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Richard Marshall's back acting up again

Richard Marshall has been dealing with a back ailment for a couple of weeks now. His play, frankly, has shown signs of those problems because it has not been training camp good.

Marshall was limited in practice Wednesday and today he's not practicing at all. He wasn't even on the field. Nolan Carroll is taking his place as the next guy up.

The troubling thing about that? Carroll was also limited in practice Wednesday with an Achilles' issue. So he's not at 100 percent, either.

That's not good news.

Reggie Bush is making some progress in that he did a few individual drills early in the open part of today's media session but his participation today is limited. The Dolphins are reporting him as practicing on a limited basis. He's still not 100 percent nor is he participating like he is.

And here is a harsh truth:

Because the Dolphins have tons more depth running back than they do at cornerback, because the Cardinals can threaten Miami so much with Larry Fitzgerald, who is last week's NFC Offensive Player of the Week, the absence of Marshall would be much more painful for the Dolphins to overcome than Bush.



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We traded Vontae for Marshall.

Cards 41
Fins 10


4 more weeks until Henne is named Jax's starter, after which he'll resume throwing for 350 regularly, just as he did for us.

There's a reason he was a 4-year starter at Michigan, folks. That's not an excuse for why Tanne is worse.

I fear we will not see Tanne put up 350 much at all, even in this offense. Henne put up 450 yards and 50 points against the Pats last year.

The Pats should have won the super bowl.

Look for this week to be brutal. We will give up several humiliating breakaway TDs that look like a video game, as only we can. Think game 1 vs. Pats last year.

Cards 41
Fins 10


Vontae's Grandma is laughing at Jeff Ireland today.

Hello? Anybody here? Jeezus Crighsts it's like I'm playin' cards with muh brothers' kids or somethin'.

Once you get low back pain, you're done. Hard to do anything, let along play NFL football. I know this firsthand.

We are in real trouble. Better find a new CB or 2 now.

Trade Irealnd for Vontae Lips

Larry Fitzgerald will have 15 catches for 215 yards.

We don't *really* have depth at RB, not if winning the game matters to you. We can win with Bush. We would have beaten the Jets had Bush not gotten injured. He'd have scored a TD in the 2nd half. Thomas sucks and Miller was not used enough. Even Miller is no Bush, not yet.

We are going to get crushed on Sunday. Bush is injured and we have no ability to rush the passer or cover the receivers.

Cards might put 50 on us.

Over/under on points scored by Cards is 40.

What do you take?

Sigh we have at best a #2 CB in Sean Smith, Marshall has been terrible and Carroll just stinks.

Good thing Kolb is still a shaky QB or we'd have 0 chance to win this weekend

vontae just needed to be mentored by a vet and coaches needed to keep tabs until he matured. he is very atheletic and talented but we failed to groom him.

Have Faith! Come game time both will be well!

Fitzgerald will eat Carrol alive. Would probably eat Marshall & Smith too but, my goodness, it could be ugly tryin to cover that guy this week.

Time to put Matthews in the lineup for Naanee.

Put Egnew on the field, why not? If he has speed, run him down the middle of the field a few plays a game & see if a LB'er follows him & opens up the slants & in routes underneath. Thats what this team is primarily running.

Let Miller touch the ball more than Thomas.

Throw more screen this week. i don't think I saw one vs. the Jets & the screens worked pretty well against Houston.

Matthews is a got daym RB not sure how you can replace Nannee with him? Egnew is semi retarded/austitic, did you see his face on Hard Knocks? How can I see this from the comfort of my living room but our GM cant "scouting" him?

Good news for Jeff Ireland; Jeff now is your chance to cut Marshall or trade him for some draft picks. We can always find a DB somewhere....... Hanging around a bar after bing cut by another NFL team.

Carrol is just plain terrible. MUCH worse than smith, davis or marshall.

Was it not just a couple hours ago that Mando was hailing Marshall as the one successful free agent signing?
Ha Ha Ha Ha

Well...at least we have draft picks?

And at least Vontae was the sole reason the Jags....the JAGUARS....beat the colts (allowing 2 pass TDs to Gabbert of all people).

Truth is I lost all repect for Dan Marino for folding in the playoffs, the most overratted QB of all time. Montana, Brees, Manning, Brady, Bradshaw, Founts, Young, Warren Moon and John Elway are all better than Marino.

2-5 maybe 2-7 is in our future? Not a good team. Thanks again Ireland. Why don't you fire yourself

Truth is fiction. Rishard Matthews is a WR.

Pressure Kolb all day and he won't be effective. Dolphins win this one--just watch it and enjoy!

This blog truly does suck

Pressure Kolb? We have 3 sacks in 3 games. Pressue doesnt exist on this team. And Matthews is listed as a RB check it out.


Pressure Kolb??? What do you think the Cardinal front 4 is going to do to Tanne? I just hope he doesn't get injured. We need to run the ball and avoid the non stop underneath throws that Tannehill is famous for. If Tannehill is going to throw, have him go 25 yards or longer. I wish Gerrard wouldn't have gotten hurt. He was my hope for a 9-7 record.

Tanne is one of only 2 QBs in the entire league with less than 3 TD passes. He has 1. The other, Cam Newton, has 2. 29 other QBs have at least 3 TD passes.

Posted by: Truth | September 27, 2012 at 01:01 PM

Lol! Someone is trying to rile up the bloggers today

Take note of this on draft day we cant stop the other team with offensive linemen.A DB could be considered an impact player because he could disrupt the other teams offense to the point where the side of the field where he resides are not thrown into.Hartline is a good WR had 9 catches against Oakland they put Reavis on him how many did he have this week?

MiamiD20, Truth speaks the truth, everyone of though QB playoff stats make Marino look like well Chad Henne

Mando's negative writing style based mostly on his own opinions has created a legion of idiots on this blog. I am done reading the Herald until Mando is fired.

Man I hate Dolphins fans. Lets see, Davis got outplayed and traded... Not exactly doing great and currently injured btw. Marshall is good, and Caroll is developing. In preseason he did a great job covering Roddy White, etc. As for the Cards, yeah great they are the buzzword until they do what they always do. They beat Seattle (powerhouse offense, right?), the Pats (1-2, not what they were by any means), and Philly (12 turnovers 3 games, usual underachieving there). Point is, the Cards haven't beat a good team playing like a good team. Don't know why everyone thinks they are something great. Tannehill will be fine, he just needs more options. Sherman has to stop killing this team with bad play calling. Basically does the opposite of what the situation calls for.

no Carroll is not developing. he sucks. bad. the only thing noteworthy he ever did was get tripped by a Jet coach.

CommonSense, You have lost all your common sense. Marshall been beat like a drum all season Einstein. Then you posted in Pre Season Carrol covered Roddy White decent. In pre season?? SMGDH

Marino's playoff stats are like NoodleArm Pennington's: 0 TD 4 int vs B'more in 2008 Wildcard

Henne does not have any NFL postseason stats.
He does have 4 BCS bowl starts in college, that is a record he holds.

Marshall has had decent coverage at time, no worse than Davis would have been. Actually made a few good plays. Yeah you know preseason, where the (at the time) 4th corner gets reps against starters... yeah the preseason.... whatever just keep crying like the rest

Is Nolan Carrol the guy we got for Greg Camarillo?
oh well you get what you pay for.

I'm glad everyone thoinks we will lose because when we win then everyone will be extra humiliated!

@lincoln... nope... and you are just as informed as 98% of dolphins fans... that was Benny Sapp.

CommonSense, take your blind homer glassess off. Forrest, Ray Charles corpse can see Marshall is no where near good, dont know what youve been injecting. Like someone else said the only thing Carrol accomplished is being tripped by hte Jets coach hes hot garbage.

Vontae has been awful for the Colts thus far, giving up one of the worst completion rates in the entire league.

Not that facts matter to most of you nitwits.

@Clue, get one... seriously.... go look up Marshalls stats hes pretty good. Played some safety as well (what I thought they were bringing him in for). Also you have to remember this is a great run D with young safeties... a lot is put on the CBs. No one is trying to beat Miami on the ground, but I know it is just easier to cry "he sucks, wahhhh" whatever.

Truth thinks Rishard Matthews is a RB. Tells you all you need to know about him.

Is Nolan Carrol the guy we got for Greg Camarillo?
oh well you get what you pay for.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 27, 2012 at 01:28 PM

No, that would be Benny Sapp. Carrol was drafted by the Phins.

@Why Bother, Yeah this is pretty sad. Probably the first and last time I post in here. Actually worse than NFL.com. Though at least I haven't heard about anyone's grandma making $8987 a week from there home.


Reality Checks, I posted a link that said Rishard Matthews is a RB why dont you check it out turd head?

Why must bloggers post BS facts that doesnt exists?

Truth, I do nothing but tell the truth, truth never lies


Im the biggest Dolphin fan ever. I love the Miami Dolphins

I don't know. I think they just like to argue, don't care right/wrong. Just the fact that know one knows who they are.

Get your aliases straight moron.

Truth posts the link & you forget to switch sign in names to tell me Clue posted it?

You dumbkoff!

BTW, Rishard Matthews is a WR drafted out of Nevada in the 7th round of this draft.

Not only were you just exposed as a troll, you've also exposed yourself as a know nothing idiot.


Common sense just hijacked my name to talk to himself.

You pathetic loser troll~

Lol someone jacked mine too, and no i didn't jack yours... didn't post that biggest fan love fest deally. why would i hijack your name?

Get your aliases straight moron.
Truth posts the link & you forget to switch sign in names to tell me Clue posted it?
You dumbkoff!

Posted by: Reality Check | September 27, 2012 at 01:49 PM

It's true. Clue = Truth = Blog trolling idiot!

Guess they need logins, so this doesn't happen but seriously with the inteligent discussion taking place who really gives a crap?

The saints released Gregg Camarilo today. They want cheap and dependable they should really bring this guy in. He catches everything. You want a new 7-11 you better look at this guy.

Go Dolphins!!

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