano's duds and is slowly making them better. Jerry a prime example who finally seems to have realised what he needs to do.

So many things have been different this offseason, but the main one we have a possibility there is our franchise QB on the roster. Tannehill has to show it on the field, but everything he has shown me says he is not a bust, that's for sure. He has shown intelligence at the line, changing plays when needed, and has shown leadership. He is also the first QB in a long time who can make all of the throws, and can get the ball to the receivers quickly.

Does he have to get better, of course he does, he is a rookie after all. However, he has a chance to succeed and deserves to get our backing until he shows us he is not the franchise QB we hoped. What depresses me is that so many so-called fans want to write him off already. I swear some of you don't want anything good to happen to this franchise, because you would then have nothing to moan about constantly.

Detroit was the laughingstock of the league. Megatron in 07 stafford in 09. It's a process kids. I am by no means drinking the Ireland kool aid, but we are on the right track for now and it's been a long time coming. I hope we don't F it up....

This is a 5-6 win season and that's fine. How our boy Tannehill does and develops is all that matters.

Know what's funny about this articles and assessments about the team?....
Is HOW MUCH we as fans have lowered our STANDARDS of expectations for them.
They have had BAD MANAGEMENT/OWNERSHIP for SO LONG that we can't even expect WINNING SEASONS now. We look for 'DEVELOPMENT' with players. THIS IS NOT COLLEGE, it;s the PROS. ROSS and Ireland have sucked the life out of the fan base. IRELAND's picks this lack or talent EVERY year but ROSS is SO DENSE that he can't see he's the problem.

hey Tannehill,
go get it! pay no attention to mando, if you make ALL your throws and shaub doesn't, chances are that your team will win. i say throw it back and fourth to your recievers who you deem MOST reliable(i'm guessing bess, clay, reggie). this strategy has served tom brady well enough to make him a perrinial play-off contender and would only benfit you and the team, and then go for that big play with one of your speedsters, of the two(armstrong and hartline) armstrong has better hands and gives better effort, armstrong is better in traffic and has a desire that has made him who he is today, i was ALWAYS a huge fan of his and was bummed when miami released him.. welcome back anthony. with hartline you have to remember this, his hands were always his weakness, dude has sneaky speed and gets modest y.a.k... but in my opinion, he is NOT as reliable as bess or clay. only throw to him if he is wide open. GO FINS!!!

tannehill can make up for the lack of talent in our reciever group by establishing his ability to run early on in this game, this IS an advantage and we would be the fool to NOT reap the benefits it provides(as we need every little oppourtunity available). don't forget tannehill has some skills in those legs, wouldn't it be great to see him transform into reciever mode on one of his scrambles and break a tackle or two all the way to the endzone! fans will go nuts!

love the vid, I believe tanne is gonna be great, best we have had in a long time. Really excited about his ability to run too. Its gonna kill defenses.Oh by the way how do I join the coalition?

Thanks for the reminder Armando.

As if we really needed it, but all the negative attention to other areas of the team proves that a reminder is on order.

After years of constant whining (warranted) about the lack of a 1st rd QB on this team, a potential franchis QB, little to no attention is paid lately to the fact that the Fins finally have that guy!

You are correct, THAT is the only thing that really matters, above and beyond anything else.

Well, not to say that the develoment of the team overrall is not important - but far in away the QB position is the most important.

And yet the whining continues...

I firmly believe that after a few games all the whiners harping on our pass catchers are going to have to shut up.

Fins have 6 very good pass catchers, 4 WR's in Bess, Hartline, Armstong and Bush. Yes Bush, who will play alot in the slot.

Clay and Fasano make 6 in total and the criticism of Fasano makes me want to throw up. So the guy dropped some balls in a pre-season game? Like that negates his sure handed play during "real games" the last 3 years. Give me a break.

Clay is unproven? I'm not buying that, he played pretty darn well last year, not his fault Mr. Conservative himself Sparano played him sparingly last year. Cuaght just about everything thrown to him and proved he has the speed to get behing LB's.

And the 4 WR's on this team are ideal fits for the WCO.

Including their attitudes = unselfish, which is required in a "spread the ball around no #1 guy" WCO.

Hello everybody! I need a friend. I love the Dolphins! But I need a friend. :(

He'll still never be as good as Luck. Should have lost more games last year.

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