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Richard Marshall's back acting up again

Richard Marshall has been dealing with a back ailment for a couple of weeks now. His play, frankly, has shown signs of those problems because it has not been training camp good.

Marshall was limited in practice Wednesday and today he's not practicing at all. He wasn't even on the field. Nolan Carroll is taking his place as the next guy up.

The troubling thing about that? Carroll was also limited in practice Wednesday with an Achilles' issue. So he's not at 100 percent, either.

That's not good news.

Reggie Bush is making some progress in that he did a few individual drills early in the open part of today's media session but his participation today is limited. The Dolphins are reporting him as practicing on a limited basis. He's still not 100 percent nor is he participating like he is.

And here is a harsh truth:

Because the Dolphins have tons more depth running back than they do at cornerback, because the Cardinals can threaten Miami so much with Larry Fitzgerald, who is last week's NFC Offensive Player of the Week, the absence of Marshall would be much more painful for the Dolphins to overcome than Bush.



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Spoken like a true political force. I never lie. Begone with you romney!

Truth, I do nothing but tell the truth, truth never lies

Posted by: Truth | September 27, 2012 at 01:45 PM


Looks like you need to get a Clue.

Blog trolls out in full force. Kids must be out of school early. I'm out!

Enjoy playing with yourself fella's!

Seriously, Reality Check and or Truth needs to quit trolling my name, the only convo Im having is with the blind homer CommonSense whos lacking in that department

No problem, it's just time for Vontae Davis to step up....oh that's right, our genius GM traded him.

CommonSense, Your probaly was one of though guys who wanted to give Marino another year after the playoff loss to the Jags. Wanted to give Sparano another year, let me guess you want to keep Ireland for another 3 years. LOL

The team will stink as long as Ireland is the GM.

Clue, you are too stupid to argue with.

stick the acorns up irelands axx.

CommonSense, Im stupid, didnt you just post Marshall is "good" and Carroll is improving look in the mirror fool. LOL

paul lankford and william judson all f'ing over again.
just pathetic...

hey Clue/truth, i'm a WR you idiot!

Clue, why would ANYONE wanna troll you? Unless of course, they wanted to look dumber than they are.

Vontae Davis has 15 tackles this year. The only Phins w more than that are Misi, Burnett & Dansby.

Mando, two your last post - I think your analysis was pretty superficial.

To make the analysis mean something you should've compared the outcome from free agency versus the dollars invested. In addition, you didn't include Big Paul who was an unrestricted free agents. I mean it was in marshall and Big Paul where we spent any kind of money and the team seems to be getting mileage from both. How much guaranteed money did we spend on the others? Probably not much. In addition, how does the dollars invested versus return compare to the other NFL teams? Versus the most active, versus the NFL median? NFL mean??

I get no sense of how effective on a dollar cost basis Miami's free agent period was versus everyone else???

In addition, isn't the fact that John Jerry has played pretty well leading us to cut Hicks a positive??? I mean the Dolphins are 3rd in rushing offense and 12th overall in offensive yardage which is pretty good considering we have a very green Qb and pedestrian receivers. yet no mention of this anywhere???

I just think you love to feed the trolls Mando. Here troll, troll, troll, ... here troll, troll

CommonSense,someone obviously hijacked my name. But you sir saying Matthews is good is BLASPHEMY!!!

I didn't say Matthews is good. and ya Carrol is improving, he came here as a rookie, if you watch the games he has gotten better. And Marshall is decent, and yes doing better than Davis. @Lincoln... thats because he lets the guy catch the ball then tackles him. DBs shouldn't have sooo many tackles unless the run D sucks (Colts, check) or their coverage sucks (Davis, check).

Tannehill is the worst QB in the league. And the stats confirm that. Another Irescum bust?

BTW, Carroll was drafted in the 5th round by Miami in exchange for Tedd Ginn. You know, the same Tedd Ginn who is an world return man who usually wins one game a year for his team but the trolls and media like Mando helped run out of town just because he couldn't be a #1 receiver.

Truth knows that Rishard Matthews is a WR, The truth is thats the position he played in college.

If these morons didnt trade Welker, Ginn, and Brandon Marshall we'd have a great receiving corp.

the kids/adults/whatever that post on the miami herald dolphins comments sections are an embarrassment to not just dolphins fans, but humanity. idiotic, asinine, non-sequitur, childish babbling... and theres so much of it, that any real comments are lost in a sea of stupidity. herald, you guys need to clean this up.

Vontae is injured too.

Toronto, the objective in FA, according to Ireland, was to add depth.

Money per contract or how much guaranteed money paid is irrelevant. Actually, the fact that Miami had little to spend in FA is more of an indicator of how badly Ireland assembled this roster with overpaid bums.

Just how did Ireland add depth if almost every single guy he signed to fill those holes was cut? Oh, that's right. He didn't.

As for Marshall, they are getting mileage out of him because he's the best they have left. He has to play.
There's a reason he's on his 3rd team in 3 years.

Did you think he came to the phins and all of a sudden became a good player?

@Hopeless acutally thats Mark Sanchez, but good try... @Mark you normally post sensible things, but Ginn isn't good. Decent returner, probably more of an issue of where the phins drafted him. If he was late 1st or later, probably would have kept him. Still he gets 1 maybe 2 returns a year. Though I will agree for a 5th round pick, keeping him may not have been a bad idea.

It is truly amazing How ignorant u clowns sound when u don't have nobody of substance posting in here. U know talk real football. That's the Truth truth

Everyone who watches the fins knows Matthews is a Wr! He had the best hands on the team in preseason. Plus he has size. About 6'2 210. He's not fast, but he catches the ball and breaks tackles.


The fins need to choose youth over experience more often. It's worked so far. Look at the O-line and the QB. Dashi thought they should start T-Hill after week 8 but he showed enough and Moore so little that T-Hill needed to start from the beginning.

Now is Sherman babying thill? Yes. But Sherman wants to make sure he can run the base plays well before unleashing him. He probably has goals he wants T-Hill to meet before unleashing the offense. U know no interception. Get on a consistent roll. Til then he's a rookie don't overwhelm him. Let him study the defenses. Specially against the division. Open it up just a little bit next time we play the jets. But still make sure thill gets the bread and butter down.

Dashi expects to keep going with what's working. Another 40+ carry game for the running game. We will have a top 5 running game by the end of the season. This is not a fluke!!

If we get 1 more Wr to show up and get some catches, thill can throw for 250 consistently right now. Not bad if u ask me.


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Not bad if u ask me.

Posted by: Dashi | September 27, 2012 at 02:23 PM

No one will ask you because we see enough of your garbage without asking you to type more.

Hey guys my sole purpose is to troll, Thanks

This problem really began 5yrs ago when the Parcellians first stepped in. Db's were actually a team strength from the 1-15 team. We even went 11-5 in 2008 with them. Then..............

In 2010, they wouldnt resign 2 of the db's. That's when tings began to collapse in the befensive backfield. Smith and Davis never became the force we hoped and Clemmons borders on becoming a lemon.

Then There's carroll's play. Carroll's play is wildly erractic. Sometimes plain nfl average, other times plain awful. Plain average is his best day.

I wont be surprised in the least to see Fitzgerald have a 200yd plus recieving day. I also hope, neither will any of you.

The Parcellians tried to fix too many things, too fast. What we're all are witnessing now is, "haste really does make waste".

Meant in 2009 the Parcellians wouldnt resign two of the db's from the 1-15 team, that helped us go 11-5 in 2008.

Dashi/Aloco/Kris/oscar canosa,
Thank you for not telling us more about playing 'submarine periscopes' with each other.

U guys are idiots. The Dolphins are not great, but who thinks the Cardinals offense is not gna put up 17 points unless they get turnovers. They wont be able to run at all.

@dolfan... haha I'm with you on that. Unless Kolb can control the game (very unlikely) their D needs to step up (which they have). If Dolphins can keep from turning it over they should be in decent shape in this one. Cards haven't proven anything yet. Don't understand the complete blowout predictions. Dolphins usually don't get blown out unless they become turnover machines.

I really hindsight is 20/20, and this argument's been made 100's of times, but Jake Long was the "safe choice", Matt Ryan would have been the right choice.

Had the choice been Matt Ryan, the entire rebuild of the team could have gone in a revolutionary different direction. No Henne 2nd rd, not sure what the 2nd rd pick would have been, but our Lt at the time could have been sufficient for at least another draft year.

Still could have sign C Pennington for pennies on the dollar as a safety net for Ryan. Grove Smiley were mistakes. A win now philosopy for a team coming off 1-15 is pretty poposterous. That team has many ills a quick fix can make even worse.

Seems Parcells was more interested in "vain glory" than making the "right fix" upon coming to Miami.

The only reason this team went 11-5 in 2008 was the invention of BACKDOOR football in S. Floria.
The only reasdon BACKDOOR football was invented? To cover up for NoodleArms inability to throw a forward pass like a man.
The only reason we had to cover up for NoodleArm was because Parcells gave him a $10mil contract without giving him a physical first, the same day he was RELEASED by the Jets.

Ernest Wilford was a horrible fa signing in 2008 too. Prior to the signing he never proved to be anything close to special while in Jax. Maybe after taking Matt Ryan 1st rd, maybe a wr in the 2nd would have been the way to go.

Remember, the offensive side of the ball was the major weakness in 2007(1-15). Maybe Parcells should have thrown aside his ego and stuck with the 4-3 defense we already had in place. There was nothing wrong on the defensive siode of the ball.

There is another alternate history that came much closer to being a reality:
Remember through through 3 exhibition games in the summer of '08 Henne had won the QB COMPETITION. according to Mando.
That team had Ginn, Wilford & Camarillo and Wilford was having a great summer.
Then prior to ex game 4 the Jets sign Favre, release Penne the same day, Parcells signs him the same day for $10 mil without a physical and Penne is named the starter.
Wilford criticized Penne's arm after the first practice and so he was moved to the practice squad.
D's were playing 9 in the box and laughing at Penne at the line of scrimmage.
Penne could not be benched because that would have exposed Parcells for losing $16mil ($6mil for Wilford + $10 mil for Henne).
The BACKDOOR wildcat was invented and unveiled in game 4.
We are still suffering from that.

I like Soliai, but now that we're back to a 4-3 defense, he's just a wayyyyyy overpaid NT playing DT. Maybe we should look into trading to a team still playing the 3-4. We should at least be able to get a 2nd rd'er, perhaps a 6th with it.

Im pretty sure a NT bordering pro bowl staus is worth at least one 2nd rd pick. He's not a sack artist. So his value in a 4-3 isnt as great as in the 3-4.

Hey guys my sole purpose is to homer, Thanks

Had Ryan come here Henne would have gone to Atlanta and he would be playing on a team with 12 pro bowlers.
Henne won 14 games in 28 starts 2008-2009 and didn't have Reggie Bush.
Henne would have won 12 games each year with that talent.
But whatever yo.


I would be closer to accepting that argument had Wilford gone on to be a star reciever elsewhere. But I think he's to busy managing a McDonald's burger joint right now.

Yeah, Parcells didn't have it easy with what he inherited. Everyone wants to blame Parcells/Ireland. Truth is they got put in a bad situation. Not defending every move they made, but they had a lot of ground to make up. Right now the team is going in a decent direction. Obviously not superbowl bound this year, but the D is good and has a young core (could get some DB help and cheaper LBs, overall very good though). The offense has some good things, OL is shaping up if the group can play consistent that will be a strength, RB is a strength (depth too), just need a legit WR that can get open. Hartline would be a good #2 and Bess is a great guy in the slot. TE could be improved as well, but honestly Fasano is decent (if only Clay would be consistent). The team is in much better shape then ESPN/etc make it out to be, but that is normal.


Joe Flacco was taken 18th by the Ravens in 2008. The Falcons were hurting at qb just as badly with the Vick dogfighting thing.

Joe Flacco, would probably be a Falcon right now had we selected Ryan.

But, there's possibility the Raven could have selected Henne 2nd rd. They were hurting at qb too. Or even worse, over drafted Henne at 18th in the first round.

But who knows, with the Ravens D and tough run game, Henne may have looked a little better.

Common Sense,

There was very little wrong with the defense the Parcellians inherited. It was actually the lone team strength. The Parcellians eve blew a 2nd rd pick on Phillip Merling, as soon as they walked in the door.

They 4-3 d was working in Miami, all they had to do was build upon it, not scrap it. Parcells' ego would never have allowed him to do that.

Parcells tried to do too many things too fast. All the way up to naming a zero experience hc and gm. That how we got to where we are today folks.

All we can do now is take some lumps and try to move forward the correct way.

YG, if he looks like s*it and plays like s*it then guess what it is. This goes for Chad Henne

That's the problem when u look at that draft. Yes, Ryan is the right choice. But the only LT's in that draft were at the top. No good linemen or good players around where chad was drafted. Now u add that with our LT being Vernon Carey! We would've been screwed. Add that sporano knows nothing about qb's and then that he gets a diva Wr in year 2! Ryan would've looked like henne! That's the truth

Now if we would've draft Jake and traded both our 2nd rd picks that year for a mid 1st! And drafted flacco! Dashi remembers the discussion that henne was the same as flacco. We would've been better off! Jake long and flacco! Instead of merling and henne!

But what was parcell's theory. U have to be a 4 year college starter in division 1! Forget the part if the guy can lead.

Thill is a leader! Young but u can see it. The guy wants to win. He learns from his mistakes. Yes we want to see more. We want Sherman to open up his good book.

But we need to let Sherman bring him along at his pace right now. He knows what's best. Remember it's easier to let him run wild from the start, but then it will be real hard to bring the reins in when that happens. Thill will make mistakes, Sherman's job is to put him in a position not to fail. He did it the 1st game by only going short. But he's bringing him along nice and slow. He noticed he had to open it up a little. But Sherman is still going to run it 40 times a game to protect his qb.

The 3-4 d was built for the ground and pound era. Its more stop the run than stop the pass, unless you find 2 olbs that can get after the passer.

The 4-3 d is better at defensing the pass. Just need 2 de's that can pressure the passer and a mlb that can handle te coverage.

If you have the right players, the 4-3 defense is better suited for this high flying passing era. Bill Parcells brought a dinosaur(3-4D) into a Nascar league.


In 2007, Vernon Carey wasnt the primary problem on the oline. The entire line sucked. Actually Carey and Satele were the lone bright spots.

I dont care what anyone says, Vernon Carey wasnt "draft a LT 1st overall" awful. Even worse on the oline were the problems at both og positions and rt. Center(Satele) and LT(Carey) were our best olinemen.

Not saying they didnt "eventually need replacing", But the 3 guys(rg, lg, rt) they worked with were god awful. There definitely wasnt a true reason to make Jake Long the 1st pick, other than outright fear to make the "safe pick".

Yeah, wasn't defending Parcells picks (don't think any sane person can defend White), but the GM before hand didn't do them many favors. The defense was good, Dolphins usually have an at least decent defense. It had dropped off from the days of Thomas/Taylor and great DBs. I mean, Ginn/Beck had no business being taken in those spots. Basically the team has been poorly managed for awhile. Letting go of good players and taking chances on cast offs, especially cast off QBs. Still not on the Ireland hate train, he has made some decent picks/moves since Parcells was gone. Also some odd ones. This offseason was disapointing, didn't really make any moves for big improvement. I thought for sure one of the picks for Marshall would have been packaged to move up and draft a WR. Right now the team has a solid D, pieces on the O and a lot of ammo for the upcoming draft.

Common Sense,

You are correct. Wr, Corner, and a great pass rush DE, are all great candidates for 2013 1st rd pick. I say corner, because Im totally uncomfortable with Sean Smith being the team's best corner. Richard Marshall should be the team's 3rd best corner, not Nolan Carroll.

Also, a great pass rush compliment to Wake and a better #1 corner tan Smith, would go a long ways into also improving the safety play. At least covering up some of the deficiences anyway.

Yeah, good points on both. Smith/Nolan have improved, but not to the point where you can be comfortable with them to be isolated. Smith still at times gets completely burnt, not something I want to see in a #1 corner. The secondary is definately the weakness on D, probably looks worse than it actually is because the front 7 are great against the run. So no OC in their right mind game plans running in on the Dolphins.

Maybe we could trade Marshall for Henne.....

Dang, if only we had another solid CB...

This blog has become the biggest joke around. One guy posting under 3 aliases.. and the funniest part - claiming Henne was a good QB.. lol.. What a moron! Truth = Clue = blog trolling idiot = moron = Pats fan..

Mando - how did you let this happen to your once fun and interesting blog? Sad - back to PBP and Phinatics for real conversation and news.. See ya.

Matthews not Marshall for Henne. 350+ pass yards week.

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