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Richard Marshall's back acting up again

Richard Marshall has been dealing with a back ailment for a couple of weeks now. His play, frankly, has shown signs of those problems because it has not been training camp good.

Marshall was limited in practice Wednesday and today he's not practicing at all. He wasn't even on the field. Nolan Carroll is taking his place as the next guy up.

The troubling thing about that? Carroll was also limited in practice Wednesday with an Achilles' issue. So he's not at 100 percent, either.

That's not good news.

Reggie Bush is making some progress in that he did a few individual drills early in the open part of today's media session but his participation today is limited. The Dolphins are reporting him as practicing on a limited basis. He's still not 100 percent nor is he participating like he is.

And here is a harsh truth:

Because the Dolphins have tons more depth running back than they do at cornerback, because the Cardinals can threaten Miami so much with Larry Fitzgerald, who is last week's NFC Offensive Player of the Week, the absence of Marshall would be much more painful for the Dolphins to overcome than Bush.



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My wife can play CB for the league minimum.

He's not "training camp" good because he was going up against "3s, 4s and 5s" not the "1s, 2s and 3s" that every other single team in the league have but. ... MIAMI!

Theres no need to overanalyze this the Dolphins dont have all the players they need as a team to have a winning record this year.All you who think you are going to figure this out by reading past performances off of a piece of paper I got news for you it dosent work as well as you might think.Thats why horseplayers lose so much they are all looking at the same information thinking THEY are the one thats going to pick out the factor that is the winner.The ones that use past performaces to win at the track on a long term basis have their own angles that they apply, inotherwords they dont just read whats on the sheet they create winning strategies that work in the real world.To all of you that have figured somehow that the Dolphins will have a winning record this year put your money where your mouth is, I will bet you.It is not impossible from one year to the next,heck check out what the 49ers did last year with basically one major change.So all of you that think you have merited a PHD with your disertation on a winning Dolphins team in 2012 I only have one question for you HOW MUCH ARE YOU BETTING?

I agree we need to get Rishard Matthews up the WR pecking order. He has good hand and decent speed. He was our leading receiver in preseason and made many tough catches.

ah jeez armando, im so depressed. why is it everytime i read your blog i get depressed????

where is my kitchen knife...gonna end it now!

good bye cruel world

nolan carroll was drafted by ireland dumbass

I also see K winslow has been realeased from the patriots, so all those wondering why we didn't sign him will now have the reason given to them - his knees are shot and he is still in pain according to NFL.com. so a wise move for the phins NOT to persue him and resist the temptation to sign a 'name' at the TE position because the fans were screaming for 1.

How many Multiple Personality disorders do we have present today?

Marshall sucks anyway. What did he have? 4 holding penalties last weekend. Every qb has at least 2 tds except for 1 qb. Yup you guessd it, none other than the great hennehill! HE SUCKS!

Pressure the Arizona QB? Hahahahaha. Our Defense couldn't pressure a High School Team. Kolb & the Cards will have a Breakout Day.. We WILL Make Sport center on Sunday night, as We Get Lambasted!

Thank you Jeff Ireland for putting together this magnificent and super talented team. Can't wait for your depart. And thank you Mr. Ross for keeping old Jeffy around. Good luck selling tickets this year and enjoy those empty seats.

are you real??? we are a solid team which is now getting a decent foundation that needs to go after some playmakers in the next offseason on both offence and defence. which will help the team make more explosive plays on both sides of the ball.

Do we miss Davis yet? What a step backwards that was.

Every loss is a nail in Ireland's coffin.. Go Cards!

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